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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan







Story by Mark Goldberg

Ghost hunters come from many diversified backgrounds, as you know some are plumbers turned TV Stars other come from all walks of life. Even TNA wrestler CM Punk tried his hand at it during Scifi's Ghost Hunters Visit to The Stanley Hotel. The search for the unknown and life after death seems to be always a never ending trek.

Ghost hunting is nothing new, it just takes a deep interest in specters, spooks and shades to get the ball rolling. The search for ghosts to many die hard's is more of a proving ground for those that wish to see if there is more to life then just our daily existence. Others now a days seem to do it for the kick of just getting scared.

Finding a place to investigate ghosts


Ghost tours seem to be a great place to start in any city across the United States. Many Ghost Tours often provide the history and location of reported hauntings. This by all means is the safest way to start. After the tour always ask questions of the tour guides and others on the tour ask them did they see anything or feel anything. You might just be very surprised at what answers you get.

Look for paranormal groups in your area. If there are none start one. Buy some books and try to reach groups near your city or area for a pointer or tips on how to start one.

PLEASE READ THIS: New Ghost and Paranormal Article
Is there really such a thing as a paranormal experts in this haunted world?

When all else fails they say call in the experts. If your haunting has gone all out of control or you need some serious validation to the strange supernatural or paranormal occurrences that are happening to you then seeking expert help is your only solution. Published authors, lecturers, radio and television hosts, and more are all considered part of the ever growing field of research. Some do not claim to be experts in the paranormal, as no experts really exist when it comes to the supernatural, It's all just gathering information and experience things on a first hand basis.


Different places often have different rules. Never trespass or just go out to a reported or suspected haunted location by yourself or unannounced. Never go with people just for fun or on a lark. And make sure that people you go with are not anything but serious.

In fact, many noted city haunted landmarks dot across the many states — the Hancock Building, Lalaurie House, Lincoln Park Zoo, Marie Laveaus' Tomb, the historic Jane Adams Hull House home of the Devil Baby, Myrtles Plantation, Waverly Sanatorium, Winchester House, Whaley house, The Queen Elisabeth, The Stanley Hotel, Haunted Light Houses, and even Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Studios building, are considered to be some of the most haunted.

If you are intrigued by ghosts and haunting's, or even if you are just a haunted history buff, one way to learn a lot about the United States very Haunted History is to take one of the several fantastic ghost tours that are offered every day.

For the uninitiated, ghost tours or ghost walks have cropped up all over the U.S. but are particularly popular, in U.S. cities with longer histories such as, San Francisco, Ca., Charleston, S.C., Savannah, St. Augustine Fl, New Orleans, Louisiana, Ga., Salem, Mass., Philadelphia, and Gettysburg, Penn. Galveston, Tx., Salem, Mass. For a fee, usually $20 and up, patrons can walk or ride with a guide who takes them to sites within a city or town where local legends exist and people claim to have seen ghosts associated with those legends.



America is not without its share of historic disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, and fires from which restless spirits are said to linger. What makes many a ghost walking tour fun is learning about the local history in a way that is also entertaining — and scary.

Remember research is the key to your first steps. And of course contacting the owners of properties and local authorities can save you a lot of headaches and problems also.

Always research for a ghost hunt. Even if taken a ghost tour is the way to discover more about your cities history and possible other sites for hauntings not on the tour.

Buy books on ghost hunting and on your areas history. Research things to the max. Never just go by a persons word. experience and first hand investigating is the key.

Her are just a few of the best out there today in the way of ghost hunting books.



How to hunt for ghosts the safe way: Safety tips from different ghost hunter groups, web sites and authors and paranormal investigators.

Everyone needs rules and guidelines to follow, Ghost Hunters too. Everyone knows "Don't ever investigate alone". Safety in numbers. But is there more? Some Groups and individuals may disagree on how to search for ghost. Yet all agree safety first. While this certainly isn't a complete course in paranormal investigation, it will give you a good idea of how to approach the subject. Two of the most important things to remember are safety and the law.

> More Here<

What tools do you need to have on ghost hunts?

Ghost hunting can be an expensive or inexpensive endeavor. It all depends how much you want to spend. Many professional and novice Investigators have shown significant results with equipment which is very affordable, so don't let pricing discourage you. Also visit our Paranormal Detection Equipment Shop Paranormal Detection Equipment, Electronic Ghost Hunting Detectors. The equipment lost below are an essential guide to paranormal research and the perfect addition to any ghost hunters bag of tricks.

