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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan




An Interview with a Demonologist:

Demonologist Kenneth Deel

(17 more questions for Demonologist Kenneth Deel)

Also See: 20 Questions with Ken Deel here now.

Where there people that did not like your choice in profession? Why?
No real opposition really, I don't discuss my work with my Family. And try hard to keep things from entering into our lives so they don't feel the effects of me dealing with demonic/evil spirits.  We get problem with Fundamentalist Christian who think I am a Satanist. The old definition of Demonologist, is a black witch, whom conjures demons up through rituals to have them do their bidding. When I am the opposite, whom seeks to remove them from affecting peoples lives and homes. I use my Knowledge of Demons to underline their strategies of Infestation (hauntings), Oppression and Possession to help these cases.  To these Fundamentalist, I simply use the word "Deliverance", so they better understand from their perspective what, in part, I do.

What exactly do you do?

A Long answer on that one.

I investigate the claims by various means when it is warranted, starting with through personal interviews, truly "listening to the client". A scientific team might be called in to gather evidence 'if needed', (but mainly to try to gather physical evidence on tape/film for example). But I approach these as more of a "spiritual" than a "scientific' methodology, of course, never setting aside a notion it can indeed be merely a "Medical" or have 'Natural' explanation. But, part of my investigative work involves clearly defining 'natural' from 'supernatural' or paranormal. True demonic cases leave clear footprints enough for those who know what to look or listen for, some of us in the field can identify the dark spirit is present without dragging in a full team with equipment. And as we know the demon to be elusive, purposely avoiding a capture, such an investigation will too often turn up nothing. Thus, it is not alone reliable means to effectively diagnose a haunting. As I suspect a true haunting, I arrange for "Prayer teams", submit 'prayer request' to specific community and organizations, even through my own parents, whom themselves are very devout Catholic/Christians and more knowledge on these topics than most "Demonologist" out there, as some few know.

So we offer these prayers for those tormented by the evil ones, and through these 'positive' intercessions from heaven, it is more to help these people to 'help themselves'.

Let me stress again, I am not an 'Exorcist', as I never claimed to be, and I don't generally 'bless' homes, I am not a Priest. I will however instruct a person or family on how to do an effective blessing themselves. Again "Help them to help themselves". A doctor can at some point advise a diabetic to" lay of the sugar", and eat an assigned diet, but he can only do so much. As it is up to the individual themselves at some point to follow the advice to "Help themselves". And we certainly hope they don't let things go to where some more drastic measures are needed. In case, a full blown exorcism, would be considered as they let things go so far, such 'surgery' seems to be the only solution to save them.

As a "Demonologist" I do all of the initial "leg-work" prior to these final "deliverance" phases. This is where these third party Deliverance team(s) / Exorcist, enter the case, and this includes protestant ministers, not just Catholic, whom are more accessible yet effective enough in many cases. So after my diagnosis and recommendation it is more so up to the people whom are having the problems and it is the job of the Deliverance team/Exorcist to work with the person to rebuke the offending spirits. Although I actually find that many haunting cases in general can be solved without anyone but the Priest or Exorcist physically stepping foot inside the home.

As in my profile introduction cited, my approach is more so from a Christian-Judea perspective, this is understood by clients as I make try to make it clear, when I am contacted. As some lower level solutions I can provide can be stated with a more "universal" understanding, if the client request a faith practitioner outside of my 'belief system', sometimes the best I can offer is a referral to someone who might be able to help them. However, most often when the haunting is extreme enough, they will "try anything" for a solution, even if they are themselves NOT Catholic, Christian, or Jewish themselves.

I myself am independent of what are called 'Deliverance teams', however, the client is a 'client for life', during the entire process I might talk with the client for a great number of hours, to help keep their 'spirits high' in the least, to help them understand what they are going through. (Note I as cite "Spiritual Warfare Advisor", "Catholic faith Advisor" as another part of the job description.) I often find that I actually spend more time talking with these victims of these cases than anyone during the process of the 'healing' and after.

The Counselor role goes beyond giving advice, as often times people need to hear words of encouragement, coaching on 'positive' thinking, and so forth, as demonic infestations can be very taxing on one psychologically, (as that is a part of it), so I try to do what I can to keep their spirits higher.

At some point I might recommend a 'Psychologist/Psychiatrist, (Medical doctor), or as in more often the case, a 'spiritual advisor' (only true ordained Clergy), based on the client/family denomination or faith, this is more so common to 'possession' cases. This may involve an entire family, which may require a form of therapy to get through those darker times. I can also serve to advise clients of the Catechism of the Roman Catholic church as well as other Christian faiths in General, that is again, a part of "helping them help themselves" steering them into the right direction, as spiritual more often problem entail spiritual solutions. I might have to "dig deeper" just to get a better understanding of "Why" the haunting might be there to begin with, and to better recommend an affective solution. But this goes a long way, often I find I can help people through intercession prayers without even stepping foot into ones home. Really all that is needed is a clear diagnostic of the haunting. Then I go to recommend, and help apply the appropriate 'solutions'.

