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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan






Story by Mark Goldberg, Artwork by Ricardo Pustanio

Ghost hunting is certainly getting a lot of open air play in popular culture these days and most recent and notably through the Sci-Fi Channel hit shows"Ghost Hunters, Sci Fi Investigates, and a host of others on other cable channels." And radio shows like Coast to Coast Am With George Norry and Art Bell who have carried the torch for years. All which is helping to bring the so-called science of the paranormal investigation of EVP's into the mainstream. The tools of the trade are all being opened up to the public to understand. And recording of EVP's is at the top of everyones A- list.

Americans are trying to communicate with spirits in record numbers; half of all Americans believe in extrasensory perception. A new 2000 Gallup poll reports that fully 28 percent of Americans believe people can hear from or communicate mentally with the dead.

Regardless of whether spirits are attempting to communicate with us, people are trying to communicate with them—spouses with deceased spouses; parents with deceased children; children with deceased parents—says Greg Barrett of the Gannett News Service. Skeptics and believers alike say it is this love—and love lost—that drives our undying desire to talk to the dead.

Longtime skeptic and magician James Randi, a.k.a. "Amazing Randi," says, "People not only want it to be true, they need it to be true. It's the feel-good syndrome," says the 72-year-old, who has standing offer of $1 million to psychics who can independently verify their "magic."

Between 1972 and 1995 U.S. taxpayer,s unbeknownst to them, supported the paranormal profession. Before the ties were severed to psychics in 1996, the CIA and various U.S. Defense Department intelligence agencies spent $20 million in an effort to turn psychics into spy satellites. Some of the details of the government program may soon be released, as they are in the process of being reviewed for declassification, according to CIA spokeswoman Anya Guilsher. Guilsher adds that the government's conclusion of the use of psychics was "unpromising."

Psychic Noreen Renier doesn't agree. She was lecturing on extrasensory perception at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, when she warned that President Reagan would soon receive an injury to the upper chest. Two months later, John Hinckley shot Reagan.

Skeptic Paul Kurtz says all of this medium stuff is "nincompoopery." "But for whatever reason, it's all the rage." Kurtz is chairman of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal and he tackles claims of psychics and the like in his Skeptic Inquirer magazine.

Gary Schwartz thinks he has evidence that the living can talk to the dead. Schwartz, Harvard-educated and head of the University of Arizona Human Energy Systems Laboratory, claims the lab, which is a psychic testing ground, is revealing some interesting data. Several years ago, five mediums that Schwartz refers to as the "Dream Team" were flown to Tucson and put through a battery of tests. Most psychics scored 83 percent in revealing personal details about others, when asking yes or no questions.

When asked if any of his "Dream Team" will take Amazing Randi's challenge for the $1 million prize, he answers that Randi is an eternal skeptic who will never convert, no matter what evidence confronts him, so it is unlikely.

Barrett, Greg. USA Today, 20 June 2001.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) or a form of Instrumental transcommunication (ITC), which means the use of the tape recorder, video recorder, TV, radio, computer, telephone and other technical devices for the express purpose of getting meaningful information from the quantum realm in such forms as voices, images and text. In the case of telephones, many people report having received phone calls by someone claiming to be a deceased relative or a colleague.

The voices can also manifest via the white noise between untuned stations on a radio or televison. Paranormal Researchers believe that the voices of the dead can be recorded and played back on magnetic audio tape. It is the most modern way to communicate with the spirit world. Some skeptics believe that they are not voices of the dead but radio or CB transmissions.

Some of the most remarkable EVP cases involve television and computers; a distorted image of a dead person's face will sometimes appear on a television screen, and some images even appear as a clear "full body" snapshot of the deceased individual. In some of these cases, the spirit will use the television to say that the scene behind them is an actual view of the "astral world", and that the background scene is depicted in order to reassure the living that their deceased loved ones are in a safe place.

When the recordings are taking place, the experimenters usually do not hear anything. It is only after the tape is played back that the mysterious voices are heard. The voices often do directly answer questions posed to them -- sometimes even addressing the questioners by name. The voices are usually quiet, distant... and almost always quite eerie. If you've never heard them before, they can be downright chilling.

