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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Real Paranormal Researcher Or Ghost Hunter?

Confessions of a Real Ghost Hunter: Part 2

Do yo have what it takes to be a real ghost hunter or paranormal investigator?

The Paranormal Reality Check:

Take a realistic assessment of yourself and your plans to hunt for ghosts. Why do you want to do it? For the thrill? The fun? Or to probe to everyone the eternal answer to the question that there is life after death?

Can you deal with lots of stress? That of others that haunted by the unseen? Those that you take along with you on the actual ghost hunt? Are you really OK with working long hours sometimes weeks or month on a paranormal case? Can you sell your book or products and services and make money at it?

Yes, it's tough field to break into. But, if done right, starting a real paranormal business can be a tremendous experience. If not it will certainly haunt you for the rest of your life.

I ask you now. Why are you reading this article? Have you ever been to a Ghost Hunting Workshop? Talked with a real person who is respected in the field? You probably have only read a book or two or in fact browsed the internet to find out what real ghost hunting is all about.

Heaven help you if you just watched a few episodes of Sci-fi's Ghost Hunters and went out and started or joined a paranormal ghost hunting group.

by The Ghost Man

The Ghost Man is a highly respected Paranormal Investigator for many years, who wishes not to post his name on this article. And of course those of you who are part of the paranormal community know who he is right off the bat.

Artwork Ricardo Pustanio


So you think it's easy to find and hunt for real ghosts as what you see on television... Well let me break the news to you in an honest way .. No it's not.

What you see on television is not the truth to the degree that we as real paranormal researchers have to experience. It's not all fun and games, and you don't have a sexy guys Like Steve, Jason and Grant around to tell you what they think.

Over the years, I've had many friends legitimate ghost hunters to this day. They started several Ghost hunting groups. All in all, the Paranormal zone process has been exciting for them. But, at the same time, there were lots of risks and frustrations that were hard to overcome.

So, if you're thinking about making the leap to become the next paranormal Investigator, what are some things to consider? Do you really have what it takes... Let's take a look:

Do you know the real ghost hunting techniques:

I read lots of blogs and paranormal groups standards and mission statements from across the internet. And, one common theme is, these lost paranormal entrepreneurs have only a sketchy understanding of the supposed paranormal research they do, and the purpose of why we do it. Yes today the industry and competition amongst groups is over saturated. And, I think this can be a caution sign to those that sit around and consider stating a group of their own.

Though, with the internet, you can get a great understanding of what paranormal research really is. For example, you can look at established Paranormal Investigators or Paranormal Association web sites. The real ghost Hunters industry publications are few and far in between and even these sources or not pointed to what paranormal researchers actually go through and what they do with their findings.

Most groups are in reality not doing any good for the community other then giving those of us that have real interest and things to prove a bad name.

I am amazed at the techies out there that carry EMF meters and don't know how to discern a ghosts or bad wiring in a haunted house. Or the guy who shakes his digital voice recorder so much he thinks it's a voice of the dead telling him to help them to move on.

I am lao ashamed of those that or trying to make a buck off of the unsuspecting and selling them a ghost hunting certification without any formal training. And that fact that their is no standard that anyone follows to any degree in teaching such.

We as a Paranormal community are so out of touch. We need organization and a leader to guide us.

Plan to write a ghost hunting summary outline or a Paranormal Book:

With your own real Paranormal Research, this should be easier to do. Also, specify the business of your paranormal group and research mode; the competition; a forecast and key milestones; and your own personal techniques and ghost hunting strategies. Make this simple and concise. Unless your a scholar with interest in proving to the world that ghost hunting and documenting what you find is real proof that ghosts exist then your wasting the time of those that are haunted and those in your group. If your doing all this for fame and money or a shot to get to have your own Ghost Hunters TV show then your ghost hunting for the wrong reasons.

Some think their is fame and money associated with writing about the haunted ghosts in the world today. Well those days are very well coming to an end. unless you have already established your self in the field or have something very new and unique to offer to the field.

Haunted by Real Ghosts?

"Too many novices today think they can be the next Jason Hawes or Janet Fielding of tomorrow. And others are charting a a clear path to make money from ghost hunting as these stars did. Often this stems from not really understanding who the haunted individual is and how the ghost hunting business will reach the public who show an interest in it that is genuine. Self delusion can often be found in the assumptions made about getting to the public that finds your research interesting enough to invest in buying your book.

Paranormal Leverage:

This is the real world of the paranormal ; it takes a village of ghost hunters to build a business or a foundation. When it comes to popularity in order to promote your haunted findings and web site, you've likely heard web marketers say, ? Build it and they will come.? In other words, all you have to is create an excellent haunted web site marketing strategy for a well-designed and properly optimized site that has loads of quality content. This, they say, will inspire other sites to link to yours. Then BAM your a Paranormal Star! Oh, is that all?

Haunted by ghosts?

Who are you going to call?

Who You gonna Call to report your  real ghost sighting too?

With so many Blogs and forums today, the Paranormal has become to, too mundane for those of us that choose to do what we are doing for a real purpose. I hate the Paranormal fringe people who are always looking for New Ways to Strike It Rich on the Web, or Gain stardom in any giving area. Whether it is become a Paranormal story writer, or a genuine ghost hunter just to reach a level of reorganization and nothing more. Paranormal Groups ten to gossip. They even ostracize e ex-members. Worse yet they start actual feuds with others groups that invade their personal turfs.