A "Spiritual Advisor" will help them be more active in 'their' church (for example), in ways that will better help with the 'healing' process. A Catholic Priest, for example, can help them to make a 'better confession' , where this for myself can otherwise be, to say the least, a bit 'awkward', (probing deeper into ones more personal life, as when helping them examine their spiritual life for 'sin'). So I prefer leave it up to their church Priest/Minister, although that isn't always how it follows that route...
How did demons come to be?

Christian-Judea belief has them as the "Fallen angels", as angels they were created by God, long before man. But "the fall" is what made the demons as we know them.

A demon From Hell

Are there multiples of the same demons or is there just one of each kind? (If just one) Why do you think that is?

Many of the same types of Demons, but they can appear distinctively different.
There are far fewer of the high ranks. Sort of like “Generals” versus the “Soldiers”.

You'll have ones whom represent themselves as small animals, cats, dogs, even insects. Others are as a back mass, like a tornado. Some are more evil them others by nature, more malicious. Others are almost like naughty little children, with an apparent lower intelligence. Almost sound like some urban street gang, and in a way they can work like one. As intelligence, wisdom, appearance can vary greatly amongst the ranks.
What are some misconceptions about demonologists/demonology/demons?

It is not the job of a Demonologist to exorcise the spirits, mainly the legwork is done in investigative work, in identifying the type of spirit. There is an assumption because one demonologist blesses a home all are supposed to. The way to view it is this, "Demonologist" should be considered one who has a deep understanding, knowledge of demons. This through study, experience, and so forth. But simply deciding to deal with Demonic haunting does not make one a demonologist. Anymore than visiting the zoo daily or feeding the animals makes you a "Zoologist".

Different types of Demonology. All are consider in the study, but much is based on mythology, such as Lilith considered part of the Apocrypha, even by the Catholic faith. Although we understand and recognize a Succubus (sex demon), we don't equate it to the story of Lilith in it's origin.

All should consider Demons as real. Although the Christian-Judeo faith tells them to be "fallen angels", but we can all agree that they are In-human and evil by nature.

I think the word DEMON has been abused. Also people equate it to Sunday school and podium pounding power-preachers preaching Demons, and hell. Just because of some resentment to being force to attend church as a child isn't a reason to ignore the fact that Demons exist.

Some other FACTS:
+ They Can't reproduce. They can at best, create demonic/human hybrids, but these are not Demons, again they re Nephilim.
+Demons are inhuman spirits.
+Demons CAN kill you, and do more than we know. Example. What is perceived as dying in one sleep could be induced death from a demonic spirit.
+Although some condemned human souls might take on the appearance of a Demon, they are not demons.
+Demons can not be killed or born. (i.e. Buffy killing with karate kicks or a sword)
+Demons do not do good deeds, intimately anything they do is for the greater plan of your destruction, regardless of how they might seem to "Do you a favor" once. So anything that appears to be 'good' on nature on their part has a hidden agenda built in that in the big picture is only part of a more elaborate plan for something longer term. They is an appeasement. Imagine if the US struck a deal with OSAMA BIN LADEN to ask him to not attack anymore.
+Demons vary in power, wisdom and intelligence.  They will be smaller size demons that almost seem like Children for example. So identifying the type of Demon(s) is also important in the 'diagnosis. Demons will less power might be easily scared off or rebuked, while higher ranked demons can be a long haul problem.

I can go on and on. I find that the book I am writing will be quite vague in itself on these facts, when one considers what should be known versus what can fit in one volume edition book.
What have been some of your most scariest/strangest/unnerving experiences?

I experienced what Saint Alphonse de Spina (1467),  called "The Marching Hordes" in 1979, it was many years before I figured out what it really was. I will have to better research that area from Civil war activity, as that was what the phenomenon resented. I was in a disbelief more than anything watching it take place.

My first shadow person was one of the most frightening. Age 15, which began as a figure in the doorway, then aggressively moved towards me in the darkness, it scared me so much I thought someone broke in and saw I caught them lurking and went to keep me silent.  I screamed and jumped out of my open screened window.

 In 1995 (I think it was), I awoke to find myself pinned in bed when sleeping in late one morning face down, by a creature I can only describe as being a grotesque looking succubus by it's description. This was a time in my life as a single man I strayed into sinful life or wine, women and song, which was the invitation to such a spirit. Around this time I would wake up at night and with a 'presence' in bed with me. I was facing the other way, and at first thought was I had a over night visitor, I forgotten I invited home. Then I awoke I realize this wasn't true. I could feel it move, like  person lying next to you and I was afraid to roll over to see whom or what it was that was in bed with me.  Then I would look and nothing was there. Never, ever had these experiences until that time period in the mid 90's as I describe.  It was unique and unmistakably, as I am a married man now for 8 years, what is like to have one next to you in bed sleeping.

