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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan


Book The Real Things You Want To Do Worldwide!

We offer over 5,500 sightseeing tours and activities in over 400 destinations





Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan

My friends call me a Ghost Magnet.  I'm always either pounding away on my keyboard or chasing ghosts. My only other hobby is genealogy, which is chasing dead relatives.

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Where Will you Be on Halloween?

Story by Cal Madden

Artwork Ricardo Pustanio

Hunting for real ghosts? Out Trick or trating with the kids? Or settling back to view Halloween by director Rob Zombie as he has resurrected one of the most notorious slashers in screen history with this re-imagining of the 1978 John Carpenter classic that spawned numerous sequels and countless imitators. Or nestled all snug in front of your TV set to view the latest live edition of Ghost Gunters on The Sci-fi chanel?


Ghost Hunting On Halloween

HAUNTED AMERICA TOURS Official Web Site is a ghost tour information site; our information is only as reliable as readers' contributed ghost and haunted reports. We assume no credit for your adventures, and accept no liability for your misadventures. Use common sense. Read our ghost hunting recommendations. Before visiting any "haunted" site, verify the location, accessibility, safety, and other important information. Never trespass on private and/or posted property without permission from the proper authorities.

Halloween might be the right time for some to check out haunted Hotels or haunted public places. Some attest to the fact that wall the haunted energy and mindset is condusive to finding ghosts.

Halloween fun can always be found on the internet, 24-7, 365 days a year. From costumes, pumpkin faces to carve, monsters to run ftom. Vampires, Zombies, witches, werewolves, ghosts, Ghost hunting How too's, scary Ghost stories, urban legends and made up tales, haunted houses, Haunted Hotels and Cemeteries to visit and a host of links, that can make this spookey night the ultimate time anytime if the year.

Halloween, or Hallowe'en, is a tradition celebrated on the night of October 31, most notably by children dressing in costumes and going door-to-door collecting sweets, fruit, and other gifts, called most commonly trick-or-treating. Some other traditional activities include costume parties, watching horror films, going to "haunted" houses, and traditional autumn activities such as hayrides, some of which may even be "haunted".

Halloween originated under a different name ("Samhain") as a Pagan festival among the Celts of Ireland and Great Britain with mainly Irish and Scots and other immigrants transporting versions of the tradition to North America in the nineteenth century. Many other Western countries have embraced Halloween as a part of American pop culture in the late twentieth century.

Halloween is now celebrated in many parts of the western world, most commonly in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Ireland, the United Kingdom and sometimes in Australia and New Zealand. In recent years, Halloween has also been celebrated in some parts of Western Europe.

The term Halloween, and its older rendering Hallowe'en, is shortened from All-hallow-even, as it is the evening of/before "All Hallows' Day"

The Houdini Séance
Every Halloween since 1927, a séance has been held to see if legendary magician Harry Houdini would try to contact the living from the world beyond death. The Houdini Museum
in Scranton in Northeastern Pennsylvania - NE PA. NEPA North East Poconos - Pocono Mountains - Wilkes Barre.

Harry Houdini Seance in Northeast Pennsylvania on Halloween, October 31. Tickets on sale at ebay.com every September-October under Houdini Seance. Start at .99 cents. Proceeds go to the Society of American Magicians Houdini Fund for destitute magicians. Images of the Harry Houdini seance will appear here live via webcam. www.houdini.org

Also see: How To Conduct A Real Seance


Halloween witch on her broom!

Popular Halloween terms and web searches

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Halloween Music
Halloween Haunted Spook House Search here now


also see: DAYS OF THE DEAD: DIA DE LOS MUERTOS, With Sallie Ann Glassman


Find A Real Haunted Spook Houses To Visit:

Salem Haunted Happenings
The entire month of October- October 31, 20
Salem, MA

Nobody celebrates Halloween quite like Salem, Massachusetts. Whether you are seeking the changing leaves and cooler weather New England Autumn brings or the ghosts and goblins that Halloween is known for, you will find it all in Salem this October. Salem's museums, attractions, haunted houses and tours add on extra operating hours during October, so plan to take in the many sites in Salem. The streets will be busy with merchants, an international food court, dramatic productions, psychic fairs and games.

Events during Salem Haunted Happenings will entertain children and adults alike. Many of the activities are free and handicapped accessible. Nathaniel's in the Hawthorne Hotel features Children's Brunches throughout October. They can come dressed up, decorate their own pumpkins and receive special treats. On Halloween there will be free adult and family costume parties and contests with cash prizes for the winners. A pumpkin carving demonstration by local art students, a pie-eating contest, and 21+ Halloween parties will also be among the many festivities taking place during America's Halloween Festival.

Contact Information:
Phone: 978-744-3663
Email: halloween@salem.org
Website: http://www.hauntedhappenings.org/

Halloween in New Orleans
New Orleans, LA

Over $3.5 million donated to Project Lazarus since 1987 Halloween events are underwritten by 350 Hosts, Patrons and Corporate Sponsors who form the backbone of the organization. Members receive admission to all events, Host Lounge passes for additional guests at the main event, Halloween t-shirts and the satisfaction of supporting the second largest fundraiser in New Orleans. Host membership is a minimum donation of $350 per person. Patron membership is a minimum donation of $1,000 per person. Additional donations are appreciated and any additional amount of $100 or more will be recognized.

Contact Information:
Phone: 5049493609
Email: halloween@halloweenneworleans.com
Website: http://www.halloweenneworleans.com/

Real Halloween Ghosts and Supernatural

Halloween and November 1st (All Saints Day) are said to be the best times of the year to see and contact ghosts. Many believe it's because of the thrill chill factor that has been set in our brains since we were kids. If your looking for ghosts here are the top cities that offer sme great Halloween ghost tours worth investigating by kids of all ages.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina,is said to have some of the nations most interesting hauntings and reaal ghosts. The city has a famous Lowcountry Ghost Walk that was featured on CNN's travel guide and there are just too many ghosts roaming the streets, beaches and homes of this lush city to ignore. If you are visiting Charleston and happen to come across the gray man while at the beach you may want to think about packing quickly and heading home. His ghostly presence forewarns of potentially dangerous storms looming in the very near future. Evil lurks in the St. Philip's graveyard as the ghost of Sue Howard attacks pregnant women out of anger from losing her own baby. This ghost has been caught on film by researchers. Apparitions with a patch covering one eye are seen frequently at White Point Gardens. These ghostly pirates seem to be searching for their executioners. The Battery Carriage Inn is home to a flirtatious ghost that lies in bed with female guests. Charleston offers many different ghost tours to visitors.

St. Augustine, Florida

Don't be surprised if you are greeted at the entrance to St. Augustine, Florida, by a ghostly sight named Elizabeth. This friendly apparition died of yellow fever in the eighteen hundreds. Many travelers have witnessed Elizabeth waving at them. The St. Francis bed and breakfast serves up more then good food. They have a floating ghost dressed in white gracing their hallways. The Spanish Military Hospital has been certified as an actively haunted building by paranormal specialists. Tours of the hospital have made nonbelievers into believers of the spiritual world. Active spirits can be seen often at The Old Drug Store, which happens to be built on top of an old Indian burial grounds. The Old Jail is listed on the Florida and National hauntings register. Many prisoners were hung at this jail they came to know as home and some of them have refused to leave their home.

