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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan



Ask Papa Zazzaldi


Get your answers to all your paranormal questions here! ask Papa Zazzaldi!

Looking for answers?

Is the truth in your future?

Papa Zazzaldi gets many questions asked of him daily and some of his answers are quite inspirational. We all know how Papa Zazzaldi appreciates the importance of giving back to the Haunted America world community.

Do you have a real question for Papa Zazzaldi?

> Please visit him here to ask your question. <

So please keep an open mind and read on...



Dear Papa:

My boyfriend is obsessed with ghost hunting and joined a group. The head of the group is a rising star in the Paranormal community but he tends to see ghost in everything and most of the phenomena that occurs only happens when he is present. I think he is a fraud and a if given half the chance he will prove that publicly he is.

I have tried repeatedly to tell my boyfriend that he is a fake, but he does not believe me. He is like the pig being led to slaughter. He even pays the guys bills, does all his writings and promotions, maintains his web site too. And of course the guy treats him like s**t.

I keep pointing this out and have given him until January 1st to quite the group. If not he needs to move on and our relationship is over.

What should I do?

Haunted in Texas

If nothing your doing is making a difference then stop. Just say no more let things go down as they will. If you can't change his mind or make him see what facts you see then he has to see them on his own.

Your deadline may be something you might too soon regret. I feel he may choose the group over you.


Dear Papa,

I want to go on a ghost tour I live in Tennesee is there any ghost tours near me worth taking and learing about becoming a real ghost hunter not that I wouldn't like just to take a tour. But I want to go further and investigate.

Jack in Tennesse

All of Appalachian GhostWalks' Historic and Haunted Ghost Tours require advance reservations and tend to sell out early during the Fall season. If you would like to schedule a tour, simply call us at (423) 743-WALK (9255) for reservations. Just pick a location and let them know the number of folks in your group and what time you'd like to start. The suggested year-round time of departure for all of our haunted historic ghost tours is between 6 and 8 PM in the evening...

Stacey Allen McGee, CGH ~ Certified Ghost Hunter
The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Center Founder and Director
Appalachian GhostWalks ~ Tour Director and Ghost Guide
Twelve Years Experience In Paranormal Investigations

The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Center", founded in February 1994, is based in the small town of Unicoi nestled in Southern Appalachian Mountains near Johnson City, Tennessee which is located in upper eastern region of the State. The ARC holds area meetings and offers several walking tours for area residents and area travelers who find themselves passing through the Southern Appalachian Mountains and wish to learn more about our rich history and urban legend, as well as the art and science of ghost hunting...

Ghost Hunter Classes and Ghost Hunter Seminars entitled "Ghostology 101" are held frequently with open enrollment. Detailed information can be found inside our Ghost Hunter Store. Certificates for the two-day class enrollment are available and make great gift ideas for those "hard to buy for" friends and relatives on holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries. This year, give the unusual gift of knowledge in search of the unexplained. Send your favorite loved one to Ghost Hunting School!!! Visit Here for full details...

Dear Papa,

Are Cemeteries Haunted? You hear from some sources they are and from others they are not. So what is the truth?

Befuddled in New York

The answer is yes they are. Some Cemeteries it is believed are haunted by those souls that have or think they have no place to go. They linger and watch to see what family members visit them. Many believe that they stay in cemeteries feeling that the light will come to them take them to heaven on judgment day. Maybe this would explain a self imposed purgatory or limbo. Maybe even worse it's hell!

Some well known paranormal experts state that these lost ghosts are just doing what they thought would be their own hereafter from what they learned in life.

You would not consider these residual hauntings they would be considered intelligent. Even though many alive today believe it is stupid to hang around a cemetery day and night, dead or alive.

These spirits cling to the body that was once theirs it is also thought. What keeps them their? Themselves! Some are afraid that they might go to what they believed in life was hell. So in their reality they are atoning for their sins. Awaiting judgment day at their graves and tombs.

Dear Papa,

I see so many fake ghost photos all over the internet. Of course I see a few real ones too. do you think the hoax's and the fakes and the ones that have perfect explanations should be posted on anyone's as ghost photos?

Jill in Alabama

What is real proof that they are not. I have seen bad photos that have made believers out of the most hard nosed of skeptics. It's all up to ones opinion and personal beliefs. Here at Haunted America Tours all submitted ghost photos are posted. We don't call them all real, we put them up and let members of our site vote on their authenticity and post their views in our forum. Visit our ghost polls here.

Spiritualism in America--and more specifically, spirit photography-- was taken to court in New York City in 1869. The case: a preliminary hearing for William H. Mumler, who was charged with fraud for selling photographs that he claimed included images of ghosts or spirits. Testimony and arguments lasted for seven days.

Anomalies happen in many reported ghost photos, some strange some weird some downright spooky. It is of course your right and beliefs that make you judge them for what you think they are. I recommend to everyone use your own judgment, ask a friend or send it to experts for evaluation.

If you are going to believe in something like ghost photos it is a matter of ones personal judgment.

If you think you have a ghostly photo, by all means send it in for us to review! Go and please Judge for yourself the authenticity of these ghost pics in our GUEST BOOK Polls. Yes your opinion does count.

