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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan







Do you see a real ghost?  Who are you going to call?


Denying That Real Ghosts Do Not Exist

Won't Make Them Disappear.


by Hayden Chasse

Many real Paranomal haunted activity and ghost haunted people cases sometimes require serious expert spiritual and professional help, such as religious officials, psychologists and perhaps trained spirit releasers.

If you can't see it can't hurt you. If you deny it's their it can't haunt you. Are such is the belief of a few groups and individuals that tell their clients that they investigate on how to deal with their particular real hauntings. Some will go as far as using techniques to rid you of your pesky spooks using tried and true rituals of old. But does this really work? Many say it does but the other 50% percent says it doesn't. Ghost will often become more violent and the haunting becomes very out of control.

Real Ghosts are not all stupid. Just because your dead does not mean your IQ level drops to that of a moron. Some have enough intelligence to bid and wait out their time to start haunting you after a house or business has been supposedly cleared of a real ghosts and paranormal activity. Then they come back stronger then before to torment those that still have to deal with the haunted location day to day. Too often these individuals would rather live with the haunting at this point only to let them quiet down in time to a haunting they can deal with.

People who clear a haunted house or building of real ghosts are very much in demand today. Clearly, they're more acceptable at this moment than ever before. The popularity of such groups or persons has grown in recent years, thanks to such TV shows as Ghost Hunters. Many of these ghost house cleansers want everyone to be aware of some great results they have gotten. But as we in the paranormal field so often state. Not all is what it seems. Many cleansing's of haunted homes simply do not work.

So you have tried to ssert yourself. Many ghosts are pushed out by the living coming in and taking over the space in a strong, energetic way. Attitude is a form of energy. But what if that does not work?

A paranormal disturbance purge also known as Ghost Busting, a haunted house hacking or home cleansing of ghosts, it goes by many names. The character of many of these supposed Ghost Hunter - Ghost Busters is what might lead to confusion and deception. Not all who do this are honest enough to tell you this is not 100% guaranteed. Consider the person who clears your location of unwanted ghosts. Do they really know what they are doing? Many of these fraudulent Ghost cleansing acts or done for profit or to gain some unfair and dishonest advantage and reputation. And remember what worked for one haunting does not work for another.

Over the years many smart people thought they could come up with specific ghost traps. New Orleans Voodooist actually trap troublesome ghosts in bottles and make them into spirit zombies to do their bidding. Even to use the original haunting ghost to protect your home from being robbed by the living or to get rid of unwanted visitors. Troy Taylor, president of the American Ghost Society in Alton, Illinois, has had experience with a ghost releaser in his area who seems to have a good success rate. The man more or less woke up one day and realized he could communicate with ghosts and convince them to cross over.

The first thing you need to know about real-life ghost busters is that they don't like the term "ghost buster." To actually bust a ghost, you'd need two things:

An actual, verifiable ghost.

A tested, proven method of getting rid of that ghost.

The problem a real ghost buster runs into is simply this: Neither of those things has ever been conclusively proven to exist. And so few Paranormal Investigators actually do any ghost problem solving. They only come in and document the haunted paranormal activity.

Meet Two Real American Ghost Hunters

Who Bust Real Ghosts!

Randy Liebeck

Randy Liebeck, police officer and ghost hunter

Cop by day, ghost hunter by night
Although his career in law enforcement doesn't put Randy Liebeck into contact with too many ghosts, he indulges his lifelong interest in the supernatural by investigating reported hauntings after hours. He has served as a consultant for several TV shows and has written for the magazines Fate and Unknown.

Liebeck has investigated hauntings throughout the United States using an ever-growing technological tool kit to try and capture evidence of a real ghost.

Paranormal Investigator & Consultant


Randy Liebeck is an internationally known research specialist, investigator and journalist covering the field of ghost and poltergeist phenomena. Utilizing a combination of cognitive investigative skills and the latest in technological monitoring and detection equipment, he has conducted haunted house investigations throughout the United States and in Great Britain. He has cases referred to him by individuals, universities, the news media, and various parapsychological research organizations including the Institute for Parapsychology, the Office of Paranormal Investigations, and the Ghost Research Society. A career law enforcement officer and national security operations specialist with the federal government, he brings a lifetime of skill and experience as a police investigator to the field of paranormal phenomena. His Personal Web Site: ghosthunter.iwarp.com

Gina Lanier
Gina Lanier: Lanier's investigations have been the focus of many Paranormal Radio Shows and as a Paranormal consultant to those that seek her valuable advice and reasoning.

Paranormal Investigator & Consultant. Often called the Ghost Hunter's, Ghost Hunter, Lanier strives to uncover the truth! Known to many as the Best and most knowledgeable ghost hunter in the field today, Lanier continues to explore many areas of the Paranormal that many others fear to tread.

Lanier's investigations have been the focus of many Paranormal Radio Shows and as a Paranormal consultant to those that seek her valuable advice and reasoning.

Lanier has in her own words; "Met with the devil eye to eye." And has had many personal paranormal encounters that would send the most salted Ghost Hunter packing. Her personal Stories of Ghosts and demons is enough to send a chill down anyone's spine.

Lanier is also considered to be the most accessible real paranormal investigator or ghost hunter in the world. Her Personal Web Site: ginalanier.com

Always Seek Out a experienced Paranormal consultant for specific help. Consult an expert on ghost releasement. Many ghost hunters and paranormal research organizations have, or know of, such experts; they are in virtually every community. The releasers are clairvoyant and skilled in psychic arts, and have the ability to perceive and communicate with certain ghosts, especially those who are souls who apparently got stuck and did not completely cross over. Or have an evil purpose to effect the living in some harmful way.

