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Womb Ghosts


Sally Howard has been encountering ghosts, demons and entities for many years And By this Photo you can see that she has a Womb Ghost attached to her.

Sally Howard has been encountering ghosts, demons and entities for many years And by this untouched original "Ghost Womb Photo" you can see that she has a Womb Ghost attached to her. TO SEE LARGER IMAGE VISIT HERE. Also a break down of what can bs seen in the image.

This is the now very sought after best ghost photo on the internet. Sally Howard Ghost Photo Sacramento, California V Street Taken: 1998, that so many have written in about wanting to see a larger version of the Ghost face photo. While Sally stayed at her home on V Street, her grandmother astral projected herself to Sally's home. Sally saw her grandmother fully dressed and she just peered at Sally. Sally's grandmother was alive at this period of time. Another night Sally had her family come over and the brass lamps were turning off and on by themselves. The neighbor heard footsteps on the stairwell and there was no one there. When the occurrences happened, Sally felt something telling her that it was only her deceased father trying to communicate with her. A lot of strange happenings occurred at this V Street apartment.

Sally Howard is not alone Haunted Womb Syndrome is more then common. Thousand of woman have ghosts in their private area and don't know it.

You can believe this article or dismiss it as ramblings of a madman. But many Paranormal Investigators and I have so come to the same conclusions.

Womb Ghosts Are Very Real!


by Keith Raymond

A Womb With a Boo!

Ghost in a "Womb with a Boo"!

Womb Ghosts on Film

Technology ought to be the enemy of superstition. Flip the switch on some Zenith infrared spectrometer and, presto, Bobby, those gnomes in the closet turn out to be just raccoons. And yet, technology seems merely to have put more ghosts on record. Ultrasounds, for example, have exposed the all kinds of specters, notably including a teddy bear, the ghost of the mother’s dead cousin, who appears in a photo sharing a womb with a fetus:


Ghost attacks during intercourse

Learn more on Womb Ghost Visit here now!

In the majority of cases, the subtle body of the ancestor an ex lover, husband or even a total stranger ghost then attacks the person fetus in the mother’s womb at the embryonic stage.

Even prior to conception, at the time of intercourse itself, the subtle body of ghosts enters the body of the mother through her vagina and it impregnates the entire uterus with black energy.

The spermatozoon uniting with the ovum is also covered with black energy. This impact is minimized with increase in spiritual level, regular spiritual practice and prayer before and if possible even during intercourse. The prayer can be on the following lines:

O God, if today's contact is going to culminate in conception, please protect the conception from any type of ghost attack. Let the conception be sattvik.

Even if the opportunity of praying before and during conception is missed and pregnancy has already happened, the parents can still chant and pray as follows.

O God, grace the baby with impression of chanting when in the womb itself.

The mother can hold her pursed fingers in a nyaas pointing on her navel or spread her palm on her belly and chant with intermittent prayer as described above. This can be continued throughout the pregnancy.

O God, grace the baby with a protective sheath of your divine energy.

O God, let the baby breathe in divine consciousness when it is breathing subtly inside me.


Below is what a woman said was the face of her dead babies father. His dead Ghostly face appearing in her ultrasound.

A dead mans face in a womans womb.


How can you find out if your body is haunted by ghosts?

Some people instinctively know their body is haunted. Still many others just don't. If in photos strange images as blurs or light ecto mist appear in your crotch or abominable region in more then one photo you just might be a candidate.

To find out a full investigation needs to be held with you considered as the haunted locations. Try passing an EMF Meter over your naked body. And recording EVP's by placing a Digital Voice recorder in your genital regions. You might just be surprised at the results.

Once you have established that your body is inhabited by a single or group of ghosts get a fellow paranormal investigator to study you and carry on the same investigation. Confirmation that your body is haunted by a Womb ghost is mandatory before any removal or changes in the state of your posses bowel or womb can take place.

Sometimes the Womb or a Bowel Ghost in men will leave your body when you are asleep. I suggest you try focusing a Digital Video recorder on your private areas you as you sleep.

I have spoken to several groups at paranormal conferences and they too have related to me that the subject is popping up through out the United States. One Group of Paranormal Investigators in Georgia have three members who have ghost living inside them. A ghost hunter from Texas says he did not get a bowel ghost until he went to Waverly Asylum. He said to me he could remember the instant the ghost entered his body. He got a sharp pain in his penis then passed out.

