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A haunted house is defined as building that people live in that is a center for supernatural occurrences or paranormal phenomena. A haunted house may contain ghosts, poltergeists, or even demons.

Legends about haunted houses have long appeared in literature, urban legends, movies and in local and internataional news stories . The publics awareness and fear of a house beirn haunted is often wittnessed on shows luke Most Haunted, Dead Famous, and of course Sci-Fi's Ghost Hunters.

All houses wherein men have lived and died are haunted houses ...Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Americas' Most Haunted Houses

In Stambovsky v. Ackley, the Supreme Court of New York ruled that a seller does not need to disclose the fact that a house is haunted unless there is a fiduciary relationship or in cases of fraud or misrepresentation. Stambovsky v. Ackley, 169 A.D.2d 254 (NY App. Div. 1991), is a notable New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division case that held that a house, which the owner had previously advertised to the public as haunted by ghosts, was legally haunted for the purpose of an action for rescission brought by a subsequent purchaser of the house. It is sometimes called the "Ghostbusters case", a reference to the author rhetorically asking "who you gonna call" to resolve a haunting. Because of the case's unique holding, it has been regularly printed in textbooks on the subject of contract law and widely taught in U.S. law school classes, if not often cited or followed by other courts.

During the course of her ownership of the property at issue, which was located in Nyack, New York, Helen Ackley and members of her family had reported seeing numerous poltergeists in the house. Ackley had reported the existence of ghosts in the house to both Reader's Digest and a local newspaper on three occasions between 1977 and 1989, when the house was included on a five-home walking tour of the city. Neither Ackley nor her realtor, Ellis Realty, revealed the haunting to Jeffrey Stambovsky before he entered a contract to purchase the house in 1989 or 1990. Stambovsky was from New York City and was not aware of the folklore of Nyack, including the widely known haunting story.

When Stambovsky learned of the haunting story, he filed an action requesting rescission of the contract of sale and for damages for fraudulent misrepresentation by Ackley and Ellis Realty. A New York Supreme Court (trial court) dismissed the action, and Stambovsky appealed.

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Amityville The House Of Horrors: Facts and Fictions...


Amityville The House Of Horrors Facts and Fictions... Jay Anson's novel is said to be based on these events but has been the subject of much controversy. The house featured in the novel and its film versions still exists, but has been renovated and the actual Amityville House's address has been changed in order to discourage thrill seekers from visiting it.

Jay Anson's novel is said to be based on these events but has been the subject of much controversy. The house featured in the novel and its film versions still exists, but has been renovated and the actual Amityville House's address has been changed in order to discourage thrill seekers from visiting it.


The Myrtles Plantation:. Louisiana's Most Haunted House. The Myrtles is considered one of the most haunted houses in America.

The Myrtles Plantation, Louisiana's Most Haunted House. The Myrtles is considered one of the most real life haunted house in America.

Saint Francisville is located in West Feliciana Parish. A small town on the Mississippi River. Once the Capital of the Republic of West Florida, it is here that John James Audubon (Birds of America Collection) created over 80 of his beautiful watercolors. There are seven Magnificent Plantation homes opened for public tours. And this one is the one you would not want to miss.

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Vastly Visible Voyeurs


When you enter the fog of Coloma, California, in the heart of the gold rush country of the 1800’s, anyone with any psychic ability can feel the tingling of lingering spirits. You know with certainty that the hauntings here are real, and that your imagination is not playing a part in the stories and accounts that you have been told and feel. A walk down the path of yesterday is certainly one of goose-bumps and exceptional recounts, and such is the history of the VINEYARD HOUSE in COLOMA. The Celebrities Psychic NANCY BRADLEY along with Paranormal Investigator SHANNON MCCABE know this more than anyone. They have experienced the energy.




The Devil Baby

A link between ghosts and cemeteries has a certain logic, but a connection between specters and a monument to good works is less explicable. Nevertheless, a demonic spirit supposedly haunts Hull House, site of the most famous settlement house in America.

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The United States of America is a country often associated with all kinds of scary ghosts and real haunted houses and haunted mansions, and Plantations. Many often a few make the claim of being "the ultimate most haunted house in America." And there's quite a bit of anecdotal evidence to support those haunted ghost filled claim.

So please read a collection of facts and haunted real ghost filled tales that hauntedamericatours.com has compiled from our readers submissions as you our Readers selection of the" Top Ten Most Haunted Houses in The United States of America".

Americas most haunted and scariest houses


In old times, runs the legend, when the splendor and glory of the plantation were in bloom, some ghostly being came gliding into the house. Night had fallen, and the bats were coursing erratically in the gloom of the trees and the weeping moss, occasionally swooping about the chimney tops and gibbering at the wind which moaned at every corner. A steamboat appeared, slackened its speed, then landed at an old warehouse which stood a short distance above the house yard. A slave was sent to ascertain the object of the landing. When he reached the landing place the boat was speeding away. He looked about in vein, for nothing was there. Returning by a road under the trees in the pasture he ran almost into something that was darker than the night. He started back. The blackness vanished. He ran frantically into the plantation house and swore that he had seen a ghost.

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The Whaley House

Located in historic Old Town San Diego, the “birthplace of California,” the Whaley House stands today as a classic example of mid-nineteenth century Greek Revival architecture. Formally dedicated as a historic house museum on May 25, 1960 and open to the public ever since, it is one of San Diego’s most popular visitor destinations. Over 100,000 people visit the Whaley House annually, with guests traveling from across the globe to experience this world-renowned museum.

According to the Travel Channel’s America’s Most Haunted, the house is the number one most haunted house in the United States.

