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The World's Most Haunted Places

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The World's Most Haunted Places


51. Coliseum, Rome, Italy

At the height of Rome’s power the Coliseum represented everything that was Imperial to the citizens of Rome. Gladiators would fight to the death here for the amusement of Caesar and the mobs; thousands of prisoners of war and victims of religious persecution met their end in the jaws of lions and tigers in the sandy arena of the Coliseum; and even those animals were decimated, for in its time the Coliseum consumed tens of thousands of animals, some reportedly driven into extinction by the Roman lust for blood and gore.

Coliseum, Rome, Italy ... Haunted ?

The workings of the Coliseum, the place where the real grit of life took place, were in the vaults beneath the sandy floor. Now long ago exposed by the ravages of time, there is still a pervasive feeling of awe associated with the lingering presence of a power so mighty it once encompassed the entire known world.

In the pits beneath the Coliseum gladiators waited to fight, prisoners waited to die, and average Romans placed bets on the outcomes of myriad competitions. Such a fabric of life can’t help but wrap itself around the pillars and posts that make up the foundation of this ancient charnel house, and it is no surprise that many reports of ghostly activity have been associated with the Coliseum over the years.

Tour guides and visitors alike have reported cold spots, being touched or pushed, hearing indiscernible words whispered into their ears; security guards with the unenviable task of securing the ancient edifice have reported hearing the sounds of swords clashing, of weeping in the more remote areas, and, oddly enough most disconcerting, the sound of ghostly animal noises such as the roars of lions and elephants. Ghostly citizens have been seen among the seats of the Coliseum, and the sight of a Roman soldier standing guard, silhouetted against the night sky, is a common one.

With such ancient history and such a legacy of death and bloodshed, there is little wonder why the Roman Coliseum is one of the most haunted places in the world.

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52. Achade Meadows Peristyle, New Orleans

Real New Orleans Voodoo Hoodoo

Sallie Ann Glassman's New Orleans Voodoo Peryistyle. It is said to be haunted by the many spirits and Loas that arr often called upon. The bywater area of New Orleans is said to be very haunted in the first place. Many weekly and annual rituals are held here such as the Hurricane protection, Public prayer ceremony dedicated to Our Lady of Prompt Succor (who has intervened historically on New Orleans? behalf when a hurricane has threatened) and Ezili Dant? (also associated with Mater Salvatoris and Mt Carmel) to ask for protection from hurricanes, Day of the dead and many more.

Achade Meadows Peristyle, New Orleans

Artosot Autor John Chase tells the story of how Josephine Alley in New Orleans, some years back, went about a name change. Locals wanted to change Josephine Alley (off North Rampart between Piety and Desire) to the more elegant Beauharnais Alley. But the alley was not named for Napoleon’s Joséphine but for a “neighborhood personality”. So they renamed it Rosalie Alley for “another neighborhood personality”. Today (and for several years now) yet another local personality, Mambo Sallie Ann Glassman (Voudou priestess) hosts an annual prayer ceremony,Voodoo Practioners home to the Island of Salvation Botanica and La Source Ancienne Vodou Society, Achade Meadows Peristyle at 3319 Rosalie Alley.

See More: VOODOO & HOODOO, Hoodoo refers to African traditional folk magic. A rich magical tradition which was (for thousands of years), indigenous to ancient African botanical, magio-religious practices and folk cultures, its practice was imported when mainly West Africans were enslaved and brought to the United States.

53. The Queen Mary

RMS Queen Mary is an ocean liner that sailed the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967 for Cunard Line (then Cunard White Star Line). Built by John Brown and Company, Clydebank, Scotland, she was designed to be the first of Cunard's planned two-ship weekly express service from Southampton to Cherbourg to New York, in answer to the mainland European superliners of the late twenties and early thirties. Queen Mary and her slightly larger and younger running mate RMS Queen Elizabeth commenced this two-ship service after their release from World War II troop transport duties and continued it for two decades until Queen Mary's retirement in 1967. The ship is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is permanently berthed in Long Beach, California serving as a museum ship and hotel. The Queen Mary celebrated the 70th anniversary of her launch in both Clydebank with Clydebank Restoration Trust and in Long Beach during 2004, and the 70th anniversary of her maiden voyage in 2006. Film short about the haunted Queen Mary, and the investigation by the Pacific Ghost Hunting Society and the resulting photo and EVP evidence 

Ghosts have been reported on board only after she reached California. Many areas are rumored to be haunted. Reports of hearing little children crying in the nursery room, actually used as the third class playroom, and a mysterious splash noise in the drained first class swimming pool are cited. In 1966, 18 year old fireman John Pedder was crushed by a watertight door in the engine room during a drill, and his ghost is said to haunt the ship. This aspect of the Queen Mary has been carefully used as part of marketing the ship in recent years, much to the dismay of her maritime history supporters.

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54. Raynham Hall

Raynham Hall ghost photo

Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, is most famous for the ghost of "the Brown Lady," which was captured on film in 1936 in what is considered one of the most authentic ghost pictures ever taken.

Raynham Hall

The Unexplained Site describes one of the first encounters with the spirit: "The first known sighting happened during the 1835 Christmas season. Colonel Loftus, who happened to be visiting for the holidays, was walking to his room late one night when he saw a strange figure ahead of him. As he tried to gain a better look, the figure promptly disappeared. The next week, the Colonel was again came upon the woman. He described her as a noble woman who wore a brown satin dress. Her face seemed to glow, which highlighted her empty eye sockets."

55. Okiku's Well at Himeji Castle

Often said to be haunted by the ghost of Okiku. She is supposed to rise from the well at night and count to nine before shrieking and returning to the well. The ghost story of Okiku, an unfortunate servant maid, is one of the best known and was transformed into a Kabuki play and numerous novels.


Some stories, however, locate the haunted well in the Canadian embassy in Tokyo's garden.

There are different versions of the ghost story of Okiku. What they all have in common is the description of her ghost coming out of the well and counting from one to nine and then breaking out into a heart-rendering sobbing.

In another version, Okiku really breaks a plate and is killed by her master and her corpse is thrown into the well.

In yet another version, it is the wife of Aoyama, who breaks the plate. To hide her guilt, she throws the broken plate into the well and accuses Okiku of having it stolen. In this version she is also killed by her master for punishment and thrown into the well.

