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PAUL F. ENO, 54, who has been called "the most intelligent voice in paranormal research today," is an award-winning New England journalist, the bestselling author of seven books, and a graduate of two seminaries who holds a rare Ph.B degree in philosophy.
He began his long career as a paranormal investigator in 1970 at the age of 17. His first major case (Connecticut's “Village of Voices”) captured the imagination of readers around the world when he wrote about it in FATE Magazine in 1985. Other famous cases he has been involved with include the Bridgeport, Conn., poltergeist outbreak of 1974, the mind-blowing “Haunter” case of York, Maine, in 1978, and the haunting of Wistman's Wood, England, in 1989.

Eno’s books include the Amazon.com bestseller TURNING HOME: GOD, GHOSTS AND HUMAN DESTINY (2006), FACES AT THE WINDOW (1998 – now in its third printing), FOOTSTEPS IN THE ATTIC (2002 – now in its second printing).
Eno is much in demand as a talk-show guest around the nation, most recently on “Coast to Coast A.M.” with George Noory and Art Bell. He has presented his interactive programs on the paranormal all over America and in Europe. He has appeared on the Travel, Discovery and History Channels. His unusually long experience in the field, his hair-raising adventures with famous hauntings, along with his utterly unique, riveting theories about the paranormal and its meaning for our understanding of the world and ourselves, draw capacity crowds wherever he speaks. His audiences love his wit, and are always moved by his compassion, his message of deathless hope, and the accounts of families he has helped.
Over the past 10 years, Eno has been “coming out of the closet” as a powerful and unique psychic/intuitive. While he is not a medium, Eno has an uncanny ability to “connect” with people, not only to help them solve paranormal problems, but also to see who and what in their families and/or daily lives they need to connect with to accomplish practical goals, fulfill day-to-day needs or achieve spiritual growth.
A fellow of the American Society for Psychical Research and a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, Eno holds a rare Ph.B degree from Wadhams Hall Seminary College. He went on to do postgraduate work in theology, philosophy, psychology, history, literature, military science and international law. Graduate schools he attended included Trinity College, Hartford, Conn.; and St. Vladimir Orthodox Theological Seminary, New York. 
He has been a news editor at The Providence Journal, and a managing editor, reporter and feature writer at several other newspapers in the Northeast. Articles by him have appeared in Yankee, Fate, Pursuit, American History Illustrated, and other national magazines in America and Britain.
A true "Renaissance man," Eno also is a writer on history, and his 2005 book RHODE ISLAND: A GENIAL HISTORY, written with Emmy Award-winning local television newsman Glenn Laxton, immediately attracted the attention of the History Channel, which taped segments with Eno for its special on the New England Hurricane of 1938 (2006) and its upcoming series on the histories of the 50 U.S. states.

In addition, Eno has guest-lectured at journalism schools, has been a panelist at press-association conferences, and has spoken nationally on topics such as "how to be a successful freelance writer" and "getting good press."
Eno works as a full-time writer and editor from his Rhode Island home, where he lives with his wife of 26 years, Jackie, and their sons Jonathan and Benjamin.

Find out more about Paul F. Eno's work at www.newenglandghosts.com


20 questions Paul Eno

1. Where do you see ghost hunting and Paranormal groups, web sites or Ghost information, tours, Books like your own in 10 years?

Over the past 36 years, I’ve seen ghost hunting rise from the realm of cranks and cultists to become a popular pastime, even a major industry. I saw the birth of “paranormal tourism,” and I see no reason to believe that it won’t continue to boom over the next decade. Interest in psychics and mediums continues to grow in the media as well, but there is an interesting trend away from this toward interest in the paranormal in general, both by the public and by groups that study the unexplained.

I’ve seen this trend reflected in the sales of my last three books on this subject. FACES AT THE WINDOW and FOOTSTEPS IN THE ATTIC, which are mostly collections of my case studies, have always sold well. But TURNING HOME: GOD, GHOSTS AND HUMAN DESTINY, which tries to look behind the paranormal (what it is, what it means for us, and how it has affected human history) hit Amazon’s bestseller list within six months of publication.

This trend is great, in my opinion. It means not only that more people are interested in the paranormal, but that they are thinking more deeply about it and want to know what it means for them.

2. What would you personally consider to be the definitive proof that ghosts are real?

My own experience, first of all. In nearly four decades of first-hand paranormal research, I’ve witnessed just about everything at least twice. I’ve been injured by poltergeists, taunted by unseen voices, heard and felt unseen people, communicated with and photographed numerous entities – all in the presence of multiple witnesses.

Even though the first thing lawyers look for in a court of law is eyewitnesses, somehow that’s not good enough for science. Neither is the fact that we moderns are the first culture in history to believe that the paranormal isn’t real. To our ancestors, in every culture all over the world, the existence of the paranormal was obvious. They would consider us a pack of fools for even questioning its reality. And I agree.