Salem, Massachusetts

The real ghosts of supposed witches make their presence known to the occupants of Salem. Ghosts that reside at Gallows Hill in Salem, Massachusetts are always the talk of residence and tourist alike. This dark and gloomy resting place is considered home to the ghosts of the accused witches of Salem. You might just meet with the ghost of Giles Corey. This alleged warlock is often seen near the old jail when something terrible is about to take over the town. The House of Seven Gables is an eerie mystery in itself. It has a secret passageway that is believed to have once been used to free slaves. Tours of the house are always a frightening event, as you never know what may pop out from behind a hidden wall or pass by you in the hallways of this haunted mansion. The historical district of Salem also offers tours for ghost hunters to get a feel for the unknown and revisit the horrors of 1692.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The Most famous haunted city in America is New Orleans, Louisiana. Many tourists travel from all over the world to this one of a kind city to participate in the festivities of the Mardi Gras and Halloween. Little do they know that the hotel that they have reserved is probably already booked with visitors from the other side. Almost every hotel in the city has some type of ghostly story or reported sighting from guests. The Provincial hotel is located in the heart of the French Quarter. It was once a hospital for Confederate soldiers. It is not abnormal to see a soldier, surgeon or bloodstains appearing and disappearing right before your eyes. The city offers regular history tours of actual documented hauntings from the Garden District to the Lafayette cemetery and onto the spine tingling French Quarter. There isn't much of New Orleans that hasn't been touched by ghosts or Voodoo, so if you are looking for a haunting experience, chances are you will find it in this historical city. It is also home to the most haunted Mansion in America The Lalaurie House.

Galveston, Texas

The Great storm of 1900 is said to have taken over 6000 - 8000 souls in one day. Ghost tours of Galveston , Texas is fast becoming the top ghost tour in the Great South to investigate. Dash Beardsley leads his tour with a rock and roll edge and is the best ghost story teller in the U.S..

San Antonio, Texas

The fight at the Alamo accounted for more then 1,700 deaths and most of these men were not given proper burials. These active souls appear to be looking for eternal life and locals claim that these lost ghosts walk the streets of San Antonio, Texas. Theodore Roosevelt is said to haunt the Menger Hotel along with 37 other ghosts. The Bexar railroad tracks are known to be haunted by children killed in a bus accident and the Bexar bridge will have you in fear of your life as ghostly hands seem to pull at your legs while crossing the bridge. Don't expect to get much sleep if you stay at the Emily Morgan Hotel. Guests claim that the ninth floor is very active as doors open and close all night long. This hotel once housed wounded soldiers during the battle of the Alamo.

San Francisco, California

If ghosts aren't your thing then staying at the Mansions hotel in San Francisco, California, is definitely out of the question. Ghosts come out of the woodwork for many witnesses to see. The hotel has documents of ghostly photos and transcripts of séances. An old buried cemetery at Russian Hill which is now an Art Institute gets many reports of ghostly sightings as witnesses hear doors slamming and what sounds like foot steps. The Whittier Mansion not only survived an earthquake, its original owner, William Franklin Whittier apparently survived as well, at least in spirit. Unsuspecting guests have felt his icy presence and have seen dark shadows in the basement of the mansion. Many visitors come to the Moss Beach Distillery and through the years they have caught sight of a wounded lady dressed in blue. Legend has it that her jealous lover stabbed her to death. She is often seen walking the beach aimlessly.


Ghosts of Gettysburg

271 Baltimore Street ,Gettysburg, PA 17325

(717) 337-0445

Visit them here www.ghostsofgettysburg.com

Over the years since the battle, stories of scores of sightings, stranger than reality, have emerged from the quaint houses and gentle fields in and around the town of Gettysburg: Stories of sightings of these soldiers, moving again in battle lines, across the fields where they once marched. . . and died; tales of visions through a rip in time into the horrible scene of a Civil War hospital; whispers of a look at men long dead held eternally captive by duty. These apparitions -and more- come back to remind us, in one way or another that they are not to be forgotten for what they did here. . .

In research for his books, Mark Nesbitt collected hundreds of these tales of the unexplainable sightings, entity activity or those strange echoes from a time long gone that can mean only one thing: Gettysburg may very well be, acre for acre, the most haunted place in America.

Now, armed with tales from these ghost books - and with a few that aren't in the books - knowledgeable guides will take you on your choice of several evening tours through sections of town that were bloody battlefields 13 decades ago; through night-darkened streets to houses and buildings where it's not as quiet as it should be; to sites on the old Pennsylvania College campus where the slain once lay in rows, and the wounded suffered horribly, waiting to become corpses themselves; to cemeteries where the dead lie. . . sometimes not so peacefully.

Former Park Ranger Mark Nesbitt has over the years gathered many ghost stories from other park rangers, visitors and people who live in the area. Nesbitt tries to gather factual data on the stories he receives so he can offer a background as to why these ghost stories may have evolved. His stories are factual and interesting and do not just talk about battlefield soldiers, civilians alike are also involved in famous ghost stories in Gettysburg! Buy all his books, there worth it! Each has many short stories that are easy and fun to read.

Mark Nesbitt, author of the best-selling Ghosts of Gettysburg book series recently won two national awards for his six-volume collection of tales of paranormal happenings on the battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, site of the 3-day Civil War battle. His popular Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tours® and many books tells more of the whole story.


The Haunted Haight Walking Tour

Official Haunted Web site www.hauntedhaight.com

"The Haight's spooky secrets are spilled on this eerie evening excursion."

The Haunted Haight Walking Tour is an evening journey through the local "haunts" of San Francisco's famous Haight-Ashbury district. Your host, a long time resident, ghost historian, active member of The American Ghost Society & founder of The San Francisco Ghost Society leads this two hour walking tour and lets you discover the many ghosts, witches and macabre history of Haight-Ashbury. You also learn what ghost hunters do and all about parapsychology! Price includes a detailed guidebook with map, flashlight and "spooky" goodie-bag filled with tricks and treats! Come join this unique tour and learn all about The Haight-Ashbury like never before!

Ghost Tours Of Galveston

Founded in 1999 by Ghost Tours Of Galveston Creator Dash Beardsley, Ghost Tours of Galveston IS Galveston Island's first, foremost, and original haunted historical walking tour. This unique two hour tour combines history, mystery, ghost stories and legends taking you on a journey into Galveston's richly unknown past. The Great Storm of 1900 hurricane and the American Civil War Battle Of Galveston have left their rich haunted mark stained upon the white beaches of the Gulf shores.

Come view the Island as you have never seen it before! Those of you who have not had the rare privilege of traveling back in time with us are highly encouraged to do so! We are certain that even if you don't believe in spirits now, you may very well change your mind after walking the brick lined Haunted Streets of The Strand District. Our private tours are conducted by reservation only.

OFFICIAL GHOST TOURS OF GALVESTON WEBSITE www.ghosttoursofgalvestonisland.com

Appalachian GhostWalks

Stacey Allen Mcgee cordially invites you and your family, friends, or tour group to join us as we explore the mysteries of our mountain heritage. Travel back in time to visit and learn about the "People Of The Past", strolling down Main Street in each of Appalachia's oldest towns where you will enjoy tantalizing mystery, legend, intrigue, and fun family adventure.

These "lantern-led" tours will bring the Southern Appalachian region's Cherokee Indian, Frontier, Revolutionary and Civil War history to life for all ages. Each guide is a highly trained and certified ghost hunter presenting a unique blend of science, history, and folklore.