Of Gods and Demons and the Ghost in the Womb

Specialists believe that women who are most “at-risk” for a phantom pregnancy are those who are in their late thirties or early forties and who desperately want to have a child, but who have been unable to conceive. The official term for this Pseudocyesis. The woman will most likely make a visit to her doctor to confirm the pregnancy. When the results come back negative, the next step requires care and consideration and help from professionals and family alike. Counseling will likely be needed to help a woman move beyond the phantom pregnancy.

Over the centuries many people have gotten pregnant by spirits from stories in Mythology to the Holy Virgin Mary. But their pregnancy's produced a live birth or so they say.

There are several theories as to why women experience phantom pregnancies and they have been documented since the beginning of time. Still, none of those theories is universally accepted as explanation.

The rate of phantom pregnancy in the United States has actually gone down in the last century. It is now between 1-6 occurrences for every 22,000 births. In the 1940’s, phantom pregnancy was considered to occur once in every 250 pregnancies. Some of this is attributed to changes in options for women, as well as increased availability of fertility treatments and accepted alternative ways of forming a family (i.e. adoption and surrogacy).

Treatment is seldom medical, although a woman may be given medication for the stopped or missed periods, but normally the treatment will be counseling and the patient will be referred to a psychotherapist.

In the below recent news story the image of Jesus on the cross appears on an ultrasound.



Ghost Pregnant Men

In an article Men 'really do have phantom pregnancies' on www.dailymail.co.uk did any one ever question that fact that these men might have a ghost living in their bowels?

Aches and pains are often part of pregnancy. But men do their best not to complain too much.

Until the morning sickness kicks in that is, along with the mood swings, cramps - and, yes, even a swelling belly.

According to scientists, some fathers-to-be are so in tune with their expectant partners they actually experience a phantom pregnancy.

In the largest study of its kind, 282 expectant fathers were monitored by specialists while their partners were pregnant.

The results were then compared with the emotional and physical well-being of 281 men whose partners were not having a baby.

"These men were so attuned to their partners, they started to develop the same symptoms," said Dr Arthur Brennan, who carried out the research at St George's University of London in South London.

In the photo below this subjects wife had passed away from cancer. She then after her death took up residence in side his body. EVP's were taken with a Voice recorder on his stomach and in his groin area. His dead wife's voice could be heard speaking and even singing at times. If you tried to question her she would not respond. And he said he could feel her moving around to different areas in his stomach region if he sat very still.

The ghost of this mans dead wife haunts his testcles.

Is it Paranormal?

I have spoken to many people of many cultures that say ghosts will infect a mans bowels or stomach. This giving the man the feeling as if he is pregnant few Male Ghost Hunters who I have spoken to have related to me the problems that they have had with ghosts in their bowels. A few Men have reported ghost that live in their testicles.

From great pains as if constipated to actual voices and strange sounds emanating from their stomachs, groins and testicles. These ghosts are even known to cause flatulence when any woman shows up or around the person that a woman's ghost infest in her host body.

Not too many men will openly talk of this in fear of ridicule unless the situation really gets bad, and they cannot deal with it any longer. The above ghost in the photo above in one case was that she would not let her living husband find a new relationship. Her ghost would actually speak and give him irritable bowel problems when he would go on a date. The ghost would also cry and make sounds from his Testicles and his lower abdomen to frighten away anyone that she thought was threat.

He actually got EVP's of his dead wife just by placing a digital recorder on his stomach or genitals saying. " I will never let you find another woman. And the one that frightened him the most "I am inside you until you die!"

Sometimes many Psychics and Mediums I have conversed with have said that the person who was twin and had their twin die that their ghost now inhabits them. A case I studied in California and another in Miami And Belize were all similar. One of the identical twin brothers died and the other jumped in their body.

I also have come across cases where a sibling dies and the other sibling move in permanently to the surviving brother or sisters body.


Keith Raymond

A paranormal investigator researcher for over 40 years, that has traveled the world hunting ghosts and collecting stories and details of strange encounters with the dead. From Ghosts living in glass bottles to haunted items and people possessed by ghosts (not Demons or Devils).

At 62 he has lived in Asia, South America, Canada and the Virgin Islands where he studied haunted pregnancy's and possession by ghosts and demons in.

