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20 QUESTIONS WITH Robbin Van Pelt

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Robbin Van Pelt

United States Ghosts Chasers

The United States Ghosts Chasers was founded in 2006 by Robbin Van Pelt. Robbin is known as one of the leading ghost researchers in Maryland. Also a minister with Universal Life Church and I legally marry couples. Robbin performes themed weddings with full costumes.
She is also owsn an online Travel Company and want to start doing Haunted Cruises to different locations. www.visionquestravel.com.



Robbin graduated from Cecil Community College in 1986 as a Professional Photographic Laboratory Technician with a background in criminal justice, computer repair, electronics, digital imaging and video work. She also has a certification, as a Web Graphics Designer from Harford Community College.

She has been involved with the paranormal since 1984. She worked for many years as a top level photographer for the Department of Defense. Robbin is Director of Operations and Photo/Video Analyst for The Maryland Paranormal Investigators Coalition with Vince Wilson Jr. and Jamie Henkin. She is also Vice-President of Baltimore County Paranormal Research. Robbin uses her skills to help The Baltimore Society of Paranormal Research, Southern Ghost, The New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society, and helps out with The Chester County Paranormal Research Society.

Robbin has investigated with Mark Nesbitt of “The Ghost of Gettysburg” fame, Troy Taylor the author of The Ghost Hunters Guide Book and 20 other ghost books and Founder of American Ghost Society, and Rosemary Ellen Guiley author of The Encyclopedia of Ghost and Spirits and 30 other books.

Robbin was published in her 1st book written by Lynda Lee Macken called Haunted Baltimore. She is also in Ed Okonowicz’s book Baltimore Ghost and Vince Wilson’s Ghost Tech and Ghost Science. She was in the October 2004 issue of Baltimore Magazine. Robbin has also appeared on the local major TV stations in Baltimore and in local papers, The Beltsville News, Capital News .. and What’s Happening Baltimore Oct. 2005, FATE magazine, the TV show Creepy Canada in 2005 at the USS Constellation and Edgar Allan Poe’s Grave at the Westminster Catacombs. Robbin also filmed an episode for The Discovery Channel in 2006 at the Edgar Allan Poe House in Baltimore and is working on writing her own book called Havre De Grace Hauntings and Legends. She’s in a just released video- The other side of ghost hunting. She is now hosting Paranormal Dinners and Discussions on the last Tuesday's of the month in Havre De Grace, Maryland at The Ritz Cafe 410-939-5858.


Robbin Van Pelt 20 Questions

1. Where do you see ghost hunting and Paranormal groups, web sites or Ghost information, tours Books like your own in 10 years?

I hope it will grow. People these days want to learn. If they are interested in something they pick up a book and read it or take classes. I think it may drop off in popularity for a while and then kick back up again. It seems to go through cycles of up and down then up again.

I’d like to see a more common place for information to be shared and stored, one that everyone can access when needed.

2. What would you personally consider to be the definitive proof that ghosts are real?

I don’t think we have even scratched the surface as far as proof positive goes. I think it varies for each person, for me it was when I saw it for myself. I think some people, even if they see it for themselves, would still deny its existence, a true nonbeliever.

I don’t think it will be a picture or video because you will always have someone saying it’s a fake. I think it will have to be a new piece of equipment that will make it hard to say “no” that didn’t happen. Plus, it will need to have other evidence to support it such as evp, tri field or emf readings, feelings, and experiences they all work together. Proof is important, but it is subjective, and it is disregarded by science. So perhaps we need a new field of science????

3. What is the most real evidence you personally have uncovered so far?

Real evidence to me is your own personal experience. I have had several personal experiences, thanks to the Southern Ghosts Overnights, that to me is as real as it gets, first hand. Southern Ghost has invited me along to help educate the people that attend and to enjoy there haunted weekend events. Every time I have went on one, some very interesting events have occurred. I have heard sounds, and I actually have been touched. That was a first for me… I was always skeptical of people who use to say that, till it happened.

The best piece of evidence for me was a picture. I didn’t take it,

a woman named Robin who travels with Southern Ghost took the shot,

I was there with them. We were staying at the Baladerry Inn in Gettysburg, PA. The picture was taken as a basic shot as we were just sitting down and hanging out. When we enlarged the image you can see, as plain as day, 2 civil war soldiers standing outside on the terrace

looking inside at us. I checked everything. We had the place rented out. No one else was there with us, there were no costumes around, no reflections from walls or paintings were visible, no light refraction, and no orbs…

Go to www.unitedstatesghostschasers.com and check out my pics area, a copy is on there.

4. Are you skeptical of the claims others make of their findings?

Yes, very much so. Being a professional photographer I am really hard on photos and video. People want to believe so bad that they are really reaching a lot of times. I hate being the one to disappoint them but I won’t lie if I know what caused the anomalies in their image. We are here because we believe and we want to find that one true piece of evidence to say to the world “Here it is, now doubt it”. So, it has to be great in order to stand up to scrutiny, just like evidence from a crime scene. Those of us who are true investigators treat it with the same respect as detectives do their work. Although, I find it funny that in a court of law eyewitness accounts are credible but in this field they are not.

When it comes to mediums and psychics I can’t disprove what they feel. I have worked with really great ones, Kelly Weaver, Karl Petry, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, a special lady named Maria from California, Mary from Maryland, and Maryann from NJ.

I know them and I believe what they say that they are experiencing.

I don’t doubt them at all. I have watched them be very accurate in their findings.

5. If you could investigate your "Dream Haunted Hot Spot" where would it be?

Over all I would love to go to England and Scotland and investigate the haunted castles.