Appalachian GhostWalks
P.O. Box 153, Unicoi, TN 37692 USA.
Reservations and Info: (423) 743-WALK (9255)
Email: Info@AppalachianGhostWalks.com
Please come again soon and thank you for visiting

Ghost Tours of St. Augustine


Ghost Tours of St. Augustine was developed in 1994 by Sandy Craig, a native resident of St. Augustine. Sandy's heritage roots go back 400 years in St. Augustine, to the first Spanish settlers who arrived in this ancient city. She is of Minorcan descent, a cultural group of people migrated from Minorca, Spain who still inhabit St. Augustine. Maybe this explains her interest with the old spirits of St. Augustine. She's been know to say, "When I pass away, I want to stay here like everyone else and have people tell fascinating stories about why I just can't leave this wonderful city."

"A Ghostly Experience" walking tour had its beginnings in 1994 when Sandy, owner of Tour Saint Augustine, Inc., decided school groups staying overnight needed a fun, educational activity in the evenings. She met with local writer and historican Karen Harvey and developed a tour based on legends of ghosts and other strange experiences that occurred right here in St. Augustine. She guided groups of school children along narrow brick lined streets at night searching for the supernatural. As you can imagine, "A Ghostly Experience" was a huge success, and due to popular demand, the tour was expanded to include the public.

Official Web Site : www.ghosttoursofstaugustine.com

(888) 461-1009 (904) 461-1009 Fax:
(904) 829-1102
P. O. Box 528
St. Augustine, FL 32085
For customer service:


See rare, authentic and fascinating supernatural curious and oddities from around the world! We're Salem's most unusual and mysterious museum...catering to "savvy" travelers!

190 Essex Street Salem, MA 01970
(978) 745-0138
Hours: October 1 through 31, Opens 10:00am
Visit Salem's only museum featuring authentic supernatural curios and oddities from around the world! See a rare Vampire Killing Kit, America's only "Ghost Gallery", Voodoo artifacts from Africa and New Orleans, the bizarre "Feejee Mermaid", chilling medical oddities, Voodoo and Day of the Dead altars. You can also purchase the book "Ghosts Among Us" by Mollie Stewart, at our museum. and much more. Don't miss Salem's most unusual and mysterious museum!

"Haunted Heartland Tours"
Ancient Tones and Haunted History

History, Ghosts, Legends, Spirits and more!
Explore the Haunted Heartland of Ohio and beyond! Join us for one of our Haunted Heartland bus tours and experience it for yourself. Hop on the luxury bus and tour through several counties seeing haunted and historical places along the way.

Tours are led by Paranormal Investigator Sherri Brake-Recco. Local nighttime walking tours of historical Canal Fulton Ohio are offered as well on one of the Haunted History Walks of Canal Fulton. Paranormal classes are offered as well as presentations, private tours, cemetery walks, and Gravestones, Lanterns, & Legends cemetery walks.

View the schedules, see photos of past tours and read guest comments at www.hauntedhistory.net

Halloween Tours and Treats

Get into the spirit with these Halloween activities

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All activities in Halloween Tours and Treats

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Halloween Horror Nights® at Universal Orlando® Resort

Halloween Horror Nights® at Universal Orlando® Resort
  • Absolutely loved it! based on 3 reviews
  • Duration:  Flexible
  • Location:  Orlando, Florida
  • Step inside living cinematic terror at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights® as the most demented films ...  More info ›
From USD $78.99

Atlanta Ghosts and Legends Segway Tour

Atlanta Ghosts and Legends Segway Tour
  • Duration:  2 hours (approx.)
  • Location:  Atlanta, Georgia
  • Imagine hearing tales of Atlanta's Civil War Ghosts, the legends of Humbug Square, and Georgia's haunted ...  More info ›
From USD $59.99

Chinatown Ghost Walking Tour

Chinatown Ghost Walking Tour
  • Definitely worth doing based on 8 reviews
  • Duration:  90 minutes (approx.)
  • Location:  San Francisco, California
  • Are you fascinated by ghosts? Join this evening walking tour and let the local guides bring to life ...  More info ›
From USD $23.99

New Orleans Garden District Ghost Tour

New Orleans Garden District Ghost Tour
  • Duration:  2 hours (approx.)
  • Location:  New Orleans, Louisiana
  • This famous New Orleans Haunted History Ghost Tour now extends into the Garden District of New Orleans! ...  More info ›
From USD $19.99

New Orleans Haunted History Ghost Tour

New Orleans Haunted History Ghost Tour
  • Definitely worth doing based on 4 reviews
  • Duration:  2 hours (approx.)
  • Location:  New Orleans, Louisiana
  • This famous New Orleans Haunted History Ghost Tour explores the grim and ghastly deeds of the old French ...  More info ›
From USD $19.99

Ghosts and Gravestones - Savannah

Ghosts and Gravestones - Savannah
  • It was OK... but could have been better based on 2 reviews
  • Duration:  90 minutes (approx.)
  • Location:  Savannah, Georgia
  • Come along for an evening excursion through the darker side of America's Most Haunted City! More info ›
From USD $23.79 USD $25.00
Save: $1.21

Memphis Ghosts Walking Tour

Memphis Ghosts Walking Tour
  • Definitely worth doing based on 4 reviews
  • Duration:  90 minutes (approx.)
  • Location:  Memphis, Tennessee
  • More than just music, discover the other side of Memphis, the darker side which has nothing to do with ...  More info ›
From USD $16.39

New Orleans Ghosts and Spirits Walking Tour

New Orleans Ghosts and Spirits Walking Tour
  • It was OK... but could have been better based on 2 reviews
  • Duration:  2 hours (approx.)
  • Location:  New Orleans, Louisiana
  • New Orleans has been referred to as "The most haunted city in America." After this tour, we'll let ...  More info ›
From USD $21.99

Orbs of Oahu Ghost Night Tour

Orbs of Oahu Ghost Night Tour
  • Duration:  5 hours (approx.)
  • Location:  Oahu, Hawaii
  • On the Orbs of Oahu Ghost Tour, you'll be taken around the southern part of the island as you make ...  More info ›
From USD $48.99

Key West Ghost Walking Tour

Key West Ghost Walking Tour
  • Definitely worth doing based on 3 reviews
  • Duration:  90 minutes (approx.)
  • Location:  Key West, Florida
  • Do you dare to take a lantern-led one mile stroll through the shadowy streets and lonely lanes of Key ...  More info ›
From USD $14.99

Boston Ghosts and Gravestones Tour

Boston Ghosts and Gravestones Tour
  • Definitely worth doing based on 29 reviews
  • Duration:  2 hours (approx.)
  • Location:  Boston, Massachusetts
  • Join other adventure seekers and become an apprentice grave digger on an entertaining tour through ...  More info ›
From USD $35.19 USD $37.00
Save: $1.81

Ghosts and Gravestones - St Augustine

Ghosts and Gravestones - St Augustine
From USD $24.69 USD $26.00
Save: $1.31

Haunted Vegas Tour and Show

Haunted Vegas Tour and Show
  • Definitely worth doing based on 12 reviews
  • Duration:  3 hours (approx.)
  • Location:  Las Vegas, Nevada
  • This spirited and spooky Haunted Vegas Tour will take you to the haunting grounds of Bugsy Siegel, Liberace, ...  More info ›
From USD $65.99