There is also an alternate version for the end of the story. To stop the nightly sobbing, a friend of the family of Aoyama is hired. He is hiding at the well during the night and after Okiku had counted from one to nine, he is stepping forward shouting loudly "ten". From then on the ghost of Okiku was never seen again.

One of the tourist attractions on Himeji Castle is Okiku's well. In the Himeji version, Okiku was a servant of Aoyama, a retainer who planned a plot against his lord. Okiku overheard the plot and reported it to her lover, a loyal warrior. The plot was averted. When Aoyama found out that Okiku had been the cause for his failure, he decided to kill her. So he accused her of having stolen one of ten valuable dishes. She was tortured to death and thrown into the well.

Okiku's well on Himeji Castle is in competition with another location of the well, the garden of the Canadian embassy in Tokyo - established on land bought from the Aoyama family. Looks like there are at least as many locations of the well of the poor girl as there are different versions of her story.

All the variations of the ghost story of Okiku have an extremely wrongful and cruel treatment of a poor girl of the lower classes in common. But different from the ghost story of Yotsuya, revenge towards the tormenter is not the big Leitmotiv (apart from one variation of the story).

Shinkei Sanju-roku Kai Sen - 36 New Ghosts
Among the artists designing ghost subjects, Yoshitoshi Tsukioka (1839-1892) should be mentioned in first place. Yoshitoshi strongly believed in the existence of ghosts and was convinced that he had personally seen supernatural apparitions in his life.

The print of The Ghost of Okiku at the Dish Mansion was part of the series Shinkei Sanju-roku Kai Sen. It was Yoshitoshi's last series before his death (together with one One Hundred Aspects of the Moon) and was published from 1889 to 1892. The series can be found under different English translations like New Selection of 36 Apparitions or Thirty-six New Ghosts.

Towards the end of his life, the subjects of Yoshitoshi's prints were predominantly chosen from Japan's rich cultural tradition and history. It was an appeal of the artist to his countrymen not to give up their traditional values in exchange for the Western modernization that had begun in the Meiji period.

56. George Stickney House

Bull Valley, Illinois, has a unique design due to Stickney's belief in spiritualism. It is thought that he and his wife wished to communicate with their dead children. Today the house is the local police department, and it is claimed that police report strange sounds, objects moving around, lights turning off, and door knobs turning and doors opening by themselves. Other homes in the area are also rumored to be haunted. The nearby Holcombville cemetery includes tombs of the Stickney children and a person killed in the crash of American Airlines Flight 191.

The paranormal  George Stickney House

The house is widely considered bizarre due to its design, which was based, in part, on George Stickney's belief in spiritualism.

As an adherent to spiritualism, Stickney believed that the spirits in his house required the freedom to roam without getting caught in corners. Therefore, the home's interior is designed with no 90 degree angles between the walls. Every "corner" in the house is rounded.

The Stickneys may have drifted toward spiritualism as a way to communicate with their dead children; they had twelve children but only three survived to adulthood. It is known that the family conducted seances on the second floor of the building. In the years since the house left the hands of the Stickney family, owners have reported supernatural occurrences.

Today the mansion is occupied by the Village of Bull Valley and its police department.

In 2005 Bull Valley Police Chief Norbert Sauers described his experiences with possible paranormal events in the Stickney Mansion. Sauers said that village employees have heard numerous sounds that seem to defy explanation. He described hearing footsteps in the second floor ballroom, a room that today is used only as storage for village records but was used for seances when the Stickneys owned the mansion. The footstep sounds have extended out onto the stairwell at times. Other occurrences include hearing human sounding noises or voices. They sometimes even hear the toilets flushing when they are alone in the house.

The Chief said he has also personally experienced objects moving around on his desk, lights turning off and, door knobs turning and a door opening, seemingly by themselves, and voices from thin air, having once heard a shout in his ear when no one was around him. Another police officer in Bull Valley claims to have come face to face with an apparition of Stickney's father-in-law.

According to a local news report, "[o]ver the years, two men who carry a badge and gun" have quit their jobs over the supernatural events

57. Summerwind Mansion

Formerly known as Lamont Mansion, is a now derelict mansion-house on the shores of West Bay Lake. It is reputed to be one of the most haunted locations in Wisconsin. Due to abandonment, the elements and fire, little of the mansion currently remains standing. For a while it was popular with paranormal tourists.

After remaining vacant for some time, the house became the residence of Arnold and Ginger Hinshaw and their six children, who moved in during the early 1970s. It is from this time onwards that most of the haunting reports originate.

After taking up residence the Hinshaw reported a number of strange occurrences, ranging from flickering shadows that appeared to move down the hallways and soft voices that stopped when they entered rooms, to unexplained electrical/mechanical problems and sash windows that raised themselves. They also reported seeing the ghost of an unknown woman who appeared several times in the vicinity of the house's dining room.

The haunted ruins of Summerwind Mansion

Urban legend holds that after experiencing extended difficulties retaining workmen the Hinshaw decided to renovate the house themselves. During these renovations, Arnold is said to have removed a shoe draw from a fitted closest and to have discovered a hidden recess behind it. In that recess Arnold discovered what he at first took to be the remains of an animal. However, because of the cramped entrance, he could not be certain of what he had seen. Later that day, he sent his daughter Mary into the recess to see what the unidentified object really was, only for Mary to discover a human skull and strands of black hair. No report of the find was ever made to the police and the veracity of the legend has never been determined. The body was reported to have vanished when Ginger's father and brother investigated the recess, several years later.

Despite protests from Ginger, in Fall 1972 the mansion was acquired from Mrs. Keefer by Ginger's father, businessman Raymond Von Bober and her mother Marie; who intended to convert it into a restaurant and boarding house.

The Bober's attempts to renovate the house suffered from many of the same problems as the Hinshaw's attempt. Bober's son Karl; who traveled to the house alone in order to arrange estimates and pest control work, also reported a variety of unnerving events including voices and an apparent supernatural reenactment of the alleged 1930s Lemont incident.

At this time, workmen also reported feeling uncomfortable and complained of missing tools and other happenings, including that when they attempted to draw blueprints the dimensions of the house would change, with some rooms producing larger measurements on some days than on others. Photographs taken of the same location, on the same film, were also said to show a single room being several different sizes even if they were taken seconds apart, or to show furnishings that had been in the room when the Hinshaws had lived there, but which had since been removed.