Here in the U.S. I want to go to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium and the Stanley Hotel. I have colleagues who have had great experiences at both locations. Rosemary Ellen Guiley has been to both locations and raves about them; she is part of Dave’s Darkness Radio Trips.

6. What was your first Paranormal encounter?

My first apparition was a couple years ago in Gettysburg. It

was a full formation, for several minutes, of a soldier, then it vanished right before my eyes and I also had an eyewitness who saw the exact same thing.

My first encounter, that made me go HUUMMM, was around 16 years old.

My mother, sister, and I were sitting in our living room when a whiff of my grand mothers perfume came through. She had died 10 years earlier. Then several other things dealing with her happened within days of that episode, like finding her old pens.

7. What scares you about Ghost Hunting or Paranormal Investigations?

People, the one’s still living. It’s dangerous these days and you have to be careful when you go to locations in the dark, you don’t know who else is there. That’s one of the reason you never want to wonder off alone. I’d also have to say falling through something, like old boards in an attic or cellar.

8. If you could work side by side with one of the Paranormal Investigator greats, who would it be?

That’s hard to say. I have been so lucky as it is

to have worked with several of the great investigators and authors already like Troy Taylor, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Mark and Carol Nesbitt, Vince Wilson Jr., Ed Okonowics, Jeff Belanger, Lynda Lee Macken, Keith Age, John Zaffis, Kelly and John Weaver, Katherine Ramsland, and I’ve even had the privilege of going to lunch with Sarah Estep a few times, thanks to Rosemary.

9. Read any good Paranormal Books lately?

Mine is still not finished. I always read and own anything by the people I know and work with. I actually just purchased a new one today at a book signing, by Ed Okonowics called GHOST.

10. What Question do people ask you most when you tell them your a paranormal investigator?

They generally ask me “What exactly is a ghost?” and how did I get into this field.

11. In your opinion, Where is the most Haunted city in America?

That’s a loaded question. I believe there are spirits everywhere among us. I thought Gettysburg, PA. But I am hearing a lot of stories coming from Fredericksburg’s Battlefield or maybe New Orleans.

12. Do you feel more people should get involved with Ghost hunting or Paranormal Investigation?

I think only those who truly love it and really want to farther the field of research should go into investigating and documenting. This requires more dedication to the field.

The ghost hunters are mainly just people out for fun and adventure, not for the science and the research.

13. What does the future hold for you?

After my leg heals from surgery I hope to get back to the investigating. I have several ideas for research I just need the time to actually do a test program to form theories. I’d also like to find time to finish my book.

14. Paranormal Conventions do you see them growing? And which ones are the Must go to ones?

I have seen a lot of conventions try and start up and then fall apart before they happen. People don’t realize what kind of effort and work it takes to put one on. I do, I watched and helped Vince Wilson and Jamie Henkin for the last 4 years put on The Eastern Paranormal Conference. This year it was called Ghost World because other people put it on.

15. What is your most favored tool of the trade?

Of course it is my cameras. I have several 35mm, digitals, and many video cameras-(standard and infrared). I love EVP also.

16. Tell us about your best moment in investigating a haunting for you?

I’m not psychic or anything like that but I found out I am somewhat sensitive. My favorite was a private residence for a few reasons.

We like to go in cold with no prior knowledge of a location to avoid any preconceived thoughts. As I went upstairs into this one room of the house I started choking and found it hard to breath like I was suffocating. I had to rush out to get air.

At the very end of the 1st investigation they revealed their information, his wife had died in that room. She had an asthma attack and couldn’t breath and died. That just showed me how certain energies can be so strong even after a long period of time that people can tune into them.

At the same investigation we had a funny experience. We were getting huge EMF readings but only at this one location, right next to this young girls book case. We spent at least a ½ hour trying to figure this out. I had no readings on the Tri Field so I knew it wasn’t paranormal. It turned out to be this little stuffed frog with magnets in its feet. There were 3 of us trying to figure this out, we felt so stupid afterwards we just had to laugh. It drove us nuts…..

17. What is the hardest part about being a paranormal investigator?

I would say having to burst people’s bubble when you have to tell them it’s not paranormal. They get so let down.

18. How do you document your investigations?

We use paper documents, video, still cameras, evp, emf/tri field readings, and any feelings or experiences people have. Then we put them into files. Vince is working on creating a database to be used by all someday.

19. Have you ever taken a ghost Tour?

I have taken ghost tours in different states and I find your tour guides really make or break them. If their not animated and into what they do, then it doesn’t hold your interest. I like the one’s that use history along with the ghosts stories.

I recommend Mark Nesbitt’s Ghosts Of Gettysburg Tours and his new Fredericksburg Tours. They have never disappointed me.

20. What in the field of ghost hunting and Paranormal Investigating needs the most attention?

2 things…….ego’s need to go. We all need to work together. While trying to get stories for my book I have run into people who say, “you can’t have my stories because I’m writing a book someday”. I feel we need to share information.

I have also found ghost hunters to be really rude at times. I was with Vince Wilson Jr. (Author of Ghost Tech and Ghost Science) and Jamie Henkin in Gettysburg doing some research and running experiments with the Tri Field Meter. During one experiment this girl comes up to us and rudely says “I know your not using that Tri Field Meter like that, you can’t use it by hand holding it blah blah blah.”

I just stood there with my mouth open. I turned to Jamie and said “oh no, she didn’t just do that”. I know she had no clue who we were and what we were doing there, but she could have walked up to us and asked why we were using it the way we were or if she thought we were doing it wrong offer some advice on how to use it correctly if she was such an expert on it’s use. It made me want to write a book on ghost investigating etiquette.


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