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Willian Reese Smith

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Reese Smith 20 Questions

1. Where do you see ghost hunting and Paranormal groups, web sites or Ghost information, tours, Books Paranormal Radio and Television in 10 years?

I believe that more of the worlds community have become more open and aware of the supernatural world. and they have become more receptive to the paranormal because of television shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Whisperer and of people like me who want to enlighten the public to what they believe they are experiencing.

2. What would you personally consider to be the definitive proof that ghosts are real?

In my own personal experiences. I have seen them, heard them and been touched by them in a spiritual way that to me makes me know in my heart of heart that they are real.

3. What is the most real evidence you personally have uncovered so far?

Well my most recent is in my new home in my particular house in Marion, NC where I live now, I have seen a chair move across the room. My Bose Speaker system goes on and off by itself. I hear footsteps on my stairs, water faucets turn on and off Personal items are often moved in strange places. Though I have had many more before this this is my most recent paranormal experiences.

My dog seems to have a personal relationship with a spirit she often growls at an empty chair and then acts just as if someone was petting her.

Reese Smith Knocking on Deaths Door!

4. Are you skeptical of the claims other make of their findings?

No! I believe everyone who comes to me personally, because I am psychic. I know when a person is telling the truth. But I am skeptical about others claims Like Ghost Hunters on Television. Most television shows are just looking for high ratings in order to stay on the air, and considering some Haunted shows are pure fiction.

5. If you could investigate your "Dream Haunted Hot Spot" where would it be?

The Delta Queen 's Mary Becker Greene was born in 1869, grew up to become one of America’s first female river pilots, and still has an active interest in the steamboat line she co-founded as the bride of Captain Gordon C. Greene in 1890. Which is sometimes disconcerting, because she died in 1949 at the age of 80 in her cabin on the Delta Queen, the riverboat she called home and which she piloted as captain. She has been seen on numerous occasions aboard the Delta Queen, and while it sometimes startles guests, it does not make the crew uneasy. In fact, many of them claim it helps them sleep better at night. Why? Because Mary is a benevolent, even helpful, spirit. Mike Williams, the first mate, says, “I don’t get a feeling that she’s a troubled spirit. I think she is quite content with what she is doing, just absorbing the energy of people who have been here.”

And the most famous haunted hotel in Hollywood without a doubt, the Hollywood Roosevelt. The hotel's most famous haunting concerns a mirror which sits outside the elevators in the lower level. Hundreds of tourists pass the full length mirror each day without knowing its strange history. The mirror was originally part of the furnishings in a room which was frequently used by Marilyn Monroe. Several people have reported seeing the tragic actress' image reflected in the glass of this particular mirror. Upon turning around, of course, no one was there. While we're on the subject of Marilyn, it is of interest to note that her ghost has also been spotted hovering near her tomb at Westwood Memorial Cemetery, which is located at 1218 Glendon Ave, Westwood.

Room number 928 of the Roosevelt has a permanent guest that often shares his quarters with the more temporary visitors. Actor Mongomery Clift lived there for three months while filming From Here To Eternity. Hotel guests and employees alike have reported feeling the actor's presence. Some of these "feelings" have even been tactile. One guest felt a hand patting her shoulder and others claim cold spots in the room.

And Hollywood Park Memorial Cemetery and Westwood Memorial Cemetery.

6. What was your first Paranormal encounter?

My first encounter I was in the 1970's when I started seeing people from the other side. I first saw someone when I was doing a reading in Myrtle Beach SC. I saw a woman clearly in front of a table I saw stove and pots. I could see her clothes hair and she showed me her table set with exquisite dishes this info was not for me so I told the woman what I saw and she realized it was her grandmother. The spirit told me see what I can do. The client said those dishes were promised to her... but she never got them.

7. What scares you about Ghost Hunting or Paranormal Investigations?

People who delve in the dark side that frightens me the most ... good spirits and bad spirits exist . Those that call the evil spirits into our world. Also investigations that involve children, The Mentally challenged and the aged. Demons or things from the dark side that are either frightening them or causing them physical and mental harm.


Reese Smith

8. If you could work side by side with one of the Paranormal Investigator greats, who would it be?

The only person who I would like to work with would be Sylvia Browne that would be the greatest honor in the world. Sylvia Browne (born October 19, 1936) is a best selling American author on the subject of spirituality who is known as a psychic and medium. She is often a weekly guest on The Montel Williams Show and hosts her own hour-long show on Hay House Radio, discussing paranormal issues and giving callers advice in her role as a psychic.

