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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan




Zombie Baby Vs the Predator




Copyright © 2010 BY ALYNE PUSTANIO


Those Zombie Babies sure get around!  Our own little sweetie is a traveling fool, visiting other creatures such as Klingons from Star Trek, Jedi Knights and Storm Troopers from Star Wars, and even checking in with heroes like Batman and big daddy monsters like the Predator!


PLEASE SEE THE FULL VIDEO HERE http://www.kplctv.com/




Yes, the Zombie Baby of New Orleans is visiting Convention du Lac, the fastest-growing sci-fi and multi-genre convention in SW Louisiana!




Our little zombie was greeted with fear, delight, Klingon scowls, and Anakin Skywalker even mistook it for a long lost son … pre-DARTH!


For those wondering just who the Zombie Baby is, an old New Orleans legend tells that when unlucky mothers were cursed by hoodoo or voodoo workers and gave birth to little monsters they would quickly bind the baby in anything handy – usually their own nightclothes and sheets – and wrap it with “spells and bells” before burying it in the yard under heavy bricks:  the spells to ensure the infant died quickly and, most importantly stayed dead, and the bells to let the nervous mother know when the zombie baby had finally expired – when the baby died, the jingling stopped.


Of course, Zombie Babies are smart little things and more often than not they would find a way out of their bondage and this was a very bad thing, because the first person the zombie baby went to find was the mother who abandoned it to its horrible fate!!!



Celebrity Charity Auction

This year we will be partnering with Great Strides and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of Louisiana.  This great organization is committed to helping individuals and families suffering with this horrible disease.  100% of your donations to the auction will go directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  This is part of our commitment to the community.

This year Con du Lac 2010 features special Celebrity Media Guest Star - Actress

Chase Masterson

chase masterson

Chase Masterson portrayed the Bajoran Leeta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for five years, from 1995 to 1999, and Ivy Lief on General Hospital.

Her recent prominent feature film roles include starring as a sultry singer in James Kerwin's sci-fi noir film Yesterday Was a Lie, which she also produced, and voicing "Janice Em" in the animated film Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. Her television guest starring roles include Sliders (as Kelly, the sister of Wade Welles) and ER. Masterson was named one of the world's "50 Sexiest Women" by the men's magazine Femme Fatales, and the "Favorite Science Fiction Actress on Television" in a TV Guide reader's poll.[3][4] In December 2009, AOL named her one of the "Ten Sexiest Aliens on TV", reporting that "Masterson is regularly voted the most popular guest at Star Trek conventions."

Masterson hosted an Entertainment Tonight-style news program for the Sci Fi Channel in the 1990s called Sci-Fi Entertainment[6] and an Internet-based radio talk show for the website The Fandom in 2004-2005. She released a jazz album entitled Thrill of the Chase, the follow-up EP AD ASTRA! (Latin for To the Stars!), and the limited edition Crystal Anniversary: Songs from the Holosuite, in honor of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's fifteenth anniversary.

Following a series of stalking incidents instigated by a man in Berlin, Masterson was the plaintiff in Carafano v. Metrosplash.com, a controversial legal case in which the courts ruled against Masterson and expanded the definition of "interactive computer services" under the Communications Decency Act.

Masterson was named Best Feature Film Producer of 2008 by the LA Femme Film Festival for her work as producer of Yesterday Was a Lie. please visit The Official Chase Masterson Websit e here now!

And our Super Star and Special Celebrity Guest of Honor - Actress

Luciana Carro


Luciana Carro

Luciana Carro is an actress best known for her appearance on the television series Battlestar Galactica and in movies such as Two for the Money and Dr. Dolittle 3.

Carro began her career in TV series such asThe Chris Isaak Show, Smallville and The L Word. These led to her getting a part in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica TV series as Louanne "Kat" Katraine, a trainee Viper pilot that quickly grew to become an ace pilot and a regular part on the series. Her performance in the Re-imagined series was quickly noted by film producers and she starred in Two for the Money (alongside Al Pacino) and Dr. Dolittle 3.

