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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan





By Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

I was recently asked to go to New Jersey by a close friend, Agnes Jenkins. She wanted me to investigate the New Jersey Devil and it's reality in the world today.

To explain Ms. Agnes Jenkins to you in a nut shell.

She is one of those people that likes to get out and collect the urban legend first hand and directly from the mouths of those that tell the old campfire tales.

Agnes gave me all the information on who and what this strange vampire werewolf crossed creature of the night really is. This by what she could compile through web searches and contacting people through their emails only to discover. What lies are lurking about behind the real secrets to Jersey Devil Hunting and expeditions to document it's existence. There is currently a $10,000 reward for the capture of the New Jersey Devil, a creature with bat-like wings, a horses head, hooves, and large glowing eyes that stalks the pine barrens of New Jersey. Although many have tried, no one has yet to claim the prize.

The quest for the true true image of the Jersey Devil looks like must come only today from eyewitness accounts. And this beast, creature or devil child is not too often described other then being a horse like mammal cryptid. And it is a winged beast with a long neck, horns and long sharp white pointed or twisting teeth or great boar like tusks.

The New Jersey Devil

Its wings are bat-like and is said to be often seen flying high in the sky reportedly mostly at night but it has been spotted in the day. This horrid beast devil monster is often described as having a strong strange stale urine or feces smell that proceeds it in the darkness.

Some most often reported encounters speak of how the individual only smelled the creature presence, but did not actually see it. The stench is reported to be so foul smelling that it will bring you to your knees in disgust when you are no less or more then near th 50 to 100 feet of this large carnivorous beast.

The creature is believed to attack like any other large predator, but the killings of the livestock always has what many have described over the many years as supernatural in it's placing. People describe discovering images of dead chickens ripped apart but their remains are laid out in the shape of a pentagram. Often details are sketchy of the old tales but some accounts often related reports that the heads of chickens were all found in a nice circle or triangle shape.


Most accounts of the Jersey Devil and of it's birth and terrifying legend attribute the creature to "Mother Leeds", a supposed occultist or witch by some accounts, although the tale has many twisted variations it is rooted as many believe in actual 100% truth. No matter who you question in the area of The Pine Barrens, also known as the Pinelands, everyone will tell you of a different encounter or truth they assume that they know of campfire twisted tales they have heard.

According to one version, the woman or Mother Leeds invoked the devil while giving birth to her 13th child, they say she did this because she did not want to go through the pain of childbirth once more and when the baby was born, it either immediately or soon afterwards transformed into a devil or demonic like creature and it flew off into the surrounding pines. This is where many believe it is still lurking to this very day. Though others state that since the creature has grown to adulthood it's range is greatly enlarged.

Many believe the New Jersey Devil might be a case of a demonic changeling. Often such swapping out of infants relate to a creature found in Western European folklore and folk religion.

It is typically described as being the offspring of a witch, vampire, werewolf, fairy, troll, elf or other legendary mythic or cryptid creature that has been secretly left in the place of a human child.

The apparent changeling could also be a stock, an enchanted piece of wood under a spell to appear human. Many times the old tales tell that a wooden bucket was turned or cursed into being a human looking child and that this baby by all appearances would soon appear to grow sick or turn back into it's original form. In most cases the changeling would just die.

The theme of the swapped child is common among medieval literature and reflects concern over infants afflicted by as-then unknown diseases, disorders, or mental retardation. Many believe that the New Jersey Devil was clearly human at it's birth then turned into the gruesome beast before it fled.

Changeling as it is believed by historians can also be swapped into the womb of a pregnant woman by a witch, sorcery, demon or the Devil himself. This is done usually because the mother is destined to be cursed or generations of a family line ended. Usually the mother or family believes the changeling baby in the womb to be her own but is not aware that swap took place before the child was born. Many believe this is how the Jersey Devil came to be.

Some old tales tell that the changeling is hand placed inside the womb by the devil or one of his demons. The Changeling in a matter of hours devours the unborn child and takes it place. The practice of placing a changeling in ones womb can happen at any point during the actual pregnancy but most cases seem to say that it happens hours or minutes before the changeling or beast is delivered.


According to legend, while visiting the Hanover Mill Works to inspect his cannonballs being forged, Commodore Stephen Decatur sighted a flying creature flapping its wings and fired a cannonball directly upon it to no effect. The thought in investigating this is that creature deflected the cannon ball or avoided it directly in some way, or it simply bounced off it. As we can surmise it might be that the Jersey Devil has some magical powers of some sort that have not been fully explained or witnessed.