Cemetery and Gris-Gris Walking Tour

Cemetery and Gris-Gris Walking Tour
  • Definitely worth doing based on 10 reviews
  • Duration:  2 hours (approx.)
  • Location:  New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Follow the ghosts of the numerous characters who contributed to New Orleans' mysterious past! Tour ...  More info ›
From USD $22.99

New Orleans Vampire Tour

New Orleans Vampire Tour
  • Definitely worth doing based on 7 reviews
  • Duration:  2 hours (approx.)
  • Location:  New Orleans, Louisiana
  • This famous 1.5 hour New Orleans Vampire Tour allows you to enter the dark and mysterious world of ...  More info ›
From USD $19.99

San Francisco Vampire Walking Tour

San Francisco Vampire Walking Tour
  • Definitely worth doing based on 18 reviews
  • Duration:  2 hours (approx.)
  • Location:  San Francisco, California
  • Vampires aren't just for Halloween anymore! Take the San Francisco Vampire Walking Tour to explore ...  More info ›
From USD $19.99

Honolulu City Ghost Haunts Walking Tour

Honolulu City Ghost Haunts Walking Tour
  • It was OK... but could have been better based on 2 reviews
  • Duration:  2 - 3 hours
  • Location:  Oahu, Hawaii
  • Visit some of the most haunted places on Oahu, if not on all of the Hawaiian Islands, on the Honolulu ...  More info ›
From USD $28.99

Haunted Philadelphia: Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour

Haunted Philadelphia: Spirits of '76 Ghost Tour
  • It was OK... but could have been better based on 4 reviews
  • Duration:  75 minutes
  • Location:  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Dare to visit more than 15 of Philly's frights and sights on a ghoulish outdoor walking adventure. ...  More info ›
From USD $17.49

Apache Trail / Canyon Lake Steamboat Cruise

Apache Trail / Canyon Lake Steamboat Cruise
  • Definitely worth doing based on 7 reviews
  • Duration:  8 hours (approx.)
  • Location:  Phoenix, Arizona
  • Arizona is renowned for its spectacular scenery, and you will certainly see a lot of it on this tour. ...  More info ›
From USD $89.99

Death Valley Day Trip from Las Vegas

Death Valley Day Trip from Las Vegas
  • Absolutely loved it! based on 30 reviews
  • Duration:  11 hours (approx.)
  • Location:  Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Escape to the desert on day trip to Death Valley during your Las Vegas vacation. You'll travel through ...  More info ›
From USD $199.99

Chicago Halloween Haunted Cruise

Chicago Halloween Haunted Cruise
  • Duration:  60 minutes (approx.)
  • Location:  Chicago, Illinois
  • Add a new adventure to your Halloween festivities this year. Come join all the fun on a haunted one ...  More info ›
From USD $29.89

Sacred Hawaiian Spirits Morning Tour

Sacred Hawaiian Spirits Morning Tour
  • Duration:  6 - 7 hours
  • Location:  Oahu, Hawaii
  • If you're visiting Honolulu and want to experience ancient Hawaii, take the Sacred Hawaiian Spirits ...  More info ›
From USD $51.99

Central Park Movie Sites Walking Tour

Central Park Movie Sites Walking Tour
  • Definitely worth doing based on 12 reviews
  • Duration:  2 hours (approx.)
  • Location:  New York City, New York
  • Take two! Tour Central Park to visit more than 40 movie locations on this fascinating tour for film ...  More info ›
From USD $15.99 USD $19.99
Save: $4.00

Washington DC Monuments by Moonlight Night Tour by Trolley

Washington DC Monuments by Moonlight Night Tour by Trolley
  • Definitely worth doing based on 152 reviews
  • Duration:  2 hours 30 minutes (approx.)
  • Location:  Washington D.C., District of Columbia
  • You haven't seen Washington DC until you've seen it at night! On this narrated evening tour, you'll ...  More info ›
From USD $33.29 USD $35.00
Save: $1.71

Jack the Ripper Tour and London Ghost Walk

Jack the Ripper Tour and London Ghost Walk
  • Definitely worth doing based on 10 reviews
  • Duration:  3 -3.5 hours
  • Location:  London, United Kingdom
  • This London walking tour will show you the sinister and ghostly side of London, follow the blood-soaked ...  More info ›
From USD $39.94

Warwick Castle, Stratford, Oxford and the Cotswolds Day Trip from London

Warwick Castle, Stratford, Oxford and the Cotswolds Day Trip from London
  • Definitely worth doing based on 48 reviews
  • Duration:  12 hours (approx.)
  • Location:  London, United Kingdom
  • See some of England's famous towns and castles on this full day trip from London. Visiting Oxford, ...  More info ›
From USD $115.02

Skip the Line: The York Dungeon

Skip the Line: The York Dungeon
  • Duration:  Flexible
  • Location:  York, United Kingdom
  • Be fast-track transported to the darkest moments in York's history with the help of live actors and ...  More info ›
From USD $23.96

Skip the Line: London Dungeon

Skip the Line: London Dungeon
  • Definitely worth doing based on 15 reviews
  • Duration:  Flexible
  • Location:  London, United Kingdom
  • Be fast-track transported to the darkest moments in London's history at the creepiest attraction in ...  More info ›
From USD $41.45

The London Bridge Experience

The London Bridge Experience
  • Definitely worth doing based on 4 reviews
  • Duration:  Flexible
  • Location:  London, United Kingdom
  • Come and experience London's most exciting new attraction - The London Bridge Experience - in the vault ...  More info ›
From USD $15.96

Ghost and Mystery Walking Tour of Rome

Ghost and Mystery Walking Tour of Rome
  • Definitely worth doing based on 94 reviews
  • Duration:  90 minutes (approx.)
  • Location:  Rome, Italy
  • Tour the dark heart of Rome on a night-time Ghost and Mystery Walking Tour. When the sun sets over Rome, ...  More info ›

Venice Ghost Walking Tour

Venice Ghost Walking Tour
  • Definitely worth doing based on 84 reviews
  • Duration:  90 minutes (approx.)
  • Location:  Venice, Italy
  • Venice by night is a place of romance and mystery - and the ghosts of the past! This ghost walking ...  More info ›
From USD $29.17

Skip the Line: Crypts and Roman Catacombs Small Group Walking Tour

Skip the Line: Crypts and Roman Catacombs Small Group Walking Tour
  • Definitely worth doing based on 194 reviews
  • Duration:  3 hours (approx.)
  • Location:  Rome, Italy
  • Avoid the queues and crowds with an exclusive private viewing of the Capuchin Crypt and Catacombs. By ...  More info ›
From USD $78.76

Edinburgh Ghost Hunter Night Walking Tour

Edinburgh Ghost Hunter Night Walking Tour
  • Definitely worth doing based on 43 reviews
  • Duration:  90 minutes (approx.)
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From USD $13.58

The Original Stockholm Ghost Walk and Historical Tour

The Original Stockholm Ghost Walk and Historical Tour
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Edinburgh Paranormal Underground Night Walking Tour

Edinburgh Paranormal Underground Night Walking Tour
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Secrets of Edinburgh's Royal Mile Afternoon Walking Tour

Secrets of Edinburgh's Royal Mile Afternoon Walking Tour
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Edinburgh Historic Vaults Afternoon Walking Tour

Edinburgh Historic Vaults Afternoon Walking Tour
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Ghost and Gore Walking Tour of Edinburgh

Ghost and Gore Walking Tour of Edinburgh
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Murder and Mystery Walking Tour of Edinburgh

Murder and Mystery Walking Tour of Edinburgh
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Newgrange and Monasterboice Day Trip from Dublin

Newgrange and Monasterboice Day Trip from Dublin
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The Pumpkin Festival (a.k.a. Pumpkin Fest or P.Fest amongst teens) is a yearly celebration held in Keene, New Hampshire, The United States of America (USA) at Halloween. Each year, Keene residents and other citizens from around the area attempt to amass the largest number of lit jack-o'-lanterns in one place, trying to meet or beat the world record (which they held for many years).

