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Ghost Hunting, What's Your Motivation?

Ghost Hunting, What's Your Motivation?


By Purdeè Beiliseuz

Certainly Ghost Hunters are not searching for specters in the night for the money. And we know it cannot be just for the notoriety that it would bring to you. Is it a personal quest just to prove to themselves that there is life after death? Or is it that your afraid to die and find out nothing happens after the world you lived in no longer exist? What ever terms you put it into what are your real reasons for hunting for specters of the dead and things that go bump in the night?

I have taken it upon myself to investigate ghost hunters, paranormal researchers of the sorts that now hunt for ghosts in North America. I always ask them the same question that so many neglect to ask. Why do you do it? The answers might just surprise you when you get right into it but everyone has their truths and no tow seem to be the same when you press the issue.

I personally hate as we all do the evasive answer of:

Well something paranormal, supernatural happened to me once and I don't want to discuss it! When I hear this I always think, "What sacred the shit out of you ". And excuse me, there is therapy and drugs that can help you get over it. These individuals urk me to the bone. I think to myself are you trying to prove to yourself and the world how brave you are? Certainly if your hunting for anything it is the thrill of it that draws you to it. Not the fear that Oh my God it will or might happen again!

I also love the answer" I am out to prove to the world that Ghosts and the world of paranormal activity is real". Are not all of who do it on this quest. But tangible answers or often like hunting for ghosts, No one can really give you a straight answer.

But please don' t tell me, "I do it for the fun of it", then I will personally kick your ass!

Lets just face the real paranormal facts, we all just do it because it fills some need we have to communicate with the dead.

Personally I will tell you I have seen and witnessed ghosts and paranormal phenomena for many years without going out and searching for it. When your a sensitive person to ghosts they find you. Paranormal worlds and haunting's call out to some individuals through out their lives. Time slips, communications with ghost and just plain strange activity plague many today. But in truth who wants individuals that really don't have any business coming into your life that or only able to hunt for ghosts only when their day job is over.

Dedicated paranormal investigators work at it 24//7 365 days a year.

You might ask why?

It's because it is a calling not a fun roller coaster ride in to the unknown over a long boring weekend.

Ghost Writers and Authors

My motivation has always been about money, the fame and my passion to write but not in the way you would think. Most people think authors of paranormal books and web sites are primarily motivated by making money--for many, it is that they derive great pleasure just because someone is taking interest in them and their work. I have asked many paranormal story writer and article writers why they do it. The answer is usually very direct. " I am helping people see their is more in the world then what is known to them." " The money from it is secondary." "And I am a writer and the Paranormal is my biggest interest."

To me their are a few that I can truly believe this to be the actual case. Though some of these individuals seem to be more stuck on making a name for themselves as a legitimate author then as someone who really is in to ghosts. The Market today is full of many accounts of haunted houses, hotels and where to go to find real ghosts. Collecting ghost stories to some is like collecting salt shakers from around the world. And once you get them what do you do with them? Well you catalog them and write a book to show them off.

In the beginning many ghost enthusiast will tell their stories but by the time the novelty of the ghost chase wears off. Soon they are collecting stories from anyone who has one to tell. Many times the real Ghost Story you are reading is more contrived then truth. This is not necessarily all cases but the next time you read a book on haunted locations realize that no matter who wrote it the original story all came from one source.

Ghost Haunted locations stories usually seem to be all related to individual sightings fostered by one story that ended up in print somewhere. And the stories that follow are always a off shoot from that tale whether it was true or not.

Personally I do enjoy reading books by the likes of Hans Holzer to those writers that just fabricate a good ghost story with no research at all. But I also love reading and finding a haunted authors stories turned and twisted into fictions. I believe I like this because it is how ghost hunting really works. Stories grow and no two people experience things in the exact same way.

I personally loathe the writer who sensationalizes every investigation they work on. No matter what happens they over embellish the findings and the facts. Do you know how many groups web sites I get to and read haunted tales that are just to, too over the mark and really say nothing.

