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20 QUESTIONS WITH John Kachuba

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John Kachuba
An author and paranormal investigator. His new book, Ghosthunters: On the Trail of Mediums, Dowsers, Spirit Seekers and Other Investigators of America’s Paranormal World will be published in August, 2007 by New Page Books. He is also the author of Ghosthunting Ohio and Ghosthunting Illinois. A Certified Ghost Hunter, he has investigated over 80 haunted locations in the last three years. Kachuba is a frequent guest on radio and television programs and a noted speaker at paranormal conferences.

For more information, Visit his web site www.JohnKachuba.com

John B. Kachuba's new book, Ghosthunting: On the Trail of Mediums, Dowsers, Spirit Seekers and Other Investigators of America's Paranormal World

20 QUESTIONS WITH John Kachuba

1. Where do you see ghost hunting and Paranormal groups, web sites or Ghost information, tours, Books Paranormal Radio and Television  in 10 years?

That’s a very large question. There is no doubt that, right now, interest in ghosts and the paranormal is at an all-time high, but I think such interest comes and goes. It seems to me that people look for something larger than themselves when times are bad, as they are now. That “something larger” is often connected to a search for spirituality, which could include a belief in the afterlife and so, ghosts. But ten years from now? That’s anyone’s guess.

2. What would you personally consider to be the definitive proof that ghosts are real?

There is no definitive proof right now that ghosts are real. Personally, I would be convinced they are real if their presences could be conclusively and repeatedly established by accepted scientific methods.

3. What is the most real evidence you personally have uncovered so far?

I have recorded some EVPs, but have also personally heard whispering in my room at the St. Francis Inn in Florida (an account is in my new book). Still, while those events may be the most real for me, there is no objective proof that can establish them as “ghostly.”

4. Are you skeptical of the claims other make of their findings?

With some people, yes, with others, no. It depends on how they conduct their investigations and what claims they are making.

5. If you could investigate your "Dream Haunted Hot Spot" where would it be?

The Hypogeum in Malta, an underground necropolis several thousand years old.

6. What was your first Paranormal encounter?

About twenty years ago I visited Dudleytown in Connecticut and took many photos. When they were developed I discovered a “face” in one of them and asked Ed and Lorraine Warren to take a look at the photo. They could find no explanation for the face, but they were not surprised by it; they had been to Dudleytown as well and had their own weird photos taken there to share with me.

7. What scares you about Ghost Hunting or Paranormal Investigations?

My only concern when conducting an investigation is the safety of the haunted locale. So many of the places I’ve researched have been dilapidated and run-down that I’m amazed I haven’t yet fallen through a rotten floorboard or had a roof collapse on me!

8. If you could work side by side with one of the Paranormal Investigator greats, who would it be?

Hans Holzer

9. Read any good Paranormal Books lately?

You mean, beside my own? Just kidding…I loved Spook, by Mary Roach and am currently reading a few books about spirit guides and mediumship.

10. What Question do people ask you most when you tell them your a paranormal investigator, or Personality?

What is the scariest place you’ve ever investigated?


11. In your opinion, Where is the most Haunted city in America?

That’s a tough choice. New Orleans, perhaps, but it may be in a dead-heat with Savannah.


12. Do you feel more people should get involved with Ghost hunting or Paranormal Investigation and EVP's?

I don’t think there’s any “should” about it. People get involved for very specific and personal reasons.

13. What does the future hold for you?

I’m currently researching a book about international ghosts and ghosthunters, so I will be doing more travel (I was in Malta and Sicily earlier this year). I’m also working on more fictional ghost stories. After that, who knows?

14. Paranormal Conventions do you see them growing? And which ones are the Must go to ones?

I am amazed by how many conferences there are presently and I do see their numbers growing in the future. I’ve enjoyed every one at which I’ve spoken (see “Tour” at www.JohnKachuba.com), but I don’t have a favorite just yet.

15. What is your most favored tool of the trade?

Dowsing rods and cameras.


16. Tell us about your best moment in investigating EVP's or conference attending for you?

My best EVP moment was in the former Athens Mental Asylum in Ohio. The team I was working with at that time caught EVPs in the basement. That was the first time, after several investigations there by various groups, that any evidence had been documented.

17. What is the hardest part about being a paranormal investigator? 

Having to drive my Ghosthuntermobile on investigations. Take a look at the photo in my new book, Ghosthunters, and you’ll see what I mean.

18. How do you document your investigations?

I file and catalog all photos and tapes and, of course, I write about the investigation as soon as possible after it’s completion.

19. Have you ever taken a ghost Tour? And, What about it did you not like?

Yes, I’ve taken several throughout the country. They’ve all been different in how they were conducted, the places they visited, and the knowledge and expertise of the guides. The tours I enjoyed the most were conducted by competent guides who knew the actual history of the place, in addition to the ghost stories. Some tours also sell my books and I have to admit, I’m partial to them.

20. What in the field of ghost hunting and Paranormal Investigating needs the most attention?

I think it’s important for all investigators to share their knowledge and experiences in order that we may all benefit as we conduct our investigations. There are no experts in this field; we are all just finding our way in the dark. The more we cooperate and work together, the more likely we will be to prove whether or not ghosts exist.

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