An ancient ghost detection device." Essentially, it's feathers in a box, the purpose of the box being to prevent a breeze from moving the feathers. If the feathers are moved then you know you have a ghost in your midst.

Many of the items listed can be bought in our ghost hunting equipment store. >Please visit it here< BUY: Ghost Hunting Equipment ON LINE Store.

Ghost Hunting Equipment

In 2005 GhostRadar was launched and claims to be very accurate. It uses the body’s chemicals and senses to detect ghosts.

Modern day ghost hunting is a gadget packed hobby that often costs the enthusiast thousands of dollars. No self respecting ghost hunter is without an EMF Detector which identifies static electricity, the alleged causes of ghostly manifestations. Another piece of equipment is the digital thermometer, used to detect fluctuations in temperature in a location. Just before ghost activity there are sharp, unexplained drops in temperature so an accurate thermometer is important. A ghost hunter will also carry sound, humidity and light meters to monitor the location during their investigations.

Good recording equipment is essential, so tape recorders and Dictaphones should be used. The higher the quality of equipment the better the chance that of future analysis of any evidence recorded. Most researchers use infrared cameras during their investigations. These are particularly good for picking up mists and light anomalies.

High-end equipment such as radiation detectors and thermocameras can also be purchased but could cost huge amounts of money. The famous ghost hunter Peter Greenwood once commented that he had seen ghost hunters with cars full of equipment and yet it is the man with just a tape recorder that gets the evidence.

You can document and detect ghosts and spirits with a variety of items. Of course the more you have the better, but everyone needs to start somewhere. Here are a few of what should be on top of your haunted Christmas, birthday or anytime of the year Wish List!



EMF Detectors: > Read More Here<

Digital Recorders: > Read More Here<

Air Ion Detectors:

Cell Phone:

Cold Spot Detectors:

Motion Detectors: >Read More Here<

Night Vision:

Cameras: >Read More Here<

Compass: > Read More Here<

Communication Equipment:

Reference Material: Ghost Hunting Books > Read About And Purchase Your Ghost Hunting Books Here<


The following are must have items. All inexpensive and all should be part of your ghost hunting pack.

Colleagues: Don't ever investigate alone. Safety in numbers.

Baby powder: We call this the drug-store motion detector. Its rare, but it can be sprinkled and used in rooms to record footprints or movement.

Flashlights: Strong versions with clips that can be attached to your clothing are the best. And remember, bring several. Some may fail. You can also mute strong lights when you need less light by using thin fabric or colored cling wrap.

Candles: Can all your batteries fail? Oh yeah! You can also use smoke in air tight rooms to record odd air movements.

Batteries: As previously mentioned, batteries tend to drain. So take as many as you can.

Chalk: Mark evidence and also mark trees and other areas where you might have ventured to help get back. If you are exploring, never contaminate an area with a mark that can't be later removed. If you have to permanently document it, take a picture.

Watches: Record when events happen and coordinate your efforts. Suggest you have two: one wind-up type and one battery powered.

Notebook: Make sure you have organized notes and bring a cheap book light so you can write easily.

Cell phone: If you are in any remote area, make sure to have an emergency link to home. Also, make sure that someone knows where you have gone and when you will return for your safety (although you should never hunt alone).

Thermometer: Ideally you would like to buy a very quick digital outdoor detector so you can find cold spots as they happen. Normal thermometer are too slow and won't produce any results.

Tissue paper: If you are in a room that you know has no drafts, you can detect paranormal movement by suspending tissue paper or very thin cloth in air tight areas. You can even very the thickness in areas as a test in itself.




The methods of conducting a ghost hunt EXCERPT TALEN FROM The Ghost Hunter's Bible

Excerpt from the "What Ghost Hunter's Should Know" Chapter
Conducting Cemetery and Haunted House Ghost Hunts

Arrive early with your necessary ghost hunting equipment and give yourself plenty of time to set everything up. Here is a quick list of some equipment you may wish to use: a video camera, EMF detectors, 35 mm cameras loaded with brand new film and thermometers. Always remember to bring along plenty of flashlights. Don't forget to bring along some patience. Conducting a ghost hunt is a lot like fishing. You have to use patience.

Start by selecting a private room or a general location for a main base of operations. This base is where all monitoring should be done. It should not be an area where ghost activity is high. After the base has been selected, do a complete walk through of the general area. Check out every room, and in graveyards, walk around the tombstones in a 50-yard radius. Videotape the walk through if you are using video cameras. Make sure that you know the layout before you begin the ghost hunt. Get used to the location. The ghost hunt will go much better if everyone feels comfortable with the surroundings.