She was also cast for the recurring role of Stephanie Meyer on the critically acclaimed Everwood. Currently she can be seen on the TV series Caprica, in the recurring role of Pryah.

Blood Drive

Hey we aren't vampires, but we do want your blood.  Help Lifeshare stockup for the summer months by donating blood at Convention du Lac. 

Program Guide Now Available

Gat a first look at our complete schedule, fun facts on our guests, and more.  Just click here to check our this year's program.

Get your official Convention Tshirt

We will be offering official 2010 Convention du Lac Tshirts at the convention.  Tshirts will be available in all sizes for only $20.  Please note that these shirts are LIMITED EDITION and a limited amount will be available.

If you want to secure your order now, please use the CONTACT FORM to send over your information.  Anyone purchasing a shirt will receive $5 off next year's convention admission.

Panels & Workshops

The programming for this year's convention keeps growing!  He is a short list of what we will offer this year.

The Real Archaeology of Indiana Jones.

Discusses the actual archaeology found in the Indiana Jones films.  The world’s most famous archaeologist may be fictional, but much of the archaeology mentioned in the films is oh so very real and just as exciting.  Actual sites and mysteries are explored.  Find out what is happening in biblical archaeology, explore the real Temple of Doom, go on the quest for the Holy Grail, and delve into the mystique of the actual crystal skulls.


The Anthropology of Star Trek.

Discusses the anthropological themes in the Star Trek universe. Select themes include politics, religion, social problems, and the anthropological concept of “race”.  A brief discussion on the subculture of fandom is also included along with the cultural impact of Trek, the exploration of Trek as a futuristic mythos, and examination of the question – “what does it mean to be human”?

The Role of Science Fiction in Higher Education.

Science fiction has served as a speculative vehicle for evaluating and understanding the world in which we live. It is a type of fiction that is deeply rooted in the mythology of man. Since the early beginnings of story telling, man has utilized speculative fiction to not only make sense of the world, but to hypothesize about the future based on the present. In this sense, science fiction can be said to represent a type of mythological narrative that serves as both cultural mirror and cultural teacher. It is a timeless cultural phenomenon that can be used as a valuable teaching tool across disciplines in order to inspire unbiased critical thinking and discussion about concepts in literature, science, and social science. This discussion explores the many ways in which science fiction can be utilized to develop or enhance any course in the sciences and social sciences and will include real course examples of each.

Anthropology of Star Wars.

This panel discusses much more than the myth aspect of Star Wars.  Numerous cultural themes are also explored.  The cultural and historical context of the Star Wars films paves the way for in depth discussion of the political, economic, religious, gender, social, and individualistic themes that span the two trilogies.  Jediism, mythology, and the subculture of fandom are also highlighted.


Through the discipline of anthropological linguistics, discussion will focus on select conlangs  as they pertain to linguistic structure, the overall perspective from which individuals or groups see and interpret the world, and cultural expression. Discussion examines what linguistic studies tell us about the origins and evolution of a language and our potential for understanding languages, worldviews, and cultures. The fun will be in the investigation of the structure of alien languages and how they relate to the study of languages in existence today.  A final overview of how to create a langue is included.

Anthropology of Star Trek/Star Wars.

Discussion is focused on comparing and contrasting Star Trek and Star Wars for their cultural and mythological value. How do each act as cultural mirror? As cultural teacher? As a futuristic mythic narrative? What do they have in common and what factors enhance how each stands out on its own? Cultural themes of myth and the role of myth in society are explored along with how Trek/Wars each reflect contemporary cultural issues, making them each timeless futuristic narratives, both driving our continued cultural evolution.

Anthropology of Lord of the Rings.

This discussion offers a dynamic exploration of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings through the study of cultural and linguistic anthropology as well as historical archaeology. Topics to be covered include history and artifacts, languages, gender, sexuality, class, politics , religion, the commercialization of Tolkien, and Middle Earth in popular culture. Peoples and Cultures of Middle Earth is an ideal way to explore several major areas of anthropology while also exploring the mythological narrative created by Tolkien along with the relationship between fiction and culture.

