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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan










Bobby Zoeller of Louisville, Ky., wants folks to know that he believes that Keith Age is nothing short of a quack. Once a ghost hunter, Zoeller and his wife worked with the society for about three years until they opted to leave the group and expose Age and other ghost hunters to the rest of the world. --tmnews.com

By Bobby Zoeller


The Waverly Hills Sanatorium sits high on a hill overlooking Dixie Highway in Louisville, Kentucky and has a local reputation as being "haunted." The gothic, five story structure built in 1926 has sat abandoned for the last quarter of a century and vandals have removed everything of value, including the water pipes and scrap metal, from the interior. It sits derelict and oozes a spooky and ghostly image for the visitors to it's grounds.

This image has provided an enormous opportunity to some that have used it's reputation to further their own cause. Purchased by Charlie and Tina Mattingly back around 2000, it has provided untold hundred of thousands, and some would say millions, of dollars, all in the name of the non-profit "Waverly Hills Historical Society." Prior to discovering she could make people stand in line to hand her $20 bills to tour the empty building, Tina Mattingly claimed she never saw a thing thing and never experienced a paranormal incident within the confines of Waverly Hills. Later, after she was approached by Keith Age and a guided tour program was established for a set fee, Tina began seeing a lot of things and she always made it a note to tell the potential attendees.


The tours of Waverly Hills were originally run by the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society headed by President Keith Age. It was he who developed the script and the route, and it was he who would garner all the fame that went with the location. What started out early on as a one month tour season centering around Halloween, quickly developed in a three and four month tour season after a year or two, and by 2004 it was nearly a year round enterprise taking in untold thousands of dollars in cash each week and treating everyone who came a spooky and memorable time. The most important aspect of Waverly Hills was repeat customers, so the owners and Keith Age always made sure they got their money's worth.


What most people never realized is that most, if not all of the stories, associated with Waverly Hills are fictional to say the least. The number of "63,000 deaths" is over-exageratated by about 56,000 or so, the actual number being more like 6300 according to historical accounts. The often spoke of "suicide" of a nurse in the infamous Room 502 is a classic example. Keith always claimed to have the death certificate of that poor soul but refused to ever allow anyone to see it. I asked him the date of the supposed suicide once and after he gave it to me I spend three days downtown at the main library combing through newspaper archives trying to locate the information. I never found it. We were later told the entire story was concocted by a local band, Incursion, and that Keith had heard the story and thought it sounded spooky and decided to embellish it into the tours as a factual event.



The much talked about "shadow people" of Waverly Hills is another example of mind over matter. The LGHS tour guides, Jay Gravatte and Dale Clark in particular, would go out of their way trying to out spook their respective audiences. The "shadow people" were used with the utmost effectiveness to obtain this goal. Standing in near total darkness with only the outside light filtering through, the tour participants were asked to use their "peripheral vision" to look down the darkened hallway until they saw the "shadow people." Needless to say, more often than not, they made their appearance. Not an actual appearance, but the appearance in the minds of the people seeking to find them. Those that didn't see them were putting out "negative vibes" according to Keith Age, or they wore glasses which restricted their ability to see them. (As I was told) Whatever the case, the "shadow people" made their nightly appearance at Waverly Hills because that was part of the script and it kept the uninformed and more gullible members of the general public coming back for more. And, with them came their money.



Keith Age built his career out of his involvement at Waverly Hills. The fact is between 2003 and 2005 he was hardly ever there unless a television crew or live radio remote happened to be on the site. The duty of running the tours and spending weeks and months at a time there fell to his loyal members. He would show up on occasion to lavish the attendees with his ghostly stories, but this was few and far between and mostly centered around his meetings with the Mattingly's to discuss the next, and bigger, promotion.

"The Rock N' Roll Ghost Man Of Kentucky, Keith Age"

"The Rock N' Roll Ghost Man Of Kentucky, Keith Age"


Read more about Keith Age Here: Keith Age The Real Ghost Man Of Louisville, Kentucky


The allure of Waverly Hills began to weigh on the members of LGHS by the fall of 2005 and the people who had devoted the most and sacrificed the most in order to make Keith Age and Waverly Hills famous begin to tire of the place. Many of these members spent weeks at a time working totally free of charge running tours there and participating in the events and began to resent the treatment they were receiving from the owners. Keith felt Waverly was "his ticket," as he later told one former LGHS member, and the thought of leaving Waverly was not all that appealing. He knew that many of his members joined LGHS specifically because of Waverly Hills and his access to it, and leaving there would present him with some unpleasant decisions he would have to consider.