Sony Professional Portable 24-bit Linear Audio Recorder
The PCM-D1 Portable Linear PCM Recorder takes mobile recording beyond the boundaries of typical field recording, making it the ideal choice for capturing live musical or theatrical performances, for recording sound effects, or for journalists in the field. With built-in, highly sensitive, electret condenser microphones; a circuit design that processes stereo sound with virtually no extraneous noise; and 96 kHz 24-bit recording quality, this recorder is capable of capturing even the most subtle performance nuances. Convenience features such as a 4 GB internal Flash Memory, a slot for Memory Stick PRO™ (High Speed) storage media, a USB port, four AA size nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, and a battery charger make this unit super-equipped for field recording. Free of drive mechanisms, this lightweight, portable, and rugged recorder is audio refined – and cool redefined.


Thomas Edison saw new technology, part of which he invented, as a means by which spirits might try to contact us. Apparently, he strove to make contact through some sort of phonograph device in the 1890s. Then, in the late 1920s, he tried to make contact with the souls of the dearly departed by means of some sort of special chemical equipment. It is claimed that spirit voices were first captured on phonograph records in 1938, seven years after his death.

However, it was with Friedrich Jürgenson (1903-1987) that the study of EVP really begins. Jürgenson was in some ways a Renaissance Man – an archeologist, a philosopher, a linguist, a painter who was commissioned by Pope Pius XII, a singer and recording artist, and a film documentary maker. Jürgenson’s interest in Electronic Voice Phenomena apparently began when, after having recording bird songs with a tape recorder, he could hear human voices on the tapes, even though there had been no one in the vicinity.

Sony ICD-SX25 Digital Voice Recorder

Professional quality sound and high-level functionality are what distinguish the ICD-SX25 Digital Voice Recorder. Sony has designed a powerful, sleek recorder with a seamless aluminum body. The slim-style design is only one-half inch thick, with "record" and "pause" controls located on the side of the unit for easy operation. This tiny device fits neatly into a shirt pocket. Record grandma for an audio-genealogy or interview a famous celebrity -- whether you're recording for personal or professional reasons, you'll be extremely pleased.

This surprising event naturally piqued his interest, and he turned his attention to making recordings of nothing – that is, recordings made in a quite place with no one around. He continued to detect voices on these tapes, and his studies led to the 1964 publication of his book Rosterna fran Rymden (“Voices from space”).

He subsequently recognized some of the voices that his tape recorder picked up, including that of his mother, who called him by her pet nickname for him. However, as we say where I grew up, his mother was already “on the wrong side of the grass;” that is, she was deceased. It seemed natural to him to assume that she was communicating from beyond the grave. Thus, he came to the conclusion that all the voices that he had recorded were voices of the dead. In 1967, he published Sprechfunk mit Verstorbenen (“Radio-link with the dead”).

E.V.P stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. This Phenomena occurs when the voices of a Spirit interrupt an Electro Magnetic Field,"E.M.F's", so inturn using audio tape i.e. from a micro cassette recorder reveals these voices where as before they could not be heard by a human ear. It is the same way with a dog-whistle, the dog in this case being the audio recorder. We as humans cannot pick up the sound of this dog-whistle because the frequency is to high. The dog, on the other hand can, because its ear drum is designed for hearing higher frequencies. The audio recorder uses magnets to record onto tape when an Electro Magnetic field is interrupted such as when paranormal activity occurs. This inturn effects the tape i.e."E.V.P"

Olympus WS-320M 1 GB Digital Voice Recorder and Music Player

Slim, attractive, and highly functional, the Olympus WS-320M digital voice recorder packs 1 GB of internal flash memory into its lightweight housing, letting you record up to 277 hours of high-quality audio in WMA format. It's ideal for recording notes or long lectures, interviewing sources for an upcoming story, or capturing spur-of-the-moment song ideas before they disappear into the air. As an added bonus, the WS-320M can store up to 266 WMA or MP3 songs for high-quality stereo playback, letting you listen to your favorite tunes between (or during) classes or while waiting in line at the DMV. All this in a tiny body that measures 1.5 inches wide by 3.73 inches tall--roughly the size of a pack of gum.


Many people do not use specialized equipment to capture the voices, only a microphone and a means of recording, such as a tape/minidisc/CD recorder or a computer. Patience is required however, because many claim that it can take months of diligent recording before voices appear. Proponents recommend the use of headphones, because the voices are often faint, and a computer for processing the recordings is very helpful.

Recording EVP's

The quality, volume and durations of recordings are said to be increased by using a sound source placed within audible distance of the microphone during recording. Typically this would be a radio tuned to between stations so only white noise is audible; the theory being that this provides an acoustic basis for the voices to be constructed from, similar to vocoder technology.