The Pumpkin Fest previously held the record (as recognized by the Guinness World Records) of 28,952 [1] set at this celebration on October 25, 2003, but this was broken when Boston, Massachusetts collected 30,128 on October 21, 2006. At first it was believed that Boston did not have an official count, merely a sign-in for each pumpkin. But it was later determined that each pumpkin was indeed registered and counted, causing Guinness to confirm the record in a certificate issued to Camp Sunshine, the event beneficiary and organizer of the festival. Camp Sunshine is a national non-profit retreat for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

The organizers attempt yearly to beat this record by encouraging businesses and individuals to create and donate jack-o'-lanterns which are displayed on many enormous banks of shelves and all available surfaces around the center of town.

The festivities also include fireworks, music, and food, and draw in people from all over New Hampshire and adjoining states.

Almost immediately after the pumpkin festival is over, the jack-o-lanterns are hauled away by volunteer work crews and given to pig farmers.

In 2006 over 80,000 people attended the event, which boasted over 24,000 lit pumpkins. By comparison, the population of Keene is nearly 23,000. The event is held on a Saturday in mid- to late October. Pumpkin Fest 2009 will be held on Saturday October 17.

The Rutland Halloween Parade is an annual event held on Halloween in the city of Rutland, Vermont since 1960. The parade has a strong superhero theme and has been the setting for a number of comic book adventures. Local officials maintain that it is the largest and longest running Halloween parade in the United States.

Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party

Dress up and trick-or-treat in the ultimate Disney neighborhood! Excited Guests wear their Halloween best and make Disney's California Adventure® Park their playground at this amazing party! Treat yourselves to a night of fun with friendly, costumed Disney Characters and such delights as trick-or-treat stations featuring Ghirardelli chocolate, live music, entertainment and more on select dates throughout October. Save on ticket costs with advance purchase of select dates.

Ticket Prices and Event Dates*

Advanced Purchase Ticket Prices
$32 Regular Admission Price for These Dates — October 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29

Day-of-Event Ticket Prices
$39 If Purchased and Used on These Dates — October 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29
$42 If Purchased and Used on These Dates — October 30 and 31

Ages Two and Under: No Charge

Special Annual Passholder Rates

Event Times
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday — 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Friday and Halloween Night — 7:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Buy your tickets now and print them at home or call (714) 781-4400†.

Shocktoberfest is an annual haunted event near Reading, Pennsylvania. The attractions can be summed-up as Dark Attractions, Haunted Houses, and a Haunted Hayride. It is referred to by Shocktoberfest as a "haunted theme park," although, it is not a theme park in the typical sense of the word.

The attraction opened in 1990 at Willow Glen Park and has become a staple for teenagers and families throughout the Mid-Atlantic states during the Halloween season. Over the years it has grown from humble beginnings as a hayride into one of the "Top 13 Haunts in America" - according to Haunt World Magazine (2006).


Halloween Horror Nights is a Halloween event presented annually at the Universal Orlando Resort. Beginning in 1991 in Universal Studios Florida with only one haunted house, it has continued annually for 19 years to become one of the largest Halloween events in the United States. In its later years the event has split time between its original park and the more recently built Islands of Adventure. Universal's design team has created six original icons for the event and have also used many of the Universal Monsters.

Official Orlando Halloween Spooktacular visit here site

Halloween Ghost Hunting Tips:

Season of the Spontaneous Investigator
“How to Stay Safe and Still Have Fun Ghost Hunting This Halloween Season”

By: Greg Myers of Paranormal Task Force, Inc.



As the trees shed their leaves, the nights get colder, and All Hallows Eve approaches, many catch a “haunted fever”. The primary symptom of such fever is curiosity about exploring the unknown, specifically the paranormal. Whether sneaking into an old cemetery, exploring an urban legend, or blowing the dust of of an old Ouija Board in the closet, it seems many at this time of year seek a “cure” for their curiosity. Many believe that cure comes in the form of recklessly pursuing a euphoric experience with the paranormal, even against the advice of others’ caution.

I cannot stop someone from seeking to quench that curiosity, but I would like to offer advice that may help smartly and safely satisfy that curiosity without bringing danger to oneself or others. Common sense is sometimes forgotten when the fever hits so here are some basic suggestions to keep safe and out of trouble this Halloween Season or anytime the spontaneous urge to explore paranormal realms arises.

Basic Ghost Hunting Protocols

Here are some basic protocols to follow when seeking to confirm ghostly tales or ghoulish experiences:

NO TRESSPASSING – Always get permission from the owner before going on their property. This also includes cemeteries. Just because a cemetery is old and dilapidated with no posted signs does not mean it is legal to be there without permission. Some may be old family cemeteries on privately owned property or owned by an entity such as a church, or historical association. In some cases, the county or municipality may have taken possession of it. Remember, if you do not own it find out who does and ask for permission. Preferably, ask in writing if possible. If the area is public property, such as a park, make a call and see when the public is allowed on the property. Trespassing is not only a violation of the law that can get you arrested or fined, but it can also endanger you and others. A couple of years ago a group of teenagers in Ohio trespassed into an old vacant farm house and one of them was shot and killed by the property owner.

NOTIFY AUTHORITIES – If you get permission to go to a property or vacant building where people normally do not go, call the local law enforcement and let them know when you plan on being there and that you have permission. This can avoid a neighbor or someone else calling the authorities on you.

NEVER GO ALONE – Always use the “Buddy System” and take a friend with you. If you are injured, you will have someone there to help you.

TELL SOMEONE – Always tell someone else who is not going with you where you plan to go, who you are going with, and when you expect to be back. This ensures that, if for some reason something goes wrong, someone will know where to send authorities to lend assistance if needed.

IDENTIFICATION – Always carry photo identification. If something happens to you then someone would be able to identify you. In addition, if for some reason local law enforcement is called then you have proper identification to show them as well.

CELL PHONE – Ensure you or someone in your party takes a cell phone in case there is an emergency.

FIRST AID KIT – If you will be in a more rural area or a place with potential hazards and dangers then a basic first aid kit is a good item to bring.

DAYTIME VISIT – If you are making plans to go somewhere at night that you have never visited before then it is a very good idea to visit the location during daylight hours. This will allow you to properly identify and note any hazards or potential dangers at the location and enable a safer visit at night.

FLASHLIGHT – If you are going when it is dark, make sure you have a flashlight or other lighting and carry plenty of new or freshly charged batteries.

ENVIROMENT – Remember to adjust what you take to include environmental factors. If the forecast may be calling for rain then take gear to keep yourself and your equipment dry. If going to an outdoor wooded area, wear boots or comfortable shoes. Yes, there was one time I had such an outdoor investigation planned and someone showed up in fancy high-heeled shoes making it impossible for them to walk in the area we were investigating! If you are going to an area where insects or wildlife may be a problem then take insect repellant and possibly pepper spray.