Here are some suggestions from ancient folklore to beliefs of many ghost exterminators of today that many in the Paranormal Community believe will work to rid you of a "real ghost or haunting":

Placing some red brick powder, red hot or cayenne pepper and vinegar across the threshold of doors and windows will keep a ghost or spirits out of your house.

Blow a trumpet or ring a resounding tibetan bell throughout the home, from back door to front and in every room. it usually makes them leave in haste.

Keep a rosary or a crosses of iron or wood over your windows and doors on you, just a small cross must be worn or carried on you at all times.

Just be a nice host and tell the ghost it is time to leave, and it often does. But that does not mean it will not come back and bring it's friends.

Some smudge their homes or have a professional come in and do it. Always burn sage to cleanse your living and sleeping area.

Redecorate or renovate. Paint your house inside and out, buy new furniture and appliances. Ghosts hate change and will often leave if they feel that they are being ignored or their surrounding are changing.

Place as many mirrors in your house as you can afford. The presumption is a ghost will enter one and become trapped in it. Placing a large standing mirror or a door mirror on the outside of your bedroom door will capture a ghosts if it tries to enter.

The Catholic house blessing from a priest is said to work as does the Roman Ritual of Exorcism when performed by a real Jesuit Priest.

One old cure is said to have a dinner for the ghost, (A dumb supper) then open the front door and ask it to leave nicely.

Also consider having a mock funeral in your home. Often it has been said ghost don't like going to funerals. A Arkansas couple, Diane and Larry Fiche, actually left a real coffin in their living room from a halloween spook house they had. And the ghosts that haunted them for 15 years left promptly.

Keep your television on at all times or radio. Many ghosts will just sit and watch or listen to them and ignore you and your family. But don't put the TV on spooky movies the ghost might get ideas on how to haunt you from them.

Cal in a professional Necromancer, a medium or a psychic to question the ghosts on why it haunts your house you or your family. Or just have a seancé and ask it to depart to the light.

Some believe cooking cabbage makes ghost run for the hills. you need to do this everyday before going to bed for a week or until the ghost decides to leave.

Start raising birds. Many ghosts are said to disturbed by having a bird or several birds in a home. The same goes for getting a new dog or cat. Some ghosts even fear snakes. Having one as a pet can make a ghost run fro the hills. It is believed that it they feared these animals in life they will fear them if though they are dead. Pet tarantulas and scorpions will also detour a ghost. Even consider buying a a large iguana. So as some who have done this believe it works like a charm.

Hold prayer meetings in your home weekly. Or set up a large altar to a Catholic Saint. Pray daily for the spirits to depart.

If none of this works for you then Many say move elsewhere. But the when and where you move must be calculated to effect the ghost so it cannot follow you to your new home. Never move on a weekend. and when you do move it must be done in one day. You must use professional movers. Ghost hate strangers on their turf. Once you have everything out of the house do not go back in to see what you forgot. Let it be.

One old tried and true method is to hold a ghost party. Invite everyone you know even strangers. This works well if your ghost haunts you on a set pattern like every friday at 12 am :midnight. Chances are the ghost might find someone else to follow home or dislike the fact that you are disrupting it's practices. Often the ghost just runs for the hills if you do this weekly for a month or so. The reason is ghosts do not like being around a lot of living beings at one time.

Call in a real Certified Witch. Often Witches have remedies to ward off bad spirits and evil ghosts consult one for help.

Mop your entire house and wash everything with Holy water. Place a large bowl of holy water in every room and make the sign of the cross when entering or exiting a room.

Ignore it! Many say ghosts just want attention . And if you give the ghost none, too often they grow bored or dormant. And sometimes move on to another location to haunt. Ghost hate not being noticed if they are trying to be noticed.

Do feng shui. The Chinese "art of placement" concerns changing the physical environment to minimize negative energies and maximize positive ones. Shapes, colors, textures, mirrors, fountains and crystals are common tools to alter energetic space. For ghosts, it’s best to consult a feng shui expert.

Paranormal writer Rosmary Ellen Guiley offers this: In the folklore of many places, beans – or small seeds such as poppy or millet – are scattered across a threshold to keep ghosts away. According to lore, the ghosts must stop and pick up or count every bean or seed, which keeps them busy. This tactic is employed against vampires, too. A multi-purpose remedy!

About Hayden Chasse

Chasse is a professional Haunted House cleanser from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has been riding homes of unwanted ghosts and evil spirits for over 17 years. He is also a well respected Psychic Medium and has worked with many people across the United Sates that have real troublesome haunted activity and ghost infestations.

Chasse also lived in the most haunted ghost filled house in Sheboygan as a child. Because of this he learned to speak with ghosts and help them make the transition to the other side.



Tommy Netzband is the creator and host of the Haunted Haight Walking Tour www.hauntedhaight.com. He also in the founder and President of the San Francisco Ghost Society, a paranormal group that researches claims on of the supernatural in the city of San Francisco. Tommy is often called a "ghost historian" for his passion for researching the history of ghosts. Come discover the macabre history of San Francisco and learn all about the ghosts of Haight-Ashbury .Email: hauntedhaight@yahoo.com. Also see: Tommy Netsband info here!

Gina Lanier



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