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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan





Many Tourist in New Orleans capture what thye think might just be Ghost Photos. We have placed them her for you to decided.

by J.J. Mc cay Photos submitted by R. Todd

Haunted Balconies of the Historic French Quarter

Please examine these many Photos taken of New Orleans French Quarter Balconies and see if you spot a actual New Orleans ghost.

The lacy, wrought iron balconies overlooking the narrow streets of the New Orleans French Quarter are evocative of another time, another place and they are among some of the most photographed attractions in the City.

Tourists who flock to the French Quarter every year bring back memories in the photographs they take. But can it be possible that more is developing in those photos than meets the naked eye?

Famous psychic ghost hunter, Mickey of Miami says, "possibly these haunted balcony images contain proof of spirit activity in the old haunted Vieux Carre". And she asks that others not only check their pictures, but a full investigation should start right away.

Several seasoned tourists have been startled to see appearing in their vacation photographs the amorphous, wispy images of otherworldly inhabitants taking in the passing parade of the old city from a balcony view.

Many photos containing anomalies peculiar to the New Orleans balcony have been submitted for review and on first inspection it is easy to dismiss some of the images as haze or sunlight on the lens. But taking a closer look often uncovers a mysterious resonance in the photos - as if the images are the imprints of city dwellers that have gone on long before.

The balconies of New Orleans have seen a lot in their centuries of grandeur. Most of them are made of wrought iron in a process that precedes the age of factory production; the iron was literally scored and hammered by hand, and much of the energy of the artist still seems to linger on in the iron’s strength and endurance. Can it be possible that some blacksmiths continue to be proud of their work from beyond the grave?

The balconies sometimes form a fairy like ring around homes and apartments that are alive and bustling with life above the French Quarter streets. There have been stories told of residents seeing old friends waving to them from a balcony, only to learn later that day that their friend had passed and the greeting they received was from the other side!

Families enjoying Mardi Gras festivities have reported being accompanied, sometimes all night, by mysterious visitors that no one seemed to immediately recognized. The visitors, never confronted by residents who think them merely more friends of friends out to enjoy the scene, sometimes join in throwing beads to the crowds below or drinking and having a good time. But later that night or the next morning no one seems to recall inviting the “guest” or can tell who the ghostly visitor might have been.

Some balconies surmount tall poles that are topped with grim spikes. These are called Bachelor’s Spikes, or Bear Claws and they were designed into the poles and balconies to keep ardent suitors from the French windows of the fair Creole maids. Occasionally, a daring bachelor, perhaps with passion burning too fervently in his chest, would try to brave the grappling spikes. There are many reports of suitors receiving fatal wounds from the balcony spikes. Can it be that some have come back to repeat the act over and over throughout eternity?

So the next time you visit New Orleans, as you walk through the bustling streets and quaint alleys of the old Quarter, remember to look up and wave. You might just be greeting a visitor from the past, a revenant spirit from another domain!



Photo's Submitted by: R.Todd

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The New Orleans French Quarter balconies sometimes form a fairy like ring around homes.

Please examine these many Photos taken of New Orleans French Quarter Balconies and see if you spot a actual New Orleans ghost.

Can it be possible that some blacksmiths continue to be proud of their work from beyond the grave?

Psychic Ghost Hunter Mickey of Miami see this as possible proof images contain spirit activity.

New Orleans French Quarter Balcony with ectoplasm streaming upward to the sky.

The balconies of New Orleans have seen a lot in their centuries of grandeur.

Is It a reflection? Or is it just a New Orleans Ghost?

So the next time you visit New Orleans, remember to look up and wave.