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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan






Ghost stories  from coast to coast. Paranormal investigations, haunted houses, fiction, ghost hunting information.



Story by Gene R. Hampton

Please visit each cataloged Cryptozoological creature by visiting the story link below.

List of Named and Known Cryptids
Acinonyx jubatus guttatus Woolly Cheetah Genetic Disorder Carnivorous Mammal Africa
Ahool Bat Indonesia
Almas Abnauayu, Almosty, Albasty, Bekk-Bok, Biabin-Guli, Golub-Yavan, Gul-Biavan, Guli-Avan, Kaptar, Kra-Dhun, Ksy-Giik, Ksy-Gyik, Ochokochi, Mirygdy, Mulen, Voita, Wind-Man Primate --BIG FOOT--Asia/Caucasus
Altamaha-ha River Animal United States, Georgia
Ameranthropoides loysi de Loys's Ape Primate South America
Andean Wolf Hagenbeck Wolf, Andean Mountain Wolf, Dasycyon hagenbecki Carnivorous Mammal High Andes
Atmospheric beast ? Atmosphere
Barmanou Primate Middle East/Asia
Batutut Primate East Asia
Bear Lake Monster Lake Animal United States, Idaho/Utah
The Beast of Bodmin Carnivorous Mammal United Kingdom
The Beast of Bray Road Carnivorous Mammal United States, Wisconsin
Beast of Busco Churubusco Turtle Reptile/Dinosaur United States
The Beast of Dean Moose-Pig Carnivorous Mammal England
The Beast of Exmoor Carnivorous Mammal England
The Beast of Gévaudan Carnivorous Mammal France
Bergman's Bear God Bear Extinct Carnivorous Mammal Asia
Bessie Lake Animal Lake Erie, North America
Bigfoot Sasquatch Primate North America, Malaysia (Johor)
Bili Ape Bondo Mystery Ape Primate Africa
Brenin Llwyd Primate Wales
British Big Cats Alien Big Cats or ABCs, Phantom Cats Carnivorous Mammal Great Britain
Brosno Dragon Lake Animal Lake Brosno, Russia
Bunyip Lake Animal Australia
Buru Presumed Extinct Reptile/Dinosaur India
Cadborosaurus willsi Caddy, Cadborosaurus Sea Animal Pacific Coast of North America
Canvey Island Monster Discredited Bipedal United Kingdom
Centaur Mythical? Humanoid Greece
Champ Champtanystropheus Lake Animal Lake Champlain, North America
Cherufe Mythical? Chile
Chessie (sea monster) Sea Animal Atlantic Coast of United States
Chimpekwe Reptile/Dinosaur Africa
Chupacabra (Grunch) Bipedal North/Central America
Con Rit Sea Animal Southeast Asia
Dahu Discredited Herbivorous Mammal France, Switzerland
Deinotherium Presumed Extinct Herbivorous Mammal Africa
Devil Bird Bird Sri Lanka
Dinosaurs in South America Reptile/Dinosaur South America
Dobhar-chu Carnivorous Mammal Ireland
Dover Demon Bipedal United States, Massachusetts
Dragon Reptile Europe and America
Ebu Gogo Primate Indonesia
Elasmotherium Giant Rhinoceros Extinct Herbivorous Mammal Asia
Ennedi tiger Saber-toothed cat Presumed Extinct Carnivorous Mammal Africa
Emela-ntouka Reptile/Dinosaur Africa
Fear liath Primate Scotland
Flatwoods Monster Green Monster ? United States, West Virginia
Flying Rod Sky Fish Discredited Flying Creature Worldwide
Fouke Monster Primate United States, Arkansas
Fur-bearing Trout Discredited Fish North America
Gambo Sea Animal Africa
Giant Anaconda Reptile/Dinosaur South America
Giant Penguin Discredited/Extinct Bird Florida (USA), New Zealand
Giglioli's whale Sea Animal Off the Coast of Chile, Off the Coast of Scotland, French Mediterranean Coast
Gin-Sung[2] Bear-Men, Kung-Lu, Tok Primate Asia
Globster Sea Animal
Goatman Bipedal United States
Greys Roswell Aliens, Reticulians, Zetas Existence disputed Bipedal Worldwide
Name Other names Status Description Location
Harpy Mythical? Humanoid World
Hellhounds Mythical? Carnivorous Mammal
Hibagon Primate Japan
High-finned sperm whale Cetacean Shetland Islands
Hodag The Dag Carnivorous Mammal/Lizard United States, Wisconsin
Hoop Snake Discredited Reptile/Dinosaur United States/Australia
Humanzee Chuman Hypothetical Primate
Hyote Discredited
Inkanyamba Lake Animal Africa
Jackalope Discredited Herbivorous Mammal North America
Japanese Wolf Extinct Carnivorous Mammal Japan
Jersey Devil Bipedal United States, New Jersey
Kappa Bipedal Japan
Kasai Rex Extinct Reptile/Dinosaur Africa
Kikomba Primate Africa
Kingstie Discredited Lake Animal North America, Lake Ontario
Kongamato Pterosaur/Bird/Bat Kenya
The Kraken Giant Squid Confirmed Sea Animal World's Oceans
Kting Voar Snake-eating Cow Likely Herbivorous Mammal Cambodia
Lake Tianchi Monster Lake Animal China
Lake Van Monster Monster of Lake Van Lake Animal Turkey
Lake Worth monster Carnivorous Mammal United States, Texas
Lariosauro Lariosauro, Como Lake monster Water reptile Italy
Lindworm Discredited Europe
Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp Bipedal United States, South Carolina
Lizard Men Bipedal Worldwide
Loch Ness Monster Nessie Lake Monster Scotland
Long Horse[1] Hoax Similar to a normal horse, only several times the normal length. North America/Europe