Tales of people looking into it's eyes and being completely stupefied or dazed are supposedly documented and have been reported in recent accounts. Though many hard Jersey Devil authorities and historians might squash these beliefs as nothing more then people adding a personal touch to the urban legend or myth.

Once someone even noted that Joseph Bonaparte, you know the eldest brother of the great French Emperor Napoleon, is also said to have witnessed the foul smelling gigantic Jersey Devil while hunting on his Bordentown, New Jersey estate around 1820. The belief is told that whilst out on the hunt the great group of well respected and prominent men in the hunting party, they all came upon possibly the Jersey Devils secret den or nest. Bonaparte, upon him personally startling the creature as it slept in a hollow tree.

In some telling's it is believed that Joseph Bonaparte awoke the great beast then it leaped into the sky and flew away.

Another person told us in his version he tells that this beast leapt upon him knocking him to the ground as his weapon discharged. suddenly frightened in panic the strange smelly creature leaped to the tree ran up it the jumped into the sky and was gone.

Bonaparte is said in one antidotal to have been covered in urine and smelly foul black hairy wet feces at this point and not all of it was his own.


Throughout the 1800s, the Jersey Devil was blamed for incidental as well as large accounts of chickens and other livestock killings. And by a few accounts individuals or animals wounded barely escaping with their lives.

One strange report is that several individuals witnessed. The Jersey Devil copulating with several horses, cows and pigs as well as goats.

There have also been spoken accounts of people who say their great great grandmother or father were sexually molested by them. One woman who emailed me even told me that her grandmother told her that her great granny was impregnated by one and that her and the great great aunt had to drown the baby at birth. She went on to say they buried it in the foundation of church where it still tries to free itself from it's prison.

Those who have directly and openly searched over the past 200 years for this cryptid have documented what they believe to have found, what the believe to be it's strange tracks, and one man has stated that he has captured reported sounds made by the Jersey Devil in the night.

The creature that many believe to be that of the New Jersey Devil in some accounts is thought to howl, scream and even growl in the night.

A few accounts of late depending on what you really want to believe... relate that it also whispers or speaks in a strange tongue. The words many say or unintelligent and often a mumble jumble of syllables, but often one word is said very clearly heard....and it spells disaster for those that hear it!

In the early 1900s, a number of people in New Jersey and neighboring states claimed to have seen or witnessed signs of the Jersey Devil. Some reports or of large dark red foul smelling feces ma top of their cars in the early morning , a nest full of long dark matted reddish brown hair, or many have sad to have seen its hoofed tracks.

Claims of a corpse matching the Jersey Devil's description arose in 1957. The beast was described as being over 7 foot 9 inches tall, and horse or dog or wolf like looking in the face with a huge flat horse mouth and nose.

The reported corpse had two long deer or goat like rams horns that curled forward. And it had the body similar to an slightly over weight elk, deer or moose. Though it was covered with long dark hair or fur much of it was matted to the body in large and small thick reddish blonde hair balls. The creatures corpse which decayed rather quickly is said to have weighed in an excess of 1000 lbs. That is before the remains and photo mysteriously disappeared.


The face was long with over 30 white teeth, yet no visible signs of lips, though they were crooked and over lapped in spots. The report went on to say that the longer teeth were very sharp like a knife grinded on the edge.

The eyes were described as large as an apple and were said to be a blood reddish-orange or amber colored.

It's hooves which were only on two feet were broken and over grown with long chipped nails. This as it was observed that the creature must walk on its toes yet it is described as having a long hooked nailed to protruding out of the back of the foot at the ankle. The creatures tail was long and pointed like that of the devil drawings of old.

The large wings it was stated replaced what would have been it's arms were supposed to be. At this point contrary to some that believe the creature had four long legs was reported in error. They were described as being in an expanse of over 20 feet when extended. They were very much described as resembling that of a bat, but still some how very different.

One witness is said to have stated that the creature seemed to be very distorted as he noted how it had a almost black purple tongue and long pink speckled and purple long hanging twisted penis.

The Jersey Devil's sexual appetite and matting rituals is often believed to be more myth then urban legend. People that Agnes and I interviewed often told us of things they had heard.

By those that Agnes and I have personal corresponded with or interviewed to either tell us of stories about someone being raped or attempted to be raped that those stories of several individuals over the past century or two have sometimes surfaced. But just shove off this idea as pure folly.

Many individuals who believe or tell that the creature actually raped them might by some who read this to be thought to be purely an extreme example of an over active imagination or someone who is lying to get attention.

But their or some old tales that tell of live stock giving birth to malformed atrocities that had to be killed on the spot. So why not believe that such a beast could have not sexually molested something other then a pig, a cow a goat or possibly a human.