That same year I awoke to see a mans face looking at me through my window, if I was an older man that would have certainly induced a heart attack or stroke, my heart was beating so fast. And there was no way a person could have slipped into the yard out in the boonies and left that fast. I grabbed a tennis racket and opened the door to fast for anyone to slip away. Later I figured it had to be a spirit..
For some seeing a face in your window, is an early warning stage of infestation, such as having the telltale knocks on your door, to fid no one is there.

What is the difference between what you do and an exorcist?

I don't go about place to give a blessing, it isn't part of my Job Description really. Although if I had to I would do it. And if forced to take action to. I will always carry holy water, to use in case of an emergency. But only have ordained clergy bless a home, or instruct the home owners to do it. They have more authority on their property than I to tell some spirit to go.

In short an Exorcist is for the solution, the "deliverance" stage, rebuke. Often some Ghost hunting groups go in with a one day solution investigate, infinity and bless. Which is a bit reckless.

So my work goes from the initial diagnosis through to a recommendation for a solution. Which may or may entail an "Exorcist" or "Deliverance team".  They beyond that I often find I provide some moral support as they undergo the 'healing' process. All of these things an Exorcist (Catholic) does not do, as he is a 'specialist'. I can cover much of the before and after, but I do not take the place of what I call a "Spiritual counselor" whom is typically the Pastor at the church of their faith. Or a medical professional.
How does one know they are under a demonic attack? and what should they do?

Holy water works for all faiths, shouting "In the name of Jesus, I command you to…" seems to be universal as well but will have more power for those with a stronger faith in his power. Always say the command at least three times while sprinkling Holy water.

From a more universal standpoint. Holy water is a pure element, blessed by a priest, to empower it with Gods powerful energy (grace). A Sort of magical imbuement of energy stored in it. Other pure elements such as Salt and oil, and even honey will also play a part.

Also from a universal Standpoint, one should consider Jesus was an Exorcist in his days on earth, in the after life is still a positive force to call upon in removing these spirits.

However, this might not fare with the Jewish faith, I find that even many Pagans understand this.

I don't expect to 'convert' other faiths just help them anyway I can, and provide a better understanding of what they are dealing with.  As for myself, I stick with the traditional Catholic/Christian teachings, however I won't ignore what is true and what works, so long as the belief and practice isn't frown upon by my faith.

Why is it that most people only think of demons as entities of pure evil?

Because of their nature, it is also outline through their actions. Some appear less evil than others as some are more powerful.  I have found through the years of experience and study that the "Fallen angels" definition of Demons best fits their actions and interactions. You could say finding this truth is why I am not an Agnostic or an Atheist. Their clear aversions to say Crucifixes for example.

You can go into any house, with people of ANY faith and holy water and a Crucifix will affect them like a repellant in the least. One universal description is because Evil, or "negative" is repelled by "Positive". This is all a spiritual battle so we use spiritual things.  Water in it's natural state is pure, as is sea salt, for example. "Blessed" water, is energizing it with a 'positive' energy, Imbue a positive force within the water. The same is said for when other objects that  are "Blessed".  Consider, that in the least, Jesus as a Positive spirit. In life he battle these evil spirits casting them out, healed the sick, talked of peace and love. In the afterlife he is a very positive force, where prayers and even saying his name is a call to him to do battle with the demons.

Demons also avert from Light, cling to the darker corners of the room, even when a 5w light bulb is lit. They stay close in the shadows. Light is positive as well. The very nature of demons prefers the dark to the light, the negative to positive. This is understood before you realize from their very actions, that alone spells EVIL.
No religion spin here. From a universal observance, this was concluded from experience. Testing these spirits, what works what doesn't and so forth…
Do you know which and why some demons (where or are) considered gods?

If a Demon would become a physical being, one of the first things it would do, is to Consider itself a god. After all it would have powers, and wisdom and knowledge of    the ages, as compared to us mere mortals. So to them such a title would fit.  However, some lower demons simply aren't with the power and wisdom to pull off such a thing.

In short this is in saying they may declare themselves gods, but I for one don't consider them to be anything ore than fallen angles, with 'god like' powers yes, but only angels.

Were Demons once considered gods at some point in history?

Were Demons once considered gods at some point in history?

They were never gods, just Angels, which have god like powers in compare of humans. They were Angels of different Ranks before becoming 'The Fallen ones'
The 'gods' was the Nephilim, the hybrids of man/demon that were said to dominate during the 'days of Noah'. The Giants mentioned briefly in the old testament. Was in reference to this race of self proclaimed gods that were actually Demonoids, half-human. I see that likely the gods of mythology were all based on actual events. And every one of the Gods were the Nephilim. But this is speculation since there is so little to reference this now.
In what general areas and times were demons thought/known to of been most active?