An Ethnographic Tour of the Subculture of Star Trek Fandom.

Yes, Trek has a very distinct, functional, subculture.  Discussion focuses on the various areas of the culture in the format of an ethnographic study.  Come along and explore the unique mythos, ideology, and worldview of Trek fandom. What makes a Trekkie? A Trekker?  Join in for some linguistic analysis and insight. What are the norms of behavior for this society? What rituals do they practice? How does the mythos of Star Trek act as a social compass for this society, and how do each of its members interpret and practice their culture? Explore the role of the art and music in fandom.  Finally, explore the possibility that Star Trek might function as a religion.  Join the discussion and perhaps learn whether or not you are a Trekkie , a Trekker, or one of numerous other “kin”terms in this dynamic and exciting culture.

Anthropology of Twilight Zone.

Exceeding cultural time/space constraints is a timeless mythos hidden deep in the heart of Rod Serling’s exploration of the ambiguity of realty as it relates to the human condition. It really is about perceptions. Twilight Zone can aid in an anthropological understanding of both linguistic and cultural relativism and the role of the mind in shaping how each individual perceives themselves and the world around them. Cultural themes abound here for exploration and discussion. Special emphasis will be on discussion of myth.  What is myth? What role does it play in culture? How does Twilight Zone function as myth? Join the discussion on the mix of magic and science fiction as the twists and turns are followed that move the meanings of each story into the mythical realm.  Insightful discussion on how Twilight Zone relates to the stories of religions that have come down through time in similar fashion are given special focus.

Anthropology of Science Fiction.

What do Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Star Wars, and the Twilight Zone all have in common? Other than the fact these represent some of the finest science fiction shows of our time, they all also act as cultural mirrors, cultural teachers, and as futuristic mythical narratives that bind humanity and aid it through its journey through time, crossing all cultural boundaries.  Explore themes of religion, politics, social issues, questions of humanity and more.  Explore the meaning of the myth and how it acts as a cultural moral compass, providing humanity with the means to make leaps in their evolution as a global cultural entity.  Discussion will focus on the background stories of the development of each series/film, their common philosophical grounds, the differences that make each unique, and how each will timelessly remain a driving force in contemporary culture.

Summer Movie Trailers - Presented by Regal Entertainment

You all know that summertime is the season for some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters, and this year is no different.  Join Convention du Lac Director Justin Toney in this exciting panel as we engage in previews of the summer's biggest films.


Join Cedric from the Bedlam Bards as we engage your mind in deep thoughts, or maybe the exact opposite

Events & Concerts

Geek Amoeba Players

The Bedlam Bards

A multi-instrumentalist, James "Cedric" Hazlerig, of the legendary renfaire/filk group the Bedlam Bards, comes to performances armed with two fiddles, a mandola, and a strong, manly voice. His philosophy of performance stresses passion before perfection, death before dishonor, and whiskey before breakfast.  For over ten years, Cedric has been performing at renaissance festivals and science-fiction conventions from coast-to-coast, including the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival, Dragon*Con, and the infamous Browncoat Backup Bash. In his spare time, he hypnotizes bellydancers for surprisingly honorable purposes.  After releasing their third album, entitled On the Drift: Music Inspired by Firefly and Serenity, the Bedlam Bards have become the premier bards of the Browncoat movement. Several of Cedric's songs were featured in the documentary Done the Impossible, and more will appear in the independent film, Browncoats: Redemption. Besides appearing at the Browncoat Ball and the Browncoat Cruise, Cedric led fans in song as they picketed in support of the Writers Guild of America strike in front of Fox Studios in Los Angeles.  By auctioning off performances, Cedric has raised over nine thousand dollars for Can't Stop the Serenity.

Geek Amoeba Players

Comedy at its finest!