There have always been over the centuries reports of strange miss-shapened infants being born to a normal woman. sometimes tales of a child looking like a goat or being born with a tail are considered today just birth defects. Some of these accounts of such might be easily explained away as genetics. But tales do surface of men and woman alike fearing to come forward and tell how the New Jersey Devil tried to stick his penis in them or succeeded.

The mating habits of the New Jersey Devil may be just a bit over the top to some but we must realize that many tales of wild men attacking women and other large beasts of burden only to copulate with them is often just something shrug off as lies. but stories of little hooves running on rooftops of parked cars or often the signs that the children of the Jersey devil or coming to get you .

As the urban myth goes a young couple were parked necking in a car in the late 1950's. the car was attacked and flipped open the beast using its great jaws like a can opener. it pulled the young man out of the car by his head and swallowed his head whole in two gulps. His young pretty drunk prostitute girl friend was said to have been found a day later wandering the morning traffic jammed Highway. Covered in deep red flowing blood from her head wound, naked, with great bald patches on her head and physical signs of being brutally raped, repeatedly.

June 13th 1959 nine months to the day in the confines of The Trenton Psychiatric Hospital is a state run mental hospital located in Trenton and Ewing, New Jersey. Many accounts go on to tell that she gave birth to triplets. They were born in this order, two boys and a girl.

The two boys were said to be carbon copies of their father the Devil of New Jersey, and upon killing the doctor and the staff in the hall just out side the dirty ladies restroom where they were delivered into this world.

This unholy spot is where she gave birth to this terrible litter in a dirty urine soaked toilet, that she fell onto and delivered them un assisted screaming in the cold night.

Upon their falling into the toilet from her dripping black womb, they immediately sprung from between her spread blood covered dripping legs and the foul smelling green black water, to their feet and fled into the night.

The legend tells that these two infants devil baby sons of the New Jersey Devil went on an immediate spree of destruction. The locals strange weird tales of their exploits murders and cruel tortures that they do together or independently could fill several volumes.

To often hear people speak of such a diabolical nature these the terrible "Jersey Two", (as they are called) will cause people to run off the road from strange booby traps they make out of things they find in the road.

And only then then as the person lies dying the last image they see is the Jersey Devil's Children lunging upon them and pulling their captured victims wide crying eyes from their sockets and eat them whole.

They are then believed to continue to pick at the back of the eye sockets until the actually brake through with their long blood stained claws to the brain, then only to bend over ever so slowly the injured crying victims and suck their brain out through the eye socket. Zombie sushi as one person I questioned might call it here.

"The Terrible Two" is how they most often are referred to by most. These spawns of hell are known to lay in wait and even been known to follow people at home.

Jersey Devil house intrusions are not considered uncommon by the way most stories go. The tiny twosome have been known to cling to peoples bumpers and journey to their intendent victims home only to kill them in their sleep and suck out their brains.

The many urban legend I collected of the Jersey Devil brothers, tells that these creatures have never grown more then two feet 6 inches in height. Some stories claim they have at least magical powers such as the ability to blend into the deep wood instantly camouflaged.

They do have large leathery wings and long legs like a foal

Naked, dirty, foul smelling more animal then human is how eyewitness accounts describe them. Long dirty broken Edward scissor hand type looking nails and rotting long black teeth. One person told me that if your out at night and smell what smells like burnt coffee and rubber burning in the wilderness run. The smell with these two it is said cuts down their chances of hunting for prey. So this is why they trap people. the creatures or too small to attack a liver person so they only attack sleeping or unconscious individuals.

These juvenile Jersey devils of today are said to be the true off springs of the original horror brothers.

The baby girl is said to have grown up in an a haunted orphanage, an insane asylum or a research lab. "I guess this depends on who is telling the tale", This place has been reported countless number of Paranormal activity and have been investigate by paranormal series Ghost Adventures.

The Trenton Psychiatric Hospital is a state run mental hospital located in Trenton and Ewing, New Jersey. It previously operated under the name New Jersey State Hospital at Trenton and originally as the New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum. Founded by Dorothea Lynde Dix on May 15, 1848, it was the first public mental hospital in the state of New Jersey. Under the Hospital's first superintendent, Dr. Horace A. Buttolph, the hospital admitted and treated 86 patients. In 1907, Dr. Henry Cotton became the medical director. Believing that infections were the key to mental illness, he had his staff remove teeth and various other body parts that might become infected from the hospital patients.