Raymond believes that ghosts can even possess a persons body or inhabit them with out their knowledge. Simply because the feel more comfortable in a living persons body.

Raymond now lives in Southern California with his wife and has two grown sons that are following in his pursuits of the paranormal.

Raymond and his wife Mary Ann Are avid fans of all that is paranormal Television and internet and hope to open these shows, documentaries and web sites with an insiders view into Paranormal investigation in other cultures areas and research.


Nancy Bradley and Shannon McCabe The Ghost Girls



"Your One Stop Paranormal Resource Center"

Ken is a Demonologist, Spiritual Warfare Counselor, and Catholic faith adviser, as he has over 28 years of research / experience on the topics, with his first experience occurring when he was about seven years old. He is near completion of his book: ”The realm of the Demonic”: A comprehensive guide to the Demonic haunt”, which should be in print by 2009. And will begin a producing an educational documentary as a companion to his book, after the book is completed.


Also See: 20 Questions with Ken Deel here now.

(17 more questions for Demonologist Kenneth Deel)


Ken is a Demonologist, Spiritual Warfare Counselor, and Catholic faith adviser, as he has over 28 years of research / experience on the topics, with his first experience occurring when he was about seven years old. He is near completion of his book: ”The realm of the Demonic”: A comprehensive guide to the Demonic haunt”, which should be in print by 2009. And will begin a producing an educational documentary as a companion to his book, after the book is completed.

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A womb with a boo!

There is enormous evidence of "ghosts" in all parts of the world. And that fact that so many have believed that ghosts could attack a fetus is nothing new. But ghosts through history have had other reasons to enter a woman's womb in many different cultures from reincarnation to vengeance. Even Dead Babies have been known to haunt their mothers wombs after a abortion or miscarriage.

When a person dies only his physical body ceases to exist. His subtle ghost body (consisting of the subconscious mind, intellect, ego and soul, i.e. minus the physical body) however continues to exist and moves on to the other regions of the universe. Or into someone else's body.

Often a womb infested with a ghost is that of the ghost of loved ones, or to those of strangers, and the worst case possible Devils and Demons. Any woman's womb can attract many different forms of a paranormal haunting at least that is the common belief amongst many. And so can men. The ghost that haunt men are often found living in their genitals, bowels or stomach. And the number of ghosts or demons and devil's that can infect a person is said to be uncountable.

Dead Lovers and Husbands are notorious for inhabiting a woman's womb. Usually they do this just to keep the woman they loved from finding another suitor. Or to be born again as that women's new born child.

These very malevolent ghosts and sometimes demon often show up in ghost photos with their heads or faces exposed peering from the haunted woman's vaginal or lower stomach or crotch area.

Sometimes good Spirits of the dead father of a child will enter a womb just to protect his child from other ghosts.

Just because you have a baby that does not mean the ghost leaves your womb. one common belief is that the soul that is inside a woman might want to live out it's life staying there just to always be with the person they loved until the day they die. Such might be the case of Sally Howard.

Like a real Genie in a bottle the ghost is said to be able to enter and come and go as it pleases. Their is a camp of people who believe that this is why woman should not ghost hunt or venture into haunted locations unless they protect them selves from womb ghost and demonic intrusions.

Expect to feel uncomfortable if your a woman, ghost hunting and pregnant. This can be a difficult problem so thinking about it ahead of time can help you prepare or consider not going at all. Ghost many say may be attracted to pregnant woman and the unborn child. The reason for this which is not quite clear but the results might be hard to deal with.


The Devil Baby  of New Orleans

The haunted womb is a common story because miscarried babies a woman's womb can supposedly be haunted by the baby that was never born. Perhaps these women should try to focus on the new pregnancy and the promise of new life growing within instead of the "haunted womb" syndrome which they fear.

The belief is the child that was not born will either try to force the new child to abort or will try to be the child that is born and force out the new soul that has come to be born... Or afflict that child the rest of it's life with problems.

If the ghost in your womb causes you sleep problems, some woman find it helpful to fantasize about comforting the ghost while trying to go to sleep - creative visualization and asking or telling it to leave.

Phantom Pregnancy's and Ghosts

A phantom pregnancy (also known as a false pregnancy, pseudocyesis spurious pregnancy, feigned pregnancy, imaginary pregnancy, hysterical pregnancy, wind or ghosts in the bowels, or grossesse nerveuse) is where you have many of the signs and symptoms associated with pregnancy but are not pregnant.