Loveland Frog Bipedal United States, Ohio
Lusca Sea Animal World's Oceans
MacFarlane's Bear Extinct Carnivorous Mammal Canada
Maltese Tiger Blue Tiger Likely Carnivorous Mammal China
Mamlambo Lake Animal South Africa
Manipogo Lake Animal Canada
Mapinguari Remnant of Megatherium Extinct Herbivorous Mammal Amazon Rainforest
Maricoxi Primate South America
Marozi Carnivorous Mammal Africa
Marsupial Lion Thylaceo, Thylaceo carnifex Confirmed. Extinct Carnivorous Mammal Australia
Mbielu-Mbielu-Mbielu Reptile/Dinosaur Africa
Mecheny Primate Asia
Megalania prisca Giant Australian Monitor Lizard Reptile/Dinosaur Australia
Menehune Primate United States, Hawaii
Merfolk Sea Humanoid World's Oceans
Minhocão Extinct? Caecilian/Snake/Worm South America
Minnesota Iceman Discredited Primate United States, Minnesota
Mngwa Carnivorous Mammal Africa
Moehau Primate New Zealand
Mokele Mbembe Reptile/Dinosaur Congo
MoMo Primate United States, Missouri
Mongolian Deathworm Allghoi (or orghoi) khorkhoi Carnivorous Insect Gobi Desert
Mono Grande Hominid South America
Morag Lake Animal Scotland
Mothman Bipedal United States, West Virginia
Muckie Lake Animal Lakes of Killarney, Ireland.
Muc-sheilch Lake Animal Scotland
Mussie Lake Animal Canada
Nahuelito Lake Animal Argentina
Night Parrot Pezoporus occidentalis Confirmed. Extinct? Parrot Australia
Nandi Bear Chemosit[3], Chimiset, Chimisit, Duba, Engargiya, Gadett, Ikimizi, Kerit, Kikambangwe, Kikomba, Koddoelo, Ngoloko, Sabrookoo, Shivuverre Carnivorous Mammal Africa
Neo-Giant Primate
Ngoubou Extinct Reptile/Dinosaur Africa
Nguoi Rung Primate Vietnam
Nords Nordics, Pleideans, Hydeans, Wingmakers, Venusians, Telosians Primate/E.T. Alien
Nyalmo Primate Asia
Ogopogo Lake Animal Canada
Old Yellow Top Primate Canada
Olitiau Bat Cameroon
Orang-Bati Bipedal Indonesia
Orang Mawas Mawa, Orang Dalam Primate Malaysia
Orang Pendek Primate Sumatra
Cornish Owlman Bird England
Ozark Howler Carnivorous Mammal United States, Arkansas
Phantom cats Mythical? Carnivorous Mammal
Phantom kangaroo Presumed Extinct/Mythical? Marsupials Various
Phaya Naga Lake Animal Laos
Piasa Bird? United States, Illinois
Pope Lick Monster Bipedal United States, Kentucky
Popobawa Mythical? Bipedal Zanzibar, Tanzania
Queensland Tiger Carnivorous Mammal Australia
Red Headband Mythical? Bipedal Comoros, Africa
Road Troll Humanoid Cryptid United States
Row Reptile New Guinea
Salawa Seth, Salaawa Carnivorous Mammal Egypt
Sea monk Sea Animal World's Oceans
Sea Monsters Sea Animal World's Oceans
Great Sea Serpent Sea Animal World's Oceans
Setontot ? Malaysia
Shug Monkey Primate Europe
Shunka Warakin Carnivorous Mammal American West
Sirrush Reptile/Dinosaur Africa, Ancient Babylon
Skunk Ape Primate United States, Florida
Snallygaster Reptile/Dinosaur United States
Squonk Mammal United States - Pennsylvania
Steller's Sea Cow Confirmed. Extinct Sea Animal Bering Strait
Storsjöodjuret Lake Animal Sweden
Stronsay Beast Sea Animal Orkney, Scotland
Taniwha Lake Animal New Zealand
Tatzelwurm Reptile/Dragon Europe
Thunderbird Bird North America
Thylacine Tasmanian Tiger Presumed Extinct Carnivorous Mammal Tasmania, Australia
Tjutjuna Chuchunaa Primate Russia
Trinity Alps Giant Salamander Amphibians United States, California
Trunko Sea Animal South Africa
Tsuchinoko Reptile/Snake Japan
Tsul 'Kalu Primate American West
Turul Mythical? Flying Creature
Unicorn unconfirmed Herbivorous Mammal World
Vampire Mythical? Humanoid World
Veo Carnivorous Mammal Indonesia
Waheela Carnivorous Mammal Canada
Waitoreke Carnivorous Mammal New Zealand
Wampus Cat Bipedal United States, Tennessee
Wendigo Mythical Bipedal United States
Werewolf unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal World
Woodwose Primate Europe
Yeren Primate China
Yeti Abominable Snowman Primate Asia (Himalayas)
Yowie Primate Australia



Cryptozoology is the search for animals that are rumored to exist, but for which conclusive proof is missing. This includes the search for living examples of animals that are known to have existed at one time, but are widely considered to be extinct today. Those who study or search for such animals are called crypto zoologists, while the hypothetical creatures involved are referred to by some as "cryptids", a term coined by John Wall in 1983.

Cryptids are legendary creatures that are rumored or suspected to exist, but for which conclusive proof is still missing. Cryptids also include Unidentified Mysterious Animals (UMA) and species that are hard to classify. Some are extinct animals that might just still be alive. The most notable Cryotids still make international news now and then, from the el Chupacabra to the Loch Ness monster. Their stories and sightings still have a dramatic effect on the public.



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