Cotton's legacy of hundreds of fatalities and thousands of maimed and mutilated patients did not end with his leaving Trenton in 1930 or his death in 1933; in fact, removal of patients' teeth at the Trenton asylum was still the norm until 1960.

Thou all stories point to the exact fact that there was something never right about "The Terrible Two's" triplet, for she was said to have been born physically in body and face severely miss shappened and deformed.

Described as having a cleft pallet, a double split upper and triple split lower lip. And not forgetting exposed nasal cavities on the outside of her body and a distended deformed twisted cranium. The fact that she only had two toes on one hand became incidental.

The urban legend I have uncovered in questioning and piecing together here goes on to say she escaped somehow one night by killing a policemen and a beautiful large breasted 23 year old young blonde, new nurse in training.

They the locals say she strangled the nurse with her own tongue as she ripped it out with her feet which were more like the filthy gray feces covered clawed talons of a giant Amazon parrot.

As the urban legend continues in telling it is believed she found her two brother and began to mate with them. Producing several births.

In the past few years she and her brothers have produced a race of inbred hillbilly like creatures that rule the great shadows of the Pionelands.

Stories can often tell of a race of as many as 500 or more living like prehistoric creatures amongs the tall pines. Perhaps hunting and catching and torturing and eating a stray hiker or two. But, I digress. These strange often told tales do border on a truth or two. And many say that is why death comes quick tyo the lost in the tall woods.

The Pine Barrens is home to at least 39 species of mammals, 300+ species of bird, 59 reptile and amphibian species, and 91 fish species.

At least 43 species are considered threatened and endangered by the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife, including the rare eastern timber rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus) and bald eagles. Although once believed to be extinct from NJ, it appears bobcat sightings are back on the rise. Hikers have reported seeing bobcats in the Pine Barrens in recent years. It is now considered an endangered animal species in NJ.

This the sighitngs and often untold accounts of attacks, all could add in my opinion actually clear up a few sightings, attacks and deaths that have been read into as being those of Jersey Devil stories.

Some how a conspiracy to hide the twisted into our normal world existence of such a supernatural beast diabolical that could exisit or be documented.

In 1960, the merchants around Camden offered a $10,000 reward for the capture of the Jersey Devil, even offering to build a private zoo to house the creature if collected and to be observed and studied solely in captivity.


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Chullachaqui ~ The Jersey Devil's South American Kissing Cousin


Chullachaqui, in Spanish el Chullachaqui, and also known as Shapishico, is a legendary devil of the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazonian jungle.

Some say he appears disguised as living prey thought the beast is rarely seen in its orginal form until it's too late, this is to mislead hunters and tricks them deep in the jungle where even experienced trackers can not find a way back.

Others say that the Chullachaqui takes the physical form of a family member or a loved one long not seen, and persuades his victim to follow him to unknown places in the jungle where they are led into traps or left at the edge of cliffs with no way out. Others say that he appears in the shape of a very short man dressed in rags waving his closed fists in the air looking for a fight. In this case, natives believe a man must accept his challenge and beat him until he uncovers all the richness he has hidden in the jungle. He who declines this challenge is cursed with the inability to hunt and foul luck: family and friends turn into enemies, wife leaves with another man, etc.

The most common Chullachaqui tales are accounts of him impersonating someone familiar to his victim. Folks claim that his uncanny ability to replicate others makes him impossible to tell apart but for a limping on his left leg which he can not change from its original state: that of a goat's leg.

Chullachaqui is said to have an ability to turn into any animal of the rainforest.

Chullachaqui thought to be not much unlike the Jersey Devil in appearence, is what many believe to be a forest spirit who guards the lands and the animals and punishes a man if he breaks a taboo or otherwise acts unwisely in the forest. According to a local legend, Chullachaqui is a member of an older species, a species that lived there long before humans. Most of the time they remain quite uninterested in humans. They inhabit forestspots far from human inhabitance where they supposedly have their own gardens and fields to tend. If a human being dwells too close to those gardens, they might attack and put a spell on the unlucky human. Sometimes a Chullachaqui might also steal a human child and raise it as its own, or lure humans into its trap for mating purposes. A human thus stolen by the Chullachaqui becomes one of them.

About Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

Known as the American Necromancer Marshall, Texas's own Lisa Lee Harp Waugh investigates all that is paranormal in in the the great Lone Star State and around the world.

Waugh has been a special and well respected guest on many radio and Internet talk shows.

Waugh currently researches and writes about interesting paranormal activity, cryptids and is considered an authority when it comes to ghosts and strange encounters with the unknown.

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh also researches and investigates many claims regarding 2012 and the Mayan Calendar prophecy.

lisa lee harp waugh

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