RESPECT – Always show respect. Respect the area you will be at and do not litter or vandalize it. It should be left the same as when you arrived. Respect others around you and even those unseen elements of which you are seeking proof. Provoking the unknown can bring harm to you and others. Regardless of what others may say on television shows about the paranormal not being able to harm you, I know first hand that ghosts, spirits, demons and other things out there can be potentially dangerous and capable of causing injury. Always be cautious. If something has the capability of pushing someone when they are on a stairway, injury or even worse can result.

CALMNESS – Even if you encounter something that prompts you to want to soil your pants, remember to stay calm. Remove yourself and others from the situation calmly and rationally. So many people looking for ghost or experience forget the rule “to expect the unexpected”. When they finally encounter the paranormal or just get spooked, some become panic stricken and lose all common sense. The worst thing someone can do is a screaming arms akimbo run through the dark in an unfamiliar location. Dude, walk!

Remember the above protocols are only basic ones to ensure you have a safe adventure and return. Do not forget common sense in any situation!

Common Ghost Hunting Items Around the House

Every Halloween Season entices paranormal potatoes that watch ghost hunting shows and movies to hop off their couches and into the field for a night or two of hands on adventure. We have another frequent question that is many times asked; “What can I use from my home to hunt ghosts or document a paranormal presence?” This is a good question since not all are part of a Paranormal Research or Investigative Organization or have access to a collection of specialized equipment.

There are many things you can find around your home or acquire inexpensively from a local store to hunt ghost or document paranormal activity. Here is a list of some of those more common items.

SENSES – The easiest tools to use are your own senses. There are five basic human senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling (touch), and tasting. Sometimes sitting at a location purported to be haunted and using your natural senses is the best way to experience and document such. Though many are not normally aware of it, most people have what is called a psychic or sixth sense that can be used as well. This sixth sense may differ in ability from one person to another, but in many cases can help guide you to a more active area of a haunting or alarm you that something may be in close proximity.

NOTEBOOK & PENCIL - If you want to document your experiences and things you or others witness, you may want to bring a writing instrument and something to write on. You can also use this to draw a diagram of the area you are investigating. Some investigators even lay out a pencil and a piece of paper with a written question for a potential ghostly answer.

WRIST WATCH – Almost everyone has something to tell time with. This can be valuable to take with you to document properly the times that events may occur. You will also want a timepiece with the ability to tell seconds to help document accurate intervals between or the duration of such events.

COMPASS – If you dig around in your camping items or go to your local department store, you should be able to find a magnetic compass. These types are normally used for finding your way around in the woods and other places. There are many theories involving the disruption of magnetic fields when paranormal activity is present. A basic compass when used can react erratically to such disruptions and sometimes spin out of control. Not everyone has access to the EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) meters seen on television shows and a magnetic compass provides an inexpensive substitute.

MAGNET - A simple bar or horseshoe magnet can also assist in detecting disruptions within the magnetic fields at a location. You can tie a string to the center of the magnet and suspend it from a doorframe or something else stationary within an area purported to have paranormal activity. Sometimes if the magnetic fields are disrupted enough, the magnet will move considerably on its own or even spin quickly as well.

CAMERAS – Almost everyone has access to some type of camera. Many even have built in ones on their cell phones. Taking a picture or recording video of a visual anomaly seen with your own eyes or when something out of the ordinary happens can really help document and validate possible paranormal activity at the location. Do not forget to use your sixth sense. If you have that feeling something is watching you, behind you or nearby then use that as an alarm to take some pictures. You just never know what you may capture!

VOICE RECORDERS – Many homes have tape or digital voice recorders around in a drawer. The most common content of a haunting is audible or what is heard. Using something that can record audio at a location not only helps document such noises, but can even capture the disembodied voices from the dead which is called Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP. Audio recorders can also be used to record verbal notes or experiences of those at the location in lieu of a notebook and pencil.

POWDERS – Even baby or talcum powder can be very useful in some investigations. Many times, it is reported that footsteps are heard or that certain objects are moved in a haunting. Various surfaces in reported areas can be lightly dusted with such powders to document movement of such objects. You may even capture a foot or hand print of the unseen as well!

TAPE/STRING – Household tape such as scotch, masking, electrical and others can be very useful when investigating the paranormal. Placing such from a closed door to its frame or to other objects can be a way to see if certain doors were opened and closed or if certain objects were moved. You can also add string or yarn to the equation as well for this purpose. Tape can also be used to mark where an object is sitting so you know if it was moved off that mark as well.

COTTON BALLS – Many times there are reports of unexplainable cold drafts or even gust of winds inside locations where a haunting is reported. Using cotton balls and documenting where they were placed may help determine direction of such drafts or gusts if they are moved.

THERMOMETERS – Almost every home has a thermometer to tell the temperature inside or out. They can also be used on investigations to document temperature changes in an area as well.

MEASURING TOOL – Having something to measure distance with is very good to bring. If an object gets moved then you can measure and document the distance of such movement. If you visually see something and make a mental note of where it came up to on a doorway or wall then you can measure for an estimated height of the anomaly you witnessed.

TOYS & GAMES – Even toys, game pieces, puzzles, and other similar items may assist in your investigation. If there are reports of children ghosts then you may be able to place a ball, doll, or similar object that a child may want to play with. Mark where you place it and see if it gets moved. The small letter pieces from a Scrabble game may allow an intelligent spirit to leave a worded message. In addition, an Etch-n-Sketch or Magna Doodle may produce interesting results as they are affected by magnetic properties. If a video camera is used in the investigation then you can place such items in view of the camera for further documentation.

The above is not an all-inclusive list of the common everyday things sitting around that you may be able to use. If you find other things and have a creative imagination concerning how to apply them in the field to help further validate and document paranormal activity then by all means give it a try and share your results.

Spirit Communication

Another important area to cover is Spirit Communication. This can be done in several ways though many have a number of opponents objecting and ridiculing their use. At the same time many of these methods have produced very interesting results and I feel have been very valuable towards the advancement of paranormal research. Such methods may include scrying, séances, use of talking boards (Ouija), and many other methods depending on ones spirituality or cultural background. The most common method used today is the good old Ouija Board which is still found in many households abroad collecting dust in the closet until the seasonal time comes.

Spirit Communication

In my personal belief, the Ouija Board when new in the package is just a piece of wood or plastic adorned with letters, numbers, and an accompanying planchet. A new Ouija Board in itself is not “evil” and will not manifest demonic spawns or other entities from it. However, there is always a “Catch 22”. This comes into play when individuals use the board and planchet in hopes of communicating with a spirit or long lost family member. At this point they are touching the planchet and inviting “anything” to enter them and use their bodies to move the planchet over various symbols to communicate. Once something does communicate, this is the point that you do not know for sure who or what you just invited into your body and what recourse it may have. Spirits, demons, and other entities are not always “good” and they can lie, deceive, or pretend to be others for their own benefit. This is also the point that I believe the Ouija Board through the will and invitation by individuals may actually open a doorway or portal and connect to something that could potentially be “evil”. This connection may be the point that the Ouija Board becomes tainted by acting as a permanent portal or doorway for other entities to come through. Alternately, it could allow what came through to stay at the location where the board was used.