Is it the mind or hormones tricking the body, or a infestation of a ghost? Psychic Mel Davidson says a ghost that infest a womb or even a mans bowel area can cause the symptoms of pregnancy.

The uterus (from the Latin word for womb) is the major female reproductive organ of most mammals, including humans. One end, the cervix, opens into the vagina; the other is connected on both sides to the Fallopian tubes. The term uterus is commonly used within the medical and related professions, whilst womb is in more common usage. The plural of uterus is uteruses or uteri.

The main function of the uterus is to accept a fertilized ovum which becomes implanted into the endometrium, and derives nourishment from blood vessels which develop exclusively for this purpose. The fertilized ovum becomes an embryo, develops into a fetus and gestates until childbirth. Due to anatomical barriers such as the pelvis, the uterus is pushed partially into the abdomen due to its expansion during pregnancy. Even during pregnancy the mass of a human uterus amounts to only about a kilogram (2.2 pounds).

Human Woman alone are not only the victim of Womb ghosts animals too are said to be plagued with the problem.

Many ghosts that inhabit a womb often will cause all kinds of Paranormal phenomena to happen to the person or persons involved. This is to say even haunting the child into adulthood. Many imaginary friends are thought to be ghost that have followed that child from birth and shared the womb with the.

It seems ghosts that live inside of people all have different agendas. From staying with a person until they die just to be with them. To haunting the person or wishing in rare circumstances to take over the person or future children they might have.

A few noted people I have spoken to including The Great American International Psychic Mickey Of Miami, all have told me that they come across this phenomena very more often then you might expect.

A ghost that is living in someone's womb or bowels often will make them selves known to mediums and try to relate message to the person they inhabit.

People are likely to become Womb Ghosts after their death when They have many unfulfilled desires Concerning a special person they love or do not want to leave.

Many personality defects, such as anger, fear, greed, etc. Can make a ghost want to inhabit a persons body and try to take them over or in a few cases torture the person with their own body.

"Female ghosts, male ghosts anybody can have a ghost of any sex inside them." says Mickey of Miami. "And no matter what you might believe these are the hardest ghost to exorcise from a person."

"The Roman Ritual may work on them and in speaking to a Catholic Priest in Florida I learned that these types of ghost that lives inside of people are known more in certain circles then others." "Children can become possessed by Womb Ghosts." Says Mickey Of Miami."The ghost might stay with the child until adulthood."

"I have even spoken to a woman who said her womb ghost left her and she missed it." " She believed it had jumped into her boyfriend during intercourse and would rather stay inside him because his life was more interesting then hers." Says Mickey Of Miami.

Many psychic channeling mediums take serious precautions before allowing a ghost to enter their bodies and one should consider this before they even ever go on their first ghost hunt.

Miscarriages might be caused by Womb Ghosts so can low testosterone levels. A few Mediums believe that a womb ghost might be the source of many a woman's miscarriage. Or when present in a man his level of testosterone or sperm count might be effected.

Infested with Anal Ghost

Many strange stories in the far east have circulated about ghosts living in a haunted persons anus or rectum. Some just think it that have been attacked by a ghost or evil spirit, still others know that a real ghost has crawled up their butts.

These pesky ghosts are said to cause mad uncontrollable bouts of farting and serious constipation or diarrhea. These Ghosts can be set upon you by a Voodoo or Santeria curse or just happen to you for no reason.

Most of Mainland Chinese appear to be fixated at the Anal Ghost inhabiting a persons body. These ghost will make the person will spit, fart, and defecate pick their nose, and litter in public.

And toilets use by people with anal ghosts are notoriously filthy, compared with those used by people who are not possessed by such a ghost.

In the far East people with Anal Ghosts, especially in rural areas, usually wear open-seat split pants so that they may urinate and defecate whenever and wherever it is necessary for them when possessed by such a malicious ghost.

The word can refer to the rinsing of any body cavity but usually applies to vaginal irrigation, rinsing of the vagina.

As a result of their anality, the Chinese would not consider words like “si [shit]” and “si-fat-gwai [ass ghost/asshole ghosts] very offensive.

And “si-fat gwai” seems to have been integrated into the Hong Kong Cantonese language so that we may use it to translate “asshole” although the Cantonese version is not extremely offensive.