The darkest of night, even higher demons find more power in this time frame.
Typically the hours between 2-4 am.  The 3-4am time stretch, which is the true 'witching hour', however as man messes with the time on a clock, it may show 2 when it is actually 3am because of daylight savings time.

3 is symbolic, a person might be looking at the clock to see 3:00 as a sign of a demonic presence. The clock may be off by minutes, or daylight saving could make it off by an hour. But we do find that 3 am is a time when the viel between this world and their world is at it thinnest. It is also consider the darkest of the night. They have power in darkness, they don't in light. Three is also said to be symbolic of the "Trinity", a mockery, The Demonic does things in threes, but I am not 100% sure this is the reason for it. Three scratches that appear on a person skin from nowhere, three knocks, and so forth. The number three comes up more than once to be another possible indication of a demonic haunt.

Interestingly, It is said that Jesus died on the cross at 3PM, His ascension on 3rd day was at 3PM, and Mary's assumption also about 3PM. Which says that the high noon of the daytime frame, is a time where apparently a portal to heaven is more open. Or it's veil is at it's thinnest.

More reading from my blog: "The Significance of 3 a.m."

What do you think became of them today?

More prevalent, more active, demonic haunted cases are on the rise, 10 years ago even few cases were known. Today it is getting to be an epidemic.

Their nature and intent will never change, it is truly a war between the good and evil and we are part of it.

Knowing this is probably one aspect of your life, what do you like to do outside of this?

I also started my interest in radio electronics with a crystal radio set in second grade. Electronic and computer repair, Commercial Art, while now 3D game development and music are more so hobbies. Art and Technology related areas have my interest. I find that my methodical approach to repairing electronics of diagnosis, and solving issues with consumer electronics can play a part in how I handle a case.  I have 33 pinball machines I am restoring, I bought 2/3 of them with issues in need of repair. Recently I have been pushing myself to finally learn to play lead guitar.

I play keyboards also, nothing fancy  as much with lead stuff just melodic chords and such. I own 4 Peavey DPM4's, a DPM 3SE, DPM SI, DPM 488, Korg POLY 800, and a KORG DW-8000

Favorite Bible verse?

"Woe to the earth and to the sea because the devil has gone down to you in great wrath, knowing but he has a short time" – So true it seems to be now a days.


In Genesis the fall of Satan is prophesized: "And She'll crush thy head and ye shall lie in wait for her heel" is told in the original translated Greek text.   A " She" not "He", with men reasoning whom a she can be they saw it fit over the years to rationalize the changing of the text from "SHE" to "HE". One of my favorites because it explains why Demons recoil to pictures of the Bless virgin Mary, and also, how men can try to justify changing something they don't understand.
Acts 16:16 reminds us all so-called psychic Gifts are not of God and can be from a Demonic (Divine) Spirit.
What are some good resources for those who want to learn more about demons?

TAN Books publishing has many books on this. I still recommend "The Demonologist" by Gerald Brittle, as it describes the demonic haunting well.
Father Amorite Books, "And Exorcist tells his story" and "…More stories"
Father Fortea's "Interview with an Exorcist"

Also I hope to fill my own resource pages up more and more over time, and complete and publish my book, which is aimed at the topic. www.catholicdemonologist.com
Anything you would like to add?

Demonology is a dangerous topic, reading their names or endeavoring into an unhealthy interest can lead to you destruction.  I heard of how just reading about them is enough to draw lurking shadows. One you begin the study you will have to take a higher does of the spirit.

People assume the old flying objects and fleeting shadows, when it truth, Demonic activity might take place behind the scenes, working through increasing destructive behavior and making bad choices, "Bad luck" as some define it. Always be aware you will have to pray much much more once you take on the battle!

Demons far to often bait the unsuspecting with the melodrama of a "Lost Child spirit" for example. It can be just all a cleaver masquerade, (and not a human Child's spirit), trying to lure the home owners to open the doorway, through unhealthy obsession and actions that might give it permission to manifest in their lives.

Regardless of the popularity of religion, there is no scientific solution to a demonic haunting.

It requires a 'spiritual solution' in battling these spiritual demons.
Keep in mind Temptation is a bore for some to read of, but it is indeed the first stage of a Demonic presence, and it is used to get you to open the door ways to an Infestation/haunting.

We are all responsible for our freewill actions!
 © 2008 Kenneth Deel (Catholic) Demonologist – Paranormal Taskforce

"Your One Stop Paranormal Resource Center"

"Your One Stop Paranormal Resource Center"
"Your One Stop Paranormal Resource Center"
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