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Shannon's Haunted Mansion
Cary Stayner, Nudist, Handyman & Serial Killer
By Shannon McCabe
Owner, HPI International

Northern California is known world wide for it's beautiful
scenery and more recently it's fantastic marijuana.  
But, did you know that there are the most serial killers
per capita here as well?  I had a chance to meet someone
who was friends with one very infamous serial killer,
Cary Stayner.  He gives us his chilling account of meeting
and socializing with the killer.

Before we explore Cary Stayner, Yosemite's Killer, Let me

give you a little run down on the rest of them.

"The Zodiac Killer" - The Zodiac Killer remains elusive and

has claimed 37 murders in letters to newspapers,
investigators agree on only seven confirmed victims, two of
whom survived.  His killings spanned the San Francisco Bay
area and beyond to Benicia, CA. in the 1960's.

Randall Woodfield- "The I-5 Killer" running from Washington to California, where he committed multiple sexual
assaults and murders. A native of Oregon, he was convicted of three murders and is suspected of killing up
to 18 people.

Roger Kibbe- "The I-5 Strangler"- Kibbe liked to abduct teens & women, rape, assault & torture them,  then
strangle them with their own clothes. He’d leave most of the bodies thrown out along I-5.  He killed Lou Ellen
Burleigh, Lora Heedick, Barbara Ann Scott, Stephanie Brown, Charmaine Sabrah, and Katherine Kelly
Quinones and was already in prison for killing 17 year old, Darcie Frankenpohl when he was convicted for the
other ladies.

Gerald & Charlene Gallegos-

Killed (and raped some) 10 people
& one unborn child by abducting them
from the Country Club Plaza, Sunrise Mall  
parking lot and  from the Sail Inn Bar in West Sacramento.

Nikolay Soltys-

Killed his wife who was pregnant
along with his 3 year old son.  
He then proceeded to kill 4 other
family members in his rage on August 20th, 2001

                                                              Nikolay Soltys

Morris Solomon- Killed 7 women  and buried them in a back yard in Oak Park.  Solomon was a serial killer
who killed women, while working as a handyman. He worked on old Sacramento homes, in exchange for room
and board.

Richard Trenton Chase- "The Vampire of Sacramento"  Killed (and ate) 6 people including 2 children.  He
also killed numerous animals in his need for blood. He believed he had a fabricated disease called "Soap
Dish Disease" where he needed blood to survive or his heart would explode.

Read Shannon's story about Richard Trenton Chase on Haunted America Tours. com

Juan Corona-"The Machete Killer" Killed 25 people and buried his victims bodies in Sutter County & The
Feather River near Yuba City.

Eric Royce Leonard- "The thrill killer" killed 6 people in  February 1991.  3 Killed at the Quik Stop on Auburn
Blvd and 3 killed at the Round Table Pizza on Watt Ave. He was a Rio Linda resident.

Ramon Bojorquez Salcido- is a convicted mass murderer and as of 2007 is on death row in California's San
Quentin State Prison. He killed 7 people including family members and a winery worker at
Grand Cru Winery
in Glen Ellen, CA He was convicted of the 1989 murders, including his wife and two of his daughters, Sofia
(age 4) and Teresa (age 1). A third daughter, Carmina, aged 3, lay in a field beside the bodies of her sisters
for 36 hours after being slashed across the throat by her father. She was rescued and later adopted by a
family in Missouri.

Dorthea Puente- Killed 9 people that she cared for in her home on F Street, and buried them in her front and
back yard.  Only 7 bodies were actually recovered. She collected their state benefits after they were

Dorthea Puente

Joseph Ferguson- Worked for Brinks Security and killed 3 of his co workers and his ex-girlfriend in
September 2001.  "I've taken four victims," he said on videotape. "That should be good enough to last a week
on the news."

"The Mad Killer of Sacramento" or "Insane Slayer" - was never identified or caught but was thought to have
killed 8 people in 1941. Suspect: Benjamin A. Lucas

Arturo Juarez Suarez - July 12th, 1988 shot his 2 brother in laws, Juan and Jose Martinez, and Jose's 2
children.  The two children died of asphyxiation from being buried alive atop their murdered father & uncle.
He raped Jose's wife, who narrowly escaped her death by freeing herself from the chair he duck taped her to.

Loi Khac Nguyen, 21, Pham Khac Nguyen, 19, and Long Khac Nguyen, 17,  Cuong Tran, 17, were 4 heavily
armed young men who stormed the Good Guys store on Florin Road in Sacramento and , took 39 people,
hostage and proceeded to terrorize a community that watched the event unfold on live television.
When the 8 1/2-hour ordeal was over, three hostages were dead, three of the gunmen had been shot dead
by police and 10 people were wounded.

And don't forget the wonderful nudist, handyman and serial killer, Cary Stayner.

Wikipedia- Cary Stayner (August 13, 1961) is an American serial killer currently on death row for the 1999
murders of four women in Mariposa County near Yosemite, California.