10 Forward Lounge - COSPLAY!

Have you ever wanted to dress up like Darth Vader and give a motivational speech the importance of the Empire to a bunch of Starfleet Cadets?  Or do you want to explan the finer points of Romulan Ale with a fairy princess?  Well now is your chance.  Convention du Lac is pleased to bring an unique event to this year's convention.  This area will be setup exclusively for those in costume.  Anyone who dares to enter this area must be in costume and in full character.  But don't worry.  Seating will be provided outside of the costumed area for those wishing for a milder experience.

Klingon Karaoke

Party like a Klingon all night long as we celebrate the 2nd annual Convention du Lac Klingon Karaoke party.  Bring your friends and enjoy the show.

Costume Contest

Open to ALL AGES, the 2nd annual costume contest will take place Saturday evening.  Bring your best costume and compete for awesome prizes. 

Tabletop Gaming **NEW**

New to Convention du Lac, visit the gaming area for fun with titles including Magic, Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer 40k, and more.

Gaming Schedule

Paper Heroes is proud to sponsor this year's gaming center.  If you enjoy minature or card gaming, be sure to check out the Paper Heroes booth located inside the Dealers Room of the Convention.

Door prizes and tournament prizes will be given out throughout the convention!

Casual Gaming only.  See below for Magic 1k.


9am - Registration begins for Warhammer 40k Tournament

10:30am - Registration Closes

10:45am - Painting Contest Judging begins

11:30am - 40k Tournament begins

12:30pm - Break

1:30pm - Tournament play resumes

8:30pm - Tournament Ends / Award Ceremony

9pm - Kill Team event and Open Play

11:45pm - Wrapup and Close


9am - Registration begins for Warmachine Steamroller

10:30am - Tournament Play Begins

12:30pm - Break

1:30pm - Tournament play resumes

4:30pm - Wrapup

4:45pm - Awards

5pm - CLOSE

Official Magic The Gathering 1k Tournament

Entry fee $30 for tournament. 

Side booster drafts - $15

Entry granted to gaming area, concession area, bar, and dealers room only.

Registration begins at 9am and tournament beings at 12pm.

Type 2 constructed decks, with guaranteed $1,000 payout.

1st Place - $400; 2nd Place - $200; 3rd and 4th Place - $100 each; 5th - 8th Place - $50 each; 9th - 12th Place - $10 Paper Heroes Store Credit; 13th - 16th Place - $5 Paper Heroes Store Credit
Note that Store Credit is valid only for Paper Heroes Gaming Website (www.paperheroesgaming.com).

Entry Fee $30.00. Format: Type 2 Constructed. Registration starts at 9:00 AM, Tournament starts at 12:00 PM. Side Booster Drafts $15.00.
Guaranteed $1,000.00 payout. 1st Place-$400.00, 2nd Place-$200.00, 3rd & 4th Place-$100.00 each, 5th-8th Place-$50.00 each, 9th-12th Place-$10.00 Store Credit, 13th-16th Place-$5.00 Store Credit.
(Store credit is for purchases at www.paperheroesgaming.com)

Appearing in the merchants room for 2010 will be:

Paper Heroes Comics - Lake Charles, LA (General Comics and Collectibles)

Imagine That...Galleries - Gautier, MS (Jewelry, Swords, & More)

Big Draws Caricatures - Lake Charles, LA

Tonic Boy Clothing - Lake Charles

Local collections

White Lightning Comics and Collectibles


Check out our little bundle of joy visiting with friends and going out to the masquerade ball with his zombie aunts in the photos below!




Anakin Skywalker Mistakes the Zombie Baby for a Naboo Child

Anakin Skywalker Mistakes the Zombie Baby for a Naboo Child

Anakin Skywalker (Wayne Dupree of Red Stick Rebellion) Mistakes the Zombie Baby for a Naboo Child

Leitha holds the Zombie Baby as Paranormal Investigator Gina Lanier Looks on


Please click this link to visit here now for more exclusive Con Du Lac 2010 convention photos



Alyne Pustanio is also one of the many well respected featured contributors to the number one best selling Zombie book in the world today!


Real Zombies, the Living Dead, and Creatures of the Apocalypse (Paperback) by Brad Steiger

Real Zombies, the Living Dead, and Creatures of the Apocalypse by       Brad Steiger

Buy It Here Now!