9. Read any good Paranormal Books lately?

Yes I love to read about New Orleans Voodoo. I have just read, Voodoo Dreams: A Novel of Marie Laveau by Jewell P. Rhodes. A New Orleans Voudou Priestess: The Legend And Reality of Marie Laveau by Carolyn Morrow Long. Voodoo Queen: The Spirited Lives of Marie Laveau by Martha Ward. Everything you want to know about nature's mysteries, the prophets, Nostradamus, tea leaf readings, herbs, candle burning, by Zolar, And Candle Burning Magic: A Spellbook of Rituals for Good and Evil by Anna Riva.

And all of Sylvia Browne Books I read over and over, Adventures of a Psychic Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc. The Other Side and Back: A Psychic's Guide to Our World and Beyond New York, NY: Signet. Life on the Other Side: A Psychic's Tour of the Afterlife Dutton Adult. God, Creation, and Tools for Life Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc. . Astrology Through A Psychic's Eyes Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc. . Blessings From the Other Side New York, NY: New American Library . Visits form the Afterlife New York, NY: New American Library. Book of Angels Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc. Mother God: The Feminine Principle to Our Creator Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc. Prophecy: What the Future Holds for You New York, NY: Dutton. . Contacting Your Spirit Guide Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc. Secrets & Mysteries of the World Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc.. Phenomenon: Everything You Need to Know About the Paranormal New York, NY: Dutton. If You Could see What I See: The Tenets of Novus Spiritus Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc. Exploring the Levels of Creation Carlsbad, CA: Hay House, Inc. Insight: Case Files from the Psychic World New York, NY: Dutton. The Mystical Life of Jesus New York, NY: Dutton.

Reese Smith and a ghost!

10. What Question do people ask you most when you tell them your a paranormal investigator or psychic personality?

They ask me how do you know what you know. And do I really talk to ghosts. They also ask me about my Candle Burnings and affiliation with Ghosts and of course Marie Laveau and the many Beliefs of Voodoo. And about Going and participating in a real Voodoo Baptism Ritual.

11. In your opinion, Where is the most Haunted city in America?

New Orleans of Course first, then Galveston, Texas and now I also would have to say Marion, North Carolina.

12. Do you feel more people should get involved with Ghost hunting or Paranormal Investigation?

We all have our own journey. If that's what an individual feels they should do then they should follow it.

Reese Smith searching for ghost in the Cities if The Dead!

13. What does the future hold for you?

All I know is I want to live to be a very old person and investigate more ghosts. I can not see the future as I do for others. But I know i will go far. I also want to change the attitude that small minded people have about real psychics and I know I will!

14. Paranormal Conventions do you see them growing? And which ones are the Must go to ones?

Yes the interest in them worldwide is growing. The world Ghost Convention. People will always seek out the truth.

The Gettysburg Conference I think is the best.

15. What is your most favored paranormal phenomena or subject?

The history and the life and times of Marie Laveau. I believe she is one of my personal spirit guides and is always with me. I love to research Voodoo. And the curse that is on the NFL's New Orleans Saints Football Team which I will try to remove once again this season.

Reese Smith at the great Voodoo Queen Matie Laveau's Tomb.

16. Tell us about your best moment in investigating for you?

The sensing of things that I experience and seeing it with my very own eyes. I see Ghosts all the time and even more then ever since I moved to a small town.

17. What is the hardest part about being a paranormal personality?

I love being recognized and love having the great gifts our lord God in heaven has bestowed upon me his humble servant. But the hardest part is living in rural NC, after being a totally free bohemian spirit in New Orleans then being removed by Hurricane Katrina. Now I am living in North Carolina where people don't understand the supernatural and paranormal this in the bible belt of America. I want to open their eyes and share the true gifts that God has given me and help those that seek me out.

18. How do prepare for a ghost hunt?

I don't they find me quite often. Since I now Live in Marion, North Carolina many spirits have come to me. This Town is very Haunted and so is my house. The Cemetery near my home is very haunted and the dead often call out to me begging for me to contact their family with a special message for them.

19. Have you ever taken a ghost Tour? And, What about it did you not like?

Yes I have. In Savannah, Georgia. I was in the cemetery passing the grave of Johnny Mercer i felt the love he had for his wife. Standing over his grave and I knew he was not resting in piece because the tours kept disturbing him. Most Spirits don't live in cemeteries but some do. What I did not like about the tour was there was not enough history. Savannah welcomes you with true Southern hospitality, just as we've been welcoming guests since 1733.

In Savannah I took a three different tours and all of them told different stories about the same haunted locations. I did not like the fact that most of what I heard was not the truth.

20. What in the field of ghost hunting and Paranormal Investigating needs the most attention?

The crackpots they need to get focused." Blessed are the cracks they let in the light!" Some people fear Psychics, Mediums and Tarot readers. They brand them as witches and Wizards. The truth is: As I do only Gods Work. That people need to open their eyes and see that the paranormal is all around them!

Reese Smith at Marie Laveau's Tomb Knocking to make a wish.

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