Ghost Enema

Who you gonna Call?

Ghost Flushers

To rid your self of such horrible ghosts special enemas are recommended. In some cultures spicy hot Enemas are said to chase a ghosts from a persons bowels in many cultures wine or beer enemas are used to get the ghost drunk so he will just fall out of the person and it then can be captured and put into a bottle or container for safe keeping.

Ghost Enema

Many say Russian Vodka Enemas or those with 151 rum, Everclear, Champagne will do the trick quickly but only a jigger of the beverage is needed. Unless it is a common practice.

Some people actually do these Alcoholic drink enemas as a sexual or common practice through out the world.

Warning: To much can kill the ghost inside and the person dies right after. One should never let a ghost die inside of them. or do an enema with alcohol of any type unless supervised. Felching out a ghost before it it dies is your first priority.

Many self-given enemas used at home are the pre-packaged, disposable, sodium phosphate solutions in single-use bottles sold under a variety of brand names, or in generic formats. These units come with a pre-lubricated nozzle attached to the top of the container. Some enemas are administered using so-called disposable bags connected to disposable tubing (despite the names, such units can commonly be used for many months or years without significant deterioration).

Patients who want easier, more gently-accepted enemas often purchase Combination Enema Syringes which are commonly referred to as "closed top" syringes, and which can also be used as old-fashioned hot water bottles, so as to relieve aches and pains via gentle heat administrations to parts of the body. Cost for each enema can be as little as the cost of baking soda added to ordinary tap water.

In medical or hospital environments, reusable enema equipment is now rare because of the expense of disinfecting a water-based solution. For a single-patient stay of short duration, an inexpensive disposable enema bag can be used for several days or weeks, using a simple rinse out procedure after each enema administration. The difficulty comes in from the longer time period (and expense) required of nursing aides to give a gentle, water-based enema to a patient, as compared to the very few minutes it takes the same nursing aide to give the more irritating, cold, pre-packaged sodium phosphate unit.

For home use, disposable enema bottle units are common, but reusable rubber or vinyl bags or enema bulbs may also be used. In former times, enemas were infrequently administered using clyster syringes. If such commercially-available items are not at hand, ordinary water bottles are sometimes used

Improper administration of an Ghost removing enema may cause electrolyte imbalance (with repeated enemas) or ruptures to the bowel or rectal tissues resulting in internal bleeding, however these occurrences are rare in healthy, sober adults. Internal bleeding or rupture may leave the individual exposed to infections from intestinal bacteria. Blood resulting from tears in the colon may not always be visible, but can be distinguished if the feces are unusually dark or have a red hue. If intestinal rupture is suspected, medical assistance should be obtained immediately.

Enemas have also been used for ritual rectal drug administration such as balché, alcohol, tobacco, peyote, and other hallucinogenic drugs and entheogens, most notably by the Mayans and also some other American Indian tribes. Some tribes continue the practice in the present day.

People who wish to become intoxicated faster have also been known to use enemas as a method to instill alcohol into the bloodstream, absorbed through the membranes of the colon. However, great care must be taken as to the amount of alcohol used. Only a small amount is needed as the intestine absorbs the alcohol more quickly than the stomach. Deaths have resulted due to alcohol poisoning via enema.

A dry enema is an alternative technique for cleansing the human rectum either for reasons of health, or for sexual hygiene or ghosts. It is accomplished by introducing a small amount of sterile lubricant into the rectum, resulting in a bowel movement more quickly and with less violence than can be achieved by an oral laxative.

It is called "dry" by contrast to the more usual wet enema, because no water is used.

A rudimentary form of 'dry' enema is the use of a non-medicated glycerin suppository usually blessed by a priest clergy or Holy person. However due to the relative hardness of the suppository - necessary for its insertion into the human body - before the glycerin can act, it must be melted by the heat of the body, and hence it does not take effect for up to an hour. Often the hygroscopic glycerin irritates the sensitive membranes of the rectum resulting in forceful expulsion of the suppository without any laxative effects.

A quicker form of the dry enema ghost removal utilizes the injection of a small amount of water-based lubricant such as K-Y that is blessed and administered directly into the rectum via a non-hypodermic syringe, such as an oral syringe, or from some other source.