Stayner was born and raised in Merced, California. His younger brother, Steven, was kidnapped by child
molester Kenneth Parnell in 1972 and held captive for more than seven years before escaping and being
reunited with his family. Cary Stayner would later say he felt neglected as his parents grieved over the loss of
Steven. When Steven escaped from Parnell and returned home in 1980, he received massive media
attention; a true crime book and TV movie, both titled I Know My First Name is Steven, were made about the
ordeal. Steven died in a motorcycle accident in 1989. The following year, Cary Stayner's uncle, with whom he
was living at the time, was murdered.

Stayner attempted suicide in 1991 and was arrested in 1997 for possession of marijuana and
methamphetamine, although the charges were eventually dropped.

In 1997, he was hired as a handyman at the Cedar Lodge motel in El Portal, just outside the Highway 140
Arch Rock entrance to Yosemite National Park. Between February and July 1999, he murdered four women:
Carole Sund, her daughter Julie Sund, their travel companion, Argentinian exchange student Silvina Pelosso
and Yosemite National Institute's (now NatureBridge) employee Joie Armstrong.

He was initially questioned when the first three victims were found, but he was not seriously considered as a
suspect due mainly to his relations, and his own attempts to throw off authorities. When the fourth body was
found in an inholding in Yosemite National Park in July, however, he was questioned again and arrested by
FBI Agents John Boles and Jeff Rinek at Laguna del Sol nudist resort in Wilton. His truck yielded evidence
linking him to the victim. He eventually confessed to all four murders.

Stayner claimed after his arrest that he had fantasized about murdering women since the age of seven, long
before the abduction of his brother.

Stayner pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. His lawyers claimed that the Stayner family had a history of
sexual abuse and mental illness, manifesting itself not only in the murders but also in Stayner's request for
child pornography (in return for his confession) and obsessive-compulsive disorder. He was nevertheless
found sane and convicted of four counts of first degree murder by a jury in 2001. In 2002, during the penalty
phase of his trial, he was sentenced to death. An appeal is pending. Stayner is housed in the Adjustment
Center on death row at San Quentin Penitentiary in California.

Laguna del Sol nudist resort in Wilton, CA. is where our story begins:  

Tim Hawkins and I decided to go out to have a beer one night at the Mercantile Lounge in Downtown
Sacramento.  When paranormal investigators go out together, people always want to tell you their stories.  
We just so happened to meet an ex- friend of Cary Stayner at the bar.  I'll let Mike relate his story to you in
his own words...

My first job was at Laguna Del Sol.  (A nudist community in Wilton, CA) I was 16.5 yrs old.. I worked in the
restaurant and I was a cook/server. I went to the resort with my mom and sometimes my little sister would be
there as well. I met Cary through my mom they were just friends.. I think they had a little chemistry but it never
developed into anything. Cary seemed like your typical “all American” guy. One time we all went down to
Yosemite to possibly see him but essentially we were there just to check out the park. We didn’t see him she
knew he worked at a lodge but we just played in the river and stuff and came back home..

Another time before any of the girls got killed, Stayner actually spent the night at my house, and slept in my
bed. Mom didn’t want him to drive all the way to Yosemite so late at night. He was a very nice and attractive
guy. He never gave off any type of weird vibes.

Another time when he and my mom were in the hot tub (at Laguna Del Sol) I went up to them and asked him.
Did you hear about those girls that got murdered in Yosemite? He replied “I heard something about

He kept to himself at the resort.  Stayner wasn’t a very popular guy, but definitely was an attractive guy.
I don’t know exactly what Carry would do at the resort. I know he would sun bathe and stuff..
He never said
anything to me about his brother just told my mom that his brother was kidnapped and they made a
movie about it.

"I Know My First Name is Steven" (1989) TV movie.

I was very traumatized when I heard about what he had done. I kind of had a nervous breakdown for a week.
I couldn’t believe someone that I knew could do something so horrible. My mom couldn’t believe that her
friend did this unthinkable act. So when we found out the next day, or a couple days later, we went to the jail
and visited him. He (Stayner) told her everything that happened, why he did it..

What my mom told me, was that it was his sexual fantasies and they got so strong that he wanted to act them
out in person. He also told my mom that whenever
he would drive by telephone poles he would pull his
hair out that’s why he always shaved his head.

He said that he never thought of hurting my mom or her family.

After she visited him he sent her a few letters that the district attorney confiscated. He even drew a picture of
my mom , sister and I all together.. That was kind of creepy.. He then asked for a picture of just my sister and
after that my mom didn’t contact him at all.
(Stayner asked for child pornography as a bribe to confess for his
She told him that he needs to find jesus…

...With the result of his parents neglect, because of the situation involving his brother, is what turned him into
what he is.

Cary was absolutely the nicest guy, he was a little introverted didn’t really have a super outgoing personality
and had a few friends.  I have no clue how he could hold it together and not show any type of a violent side...

Cary Stayner is awaiting the death penalty at San Quentin in Northern, CA. He is there on death row with
another famous serial killer, Raymond Salcedo.

I'd like to thank Mike for his story, it takes a lot of courage to talk about such a horrific turn of events.

Shannon McCabe
Owner, HPI International

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