See More Ghost Photos And Read Submitted Ghost Stories Here.

And also check our Real Ghost Photos history.

No one has ever offered irrefutable proof that science and the world consider of an haunting (otherworldly) encounter or ghost manifest ion. There has never been produced substantial evidence of the existence of ghosts, or haunted houses or haunted anything. Yet, enough along these lines has been reported, with sufficient consistency to arouse one's curiosity and perhaps warrant extended investigations. One of the eternally unanswered questions of the living is, "what really happens to us when we die?"

Dear Papa,
What are vortexes? in ghost photos I hear it all the time. But I really don't think I have seen one or quite know what one really is?


Kell in Marion, North Carolina

Vortexes are streaks, lines or curves that are seen in the developed ghost photo and usually not seen when the pictures were taken. They are usually very bright white in color and sometimes transparent. A great number of vortexes have been presented on the Internet as positive proof of ghosts. But still this is in dispute and not considered actual proof of their existence.

A vortex (pl. vortices) is a spinning, often turbulent, flow (or any spiral motion) with closed streamlines. The shape of media or mass rotating rapidly around a center forms a vortex. It is a flow involving rotation about an axis.

A vortex can be seen in the spiraling motion of air or liquid around a center of rotation. Circular current of water of conflicting tides form vortex shapes. Turbulent flow makes many vortices. A good example of a vortex is the atmospheric phenomenon of a whirlwind or a tornado or dust devil. This whirling air mass mostly takes the form of a helix, column, or spiral. Tornadoes develop from severe thunderstorms, usually spawned from squall lines and supercell thunderstorms, though they sometimes happen as a result of a hurricane.

A mesovortex is on the scale of a few miles (smaller than a hurricane but larger than a tornado). [2] On a much smaller scale, a vortex is usually formed as water goes down a drain, as in a sink or a toilet. This occurs in water as the revolving mass forms a whirlpool. This whirlpool is caused by water flowing out of a small opening in the bottom of a basin or reservoir. This swirling flow structure within a region of fluid flow opens downward from the water surface. In the hydrodynamic interpretation of the behaviour of electromagnetic fields, the acceleration of electric fluid in a particular direction creates a positive vortex of magnetic fluid. This in turn creates around itself a corresponding negative vortex of electric fluid.

All this is how Paranormal investigators have lumped together to explain the phenomena.

The great majority of vortex pictures are nothing more than accidentally photographing ones camera strap. The camera is often tilted 90 degrees to the left or right and since the camera strap is usually affixed on the left and right of a camera, it can dangle into the lens and be photographed. The strap is very white because it was the closest image to the camera and the flash unit and was often in motion causing the semi-transparency of the image.

Dear Papa,

What is Fan Death? A friend of mine at school told me if you leave a fan on and go to sleep a ghost comes and takes your soul away! The ghost then takes over your body and becomes you . is this true?

Jill in Ohio

Fan Death is the belief that if someone is sleeping in a sealed room (windows and doors are closed) with an electric fan on, they could die. And no, what you have heard is not true. It is a urban legend in Korea.

This belief is similar to death by air conditioners/heaters in homes and cars. The only country to believe in fan death is South Korea. If you ask any Korean about fan death, they will almost certainly vehemently argue that it is indeed true. It seems Koreans of all ages, professions (including doctors) and education backgrounds believe it.

Fan death is an urban legend that originated in South Korea, but has since spread to other countries in the Far East. The belief is that an electric fan, if left running overnight in a closed room, can result in the death (by suffocation, poisoning, or hypothermia) of those inside. This belief also extends to air conditioners and the fans in cars. When the air conditioner or fan is on in a car, some people are apt to leave their car windows open a crack to avoid "fan death." Fans manufactured and sold in Korea are equipped with a timer switch that turns them off after a set number of minutes, which users are frequently urged to set when going to sleep with a fan on.

The explanation of fan death is accepted by many Korean medical professionals. In summer, mainstream Korean news sources regularly report on cases of fan death.

A typical example is this excerpt from the July 28, 1997, edition of the Korea Herald

The heat wave which has encompassed Korea for about a week, has generated various heat-related accidents and deaths. At least 10 people died from the effects of electric fans which can remove oxygen from the air and lower body temperatures…

On Friday in eastern Seoul, a 16-year-old girl died from suffocation after she fell asleep in her room with an electric fan in motion. The death toll from fan-related incidents reached 10 during the past week. Medical experts say that this type of death occurs when one is exposed to electric fan breezes for long hours in a sealed area. "Excessive exposure to such a condition lowers one's temperature and hampers blood circulation. And it eventually leads to the paralysis of heart and lungs," says a medical expert.

"To prevent such an accident, one should keep the windows open and not expose oneself directly to fan air," he advised.

Also see: http://www.fandeath.net/

When informed that the phenomenon is virtually unheard of outside of their country, some Koreans have suggested that their unique physiology renders them susceptible to fan death. Such Koreans are usually at a loss to explain why Koreans born overseas, who have never heard of this phenomenon and leave fans running in closed rooms, do not suffer from fan death.

Got a question? Need an answer?

Do you have a real question for Papa Zazaldi? < Please visit him here to ask it. >


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