Use the EMF detectors to search for anything out of the ordinary. If you do pick up EMF distortions or if you feel that there is an unearthly presence nearby, take more photos. Just be aware that in cemeteries smooth glossy tombstone faces will reflect light from the flashlights or the camera flash that could create strange light patterns in the pictures. Glass objects and mirrors will reflect light inside houses.

During the initial walk through or at any other time during the ghost hunt, try not to unnecessarily touch or move objects. You should leave the natural environment alone. As you are doing the walk through in haunted houses, hang up ghost catchers in doorways, between rooms, or on staircases. If a ghost passes near the ghost catcher, they will chime alerting anyone nearby. A lightweight wind chime will suffice.

If there are objects or pieces of furniture that have been reported to move, put a chalk line or sticker on the floor next to these objects. That way, if the objects happen to move, you have a marker to judge and measure the exact distance.

Everyone participating in a ghost hunt should always know where everyone else is to avoid confusion and misinterpretations. Sometimes handheld or headset radio communicators are good devices to stay in contact with the other ghost hunting members.

Always log every event that seems out of the ordinary, (doors that lock, electrical problems, swaying chandeliers, strange lights, etc). Videotape everything for proof.

You can attach glow-in-the-dark or reflective tape to objects to help you with the layout and to mark special locations. The tape will make it much easier to see dangerous objects in the dark. You don't need to turn off the lights inside of the haunted house to have ghosts appear unless it is vital to the appearance of that particular ghost. Even then, leave some lights on for personal safety. Always have a couple of mini spotlights ready for outside ghost hunts in case something happens and you need light fast.

Do not be afraid to experiment on ghost hunts. Ask the ghosts to appear. Put the video cameras on different settings. Try the EVP audio taping methods. Use anything that you think might have an effect on the ghosts. If nothing seems to be happening, you might try to shake things up by playing religious or music that would be familiar to the ghost.

On any ghost hunt, make sure to have packed plenty of snacks, drinks, and maybe a board game. Ghost hunts can be long and tedious. You may have to spend several weeks inside at a haunted location before you experience anything strange.

Conquering your fears
Spectrophobia, The Real Fear Of Ghost!

You are not the only one to suffer from this intense phobia. Most sufferers are surprised to learn that they are far from alone in this surprisingly common, although often unspoken, phobia. Yet if living things did not fear death, or evolve to best avoid death, then life would cease to exist.

The Real Fear Of Ghost

> Read More Visit here Now <

Got Ghosts?!?

Paranormal associations, societies, investigators, Ghost Hunters, and other organizations internet links, listed by name state or geography.

Find more here!


Ghost Hunters Certification

Ghost Hunter Certification Training Seminars with Patti Starr

Patti Starr offers Courses such as Introductory to Ghost Hunting, Advanced Ghost Hunting, Saturday Ghost Hunting Classes, Correspondence Course for Certified Ghost Hunter http://www.ghosthunter.com/courses.htm

Introductory to Ghost Hunting
Bluegrass Community and Technical College

"Introductory to Ghost Hunting"
Recommended for adults age 18 years and older.
Do you think your house is haunted or know of someone's home that is haunted? Would you like to have your questions answered about the Spirit realm? Find out about the Spirits of the dead or why paranormal events are happening to you. Learn about these things and more from certified ghost hunter Patti Starr.

"Introductory to Ghost Hunting"
Instructor, Patti Starr, Author, Certified Ghost Hunter

April 2, Monday and April 9, 2007 Monday
6:00 pm- 9:00 pm

June 11, Monday and June 18, 2007 Monday
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

To Register - Call 859-257-4872 x4426 at BCTC or Call Patti 859-576-5517 or Email Patti or go online BCTC to register

Ghost Hunter Certification Class with Stacey Allen Mcgee

Whether you're convinced that there are ghosts, or not, everyone loves a good, spine tingling ghost story. So, come and spend a weekend with Stacey Allen McGee, CGH, or a couple of days with The Staff and Instructors of The ARC as they contemplate the deeper levels of our existence. In this two day seminar, you will learn the essentials in conducting a real ghost investigation with step-by-step instructions taught by experienced Certified Ghost Hunting Instructors. By combining one, or more of Appalachian GhostWalks Ghost Tours with this nationally recognized Ghost Hunting Certification program, you can create the ultimate in family fun and adventure, appropriate for all ages...