I do not believe the Ouija Board in itself causes this, but rather the will of those who invited something through it by using it. This will and invitation could be applied to a piece of paper, doll or anything and still achieve the same results. With this in mind, is it a good thing to do? How many times have you heard of a séance, horror movie, possession, or haunting that started with an Ouija Board session go badly?

I know of an account of a group of friends who thought it would be entertaining to have an Ouija party in one of the friend’s home. As they played, the planchet suddenly began to move and spell out messages on the board indicating that a demon was present. One of the group members, a skeptic, decided make light of what was occurring by taunting the entity. After the party was over, the homeowner soon discovered that the malevolent entity had decided to take up permanent residence in the basement of their home. No one including the family dog would go into the basement from that point and the haunting became so bad that the family eventually fled their home.

I do believe that some individuals who are devout enough in their beliefs and spiritual practices may be able to use such spirit communication devices safely without ill effects. Use of such devices should be left to them and not the amateur looking for a seasonal thrill.

I will not preach any certain religion or faith, but, in closing, will state that being devout in whatever faith you believe in and practice is possibly the most important factor for your safety when becoming involved with paranormal realms. I hope that you have found these important safety tricks and tips useful to temper your case of “haunted fever”. Have a safe and sensible Halloween!


Old hand made ouija planchette.



© 2008 - Gregory Myers, Paranormal Task Force, Inc.

This is the Halloween season and time for eerie and spooky things. If you are interested in having any Member(s) of the below mentioned Ghost Hunting – Paranormal Investigative and Research Group on your show, at your event or featured in your written media then please contact:

Sandra Oates at 314-606-8022 or email Gregory Myers at greg@paranormaltaskforce.com

The St. Louis, Missouri area based Paranormal Research and Investigative team, Paranormal Task Force, Inc. (formerly Missouri Paranormal Research) ( www.catchmyghost.com ) is still doing what they do best and that is hunting ghost. After receiving the “Best Ghost Evidence of 2006” award last year at the very large Ghost World Conference held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, they have continued to maintain a “top notch” professional stature within the paranormal realms. Paranormal Task Force has continued to maintain “first class” service to the clients they serve who are experiencing all levels of ghostly and sometimes not so ghostly activity while also providing paranormally themed education to the public through various written articles and oral presentations. With the belief that it is important to give back to the community, they devote time assisting historical organizations to raise much needed funds for preservation and restoration of their historical properties.

Their professionalism, dedication and hard work have been recognized this year as well. Paranormal Task Force was honored to have been recently named as the Best Paranormal Investigative Group in America for 2008.

Lead Investigator, Greg Myers, having the honor of being voted as the number five paranormal researcher/investigator on the top ten list of best paranormal researchers/investigators in the United States for 2008 as well. ( http://www.hauntedamericatours.com/toptenhaunted/2007/ghosthunters/ )

They can still be seen in action on reruns of the Spooked Television Releasing (Booth Brothers) documentary titled “Children of the Grave” which first aired on the Sci Fi Channel earlier this year. They have also filmed for inclusion in another Spooked Television Releasing documentary title “The Possessed” which will be released on DVD this December and air on the Sci Fi Channel sometime next year.

Where will the peculiar winds of the paranormal take them from here? All Paranormal Task Force knows is that they plan on doing what they have always done and that is placing their clients first and above all else. Other than that they can say that they are in process of producing their own paranormal documentary with a project headed by one of their directors, Jeremiah Niere, along with some paranormal themed books in the works by a few of their members as well which they anticipate having done and releasing next year.

About Greg Myers

Greg Myers - Director - President Paranormal Task Force Co-Founder - Lead Investigator - EVP SpecialistGreg Myers
Administrator MPR Divison Email: greg@paranormaltaskforce.com

MySpace: www.myspace.com/gregory_myers I Am Haunted: www.iamhaunted.com/Gregory_Myers

Greg has had personal paranormal encounters since being a teen and has years of paranormal investigative experience. He is well versed with haunting classifications, paranormal investigative techniques and leadership through example. Greg has served as a technician and supervisor while serving in the military and has further enhanced his education and abilities with legal issues while serving over ten years in the legal field. With his background of legal issues, lobbying experience and issue advocation, he hopes to apply these skills to the enactment and strengthening of "haunted house" and "psychological impact" disclosure laws for prospective property owners, tenets and lessees. Greg also has an extensive background in genealogical research and familiarization with record research vital to the research of potential haunted properties.

Greg is one that shares the philosophy that paranormal investigations can come with many unknown dangers which are not properly addressed by most of the paranormal research field. This and other important issues are overlooked and need further advocation to current and future researchers and investigators within this field. Greg adheres to a Humanistic Approach to investigations which always places the client first above everything else.

Greg became part of MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH™ in August of 2005 serving as a co- administrator, lead investigator and EVP specialist. While serving with MPR, Greg became an instrumental element in the collection and analysis of evidence in a case involving an extreme "inhuman" haunting and possession. This Haunting was featured on the Discovery Channel's "A Haunting" series as the Season 3 opener in October 2006. Greg then co-founded PARANORMAL TASK FORCE, Inc. in October 2006. PARANORMAL TASK FORCE™, Inc. is a not for profit incorporation which educates and promotes the awareness of paranormal research as well as other historical and paranormal related issues along with providing assistance to the public and other organizations. MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH™ now serves as its non-extreme investigative and research division while other divisions will be launched making Paranormal Task Force™, Inc. a "One Stop" resource for all paranormal needs of clients, the public and other organizations as well.

Greg has been a featured guest on many radio stations across the US, UK, and Canada and has completed filming in 2007 with Keith Age and The Booth Brothers for "Children of the Grave" which was released October 2, 2007 on DVD and aired on the SciFi Network in 2008 and recently finished filming for another Booth Brothers (Spooked Television Releasing) production titled "The Possessed" which should be released on DVD in 2008 and air on the SciFi Network sometime after that. He also served as a Location Manager for that project. He also completed filming for the Exspiro Productions documentary "The Other Side" which was released in 2007. Greg has also authored articles and short stories concerning his experiences within the paranormal realms and theories related to such which are published on the World Wide Web. Some of these articles and stories have been selected for inclusion in “Weird Encounters” and “Weird Missouri” which will be published in the near future.

Greg has also recently been added to the League of Paranormal Gentlemen and is also a Missouri Statewide Representative for the American Ghost Society (AGS). He was also voted as one of the top 10 best most haunted up and coming people, places and things to investigate on Haunted America Tours (www.hauntedamericatours.com).


'Your One Stop Paranormal Resource Center'

"Your One Stop Paranormal Resource Center"

The do's and don'ts of ghost hunting on a Haunted Ghost Tour...

If your a Ghost hunter or even a historian it is not polite to speak up and challenge a Ghost tour guides ghost story. It is better to take them to the side after the tour and tell them what you know or have heard. of course who's to say your right and they are wrong.

Ghost hunting on a ghost tour is not always openly acceptable. It is better to ask or contact a tour before you take it, to find out if it is accepted or allowed. Many ghost tours today around the world use copy written material and do not like it being Video or digitally recorded. A few tours often give or offer private Ghost Tours especially geared for ghost hunters only, and these are usually much better and relaxed as compared to a quick get the story told move on to the next haunted stop of the tour. These Ghost Hunters only tours may cost a little more but they are certainly worth the time, attention and effort.

