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A rush of new paranormal activity prompted the management of the Diamond Springs Hotel Restaurant to recently open their doors after hours for GHOST GIRLS to decipher what is going on. It is true that bunches of paranormal investigative teams have showed up at the establishment over the years since hearing of the activity in my book THE INCREDIBLE WORLD OF GOLD RUSH GHOSTS, and some of them the owners thought rather flaky. Knowing me from long ago, and knowing me as a straight shooter, they wanted a new investigation. I called Shannon, and we were immediately ON THE CASE! It was a hot September night when we got there, and the evening got even hotter and hotter in paranormal activity.

The Diamond Springs Hotel, which sits near the site of an old Miwok Indian crematorium, is considered one of the finest down-home country places to eat in all of the Gold Rush country of California. Its popularity is credited to the fine food served by a series of owners, and the business is often hurried in a “laid back” sort of way, with customers and friends all enjoying their conversations as they wait for their meals. The atmosphere is friendly and warm as you are greeted by the owner “Diamond Amy” and the old-timers of the town, who will treat you as if you were family. If you listen very carefully, you just might overhear them talking about the “strange things” that happen inside the building. And if you ask, they might even tell you about the ghosts that have become a part of the woodwork. For us and this trip however, it was not to happen. We came in after dark, customers gone, it is still, too quiet.

Originally built in 1916 by Antone Meyer, the business was cared for by his son, Carl, until 1932, when it was sold to John Zannoni. The building was used for many things through a series of owners. At one time, it was a hotel upstairs and the old dusty rooms, small and full of cobwebs are still there. At another time the downstairs was a bar, a store, and a restaurant. And although the building itself brings in many ghosts, because of its natural vortex (try standing with eyes closed in the middle of the room) many of the ghostly apparitions are there since before the time the building was built.

A vortex is a natural occurrence on the earth that is somewhat like a volcano in nature where spirit can enter and exit easier. It is like a tunnel to the other side. It is an opening in the earth’s surface. Although spirit can come and go at will, wherever you find a natural vortex, you can be certain to have a lot of activity. The one at the Diamond Springs hotel is very active.

In 1847, the town now known as Diamond Springs was originally called Crystal Springs, the name attributed to the beautiful spring water that fed the area. According to Dennis Witcher, former Curator of the El Dorado County Historic Museum in Placerville, “The area which now houses the Diamond Springs Hotel was the site of Sutter’s original split shake mill.” It was also a camp for miners and weary travelers. Some slept on the ground and others in homemade tents. These people, long deceased to this world anyway, with the comfortability of the vortex, can return to this place without stress, floating into our world and back to their own with record ease. We know that many do, and they bring their friends as well.

But back to the current, while dealing with the past… Waitresses, current and past at the Diamond Springs Hotel tell us of the uncanny occurrences that make their days more exasperating than the average server’s job. They are the kind that tickles the senses, make the adrenaline flow a bit faster than usual, and keep you looking over your shoulder as you prepare to open the business in the morning.


“I often hesitate to go into the corner by the restrooms when I first get here in the morning,” Nancy Miller told the author. “I will be alone in the building and things just go haywire. First of all, I will hear noises inside the restroom. I race into the men’s room and take care of what is needed. I fill the dispensers, clean whatever is dirty, and get the heck out. Sometimes there is a faint damp odor that I cannot explain. All the while I will have that inescapable feeling that someone is watching me.” She smiled at us with that great sense of humor she possesses. “For all this trouble, I hope he’s at least good looking” she whispered to me, our own little joke. At other times, things do not go as planned at the server’s station in the middle of the building next to the vortex. “You put a jelly or syrup down, turn around, and poof it has disappeared!” Again, it is believed, because of the natural vortex in the back corner by the restrooms, that this area is especially conductive to spirit activity. Try and explain this to the employees as a reason for the unearthly activity to be considered commonplace. Often, folks have been known to see a filmy figure of a man sitting in the back booth with his big black lab at his side. Upon wondering why a dog would be in a restaurant, they look up to find an empty table.

The evening of our investigation the man at the table with the lab showed up as we expected him to. He appeared to be elderly to me, his hands shaky, and it was apparent to me he was not well. As Shannon went to sit next to him she became physically sick and had to get up and leave. She handed me her EMF meter and said she was heading for the door for air. I sat down across the booth from him and told him my name, our cameraman Bob King following me. Bob also felt nauseated, and I asked him to take a few deep breaths and keep rolling. The entity did not respond, but I knew psychically he was indeed sick with something in his stomach that appeared to be cancer and clearly he had an ulcer as well. I know also from my gift that he longed to go back home, and that he was from the east, Pennsylvania. Certainly in life he had been here since the 1800’s –tent city days, and wherever he goes his dog goes. Even on to the afterlife.