The usual amount of blessed lubricant applied is about 2 tsp (10 cc), which will produce a movement in 30 minutes or less. The movement will be produced in a compact body, rather than in the more copious liquid form produced by a wet enema; and since no water is used, none will be retained higher up in the colon, to be expelled at a later, and possibly inconvenient, time.

A further advantage of this technique for ridding your self of a ghost is that any slight remaining traces of fecal material will - due to the presence of the lubricant - tend to adhere to the wall of the rectum rather than to any foreign object which may subsequently be inserted to remove it.

To free oneself of a womb ghost.

A douche is not recommended. A specialist who knows how to rid you of the ghost should always be sorted out Paranormal or holistic medical assistance should be obtained immediately. Often Psychic healers from around the world are familiar with the rituals needed to do this..

Psychics Mediums and occultist often know procedures to remove a Ghost from a womb or an anus and their valuable advice is always up to date.

Many Paranormal investigators who specialize in these types of ghost will tell you they are not easy to get rid of and at times several procedures should be employed.

When in doubt always seek out a professional. Many Voodoo Hoodoo Priest and Santeria devotee's are specialized in ridding a person of such ghosts. And have tried and true remedies to elevate the problem.

Very common in great American Cities like Miami, Chicago, New York and The greater Houston area. There are many learned people who are considered adept in such matters and in these places the problem is more common.

More Hispanics seem to suffer from the problem and this may linked to their beliefs and life style.

Often tales of such Ghosts pop up in the Philippines, Haiti, The Grand Caymans, India, China and Jamaica also.

A prayer a Priest told me to remove a Anal Ghost:

Oh My dearest God in Heaven I am afflicted with a spirit of malice buried deep in my bowels.

I know that You are all powerful and can remove this evil spirit from me.

I am weakened from this foul spirits wrath and need your true blessings.

Please help me oh Almighty God in my hour of deepest Need.

Grant me your servant My lord God, your divine mercy and eternal blessings.


After saying this prayer some have told me that cramping at this stage isn't uncommon. Be weary of "period" type cramping that doesn't go away with rest and definitely look for spotting Vaginal bleeding between periods. Once you start to feel your Ghost baby move it will get easier to tell if there is a ghost problem and you need to seek help right away.

Some investigations have shown that ghosts attach themselves to Ovarian cysts. An ovarian cyst is a sac filled with fluid or a semisolid material that develops on or within an ovary.

Typically, ovarian cysts are functional (not disease related) and occur as a normal process of ovulation. During the days before ovulation, a follicle grows. But at the time of expected ovulation, the follicle fails to break open and release an egg, as it is supposed to. Instead, the fluid within the follicle remains and forms a cyst.

Functional, or physiological, ovarian cysts usually disappear within 8 - 12 weeks without treatment. They are relatively common, and are more common during a woman's childbearing years (puberty to menopause). Ovarian cysts are rare after menopause.

Menopause And Ghost in the Womb

The word menopause literally means the permanent physiological, or natural, cessation of menstrual cycles, from the Greek roots 'meno' (month) and 'pausis' (a pause, a cessation). In other words, menopause means the natural and permanent stopping of the monthly female reproductive cycles, and in humans this is usually indicated by a permanent absence of monthly periods or menstruation.

The word is commonly used in regard to human females, where menopause happens more or less in midlife, signaling the end of the fertile phase of a woman's life. Menopause is perhaps most easily understood as the opposite process to menarche.

Menopause in women cannot however simply be defined as the permanent "stopping of the monthly periods", because in reality what is happening to the uterus is quite secondary to the process. For medical reasons, the uterus is sometimes surgically removed (hysterectomy) in a younger woman, and after this her periods will cease permanently and the woman will technically be infertile, but as long as at least one of her ovaries still functions, the woman will not have entered menopause. This is because even without the uterus, ovulation, and the release of the sequence of reproductive hormones that are an essential part of the reproductive cycles, will continue until the time of menopause is reached.

Menopause is triggered by the faltering, shutting down, or surgical removal of the ovaries, which are a part of the body's endocrine system of hormone production, in this case the hormones which make reproduction possible and influence sexual behavior.

The process of the ovaries shutting down is a phenomenon which involves the entire cascade of a woman's reproductive functioning, from brain to skin, and this major physiological event usually has some effect on almost every aspect of a woman's body and life.

Usually this has no effect on a haunted Womb.