Ghost Tours of Galveston Island With Dash Beardsley are the best Texas has to offer. Accept no imitations by any means. If the ghost man of Galveston is not involved the Ghost tour whether it be a hotel or haunted Cemetery is not worth what you paid for it. Often copied but never equaled to Dash who is the real Deal!

Ghost seem to follow him around and his skills at hunting ghost and learning their stories is simply uncanny. Many who have taken his Island ghost tour continue to frequent them and ghost photos when he is around happen all the time. I believe Beardsley is just a natural talented medium and as a ghost tour guide this certainly makes for some real haunted tour entertainment. Galveston, Texas I also believe is the most haunted town in Texas, and Beardsley is the best haunted Tour Guide to take a tour with in the nation or possibly the world.

Ghost Tours Of Galveston Island With Dash Beardsley the most haunted ghost tour in the nation!

Please Visit his Website www.GhostOfGalvestonisland.com

Ghost Tours Of Galveston' Dash Beardsley does many late night private ghost tours for ghost hunters only. He welcomes the use of any type of equipment you might want to bring or use. " I don't openly advertise this tour to the public but it does exist ." And when Ghost Hunting in Galveston or any Haunted City in the world it seems the Ghost tours guides know all the hot spots and the best times to find a real ghost to investigate. Beardsley is a wealth of paranormal information and much, much more of an investigator then he admits to you on his tours. Personally he has investigated many of the hotspots on his tours and gathers new ghost stories almost everyday. He also does many investigations and is always looking for dedicated paranormal enthusiast to tag along for a fee of course. And it is worth every penny!

Take a ghost tour when your sober! A lot of tourist in strange cities often have a few and then decide to take a ghost tour. this happens in cities like New Orleans and New York 9 times out of ten. If you have had to too much to drink then stay at the bar. In most cases people who or over their drinking limit often make a ghost tour unbearable for those taking it.

Just because you take a tour that is not enough for a Paranormal investigator to soothe his itch in learning more. I often question the tour guides trying to see if they or anyone on their tour has experienced something other worldly. Guides often cope with distractions of the supernatural kind and at times often keep them to themselves. A recent interview into an investigation of a haunted location yielded more info to me after questioning a tour guide then did talking to the owner of the location. The guide who visits the home at least 3 times a day 6 nights a week gave me their observations plus what they could report back what people had experienced on the actual tour.

After 25 years of interviewing individuals who had experienced the paranormal—often in the haunted sites where the events happened—Mark Nesbitt, in 1994, became truly proactive in the field of paranormal investigation. On the darkened Gettysburg Battlefield, Mark, along with Rick Fisher, founder and president of Paranormal Society of Pennsylvania, began seeking out the ghosts he had written about for so many years.

Since then, Nesbitt has participated in, or led, over one hundred investigations of scores of haunted sites in Gettysburg, and on the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania Court House, Wilderness, and Chancellorsville Battlefields; in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Johnstown, Pennsylvania; in Maryland, Ohio, South Carolina, Georgia, and other states. He has also conducted hands-on workshops on paranormal investigation techniques for those interested in learning more about this field.

Nesbitt’s forte is EVP—electronic voice phenomena—of which he has several hundred examples. His collection of EVP is the core of his next book, Dead Men Talking: The Spirit Voices of the Civil War.

Ghosts Of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking tour.

Mark Nesbitt Hunting for real Ghost at Ghost Of Gettysburg Tour Headquarters.

Mark Nesbitt leading a Paranormal Investigation Workshop at The Ghosts of Gettysburg headquarters building. Many Writers And Ghost Tour guides often ho,d after hour seminars for those lucky few that are willing to go on a real ghost hunt. Some or publicized as those offered by Nesbitt. Others are just passed on by word of mouth. And if as the old adage goes ask and you shall receive. I took a haunted tour in California once. I simply asked the guide is their any way I could investigate the alleged haunted house on my own. The guide then invited me along to a late night investigation of the property that very night.

When taking a Haunted Ghost tour Or Ghost Walk it is always important just to listen, keep your eyes open and ask questions when it is over. And of course investigate the facts you have heard through books and on the hunted internet.

Tommy Netzbands Haunted Haight Ghost Tour.


Tommy Netzband is the creator and host of the Haunted Haight Walking Tour www.hauntedhaight.com. He also in the founder and President of the San Francisco Ghost Society, a paranormal group that researches claims on of the supernatural in the city of San Francisco. Tommy is often called a "ghost historian" for his passion for researching the history of ghosts. Come discover the macabre history of San Francisco and learn all about the ghosts of Haight-Ashbury. His tours is the one of the most informative and very haunted one I have also taken next to the before mentioned ones in this article.

Netzband welcomes all your questions after the tour and not only glad to help you but also a great guy to get to know.

"Appalachian GhostWalks" was created by The ARC Founder and President, Stacey Allen McGee, who also serves as the Tour Director and attended school for Airline Travel and Tourism at the National Career Institute in Tampa, Florida in 1988-89. He has worked in the travel industry for many years and is assisted by two volunteer staff members ~ Michael W. Combs, CGH and Susan E. James, CGH. Both officers volunteer their time to help develop and present an educational, enlightening, and entertaining experience on each of our walking tours.

Meet the real Ghosts of Southern Appalachia with True Ghost Stories and Authentic Places

The Alternate Realities Center hosts monthly group meetings free and open to the public to discuss the paranormal. McGee host guest speakers and meetings in unique and interesting places. Please Join his Yahoo Group if you would like to stay informed on all news, meetings, and upcoming events hosted by The ARC...

I plan in the very near future to visit and investigate more ghost tours across the United States. I consider this as one of my newest paranormal investigations and plan to keep the readers of this site a breast of my findings and haunted discoveries.

Gina Lanier can personally be reached for questions by emailing her at: mskitowhawk@cox.net or calling her personally at 504-915-5505 or visit her website at: www.ginalanier.com





Each Year La Source Ancienne Ounfo & The Island of Salvation Botanica & Magical Pharmacy present their Annual New Orleans DAY OF THE DEAD CELEBRATION, Voodoo Mambo Sallie Ann Glassman presiding holds a open to the Public day of the dead ritual. Followers wear white with a purple headscarf, or black and purple for Gede. They bring a dish of food for the people, and an offering for the Dead or Gede.

Gede’s tastes tend towards peppers, flat breads, rum, cigars, goats, crosses, grave-digger’s tools, black cock feathers, skeletons, sunglasses with one lens, hot Creole foods, money, the colors black, mauve, and white. He is syncretized with St. Gerard. Or you can bring something that your ancestors or loved ones enjoyed in life.

Also See: New Orleans Day Of the Dead here!



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FEATURING: Information about Ghosts, Hauntings, Ghost Research and Paranormal Investigation, Ghost Stories of America.





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*New 20 Questions with Your favorite Paranormal Investigators, Authors and Ghost Tours. Each Week Haunted America Tours will spotlight them in our Paranormal Zone.

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The Monkey and The Cock is said to grant to it's Lucky owner three significant wishes over a three year period . Passed virtually unchanged in form, generation to generation, comes this strange,"Monkey and Cock" curio statue as Voodoo dolls

They are highly detailed yet gentle monochromatic pieces and will blend in with any decor.  Some are seasonal, some are silly, but all are unique and one of a kind. Also, they are signed.
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