I long ago decided that trying to “prove” anything to mainstream science is a waste of time because it’s based on an 18th-century scientific method that assumes the universe is entirely material and has three dimensions. The universe (as many physicists are now saying, to the horror of many fellow scientists) is nothing of the kind. It operates on multiple levels, in multiple parallel realities. The scientific method is useless when it comes to defining reality, and the paranormal cuts to the core of what reality really is.

The “bottom line is: People will believe what they want to believe. For the believer, no proof is required; for the unbeliever, no proof is good enough.

3. What is the most real evidence you personally have uncovered so far?

Gashes on my leg from a television thrown by a poltergeist.

4. Are you skeptical of the claims other make of their findings?

Not to sound like the scientists I’ve just criticized, but I can’t help my academic background! I do question many of the theories and methods used by “pop” ghost hunters today. In many groups, there seems to be little control over what members are doing during investigations, poor record keeping and (worst of all) everything is what it appears to be.

To me, this is a complete misunderstanding of the paranormal.

I see most modern investigators married to a shallow, 19th century séance-room approach to what this is all about. Ghosts are “spirits of the dead” (in my experience, they’re the actual people, bodies and all), if an entity says it’s Uncle Bob, it’s Uncle Bob (a dangerous assumption since there are dangerous entities), etc. And few investigators consider the people (if any) who live at the haunted site, whom I find are intimately involved in energizing whatever paranormal events are taking place and why.

In my opinion, so many investigators today ask the wrong questions. If you do that, you can’t get the right enswers.

5. If you could investigate your "Dream Haunted Hot Spot" where would it be?

Gad! The whole planet! But if I had to choose: The Antietam (Md.) Civil War Battlefield.

6. What was your first Paranormal encounter?

This excerpt from TURNING HOME probably describes it best:

All seven of us heard it at the same moment on that chilly fall day in 1971. For most of the past 5,000 years, and who knows how many silent epochs before that, it would have been a simple, everyday sound. But amid the haunted woods of northeast Connecticut on this Halloween weekend, it gripped with awe and disbelief the fellow seminary students and corporate photo expert who were with me.

It was the rumble of an oxcart – an invisible oxcart -- bumping along a rutted road that had long since vanished beneath an impossible tangle of hardwoods and vines. As we stood, dumbfounded, the sound grew louder and closer. From less than thirty feet away came the jingle of harnesses, the heavy hoofbeats, the clatter of wooden wheels. Two of us stepped toward the sound, but stopped when we heard a man’s voice. “Hya! Hya!” hollered the unseen driver, and there shot through the air what sounded like the crack of a whip. A few long moments later the sounds faded off to the right, down a trail into what was, in 1971, a swamp.

We were young “ghost hunters,” it was our first investigation of an alleged haunting, and we had seen and heard things in this place that we thought only Hollywood could dream up.

7. What scares you about Ghost Hunting or Paranormal Investigations?

Ghost hunters not having a clue scare me far more than ghosts ever did.

8. If you could work side by side with one of the Paranormal Investigator greats, who would it be?

John Keel, hands down!

9. Read any good Paranormal Books lately?

“41 Signs of Hope” by Dave Kane

10. What Question do people ask you most when you tell them your a paranormal investigator, Ghost hunting article writer?

They usually waste no time in sharing their own experiences.

11. In your opinion, Where is the most Haunted city in America?

Wrong question. The paranormal is everywhere.

12. Do you feel more people should get involved with Ghost hunting or Paranormal Investigation?

Only if properly instructed and psychologically prepared.

13. What does the future hold for you?

If you talk to my publicist, more books and a nationally syndicated TV show.

14. Paranormal Conventions do you see them growing?

Absolutely. I’d judge their value by the list of speakers. Look for Keel, Rich Senate, Rhea White, Brian Riley and Holzer (though he’s not that active anymore, as I understand it). They might not agree with all my theories, but they have long experience, and that’s rare. Don’t be bowled over by investigators with PhDs. Many of these are mail-order degrees from non-accredited institutions.

15. What is your most favored tool of the trade?


16. Tell us about your best moment in investigating or conference attending for you?

The moments when I learn something new, and that happens frequently! True knowledge is knowing how much you don’t know, and having the humility to accept it. Example: When I spoke at the 2003 West Va. Paranormal Conference, I was asked to lead a ghost walk. I had always found ghost walks a little silly, even boring, but I was pleasantly surprised and learned much!

17. What is the hardest part about being a paranormal writer?

Finding time to actually write!

18. How do you document your investigations?

In writing, in photos/videos and on tape.

19. Have you ever taken a ghost Tour?

Here and there (Boston, Gettysburg). I usually find them frustratingly shallow, with little sense of the awesome nature of the paranormal.

20. What in the field of ghost hunting and Paranormal Investigating needs the most attention?


The truth that the paranormal intimately affects everything we are, do and will become.


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