We're entering a golden age for paranormal entrepreneurs, low cost equipment, info on the internet for free. Even virtual ghost hunting schools on line.

Today their or so many Great Paranormal researchers for us to align ourselves with it Great. I could name names that you really have never heard of.

But to tell you about those that I find suspect is easier to keep quiet about rather then start another name calling feud or worse. Just because so and so is a fan favorite and not mine is not my choice to make. As a Paranormal researcher you should keep objective and not just judge. First of all all proof of ghosts and haunting's is suspect and others of course do go in and check out others claims.

But we do not police ourselves as other Academia does. But we should! Shouldn't we?

Paranormal Blogging Ghosts:

Haunted Blogs, or journals are a recent example of how relatively simple web technology can create a huge ripple. We've seen the blogosphere produce huge public mood swings during elections, and some firms have found them an excellent way to communicate with customers, partners and suppliers. They're great for project management and tech support, and a few of the most popular bloggers are even charging for blog access. Blogs depend heavily on.... A person who knows what they are talking about or just a good bullshiter.

The Real Ghost Forum:

I hate those web sites that want you to become a paying member just to see grainy photos or listen to the mumbling's of what are reported to be real ghosts and haunted tales. To me the paranormal is very real. And those that take it lightly and put myself and other dedicated Researchers in the field to the side. They only like the fact that they can chatter about how Cute Steve Gonzalves is or how perfect Jason Hawes assumptions of what a ghost really is is the true conception of all that is paranormal.

The Who, What, When, Where's:

Do you feel like running around all the time in strangers homes? Analyzing EVP's, Ghost Photos Video Audio and what ever else you need to do or think you have to do to prove your case is a real haunting.

Afraid of the dark? The Dead? Or what strange dangers lie ahead? What about the people your with can you trust them to save your life if a situation turns deadly?

What about the peoples home or story your investigating? Do they have something to gain from your free of charge help?

People don't realize it but the haunted do prey off of you. Some pull you into their lives. Some make you part of their family! Can you stay objective to the family or business that you investigate for ghosts and be honest enough to dash their fears and tell them no the place is not haunted your having problems and need some kind of help in another area.

What about the people on your team? What are their backgrounds and motives? People are known to lie. Or mislead you to not know their past or secrets.

What about the ghosts you gather evidence on? will it continue to haunt the location the same as it did before? Have you made it aware enough to gain more knowledge to haunt others with more of a ferocity then before?

Is gathering real Haunted Evidence enough to settle your quest to find the Paranormal Holy Grail?

If so, then ...Who do you report it to when you find out, to go over your proof and verify it?

Report your Ghost Hunt Findings to who for approval?

Just because a place is haunted who says it is by the ghosts you believe it to be? Devil's and demons can come into play here. Also real ghosts have been know to lie and get facts wrong. Also not all ghosts are sane!

Not Haunted Enough Yet? ... Fear This!

Many people do not know what real fear is. When you encounter a real paranormal experience from seeing or encountering a UFO, Bigfoot, an El Chupacabara or a real ghosts your life is changed forever!

I warn you, don't meddle with the paranormal unless your aware of what it takes as it's toll on you! Your reputation, your family , friends and life style all change. You need to be aware that their or many in your community and close family that will object or damn you for it because of their beliefs. Marriages have ended because of a partner getting ghost Fever and out every weekend hunting cold dark cemeteries for the proof that the dead do survive. The partner at first usually thinks ok their strange, or who are you sleeping with when your out on your supposed ghost hunt?

I know a couple who broke up just because the wife thought he was having sex with his fellow ghost hunting group members. Know one knows what really goes on behind locked cemetery gates at night, Do they? People become suspicious of your ghost hunting as a cover for what other areas in your life starts to lax because of it.

What if you have a few skeletons in your own closet. Been To Jail? Arrested? Or Someone know what secrets you hide? People in Ghost Hunting groups become friends yo know. and as always the personal does come into play. What if you admit something to someone you should not have? Will they use it against you to get you out or take over the group? I have seen it happen over and over again.

Are you Believeing all that you see as real proof that ghosts exist? Is it a ghost of man or a dog?

I once investigated a very haunted house. Many others have sid the place is haunted by a man others including myself believe it is haunted by a dog!

Personal conflicts happen all the time. Be aware friendships or often broken because someone is a down right A-hole and you did not see it until a power struggle in the group occurs. Or you keep making excuses over someone in your group that makes mistakes or is only out for the glory of getting noticed. These lost souls can hurt you in time and mark my words they will! Intentionally or not!

Also see: Confessions of a Ghost Hunter Part 1

About The Ghost Man

Known very well in the inner circle of international Ghost Hunters The Ghost man is a leading investigator in the field. He has hunted for ghosts and all that is paranormal for over 35 years. Many seek his input on specific hauntings and paranormal manifestations.

Publicly he does not wish to be known to the general public for he wishes no attention to be drawn to himself, or to reap any benefits by use of his name or likeness. The Ghost Man has been a consultant on many documentaries, books and articles for many years.

He might seem like a myth or as a ghost in the night but his work and status amongst those who are in the field set their standards by him. The Ghost Man will continue to write exclusive articles for Haunted America Tours in the future. We hope those of you who read this article will respect his wishes for anonymity. And those of you who are reading this who know who he is he thanks you for not giving away his Identity.


“Friends don’t let Friends Ghost Hunt Alone.”