After experiencing several apparently supernatural incidents, and a number of conventional difficulties, Bober abandoned his plans to convert Summerwind by 1979 (at which point the land again reverted back to Mrs. Keefer) and instead applied for permission to operate a concessions stand near by, but his application was turned down due to problems with local ordinance.

Bober documented his experiences in Summerwind and published them in 1979, under the pseudonym of “Wolfgang Von Bober”. In June 1988 Summerwind was struck by lightning several times, resulting in a fire that destroyed much of the mansion. Today, only the house's chimney stacks, foundations and stone steps remain.

After In Wolfgang Von Bober relinquished the property it was sold one more time but again reverted back to Mrs. Keefer. In 1986, by which time the mansion had fallen into disrepair, Sumerwind was purchased (from the estate of Mrs. Keefer) by a group of three investors.

In June 1988 Summerwind was struck by lightning several times, resulting in a fire that destroyed much of the mansion.

Today, only the house's chimney stacks, foundations and stone steps remain.


58. The Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt

Wadi Biban el-Muluk; "Gates of the King")is a valley in Egypt where for a period of nearly 500 years from the 16th to 11th century BC, tombs were constructed for the kings and powerful nobles of the New Kingdom (the Eighteenth through Twentieth Dynasties of Ancient Egypt). The valley stands on the west bank of the Nile, across from Thebes (modern Luxor), within the heart of the Theban Necropolis. The wadi consists of two valleys, East Valley (where the majority of the royal tombs situated) and West Valley.

Some Beleive it is the Ghosts of The great dead Kings and Royal Families that lead to these modern discoveries. And many who visit the Vlley say they are overcome by the feeling of something really supernatural.


Stories of "the mummy's curse" or "King Tut's curse" excited the world after the discovery in 1922 of the ancient pharaoh's tomb in Egypt. Lord Carnarvon, a British sponsor of archaeology in Egypt, died shortly after attending the tomb's opening, inspiring speculation that supernatural forces were at work.

Royal Necropolis
The official name for the site in ancient times was The Great and Majestic Necropolis of the Millions of Years of the Pharaoh, Life, Strength, Health in The West of Thebes, or more usually, Ta-sekhet-ma'at (the Great Field).

The Valley of the Kings has been a major area of modern Egyptological exploration for the last two centuries. Before this the area was a site for tourism in antiquity (especially during Roman times). This areas illustrates the changes in the study of ancient Egypt, starting as antiquity hunting, and ending as scientific excavation of the whole Theban Necropolis. Despite the exploration and investigation noted below, only eleven of the tombs have actually been completely recorded.

The area has been a focus of concentrated archaeological and egyptological exploration since the end of the eighteenth century, and its tombs and burials continue to stimulate research and interest. In modern times the valley has become famous for the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun (with its rumours of the Curse of the Pharaohs, and is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. In 1979, along with the rest of the Theban Necropolis, it became a World Heritage Site.

On February 8, 2006, the Supreme Council of Antiquities announced that an American team led by the University of Memphis had uncovered a pharaonic-era tomb (KV63), the first uncovered there since King Tutankhamun's in 1922. The 18th Dynasty tomb included five mummies in intact sarcophagi with coloured funerary masks along with more than 20 large storage jars, sealed with pharaonic seals. It is located close to the tomb of Tutankhamun. KV63, as it is known, appears to be a single chamber with five or six sarcophagi and about 20 large funerary jars. The chamber is from the 18th dynasty and it appears to have been a deposit of funerary preparation materials, rather than a tomb.

KV 62

Haunting the Tomb of king Tut

Valley of the Kings East Valley, Thebes West Bank, Thebes New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, Tutankhamun

On 31 July 2006, Nicholas Reeves announced that analysis of ground penetrating radar for the autumn of 2000 showed a sub-surface anomaly in the area of KV62 and KV63

59. St. Peter's Church Cemetery

Haunted Philadelphia - The Scariest Spot in Philadelphia ... The entire region is known for its historic sites, colonial-era graveyards and centuries-old buildings, some dating back to pre-Revolutionary War days. What many people don't know is that many of the original residents of historic Philadelphia never left town. The Philadelphia area is among America's most haunted destinations. has been home to ghosts for more than a century. Some spectators have seen a horse-drawn carriage charging through the center of the graveyard and through the church. Others say restless Native American chiefs roam the grounds and the spirit of a colonial African American man can sometimes be seen walking in the graveyard by moonlight. 4th & Pine Streets

60. Houston, Texas

Paranormal Investigators in Texas know everything about it's very haunted history and The Lone Star sporits are more then dead their lively! The most notable haunted hot spors are:

The Spaghetti Warehouse 901 Commerce St, Houston, TX This former warehouse's long-ago owner allegedly died after falling down an elevator shaft. Moans and screams of somone in pain are often heard day and night. Other paranormal Texas ghostly activity includes a lady in white and moving utensils. Ghost hunting in this warehouse can be down right spooky, equipment goes wild then will refuse to work.

La Carafe 813 Congress St, Houston, TX
This pre-Civil War building's bar is believed to have a haunted second floor, but many say the entire building is haunted. children crying can be heard and the shadow figure of a large red dog is often seen and heard

Battleship Texas State Historic Site 3527 Battleground Rd, La Porte, TX
Some visitors to this state park attraction claim to have seen the ghost of an unidentified sailor on the second deck.

Esperson Building 808 Travis St, Houston, TX
Legend has it that Mellie Esperson's spirit still roams the building's halls and elevators which are said to manifest cold spots.

Treebeards 315 Travis St, Houston , TX
Located in the Travis building (the second oldest in Houston), some staff have reported ghost sightings and other unexplained activity. From soft ghostly whispers to the sound of a man laughing.

"Rumor has it that an old caretaker and his dog lived in the basement of the old Downtown Houston Library. The caretaker loved to play his violin (fiddle) after hours. He's no longer alive, but the tunes he played can occasionally still be faintly heard."

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61. Prague

Prague is one of the most haunted cities in Europe. There are water goblins under the Charles Bridge, a headless horseman, a huge fat ghost and a fiery coach. A golem made of clay ran amok in the Jewish Quarter and Emperor Rudolph II invited magicians, astrologers and alchemists from all over Europe to his court.

Prauge is haunted!

