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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan





Story by T. D. Bradly

Have you ever wanted to visit a haunted library?

Paranormal experts believe ghosts tend to haunt the places they enjoyed most in life. So the next time you have a supernatural experience it could be a lost mischievous spirit who loved to read books. Some Paranormal experts believe that the ghosts of the writers haunt their books. or prieveious owners. Others say it's donated books from families of those that have passed away.

One Ghost Hunter expert believes that the ghost of a woman who died reading a checked out library book checked in with it when it was returned, and now she haunts the library to this day.

Some haunted libraries have ghost cams set up others will only tell you about their ghosts in hushed tones. People who work in these libraries have experienced some very strange and paranormal occurences and ghost hunters/paranormal experts have visited many of them and been more than intrigued by the results they got with their equipment.


Willard Library
The oldest public library in the state of Indiana, established in 1885 in Evansville Indiana. Listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The library opened in 1885 and apparently the ghost, whoever she is, dates from that time period because her clothing matches costume of that era. Despite visits from psychics and ghost researchers, no one has been able to learn the identity of the spirit who haunts the building.

Live, 24-hour a day camera inside a haunted library in Evansville, Indiana. See if you can catch the 'Grey Lady Ghost' in Willard Library!

The Willard Library Ghost Cams were inspired by the question "Is Willard Library Haunted?" It has become a fascinating, and somewhat credible, legend that drives thousands of people to search the library for remnants of lost spirits. The site is a virtual ghost hunting mecca. Take a virtual tour of the library with Greg Hager, Willard Library Director, and see if you can locate the cams hidden in the building. Libraryghost.com offers three cams for your ghost hunting pleasure. The Children's Room cam and the Research Room cam are both refreshed every thirty seconds. The newest cam, which is located in the basement, is virtually live - it refreshes every second!


Willard Library Ghost Cams
Who is ghost haunting the Willard Library? Watch quietly. Perhaps you'll see our Lady in ... One day, we may find out who is haunting the Willard Library. ...



Sweetwater County Library

The site, at 300 North 1st East, Green River, Wyoming, had previously been the city cemetery, which had been established in 1892. In 1926, a federal CWA project moved the bodies and old grave markers to the Riverview Cemetery just up the hill. In 1930 the town used the site as a park.

During 1944 a Veteran's Housing Site was built on the site, due to the return of the veterans. During the construction, several remains were found and re-interned at the now current Riverview Cemetery. The identity of the remains was unknown.

In 1978, during the construction of the new facility, twelve unknown graves were found. Again in 1983 during landscaping of the grounds revealed more graves and remains. This renewed the fear of a historic epidemic of smallpox and the re-introduction of the disease.
Since 1985 unexplained occurrences have been reported at the library. The Green River Library is listed on the famous list of the ghost and haunted places in Wyoming.

Sweetwater County Library System
Since 1985 unexplained occurrences have been reported at the library. The Green River Library is listed on the famous list of the ghost and haunted places ...



Is Liverpool Library Haunted?
Is the Liverpool Library haunted? We've gotten reports that a mysterious figure is sometimes seen materializing in the Local History section of the library.
Some say she's a ghostly librarian from the past, unwilling to leave her beloved book collection behind. It would be easy to discount such tales, but we have to admit, we're intrigued.



The P.K. Yonge Library, known as Norman Hall by today's University of Florida students, is said to be a playground for the spirits of two children who died in an elevator accident there many years ago. The sound of running feet and laughter fill the halls at night, and strange things are rumored to have happened in the library, especially.

Milton H. Latter Library Memorial Branch

The Latter Branch, located in a turn-of-the-century mansion on St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, Louisiana, lost a good many of its roof tiles, but came through Katrina essentially intact. Its reopening early this year was a welcome sign of recovery to its patrons. And probaly to the ghost of Marguerite Clark that is said to roam the old mansion. Lights are said to flicker, a feeling of being watched and sometimes cold chills pass right through you.

The ghost is often thought to be that of a child. some who say they have seen her say she is very small and light in appearence a girl between the age of 12- 16. But in truth this fits the discription of the former owner.

Opened in 1948 in a mansion built in 1907. Former owner/residents included silent film star Marguerite Clark. This is who is believed to be the ghost that haunts the building. This is one of the few mansions on St. Charles Avenue open to the public. Local artisans contributed the murals and carved mantels.

Who was Marguerite Clark

At age thirty-one it was relatively late in life for a film actress to begin a career with starring roles but the diminutive Clark, who stood 4 ft 10 in (1.47 m) tall, had a little-girl look that belied her years. She made her first appearance on screen in the short film Wildflower directed by Allan Dwan.


In 1915 she starred as "Gretchen" in a feature-length production of The Goose Girl based on a 1909 best-selling novel by Harold MacGrath. In 1915 she also performed in the feature-length production The Seven Sisters directed by Sidney Olcott and in 1916 she reprised a Broadway role, starring in the first feature-length film version of Snow White.