After a near revolt by his members in the fall of 2005, Keith decided LGHS would leave Waverly on October 31, 2005. But before that, he wanted his members to stay at least until then because he heard T.A.P.S. was coming to Waverly sometime in the near future and he wanted LGHS to be part of it, in particular he wanted to be part of it. He talked his LGHS members into staying on another six weeks in the hopes T.A.P.S. would arrive and the publicity associated with Waverly Hills would propel him even further. Well, such was not the case. T.A.P.S. arrived in mid-November of 2005, approximately ten days after Keith and LGHS had left Waverly and they stayed for a week. Keith never even knew they were there. After they left, they claimed on their own public message board they never even heard of Keith Age or of the LGHS.


Keith and LGHS left Waverly Hills after five years. Keith turned his time there into a full time career. Little do people on the outside realize how that career was formulated.

About Bobby Zoeller

Bobby Zoeller is a former member of Louisville Ghost Hunters Society. At one time he was the Case Manager of LGHS.

Bobby Zoeller is a former member of Louisville Ghost Hunters Society. At one time he was the Case Manager of LGHS.

Born in 1959 in Louisville, Kentucky Bobby Zoeller has been interested in the paranormal his entire life. Never having experienced what he would term a "supernatural event" with one minor exception, that nonetheless hasn't stopped him from seeking out and trying to answer questions that have always fascinated him. Raised as a Roman Catholic, his interest in demonic possession has always been foremost in this field of study, but unfortunately reliable documentation regarding those events are few and far between. Researching prior cases that have come to light in recent years has not convinced him to date that the phenomena actually exists to any great degree, and looking over some of the more well publicized cases he tends to doubt most of what he has read and seen from the so-called experts that comment on the events.

He joined a local paranormal group based in Louisville back in January of 2003 known as the Louisville Ghost Hunters Society headed by Founder and President Keith Age. He later met his future wife there and they married in May of 2004. While a member of the organization, he became a lead investigator with the group and was appointed the group's Case Manager in the fall of 2004. Both he and his wife participated in close to two dozen on-site investigations during their time there, and the high profile 2004 investigation of the Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana was his opportunity to showcase the LGHS.

Following several questionable accounts involving the group's president, he resigned as Case Manager on February 28, 2006 and within a week quit the group altogether. His wife was removed from the group by the actions of the president. Upon leaving LGHS and discovering much of what he had been told in the past and been led to believe to be facts turned out to be mostly misinformation or outright lies on the behalf of the group's leader, both he and his wife undertook a campaign to expose what they considered fraud and the scamming of the general public all in the name of making the group's leader famous. Documented evidence was gathered from sources around the country to prove their case and the information was first displayed publicly on an independent web site and later on two Yahoo message groups. The web site was taken down by the actions of the former group's leader and the first Yahoo group disappeared after complaints were lodged against it by the very people it was designed to expose.

He has been fighting what he see's as corruption and fraud within the paranormal field now for the past two-and-a-half years, and has had a very difficult time when it comes to the "experts" in the field as it seems no one wishes to speak ill of the others. In short, he has discovered more deception and more media manipulation over the past two years than most people will witness in an entire lifetime. The "experts" refuse to answer direct questions put forth to them, they in many cases continue to con the public out of both their money and their common sense, and the only reason he continues on at this point is because he does not want the uninformed or the more gullible members of the public and the media conned like he was for three years.

He currently work as the shipping and receiving manager for a large sheet metal fabrication plant in Louisville, Kentucky and spends his spare time researching and exposing what he considers fraud and deception within the paranormal field.

If you have any questions you would like answered or have information regarding any high profile "paranormal experts" that you find troubling, you can contact him at r_zoeller@bellsouth.net. And Please Share your Paranormal And Ghost Hunting opinions responsibly!


The above article does not reflect the views or opinions of Haunted America Tours and are solely those of the Author.


Patti Starr

Certified Ghost Hunter

atti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter, Ghost Chasers International, Inc.

Kenneth Deel

Kenneth Deel is a Demonologist of the Catholic faith, a Spiritual Warfare Counselor, and often a Catholic faith adviser (Catechism). He has over 28 years of research / experience on these topics, with his first experience occurring when he was about seven years old. He is near completion of his book which should be in print by 2009. And will begin a producing an educational documentary as a companion to his book, after the book is completed. Currently host and producer for his new radio show: “Demonology Today”, along with co-host Alan Glatzel, and Deborah (Glatzel) Johnson (“The Devil in Connecticut” Haunting survivors). He is also currently a Staff member of the IAMHAUNTED.com online paranormal community, and will also lend a hand as a contributing writer and art director for the upcoming IAMHAUNTED magazine.

Ken is also a graphic artist, and has provided high quality professional banners, logos and other media for PTF and other organizations.