The Real Ghost Hunters And Ghostbusters Of Today

If you are a fan of any of the reality Par normal programming you will see what I see. You might not think or respect what your seeing the same as I do. But you need to learn how to watch reason and critically think about what these shows like scifi's Ghost Hunters relate to you.

Often you look at those that or hoping a location is haunted and think of finding a ghost as a reward. A real residual Ghost as a tangible proof, is presented after the occurrence of an action (i.e. behavior) with the intent to cause the behavior to occur again.

Many ghost stories always seem to tell of residual hauntings. Like a tape loop playing the same 30 sec to 1 minute scene over and over again. So if this is what the haunting is then that's all that can be gathered from it by several independent individual ghost hunters. A sound a voice a apparition all happening like clock work on a daily, monthly or annual schedule. These residual ghost real or not or often what deems a specific location to be 100% really a real haunted hot spot. You as a ghost hunter either accept it as fact. Write it off and say ok why investigate that or consider it a prime spot to see if you encounter anything other then what is reported.

If a location has been written up over time consider the spooky stories of of well known Haunted Houses, phantom spirits, unexplained mysteries, and the individuals that come out and say they witnessed it. Human beings have wants and desires which influence their behavioral judgments; only unsatisfied needs can influence behavior, satisfied needs cannot. So will it break a persons spirit to find out their haunted house is not haunted? In many cases people are realizing yes it will. I have even as you have heard of individuals seeking haunted homes to live and in. I guess we are the ghost hunting generation.

munity to join in. Scifi's ghost hunters is now part of of what is really in today. Para Science in the minds of many.

Ghost Conferences Workshops and Seminars are the big trend in Ghost Hunting today. Many thought ghost Hunting was just a fad. but the trend has grown to larger proportions. SciFi conventions have also made room to allow those in the paranormal community to join in. Scifi's ghost hunters is now part of of what is really in today. Para Science in the minds of many.

As of to date their is no training location that has such haunted activity that would be ghost hunters are allowed to investigate that any two ghost hunters have all said yes this happened to me as well. If they did it's like going to a halloween spook house where everything happens on cue. Motivation is the reason or reasons for engaging in a studying ghosts and strange paranormal effected individuals behavior. More and more people are starting today to realize what type of person hunts for ghosts. Those become interested not in ghosts or the paranormal are now studying those that do. Paranormal investigators human behavior is now being studied in philosophy, conflict, economics, psychology, and neuropsychology. These reasons may include basic needs such as a desired objective, as hobbies, goal, state of being, or ideal. The motivation for a paranormal behavior research may also be attributed to less-apparent reasons such as altruism or morality.

Ghost Hunting Conferences and Paranormal Training Workshops, Seminars and College Lectures are all now adays the rage. The growing numbers of Ghost Fanatics is growing by leaps and bounds everyday.

Some ghost hunters just merely want to bell the cat, or catch the ghost. but then have nothing to do with the location afterwards. This might just be the team or individuals idea of a rush of excitement dealing with the unknown. Tempting fate or undertake something dangerous in the service of a group just to say , " Yeah I did It." Ego's of these individuals vary and no one anywhere who openly hunts for real ghosts have the same interest or reasons for doing it. Their are some ghost investigators that do it to try to help- others these groups follow the standard that they want the ghosts understood for the well being for others, not themselves. Including the ghosts.



About Purdeè Beiliseuz

Purdeè Beiliseuz is a well respected French Canadian Paranormal Parapsychologist. She is credited by some with over 32 years of ghost and paranormal investigations under her belt. Known to many as the pioneer of The EMF Detectors real faults when use in documenting haunted hotspots. Beiliseuz believes that the best way to hunt ghosts is by going into a location paranormal equipment nude, with just a emf detector so that what you carry as other equipment will not effect your readings.

When you wish to use a camera only use a camera. Then remove that from the location and come back with only a digital voice recorder and nothing more. So on and so on. Never have a team member present in a location with you either. Some people generate electrical static that can come across as a false positive also. She also believe that wool or clothes with plastic should be worn while ghost hunting. And that what you wear should be free of all metal.



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