One of the most popular tourist sights is the Charles Bridge and this has its fair share of ghosts and folklore. For ten years the heads of ten lords executed in the Middle Ages were stuck on poles on the bridge. Their ghosts are said to haunt the bridge today - even singing melancholy songs around midnight to terrify passers by. Prague is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and belongs to the most visited cities on the continent

On the bridge stands a statue of the mythical prince Bruncvik. It is said that his magical sword is buried in his statue: a sword so deadly that it could cut off heads without any help from its owner. Under the bridge lives a water goblin who eats the souls of those drowned by jumping off the bridge.

The city flourished during the 14th century during the reign of Charles IV, of the Luxembourg dynasty. The 17th century is considered the Golden Age of Jewish Prague. The Jewish community of Prague numbered some 15,000 people (approx. 30 per cent of the entire population), making it the largest Ashkenazic community in the world and the second largest community in Europe after Thessaloniki. In the years 1597 to 1609, the Maharal (Judah Loew ben Bezalel) served as Prague's chief rabbi. He is considered the greatest of Jewish scholars in Prague's history, his tomb in the Old Jewish Cemetery eventually becoming a pilgrimage site.

There is also a wonderful ghostly coaches. Seen and heard as the hooves and wheels clatter over the cobbles. In one of them sits a monk with his head in his lap. His particular ghostly coach is drawn by huge black billy goats. The monk asks anyone he sees for a coin. One woman threw him a counterfeit coin and ran off. Unfortunately the monk came and found her and she was found dead the next morning with the shape of a coin branded into her forehead.

62. Jonesborough, Tennessee

Often counted as the number one of the most Place to visit. Jonesborough was founded in 1779, seventeen years before Tennessee was granted statehood. It was named after North Carolina legislator, Willie Jones, who supported North Carolina's westward expansion over the Appalachian Mountains. Here you'll learn about the former President, Andrew Jackson's encounter with the infamous "Bell Witch" of Adams, Tennessee - the subject matter of the motion picture entitled "An American Haunting"; in addition, we offer Historic Erwin and the Nolichucky Settlement beginning 1760; in Johnson City we have three tours including the East Tennessee State University campus, Tipton-Haynes Historic Site, as well as a hiking adventure entitled "Legendary Buffalo Mountain"; Historic Blountville, Rogersville, and Greeneville Tennessee GhostWalks detail ghostly true stories from the Civil War. Also tour of Historic Abingdon Virginia GhostWalk just a few minutes drive from Bristol.

Jonesborough is also the home to the National Storytelling Festival, drawing people nationwide to participate in the unique event. The festival takes place in October of each year. Large tents are pitched in parks around town and storytellers sit on stages or at the head of the tent to perform. Occasionally performances are interrupted for a moment by a passing Norfolk Southern Railway train. Some stories have morals, define cultural traditions, or entertain. Stories about tribal nations, telling right from wrong, and small-town culture have been past topics. Some storytellers write musical scores which are incorporated into their stories. The Festival partly ties into an Appalachian cultural tradition of storytelling. The existence of a storytelling graduate degree program at a nearby university reflects this tradition.

While exploring some of the most historic streets in the state, visitors can even have ghostly adventure. Andrew Jackson had strong ties to Jonesborough, Tennessee. It was here that he began his law practice in the late 1700s. And during that time, he stayed at the cabin belonging to Christopher Taylor, located about a mile outside of town. Recently the cabin was removed from its original spot and reconstructed in the town's park. The ghost of former U.S. president Andrew Jackson has occasionally been spotted there--usually on foggy nights. The ghost walks up to the front door and disappears into the building. The ghost has also been seen walking down the street, in the direction of the old courthouse.

Appalachian GhostWalks invites you to "take a haunted vacation!" Discount accommodations for our tours are provided by several area hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts, RV Parks, and campgrounds. Special Discount Vacation Planning Packages called "Spook and Save" Packages are available which offer discounts on many other recreational venues including area caves, museums, whitewater rafting, and parks. Please visit the website at for more information. You can go directly to the "Spook and Save" Discount Vacation Planning Package page by going to

63. The Galvez Hotel Galveston, Texas

Victorian elegance rising from the sand and surf, the Hotel Galvez - A Wyndham Historic Hotel in Galveston, Texas, was known as the "Queen of the Gulf" on the day she opened in 1911. For nearly a century, this charming Galveston hotel has been the choice of guests as demanding and diverse as Teddy Roosevelt, Howard Hughes and Frank Sinatra. A $9-million renovation has restored the Hotel Galvez to its rightful place as a timeless showplace on the Gulf of Mexico. Workers have seen figures of the lady and hear her whimpers as she walks down the back stairs.

he Galvez Hotel Galveston, Texas  Ghosts

The Galvez is also home to a very haunted painting. The haunted portrait of Bernardo de Galvez hangs at the very end of the long hall at the Hotel Galvez. Many who see it get a chill for they say they can feel his eyes following them as they walk past. Report poor in to several in the paranormal community that much like Robert the Haunted Doll in Key West, Florida this ghost does not like having his portraits picture taken unless you ask his permission first.

Located on e Seawall Blvd. and is the oldest hotel on Galveston island. One room, room 505, is supposed to be haunted and most people who stay in that room, do not stay overnight. Most just feel incredibly uncomfortable there. You can also smell Gardenias in and around the room at times.

Many people have had similar experiences and it's to be expected in an old hotel. Unless you are seeking an experience beyond our world I would recommend a different hotel, or at least stay away from the fifth floor!

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64. Bell Witch Cave Adams, Tennessee

The Bell Witch is a ghost story from American southern folklore. The legend of the Bell Witch, also called the Bell Witch Haunting, revolved around a series of strange events allegedly experienced by the Bell family of Adams, Tennessee, between 1817 and 1821

The Bell Witch Cave is a karst cave located in Adams, Tennessee near where the Bell Farm once stood. The cave is approximately 490 feet (150 m) long. The cave is privately owned and tours are given during the summer months and the month of October.

This cave has been associated with The Bell Witch, a period of time when the Bell Family was allegedly haunted by the Bell Witch. The cave has no real connection to the haunting, however, it is located on property once owned by the Bell family. Many believe that when the witch departed, she fled to the sanctuary of this cave.

.Bell Witch Cave Adams, Tennessee Ghosts

These events are said to have been witnessed and documented by hundreds of people, among them future President of the United States Andrew Jackson, and consequently the episode represents one of the most famous instances of paranormal events in history.

The Bell Witch was believed to be Kate Batts, an eccentric neighbor of John Bell's, who had sued him for cheating her in a land deal. The stories of land sale conflict involving Bell do have documentation although neither case has any connection to Kate Batts.