All of this and more presented by Satellite Instructors and Certified Ghost Hunters Stacey Allen McGee, CGH and Founder and Director of The ARC ~ Alternate Realities Center ~ www.AppalachianGhosts.com, and Michael W Combs, CGH who will offer you over 13 years of field investigations experience during the course of the class...
The purpose of this course is to present an overview of research into ghosts and hauntings. The course is designed for anyone with the desire to learn about, find and document paranormal activity of ghosts. The book used in this course was written by Patti Starr, “Ghost Hunting in Kentucky and Beyond” and it is the same book she uses in teaching her two courses, “Introductory to Ghost Hunting” and “Advanced Ghost Hunting” at the LCC. It details a comprehensive coverage in such areas as, understanding ghosts and possible explanations why they are earthbound, the nature of configuration of ghostly energy patterns, where and how to find ghosts, and most important, how to conduct a successful ghost investigation...

Both Stacey Allen McGee and Michael W. Combs are very active as ghost researchers, lecturers, consultants, dowsers, and teachers. They refer to this study course of certified ghost hunter as a practical, “how-to-guide” for serious ghost hunting. “Once certified, you will be amazed at the opportunities that will become available to you in this field.” Patti Starr

We conduct the course from the JF Toney Memorial Library located in Erwin, TN every January through March of each year. We will be your coach through your first three investigations. After completing your assignments you will be given a test and once you pass the exam you will be given a diploma of graduation for “Certified Ghost Hunter” upon completing a two hour field assignment presented during the course as a group. The course adds up to approximately 14 hours of class time and 9 hours of field time...

The course materials include:

1) Book, “Ghost Hunting in Kentucky and Beyond” (a practical guide to ghost hunting with actual accounts of ghost hunting investigations.)
2) Video, “How to Dowse for Ghosts,” with Patti Starr, Video 55 minutes
3) A set of “Brass Dowsing Rods,” designed and balanced for ghost hunting by Patti Starr.
4) “Voices from Beyond the Grave” by Patti Starr, CD, 23 tracks. (EVPs Patti has captured in the investigations presented in her book, “Ghost Hunting in Kentucky and Beyond.”)
5) Investigative forms used to interview witnesses, record investigations, and to document usage of equipment.
6) Personal experience and support from your satellite instructors, Stacey Allen McGee and Michael W. Combs, through assignment of three field investigations. (Help with use of equipment such as cameras, recorders, and meters.)
7) Completed assignments and exam for Certification will result in receiving a diploma of graduation as “Certified Ghost Hunter”.

Subjects covered in the course:

1) The different types of hauntings
2) Ghosts and Spiritualism
3) Difference between ghosts and spirits
4) Sleep paralysis
5) Where to find ghosts
6) How weather affect an investigation
7) How to conduct a successful ghost investigation and correct protocol
8) Ghost hunting tool kit
9) How to interview a witness
10) How to research haunted history
11) Learn how to see ghosts
12) How to use dowsing rods to find ghosts
13) How to record voices of ghosts
14) How to use an EMF meter
15) Different ways to do a ghost clearing
16) What to look for in ghost photography
17) Ghost hunting terminology
18) How moon cycles affect ghost hunting

The cost for a single individual is just $199.00 plus shipping and tax; the cost for two people is $299.00; and if you have a group of 3, or more, the cost is $199 for the first person and $50 for each additional person in your group. Single person's can enroll here on our Ghost Hunter Store, but couples and groups should call (423) 743-WALK (9255) to sign up for the class and obtain group enrollment details. Prices do not include a stay at your choice of haunted accommodations, or optional ghost hunting equipment, not required for the class...


How to Make Your Own Real Ghost Sighting Report

If you see a real actual Ghost or have a encounter with any type paranormal activities, it's always important to write down all of the details as soon as possible, (while they, the real facts of the Ghost sighting are still actually very fresh in your mind).

Read More visit Here!


See a Real ghost yet?

Look up at the moon, and here is what I try to remember in dealing with a hunting or investigating a ghost sighting, or strange paranormal phenomena.

Ghost Hunting?

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Posted By: Papa Zazzaldi,
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Good recording equipment is essential, so tape recorders and Dictaphones should be used. The higher the quality of equipment the better the chance that of future analysis of any evidence recorded. Most researchers use infrared cameras during their investigations. These are particularly good for picking up mists and light anomalies.
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Posted By: Bachigraphics,
on April 19, 2007at 12:30:12am
An ancient ghost detection device." Essentially, it's feathers in a box, the purpose of the box being to prevent a breeze from moving the feathers. If the feathers are moved then you know you have a ghost in your midst.
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