Real Zombies, the Living Dead, and Creatures of the Apocalypse By Brad Steiger is an engrossing Number 1 Bestseller documentation that sets a new precedence in the truths of what Zombie Lore really is.

Brad Steiger writing today is filled with an intense understanding and insight. Of course there is no denying the great engrossing works of late and their stron strong momentum and impact.

Known today as having more fans around the world knowing his name than at any point in his career and singing him his much over due accolades and many praises.

...Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

Featuring 30 chilling stories of real-life zombie encounters, this comprehensive and unsettling study draws upon traditions found throughout the world to dispel common depictions of zombies as lurching, flesh-eating automatons made popular by countless movies and books. This fascinating collection includes the stories of the Devil Baby of Bourbon Street, a monstrous creature complete with horns and tail that still lurks in the shadows of the Big Easy; Black Mama Courteaux and the great zombie war, involving hundreds of zombie soldiers battling for the supremacy of their queen; and the swamp child of Mama Cree, who still roams the bayous of Louisiana. In addition to the stories, a variety of zombie-related facts are explored, including ceremonies and initiations, zombies throughout history, sacred zombie and voodoo-related sites, and zombies and monsters of the Bible.

Folklorist and occultist Alyne Pustanio is a New Orleans whose roots go deep into the local culture; it is from that proverbial “gumbo” that she draws her inspiration for most of her tales of terror and fascination.

As a writer, historian and folklorist, and one of the founding Head Staff members of Haunted America Tours, Alyne Pustanio has contributed many of the true tales of terror and fascination that have been featured on its pages over the past several years.

A New Orleans native, her roots go deep into the local culture: a descendant of Portuguese and Italian immigrants who can trace their ancestors to European gypsies, she was exposed to the mysteries of the occult at an early age. Two great-grandmothers were gifted and sought-out mediums and readers; one other relative is a verified psychic; and her mother, an avid spiritualist for most of her life, led forays into the world of the paranormal and unexplained when Alyne was still a schoolgirl. It was at her mother's side that Alyne met some of the early paranormal greats such as Hans Holzer, Lori Poe and Jeanne Dixon.

First-hand experiences with the denizens of the unseen (she has lived in haunted houses and around haunted people all her life) and her own intuitive-psychic nature caused her fascination with the paranormal to grow; her avocations in folklore and history only complimented this interest and have produced a passion that is immediately obvious in all her writings. She has contributed studies that have spanned many traditions -- from Marie Laveau, voodoo and the culture of New Orleans to essays in the magical traditions of Europe to real-life accounts of harrowing hauntings, and beyond.

Recently, her interest and dedication to all things paranormal has produced a collaboration between Haunted America Tours and one of the newest and fastest growing science/paranormal/fantasy conventions in the region, BabelCon. Under her direction Haunted America Tours will anchor the paranormal track for this convention in July of 2008 with many of the best-known investigative groups and experts in the field already slated to participate.

When she is not writing or developing material for Haunted America Tours, Alyne enjoys participating in Renaissance festivals and medieval faires throughout the region where she has presented her own experiential discovery of her gypsy heritage with others dedicated to the gypsy way. A November child, she loves dark, brooding, grey days, cold weather and thunderstorms; anything to do with the British Isles, the American Civil War and New York City; reads the works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Edgar Allan Poe, Christina Rosetti, and Tolkien, admires Milton, Blake and Machiavelli, and is a student of modern writers John Michael Greer and Joseph Liewsienski. Other than Haunted America Tours her favorite website is School of the Seasons; she roots for the Yankees and the New York Giants; enjoys watching the paranormal on TV (prefers "Most Haunted" to "Ghost Hunters") and at the movies; and likes to garden. Her favorite Mardi Gras parade is the Krewe of Mid-City, her favorite color is black and she lives in New Orleans with her teenage daughter, a black dog named Shadow and a black cat named Sweetie

Brad Steiger Official Web Site Visit It Here Now: "www.bradandsherry.com"

Brad Steiger: Official Web Site





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