Other paranormal theories are that the "witch" was actually a poltergeist or the Bell home had been built on a Native American burial ground.

The events of the Haunting were used as the basis for the 2006 film An American Haunting and may have influenced production of The Blair Witch Project.

According to the legend, the first manifestation of the haunting occurred in 1817 when John Bell encountered a strange animal in a cornfield on his property. The animal, described as having had the body of a dog and the head of a rabbit, vanished when Bell shot at it. This incident was quickly followed by a series of strange beating and gnawing noises manifesting around, and eventually inside, the Bell residence. After these occurrences, the Bell children said their bedclothes were being regularly pulled off and tossed onto the floor by an invisible force.

The family then reported a voice choking and making awful, low, guttural noises. Betsy Bell, the family's younger daughter and the only daughter still living at home, was soon after violently assaulted--her hair pulled and her face slapped by an invisible force.

These events continued for over a year before John Bell reported them to his neighbors, James Johnston and his wife, who later said they witnessed events. At this point, the strange events experienced by the Bell family became well known in the Red River community, especially reports of a voice conversing loudly and clearly, singing, quoting from the Bible and accurately describing events taking place miles away.

Another major development in the story is the involvement of future U.S. President Andrew Jackson, who heard of the disturbances and decided to observe them in person in 1819.

On approaching the Bell property, Jackson's entourage encountered an invisible presence that stopped his wagon in its tracks. When Jackson acknowledged that the witch was responsible, the wagon was able to proceed unhindered.

One of the men in Jackson's entourage declared himself to be a witch tamer who intended to kill the spirit. After this proclaimation, the man began screaming and contorting his body. Jackson and his entourage left the Bell property by midday the following day. He is quoted as later saying, "I'd rather fight the entire British Army than to deal with the Bell Witch

65. Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

Bevy of ghosts haunt this base, the oldest continuously operated military post west of the Mississippi. Many people have witnessed the ghost of Catherine Sutter walking among the tombstones of the National Cemetery and on the grounds of the present Golf Course. Bound for Oregon, she stopped over at the fort in 1880, with her husband and two children. One day, her husband sent the children out to collect firewood, but they never returned. The Sutters stayed on through the winter, hoping against hope that their loved ones would be found, and Catherine spent many lonely hours walking through the snow calling out to her children. That same year, the distraught woman caught pneumonia and died. However, her apparition, wearing an old calico dress and black shawl, is still seen desperately searching for her lost children. Sometimes she is observed carrying a lantern, while other times just her voice can be heard, calling out from the darkness. Another ghost reported in the cemetery is Chief Joseph, a proud Nez Perce Indian leader, who was incarcerated here in 1877. Several ghosts populate the Rookery, the oldest house on the base. The apparitions of a busy-body old woman, a bushy-haired old man in a white robe, and an angry young girl disturb residents trying to sleep in the 162-year-old house. Sheridan House is haunted by the vengeful spirit of Mrs. Sheridan, wife of General Philip H. Sheridan. In 1869, he deserted his wife on her deathbed to go to Chicago on business. A few doors down, at the Chief of Staff's Quarters, the sounds of a tea party can be heard coming from the empty parlor. The presence of a man with a mustache and goatee is occasionally felt at the McClellan Officer's Quarters. His apparition has appeared in the fireplace, and his loud footsteps are heard late at night, stumbling through the house. The former site of St. Ignatius Chapel is haunted by the ghost of the priest, who burnt to death in a 1875 fire that destroyed the building. Father Fred has turned up at the fireplace, in the kitchen, near a sewing machine and other places in the new house that was built on the site. Houses along Sumner Place are haunted by the presence of a Lady in Black. No one knows what she wants, but she is very domestic, and is sometimes seen trying to calm crying children or attempting to help with the dishes. The ghost of General George Custer has been seen roaming the first floor of the General's Residence. While still a colonel, Custer was court-martialed in 1867 for shooting soldiers who disobeyed him. The hearing was held in the commanding general's quarters, where Custer was found guilty and given a year's suspension without pay. Perhaps the stubborn general wants to lodge an appeal against the blemish on his record. The men he sacrificed at Little Big Horn, some of whom are buried here, have also returned. Their ghostly figures have been reported marching on the Main Parade.


66. The Whaley House

Whaley House, Old Town San Diego. This 1850s brick house has long been listed as a haunted spot and it lives up to its ghostly reputation. Both the inside and out is haunted so even if you don't get to go inside a trip to the place to walk the grounds. Besides that there is a great Mexican Restaurant across the street with hand made tortillas. Just down the street is the old San Diego Cemetery called the Campo Santo where a number of people have seen ghosts.

The Whaley House Ghosts

At the Whaley House bring a tape recorder for stray ESP and a good nose for the scent of cigars that is found in the place. Keep a good eye out in the court room and the stairway were many people feel a choaking around the neck. The Music Room and the old master bedroom has many accounts of ghost sightings. Thomas Whaley in his frock coat haunts as does his wife and daughter. There is a curious apparition of a little scotty dog seen inside and out by ghost hunters. A great place to spend the afternoon. Best time to vist--just before they close or when they first open.

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67.Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza (from Yucatec Maya chich'en itza', "At the mouth of the well of the Itza") is a large pre-Columbian archaeological site built by the Maya civilization located in the northern center of the Yucatán Peninsula, present-day Mexico. Although this was the usual name for the site in pre-Columbian times, it is also referred to in the ancient chronicles as Uucyabnal, meaning "Seven Great Rulers".

Chichen Itza Is it haunted

Chichen Itza was a major regional center in the northern Maya lowlands from the Late Classic through the Terminal Classic and into the early portion of the Early Postclassic period. The site exhibits a multitude of architectural styles, from what is called “Mexicanized” and reminiscent of styles seen in central Mexico to the Puuc style found among the Puuc Maya of the northern lowlands. The presence of central Mexican styles was once thought to have been representative of direct migration or even conquest from central Mexico, but most contemporary interpretations view the presence of these non-Maya styles more as the result of cultural diffusion.

Archaeological data, such as evidence of burning at a number of important structures and architectural complexes, suggest that Chichen Itza's collapse was violent. Following the decline of Chichen Itza's hegemony, regional power in the Yucatán shifted to a new center at Mayapan. While the site itself was never completely abandoned, the population declined and no major new constructions were built following its political collapse. The Sacred Cenote, however, remained a place of pilgrimage.