Ken has returned to the MPR/PTF family after a brief absence. Ken has been an invaluable resource for both MPR/PTF team members and numerous clients in the past with closure brought to many of our cases. We are very proud to have him back as part of our family and am sure our current and future clients will also benefit greatly from his return.





Welcome to my site. My name is John Zaffis. I have over 30 years of studying and investigating the paranormal. I have the resources and experience to help people in need and to spread the word of the reality of the supernatural. Within this site, you will find many sources of information to help you understand the realm of the supernatural.

PRSNE do not charge for conducting an investigation. They will ask for travel reimbursement, which can include gas, airline tickets, phone and tolls. They generally travel by car whenever possible to keep the costs to a minimum. Due to the reality that there are always those who can not financially reimburse this amount, the fee will vary on case by case basis. If you would like more information please feel free to call 1-203-375-6083

Have The Dead Spoken To You Lately?

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh The Great American Necromancer

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh The American Necromancer

The first lady of conjuring the Dead. The ancient art pf Necromancy is still alive today with Waugh at it's main investigator. LISA LEE HARP WAUGH Is a necromancer in the 21st century. She is by what may call a real conduit to the world of the dead. She dressers in ceremonial robes, draws magical circles on the floor and commands spirits from Heaven, Hell and all places in between to appear before her and communicate with the living. As a teenager she studied heavily The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish and The Grand Grimoire by A.E Waite, the Malleus Maleficarum and anything she could get her hands on by the great by Eliphas Levi, John Dee and the great beast, Aleister Crowley. www.ghosthuntersofamerica.com

A professional Necromancer and founder of the Sorcerers and Necomaner Guild of greater Houston, Texas. Waugh has been practicing and conducting rituals for many paranormal investigators for over 20 years. Waugh also paints many spiritual and common murals and lives in a small Texas town with her three dogs. She also over the years makes ceremonial candles and is active in ghost hunting in the deep South. Summoning the dead to communicate with the living is a natural daily occurrence for Waugh. "I have been doing this since I was a child." " When I lived in Galveston, Texas about 15 years ago, I was introduced to the ancient rights of ceremonial Necromancy as a ritual by a great shaman called Freebird, and because of him and his diligence to the art, I still practice it until this day." "However, if a spirit has something vital to impart to you, they will call upon you, not vice-versa and no ritual is needed".

She then Got involved with the local Hoodoo Voodoo's of the area and new doors where opened to her concerning communicating with the dead.

Waugh was baptized and trained in the secret dark religion by Bianca The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Waugh lived in New Orleans for 3 years until she learned all about spells, hex's and how to hoodoo voodoo people as she says.

Waugh also owned and managed the fantastic Candle Making Company in Galveston, Texas for many years that catered to the eclectic patrons taste of many of the states visitors and just curious. She then moved to Houston's Famous Vodoun area 5th ward. This now where she resides to this day. Her home today is a testimony to Necromancy and her new found religion of Voodoo Hoodoo.

Necromantic practitioners such as Waugh conducts, and entails respect and reverence not only for the spirits of the dead, but for the spirits of Hell, Heaven and all places in between. Waugh has a large home one room she has painted black where she calls the good spirits. Another painted all black where she calls the infernal spirits.

The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.

The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.

We Investigate all types of Paranormal and Unexplained Phenomena through Research and Documentation.

This is an adults only web site. If you are under the age of 18 or 21 depending on your states laws use your back button to leave now. The entry, viewing & use of this web site is governed by the terms & conditions, these can be viewed Here.

Waugh is often compared today in her facial features and many similar practices as being a modern Dr. John Dee. He of course was one of the most fascinating characters of the Elizabethan period just as Waugh is recognized as such in modern times. The events of Dee's life are filled with science, experiments, astrology and mathematics which he aligned with magic, the supernatural and alchemy! All of which is Waugh's personal passion and driven honest beliefs. These are also stead fast traditions she does and true in practicing openly. A few of her select followers say she is the actual reincarnation of John Dee. Waugh also practices astrology, and is very continuously studying the Black Arts.

Waugh, a real big hearted Texas gal does not comment on any of this privately or publicly ... for she is humble in her paranormal studies and research to the core. Gina Lanier a close friend of her's relates: "Waugh is a very outgoing friendly, charming and a downright loveable person, and gets along equally well with the living and the dead." Lanier and Waugh once investigated a real Haunted Texas Federal Prison together for close to two years in the early 1990's and had many startling paranormal adventures while there.

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh's accomplishments have been achieved through hard work, persistence, and a goal-oriented attitude required to overcome obstacles and reach difficult goals. Waugh shares her approach to communicating with the dead's success in this motivational performance that's sure to inspire Paranormal Investigators to excel in their life.