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The Laularie Mansion The Ultimate Haunted House





Congelier House



For over 12 years the house sat abandoned. Vandals broke in and stole everything of value. Because of legends of hidden treasurer, interior walls were ripped out. The house was in jeopardy of being totally destroyed. Local citizens formed the River Road Historical Society to save the house. In 1971, the house and 4 acres of ground were deeded to the Society. Since that time the house has been completely restored and filled with a fine collection of early to mid-19th century furnishings and decorative arts, including Louisiana armoires, tables, desks, and items once belonging to Destrehan family members.

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The haunted Florida Stanahan House. Ghost stories from the land of sunshine.

The Ghosts of Stranahan house are widely known in Fort Lauderdale since Frank is considered one of the founding fathers. News coverage of the ghosts are mentioned in the Sun-Sentinel News and have been featured on radio programs. Investigations happen from time to time, and reports from employees, guests are more then very common.

Haunted Fort Lauderdale Ghost Tour
In one tour, local paranormal enthusiast John Carr leads his 60-90-minute walking tours that can spook even the most jaded non-believers.

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Is this the real ghost of Delphine Lalaurie? You be the judge. Visit here to see more!

Lalaurie haunted house picture

The ultimate haunted house. Lalaurie House, New Orleans Most Famous Haunted House ghost pictures visit Haunted New Orleans Tours here now.




Haunted B&B's seem to be all then more just a passing rage for both amateur and professional ghost hunters, and also serious haunted paranormal investigations now a days. Here you will find many of Haunted America Tours visitors submitted reported real haunted ghost photos for you to see, and scrutinize from The Royal Street Courtyard B&B.

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Haunted History of the Pope - Walton House

Anthony's Fine Dining restaurant has been an institution in the Atlanta, Georgia area since 1967 when the authentic Southern plantation home was moved to Buckhead from Wilkes County, Georgia. The house is charming, elegant and unique, as there are not very many authentic antebellum homes within the city limits of Atlanta. Atlanta is rich with Civil War history; Union General William T. Sherman, made camp on the current grounds of the Georgia State Capitol and burned down most of the homes before making his way to Savannah. Therefore Atlanta is not rich with authentic antebellum architecture. However, you can still experience the beauty and charm of the Old South today at Anthony's Fine Dining.

And it's haunted!

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In the burgeoning early days of the "Age of Aquarius" it seemed that everyone was tuning in and turning on to the occult and paranormal. Unlikely advocates were found and unlikely devotees, along with some who were at the time, shall we say, less than willing ...

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An Excerpt From Ghosts of Gettysburg VI

By Mark Nesbitt





A worker from the electrician's crew was the first to report that he had seen a young girl descending the freestanding stairway, and later in the large central hall. His concern expressed to co-workers: the house was a construction zone and unsafe for children, especially a girl of 7-10 years.

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Winchester Mystery House

This rambling old Victorian mansion was the home of a very rich and very eccentric widow. Mr. Winchester had been the head of the company that made the Winchester rifle, the "Gun that Won the West".

In 1884, a wealthy widow named Sarah L. Winchester began a construction project of such magnitude that it was to occupy the lives of carpenters and craftsmen until her death thirty-eight years later. The Victorian mansion, designed and built by the Winchester Rifle heiress, is filled with so many unexplained oddities, that it has come to be known as the Winchester Mystery House. And the most famous haunted house in america.

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Old buildings appear to be particularly attractive to ghosts. These last are often alleged to be souls of former residents whose earthly mission was tragically cut short, leaving a frustrated spirit grasping at bizarre means to capture the attention and support of the living in order to resolve personal unfinished business. Of course, the older the building the longer the list of resident souls and the greater the possibility of drama. No antebellum plantation home is without at least one ghost, running the gamut from wispy shadows to an assortment of aggressive, howling poltergeists. Oak Alley is no exception.

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Famous Real Haunted Houses In America Ghost Stories. Haunted America Tours is working hard to create the best resource for the utimate haunted houses, spooky real Ghost stories, urban legend ghostly tales and all things paranormal about Haunted Houses in America.


A list of some of America's Most Haunted House swhere people have reported ghostly encounters. These Haunted House are all located in the United States.

Most Haunted House in America: The Myrtyles Plantation West Feliciana Parish Louisiana, LaLaurie House New Orleans, Louisiana, The Whaley House San Diego, California, The Winchester House San Jose, California The Stranahan House Fort Lauderdale, Florida, The White House Pennsylvania Ave., Washington DC Congelier House Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Franklin Castle Cleveland, Ohio Hull House Chicago, Illinois Lemp Mansion St. Louis, Missouri The Wademan House Navarre, Ohio Stickney Mansion, Shitell House Crystal Lake, Illinois Moore Home Ax Murder House Villisca, Iowa, Luna Mansion, Los Lunas, New Mexico,The Borden House Fall River, Massachusetts Ashton Villa, Galveston, Texas Sterwart Mansion, Gilmore House and the Bishop's Palace, Dallas, Texas The Harry House Houston, Texas, O'conner House San Antonio, Texas, Casa Del Toro Gordo Longview, Texas, The Kendall House, Bamal, Texas, The Sidney House Adams, Tennessee, Minnick Manor Averill Park, New York, The Hannah House, Indianapolis, Indiana, The Hemmingway Home Key West, Florida, The Whitlock Seabrook Wilson Homestead Port Monmouth, New Jersey, Winchester Illinois, House Ellicott City, Maryland, The Reese Smith House Marion North Carolina, The Johnson House, Harrisburg, Illinois, VILLA PAULA The Cuban Embassy , Miami, Florida, Whaley House, San Diego,"birthplace of California", Sheeley House Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, Old Mary Buth House, Germantown, Wisconsin, The Becker house, Bristol, Rhode Island, The Sanders House, Harrison, Arkansas, Dorothea Puente's F Street Boarding House Sacramento, California

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