In 1531 Spanish Conquistador Francisco de Montejo claimed Chichén Itzá and intended to make it the capital of Spanish Yucatán, but after a few months a native Maya revolt drove Montejo and his forces from the land.

Seven courts for playing the Mesoamerican ballgame have been found in Chichén, but the one about 150 meters to the north-west of the Castillo is by far the most impressive. It is the largest ballcourt in ancient Mesoamerica. It measures 166 by 68 meters (545 by 232 feet). The sides of the interior of the ballcourt are lined with sculpted panels depicting teams of ball players, with the captain of the losing team being decapitated.

Built into one of the exterior walls of the ballcourt is the Temple of the Jaguar, which features another jaguar throne -- since this one was not buried for a thousand years, its red paint and jade spots are long since gone.

Behind this platform is a walled inscription which depicts a tzompantli (rack of impaled human skulls) in relief.

Chichen Itza is today a World Heritage Site and is the second most visited of Mexico’s archaeological sites. Many visitors to the popular tourist resort of Cancún make a day trip to Chichen Itza, usually with time to view only a portion of the site.

Over the past several years, INAH, which manages the site, has been closing monuments to public access. The most recent was El Castillo, which was closed after the death of a San Diego woman in 2006.

According to the American Anthropological Association, the actual ruins of Chich'en Itza are federal property, and the site’s stewardship is maintained by Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, INAH). The land under the monuments, however, is privately-owned by the Barbachano family


68. Resurrection Cemetery, Chicago

Chicago is home to some of the most famous ghosts in America. Resurrection Mary is a famous ghost story and is considered by many to be the original hitchhiker ghost story. It takes place around the Chicago area in Justice, Illinois. Many travelers down Archer Avenue -- a street which runs through the city of Chicago -- and its South Suburbs, have reported seeing a young blonde girl walking by, some who have seen her have claimed to even have given her a ride. The girl is said to be very quiet once picked up and disappears once the driver passes the gates of Resurrection Cemetery in Justice Illinois.

Resurrection Mary the Ggost girl of Chicago


The very first, first-person account came from Jerry Palus, a south-side man who recently died. He picked up a girl at the Liberty Grove and Hall near 47th and Mozart and danced with her the entire evening. The only strange thing is that she was very cold to the touch. Later she asked for a ride home which was somewhere in the Bridgeport area of Chicago but decided she'd like to go for a ride past the large Catholic cemetery along Archer Avenue, Resurrection. As they began to approach the main gates, she began to act very strangely. She told Jerry to pull the car off the road and, for some reason, she had to run toward the cemetery and that Jerry could not follow. Before he knew what was happening, she darted from the car, ran towards the main gates but disappeared before reaching those gates in plain view of Jerry. He then began to put all of this together and surmised that he had been with a ghost that evening. On a later visit to the home of Mary, he was greeted by a woman who told him that her daughter had been dead for sometime. He even saw a picture of her sitting on a table and was convinced that she was the same girl he had been with. However, that was impossible!

> More to read here <


69. City of Derby, Haunted Derbyshire

" The Ghost Capital of England."

The Ghost capital of the World

The Haunted City site brings together all the information available on the city's spookiest places, where ghostly presences are felt and where things actually do go "bump in the night, and in the day!" Derby Ghosts.

Derby Gaol is a working museum which is open to the public. It was acquired in 1997 by Richard Felix, paranormal investigator and dedicated historian who later became famous, as one of the members of the popular television programme 'Most Haunted'. Starting at 11pm and finishing at 4am with breakfast, night vigils at Derby Gaol enable the visitor to get a real taste of hunting ghosts. A main course meal is included in the price and there is a bar for those wanting to settle their nerves!

Room 29 at the Bell Inn, Sadler Gate, which used to be a hotel, is said to be haunted by young servant girl murdered by the Jacobite army in 1745.

At the Dolphin Inn, Queen Street, the gas taps in the cellar are mysteriously, turned off making the staff think the barrels are empty.

70. The Lemp Mansion

When John Adam Lemp arrived in St. Louis from Eschwege, Germany in 1838, he seemed no different from the thousands of other immigrants who poured into the Gateway to the West during the first half of the 19th century. Lemp originally sought his fortune as a grocer. But his store was unique for its ability to supply an item sold by none of his competitors - lager beer. Lemp had learned the art of brewing the effervescent beverage under the tutelage of his father in Eschwege, and the natural cave system under St. Louis provided the perfect temperature for aging beer. Lemp soon realized that the future of lager beer in America was as golden as the brew itself, and in 1840 he abandoned the grocery business to build a modest brewery at 112 S. Second Street. A St. Louis industry was born. The brewery enjoyed marvelous success and John Adam Lemp died a millionaire.

The Lemp Mansion was built in the early 1860's and was subsequently purchased by William J. Lemp as a residence and auxiliary brewery office. Although it was already an impressive structure, Lemp used his massive brewery fortune to turn the thirty-three room house into a Victorian showplace.

The radiator system was installed in 1884, five years after radiant heat was patented. The grand staircase was removed to accommodate an open-air lift that ran the gamut of the house. The decorative iron gates in the basement restaurant are all that remain of the elevator. In 1904 the house was completely renovated. To the left of the main entrance is the former brewery office, where William Jr. committed suicide. The decorative mantle is Italian marble.



71. Cairo, Egypt's' City of the Dead

For many Cairenes the City of the Dead is a mysterious, foreboding area. Many Cairenes are aware of its existence but few understand this group of vast cemeteries that stretches out along the base of the Moqattam Hills.

Cairo is facing a housing problem. The lack of satisfactory and affordable housing for the rapidly growing population has forced many poor Egyptians to live in houses amongst cemeteries called The City of the dead. Among these cemeteries live a community of Egypt’s urban poor, forming an illegal but tolerated, separate society. More than five million Egyptians live in these cemeteries, and have formed their own enterprises.The population of the City of the Dead is growing rapidly because of rural migration and its complicated housing crisis is getting worse.

“There are five major cemeteries in this city there, the Northern Cemetery, Bab el Nasr Cemetery, the Southern Cemetery, the Cemetery of the Great, and Bab el Wazir Cemetery,” The historic belief in Egypt is that the cemeteries are an active part of the community and not exclusively for the dead. <amy say the living cannot tell themselves who is alive and who is dead.