Clark was directed in this by J. Searle Dawley as well as in a number of films, notably when she played the characters of both "Little Eva St. Clair" and "Topsy" in the 1918 feature, Uncle Tom's Cabin. That year Marguerite Clark married New Orleans, Louisiana plantation owner Harry Palmerston Williams (1880-1936) with whom she would remain until his death. (Their former mansion on St. Charles Avenue in Uptown New Orleans now houses the Latter branch of the New Orleans Public Library.)

Marguerite Clark made all but one of her forty films with Famous Players-Lasky, her last with them in 1920 titled Easy to Get in which she starred opposite Harrison Ford.

Her next film in 1921 was made by her own production company for First National Pictures distribution. As one of the most popular actresses going into the 1920s, and one of the industry's best paid, her name alone was enough to ensure reasonable box office success. As such, Scrambled Wives was made "her" way following which she retired at age thirty-eight to be with her husband at their country estate in New Orleans.

After the death of her husband in 1936, Marguerite Clark spent time in New York City where she died from pneumonia in 1940 at the age of fifty-seven. She was buried with her husband in Metairie Cemetery in New Orleans.

For her contribution to the motion picture industry, Marguerite Clark has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6304 Hollywood Boulevard.

Eight of New Orleans Public Libraries twelve branches were severely damaged by Katrina. Currently, five branches ( Alvar, the Children's Resource Center, Hubbell, Latter, and Nix) are open to the public. On July 5, mobile libraries began providing library service at the Algiers Regional and Smith branches. NOPL is working hard to find resources to return service to the remaining flooded branches.

BOERNE, Texas Library Ghost

Currently, Boerne's Library holds 33000 volumes and boasts 8700 cardholders. Also when visiting you can ask about also ask about the buildings resident ghost. Boerne is located in the hill country of southern central Texas, southwest of Austin and northwest of San Antonio.

Many visitors feel the ghosts presence when inside, and if you drive by late at night you can see lights in the building going on and off.

This native limestone structure was built for Joseph Dienger and has been prominent in Boerne's history for over 100 years. Originally, it was a grocery store with living quarters upstairs. Later, it was a dry goods store and after that, the Antlers Restaurant. Finally it became offices for Bill and Paige Ramsey-Palmer who restored the building. It is on the National Register for Historic Places and a Texas Historical Landmark. In 1991, after extensive renovation, the building, now owned by the city of Boerne was dedicated as the Boerne Public Library.

The often told local Library ghost story about the ghost goes somrthing like this :

Before this haunted library opened its doors to the public it used to be a saloon. The often told Texas ghost tale tells that there was a woman that hated this place because her husband would go to the saloon and get so drunk he would beat on her un mersifully each day.

This woman was said to have lived her life in perpetual torment until she died at his hands. After a time, the saloon doors closed forever and was sold it then became a drug store that did not prosper to well. The large building was sold again and turned into the cities main public library.

On the opening of the library wine and food where served as the opening celebration. The next morning when the librarian went to open the library she saw that all the books where piled up in the middle of the room. To this day people who work there say they hear noises where the bar stood. Many people think it’s the ghost of this abused woman that still lives in the library, and get angry when liquor is found inside the library.

Thompson Library - Ghost
Every good library needs a ghost. We have ours. Read on. ... The Thompson Library ghost has not completed his day's inquiries. Or her inquiries. ...


Paulding County Carnegie Library

Established 1916 First Carnegie Library in the United States built to serve an entire county. Paulding, Ohio.

Ghostly rumors
Ghost stories abound in public libraries throughout the United States. Usually an unusual, unexplainable event will occur and the rest is left to the shadows and the imagination of the mind. So it is here at the Paulding County Carnegie Library.
How it all got started

Back in the 1980s the library outsourced the building cleaning to an independent company. Workers were in the building one night when they looked up and saw a person hovering in the north wing. The frightened workers refused to return to the library.

When the library was under construction, a tragic accident took the life of one carpenter. Those who follow the "spirit world" might say there is reason for a presence.

There have been the usual books on the floor and other unexplained happenings that served as fodder for the stories. Local merchants have held "ghost specials" and the library ghost at one time seemed to be a temporary boom for the Village of Paulding economy.

While the library was undergoing excavation for foundation water-proofing in the late 1990s, the director found a rusty old mule shoe. So maybe even now that mule is wandering around the library, looking for his missing shoe...

The ghost today
As of today, if there is a paranormal event or being among us, he or she has kept rather quiet. Well... almost. There was that one time when the director and the president of the Board of Trustees were walking towards the elevator. A large plant just suddenly and violently tipped to the ground. Fade to "Twilight Zone" music...




Haunted Metaphysical Book Store Ghost!

Marie Laveaus Haunted House of Voodoo

Athene Book Store still haunts Miami!


Haunted Books




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