First you need a tape recorder. A digital recorder or one that needs tape both work well. An external microphone is helpful with the old fashioned recorders since without one you tend to record the mechanism inside that's running and tends to interfere with interpreting a EVP. It is also very important to be in a place where there is quiet. Now a cemetery is a great place to get an EVP, but there is always a car going by or some outside noise. The best place to record EVPs as creepy as it seems is a controlled environment like your house. No, your house doesn't have to be haunted, but there are spirits out there that are "dying" (sorry) to communicate and your house is the best place to get them. I know it can be a bit expensive but using a new tape every time eliminates doubt as to whether you got a voice or it was on tape previously. Also a bit of white noise will help since the "spirit" seems to use whatever noise is available to manufacture their voice. The hum of the computer or a fan on low speed work very well.


I am ghost hunter from New York... These are the EVP's of the little boy ghost that haunts my house.

To hear these EVP's use the highlihted links below.

KITTY WAV. This is the little boy ghost that haunts my house the first one my cat meows and the little boy spirit voice will say kitty. Recorded Jan. 8, 2006


MOMMY AND DADDY BROKE UP WAV. He will say mommy and daddy broke up. Recoeded June 12, 2006


PAPA WAV. A train goes by and he says papa. Recorded Jan. 8, 2006

The Dead Do Speak...

Michael Firman New York

And Michael Firman listens!

On our journey of all that goes bump in the dark of night and the light of day... We are prepared for anything to happen as we explore the world of ghosts, haunting's, and the spine tingling proof offered in EVP (electronic voice phenomena).

I am ghost hunter, a paranormal investigator I live in Dunkirk, New York, I have been a Evp investigator for four years, and what I plan to do with the info I have gathered is to share it with people. I work with two other wonderfully dedicated investigates on the team, Kenny Narducci, and Tim Carrow, both paranormal researchers dedicated to finding new technology to enhance and better understand EVP's.

>More Here<


The best time I have found to get EVPs is from 10pm to 4am. I don't know why but it seems to work. A good rule is to tell the "spirits" your intention; that is that you want to communicate with them. You can ask questions and leave 10 seconds or so at the end for a response or just let the tape run. Don't get discouraged, you WILL get them.

This need for background noise fits the alternative explanation that the white noise provides random sounds that may be interpreted as voices by people who expect or want to hear voices. This explanation is consistent with the theory that the entire "phenomenon" is an example of pareidolia, in which a vague or random stimulus is mistakenly perceived as recognizable ).

Voices are said to be known for being rapid, faint, and often spoken in grammatically unusual and simplified language—or even multiple languages during the same sentence. The interpretation of such recordings is often highly subjective and may differ from listener to listener; some listeners may hear nothing at all, while others report hearing specific phrases or sentences.

If you have any real EVP's to contribute please email them to us or we can convert them to sound files if you send us a cassette tape. Ghosts can be recorded on regular audio tape.

You may not hear anything while you are taping, but when you play back the tape listen carefully. This should be done in areas of suspected ghostly activity.

The Search for EVP

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”


Over the years, interest in Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP, has waxed and waned with the capriciousness of the growing cult of paranormal enthusiasts. This quasi-scientific method of attempted contact with (and by) the dead is not an old concept – throughout their respective careers both Edison and Marconi, the fathers of modern communications, were developing techniques they hoped would result in contact with departed human personalities. Later, galvanized by the Spiritualist movement of the early 20th century, attempts at the recording of disembodied voices once more became an important part of paranormal research, at least on the amateur level. >More Here<





The American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena public web site offering "how to" help for EVP and ITC. What is EVP and ITC.


electronic voice phenomenon (EVP)
The belief in EVP in the United States seems to have mushroomed thanks to Sarah Estep, president of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena, ...


EVP stands for Electronic Voice Phenomena. This Phenomena occurs when the ... 1:) Some EVP is extremely hard to hear. We will be posting some of our best ...


The Shadowlands Ghost Sounds page
EVP is a way to communicate with spirits. Researchers believe that the voices of ... He obtained a "B" class EVP of a voice saying what sounds like "what's ...


Anomalist Feature: This is EVP
I first heard about EVP several years ago, but I never paid much attention ... Later, Jurgenson admitted that he had been trying to record EVP voices for a ...


We have prepared a list of ghost voices known to ghost hunters as EVP, ... for help in getting these EVP's uploaded properly and functioning correctly. ...


International Ghost Hunters Society Electronic Voice Phenomena Page
Today, many ghost clubs include EVP on their web sites. Electronic Voice Phenomena is a process whereby the voice or voices of the dead are embedded onto ...


Real Ghosts - EVP
Real Ghosts has many incredible spooky ghost photographs. Learn how to take Ghost Photos yourself!




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