72. Bachelors Grove / Batchelors Grove Cemetery Chicago

Bachelors Grove / Batchelors Grove Cemetery Chicago

There many haunted ghost Bachelors Grove Cemetery stories and eerie tales and legends told about this , abandoned cemetery than any other place in the Chicago. It is located on the edge of the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve, near the suburb of Midlothian, Illinois. This haunted cemetery is said to be filled with ghosts. Many Tales of Paranormal reports of strange phenomena have been collected about the place. but now it is abandoned and in ruin, but still very haunted by the living and the dead.


Unexplained World is A Chicago Based Cable Show by Edward Shannahan, which explores the world of Hauntings and Ghost. This episodes Looks at the Bachelors Grove of Chicago

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery - Near Haunted Chicago: Said to be the most scariest haunted cemetery in the U.S.A. Bachelor's Grove is located in the suburbs of Chicago. It gained its name from the number of single young men buried there during the creation of Illionois-Michigan Canal. The graveyard was taken out of commission in the mid 1960's but it still maintains its haunted status. The Ghost of George Harwell Federman, and Janet Lorraine Logan or said to be the most seen ghost in the graveyard and that their tombstones have been removed to keep people from finding them. They are said to materialize quite solid and real ... then just disappear before your eyes. People say the ghost of a child can be heard crying in the evening hours violently. And that many say it's sounds too, to real to mark off as an animal or a hoax.

Today, a section of the Cook County Forest Preserve (at 143rd Street and Justamere Road) bears the name Bachelors Grove in recognition of the early history of the area. The last remaining section of roadway known as Bachelors Grove Road, which ran between 135th Street and 143rd Street, was closed in December 1994. Cook County and the Forest Preserve District have followed through with their intended removal of the road, and another reminder of this piece of local history will completely disappear in time.


Edward Shannahan, explores the world of Hauntings and Ghost. Part II Bachelors Grove of Chicago

The following was written by Brad L. Bettenhausen, President of the Tinley Park Historical Society:

The settlement at Batchelors Grove began as early as the late 1820s, with larger numbers of immigrants arriving in the 1830s and 1840s. The initial settlers were generally American "Yankees" of English, Irish, and Scottish descent, most of whom came here from New York, Vermont, and Connecticut. The second wave of settlers arriving from Europe, primarily of Germanic origin, began in the late 1840s and became the predominate nationality for immigrants to the area for better than the next fifty years.
Ghost Photos of actual solid apparitions are common , and even glowing balls of light appear in the trees in broad daylight, unexplained audible ghost sounds. EVP's have been recorded and many in in the German language.

There have been no burials here for years . But ask any ghost investigator where to go to find a actual ghost or real haunting's in chicago,Bachelors Grove will be Number 1 on their haunted Cemetery list! Access to the cemetery is gained by way of a narrow road,(The Cemetery is not open to the public or appears on any haunted Cemetery tour) many visitors, Investigators to the area have reported seeing a phantom ghost farmhouse that seems to appear and disappear at random. The house is always described in the same way, as a white house with porch pillars, a swing and a soft light burning in the window, but it is never reported in the same place. As witnesses approach the house, it always disappears. A number of completely independent witnesses have reported the house, not realizing that it was unnatural (until it vanished) and all of them have pointed to different locations when they spotted it.

The house has been reported during both daylight hours and at night but historical files show no record of a house ever existing here!

Favorite dumping ground for Chicago gangsters during the years of Prohibition. A number of bodies were said to have been found here. Even the turnpike near Bachelor's Grove is said to be really haunted. For a number of years, witnesses have reported many a phantom car that always disappear along this road. Visitors to the cemetery are advised to go there at their own risk.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery has often been called the most haunted graveyard in the Chicago area.

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73. Stull Cemetery - Kansas

It's infamous nicknames are The Seven Lost Gates of Hell, The Cemetery of The Damned, Satan's Burial Ground and most notably The Seventh Gate to Hell. Stull cemetery is often said to be where Satan the Devil himself holds court with his lost worshippers.

The devil's only half human haunted child is reported to be buried here in Haunted Kansas. They say he appears as a 9 -11 year old boy, he was believed to be able to turn himself into a dog, a cat or a wolf. Basically a werewolf or just plain shape shifter. Many stories say he was born covered with long red hair and a full set of two rows of double teeth. His story is sad. He was an out cast chained under the house, and thrown scraps of food like a wild animal, since he was an infant.

One day when he was about 10 years old he chewed off his left hand and escaped and tore through the town killing someone who he met. He was finally killed after a 11 month killing spree by a lone farmer.

Ghost stories state he was a hermaphrodite. At the spring and autumn equinoxes evil forces, orbs and lights are suppose to materialize in this Haunted Cemetery near or over his grave, which is unmarked.

And don't forget that of Witch a awful lady ghost who is said to curse at you for stepping on her grave. She is said to appear as a tall lady with white hair. EVP's of her can be heard to say "Keep Away From My Bones." and " Watch Your step." They say she hated her last husband who is buried next to her and often the soil seems pushed up where he is buried. Many say she is trying to get him to move elsewhere.

Stull Cemetery, and the abandoned church that rests next to it, is located in the tiny, Kansas town of Stull. There is not much left of the tiny village, save for a few houses, the newer church and about twenty residents. However, the population of the place allegedly contains a number of residents that are from beyond this world!

In addition to its human inhabitants, the town is also home to a number of Haunted legends and strange tales that are linked to the crumbling old church and the overgrown cemetery that can be found atop Stull’s Emmanuel Hill.

These stories have been linked to Stull for more than 100 years. In November 1974, an article appeared in the University of Kansas student newspaper that spoke of a number of strange occurrences in the Stull churchyard. According to the article, Stull was “haunted by diabolical, supernatural happenings” and the asserted that the cemetery was one of the two places on earth where the devil appears in person two times each year.

But such stories have a strong hold on people, as evidenced by the reaction to the article that claimed that the devil would appear in Stull Cemetery on the night of the Spring Equinox and again on Halloween. On March 20, 1978, more than 150 people waited in the cemetery for the arrival of the devil. The word also spread that the spirits of those who died violent deaths, and were buried there, would return from the grave.

The legends also say that the Devil has been appearing here since the 1850’s and insist that the original name of the town was “Skull” and that the later corruption of that into “Stull” was simply to cover the fact that the area was steeped in black magic. It was said that the witchcraft-practicing early settlers were so repentant about their past deeds that they changed the name of the town. In truth, the town was called “Deer Creek Community” until 1899, when the last name of the first postmaster, Sylvester Stull, was adopted as the name of the village. The post office closed down in 1903, but the name stuck.

In 1980, an article appeared in the Kansas City Times, rumors about Stull Cemetery and the abandoned church. The article states that the Devil chose two places to appear on Earth every Halloween. One of them was the “tumbleweed hamlet” of Stull, Kansas, which occurs simultaneously at midnight, is someplace on the “desolate plain of India.” From these sites, according to the article, the Devil gathers all the people who died violent deaths over the past year for a prance around the Earth at the witching hour.

The article adds that he appears in Stull because of an event that took place in the 1850’s, when “a stable hand allegedly stabbed the mayor to death in the cemetery’s old stone barn. Years later, the barn was converted into a church, which in turn was gutted by fire. A decaying wooden crucifix that still hands from one wall is thought to sometimes turn upside-down when passersby step into the building at midnight...” The story neglects to mention that, historically speaking, neither the Deer Creek Community nor Stull have ever had an official mayor.

Author Lisa Hefner Heitz has collected numerous legends that have added to the mythology of Stull Cemetery. Some of them include the “fact” that the Devil also appears at Stull on the last night of winter or the first night of spring. He comes to visit a witch that is buried there. Coincidentally, an old tombstone bearing the name “Wittich” is located fairly close to the old church. It should also be mentioned that there are rumors that an old tree in the graveyard, which was cut down a year or so ago, was once used as a gallows for condemned witches. There is also said to be a grave in the cemetery that holds the bones of a “child of Satan”, who was born of the Devil and a witch. The child was so deformed that he only lived for a few days and the body was buried in Stull. Some say that his ghost may walk here, as there supposedly was a photo taken a few years ago that shows a “werewolf-like boy” peering out from behind a tree.

One of the strangest stories about Stull supposedly appeared in Time magazine in either 1993 or 1995 (depending on the version you hear). This story claims that Pope John Paul II allegedly ordered his private plane to fly around eastern Kansas while on his way to a public appearance in Colorado. The reason for this, the story claims, was that the Pope did not want to fly over “unholy ground”.

The legends grew and by 1989, the crowd at the graveyard on Halloween night had become so overwhelming that the Douglas County sheriff's department had to station deputies outside to send people on their way. They handed out tickets for criminal trespass to anyone caught on the property. It was believed that nearly 500 people came to the cemetery on Halloween night of 1988, doing damage to the church and gravestones, prompting a police response the following year.

As time passed, the local residents grew more irritated that vandals and trespassers were wreaking havoc in the cemetery where their loved ones and ancestors were buried. Finally, a chain link security fence was installed around the grounds and although the area is still regularly patrolled, the visits have died down somewhat, at least outside of October. In addition, there have been the signs posted against trespassing here and locals have made it clear that visitors are not welcome.


74. The Lizzie Borden House

Which is now a Bed and Breakfast, may possibly be the most haunted house in America. The sight of a double murder, one of the most famous in US history, has produced sightings, noises and the feeling of a cat walking across them have all been reported. Lizzie Borden murdered her stepmother and father in the family's home in Fall River, Massachusetts. Some people now say the Borden house is haunted.

Lizzie Bordens Ghost

While there is little doubt that Lizzie committed the crime, she was acquitted at trial due to a lack of evidence. Although ostracized by the community, Lizzie lived in the house until she died on June 1, 1927.


After her death, the house remained a private residence for several decades before being converted into a bed and breakfast. Guests are allowed to view the murder scene and can sleep in Lizzie and her sister Emma's bedrooms, Abby & Andrew's Bedrooms or the guest Room where Abby was killed. Martha McGinn, owner and operator, has lived in the house since her teens. She calls the house "active" instead of haunted, and believes that the spirits of the murder victims may inhabit the house.

Cold spots are felt in many of the rooms. People who work in the house say they have heard many strange sounds, including voices, a woman crying and unexplained footsteps. Some have seen indentations - like that of a body lying down - appear and disappear on the beds. Objects are mysteriously moved out of place, lights go on and off, and doors and cabinets have opened on their own.

Guests have reported seeing an "older Victorian woman" dusting and making the beds in the guest room as Abby was doing at the time of her death. Still others have reported being awakened in the night to see this same woman pulling the covers of the bed over them as though she is tucking them in. A couple from Connecticut took a photograph in the sitting room that didn't turn out properly. The photo was almost entirely black except for the apparition of an elderly man who looked very much like Andrew Borden.

75. The Haunted Grand Hotel

Jerome, Arizona started out as the United Verde Hospital in January 1927 and is supposed to be one of the most haunted buildings in Arizona, due to its days as a hospital and asylum. Many events are claimed to have occurred on the site in the past, including various murders, suicides, and accidental deaths. Occurrences claimed to be common in the hotel include mysterious elevator activity, footsteps, moaning, heavy breathing, coughing, doors flying open, and lights turning on and off by themselves.

Jerome Gtand Hotel Ghost

Built on the very top of Cleopatra Hill, this huge, 5 story Spanish Mission-style, building is the highest public building in the entire Verde Valley. Jerome itself is at 5000 elevation, and was built on the side of the Mingus mountain, on Cleopatra Hill overlooking the Verde Valley, about a 15 minute drive up from the valley floor, and about 20 miles from the once large, profitable copper mine, which was why the town of Jerome was built in the first place in 1876. The building was made of concrete, poured in place on a 50 degree slope, and still is considered an engineering feat to this day.

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For more of the top 100 places to see a real ghost and have a Paranormal Encounter. Please visit here!

Some of these Top 100 Most allegedly haunted places are known for their haunted cemeteries, houses, buildings, Roads, hotels, & battlefields and churches. And in some cases a city may be listed and in other spots a haunted hot spot. Please feel free to use this as a Paranormal Travel Guide when planning your next haunted destination ghost hunt or vacation. There are literally thousands of haunted places around the world, and this list only compiles a small number of them.

So please read these very haunted ghost stories and watch a real ghost video or two. And be sure to visit our Haunted America Tours Home Page to find more then your heart should take. This web site is not for the squeamish. These Very real Haunted places are sid to be the best places to capture a real ghost on film, video, or digital voice recorder or have a real paranormal encounter.

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