This is a typical example of ghostly activity. Ghosts are an imprint in time. The man in this case is not really here any longer, but his imprint is. Better explained: everything that ever is or ever was, or for that matter ever happened, is stored in time. It is recorded like a video tape. The man and his trusty dog have certainly gone on to a better place and undoubtedly together. What we were tapping into is his energy – His energy when he was sick and wanting to go home.

Ghosts do not communicate. The entity is not really there, just their energy is. Spirits are something else again. They are a soul who has lived, died and gone on, and who choose to come back and forth. You can certainly communicate with spirits if you want to do so. That is my job: to teach you how to do it. The mistake most people make is to think that spirits on the other side can read your mind. It’s clearly not true they are still human on the other side. Deceased loved ones and all spirits, need to be spoken to OUT LOUD if you want to get their attention. They have things to do, too. They don’t just hang around waiting for you to call on them, how boring life would be in the spirit world if that was true! Some psychics say they get a feeling or an impression in their mind and that is how they talk to spirits. I know that ghostly activity is certainly a feeling or impression. But for me, when actually talking to spirits, those departed that are actually in front of me, I prefer to talk to them out loud as I would the living. Then I wait for their exact reply. This way, it goes past any subconscious thought I might have, or even the “Maybe” stage, to the absolute. When I represent spirit, I repeat nothing if it is not EXACTLY what they said. This is the only way to get accurate account of what someone deceased has to say and who could otherwise be misquoted or misinterpreted. How unfair would it be to play games with the deceased who have so few to talk for them in the living. So, this to me is the honest approach.

So, back to the imprint of the man and his dog, we were unable to talk to him, but other entities, spirits also show up at the Diamond Springs Hotel, and we have seen other entities at the same booth. They show up in non-flesh form, and some are imprints, and some are spirits. This particular entity was a ghost, an imprint, so strongly ill at the time he was there, he was able to have our investigators feel his pain. So here you go. You can talk to spirits and get an answer. You can talk to ghosts, but don’t expect an answer. It will not come, as the person is not there anymore.

Imprints, or ghosts, to me are more spooky. They give you more shivers than actual spirits. When you deal with spirits, there can usually be a message involved, or at least they don’t repeat the same behavior over and over again. They don’t ignore you. A typical example of a ghost is the woman in the Victorian dress who is consistently seen walking down the stairs in the old Victorian house, holding a candle in front of her. She is not there any longer of course, and so she does not acknowledge you, and in fact, on the stairs, walks right through you. You feel an edge of cold as she does so. People see her all the time in the same dress and doing the same thing in the unending cycle. Now we ask you, what respectable woman would wear the same dress through centuries? Not me, not Shan., and especially something that ornate in the summer? Yuck! Well, she didn’t! What you are seeing is a ghost, an imprint, a video tape in the time of when the woman was there. Something charged happened in her life at that particular time that makes the energy easy to access. Isn’t “life”, er’, “AFTERLIFE” strange?

There is still so much we don’t know.

The activity continued to build in the building that night. Shan and I were drawn to the bathroom where we encountered spirits of a man and woman. She said her name was Mary and that she wanted to go play cards. She kept interrupting the man who was trying to communicate with us. Clearly she was a control freak, and use to getting her way. As we let her pass and walk through (yes THROUGH) the door, we shrugged and went on to other places. In the back room that leads to the outside deck, we encountered several spirits, and Shannon went closest to the door with the FLIR and was able to secure a footprint on the ground that was not of our staff. She was able to get a photo of it. Activity was all around us, engulfing us really, so much, too much to catch it all, and through it all, Mary continued to follow, annoyed that we were in her space because she “wanted to play cards”, clearly poker.

I made the decision to trance some of our crew to see what was going on. I have an ability to trance people through a candle so that their features take on the features of someone long gone. I asked my crew if they would allow an entity from long ago to show themselves through their faces for a short period of time. Shannon jumped at the chance and we placed her with a microphone in front of a mirror and I lit a candle so the flame was directly under her chin. She was an easy subject, and immediately went into trance. Her face started to change.

And then the flame went out. Shannon came out of trance and said “I did not blow on it, why did it go out?” I told her “There is a spirit that does not want us here and is blowing the flame out.” She tried again and the flame went out. We checked the area to be certain there was no breeze blowing, no air conditioner or any other reason than spirit for the flame to be extinguished. There was none. Shannon tried a third time and the flame went out. “I give up” she said.

Next, a male member of our group gave it a try. He stood up to the mirror, camera on him, and we lit the flame. It immediately was blown out. Again we relit the candle. Again it went out. He finally gave up also.

Judy Cooper, one of the women on my crew, is a great healer. I asked her if she would go up to the mirror and see if she could talk to the unhappy entity. We lit the candle one more time. The entity stopped the games. She appeared comfortable with our healer.

“I picked up a woman by the name of Mary” Judy told the group, this being recorded the complete time. The flame remained lit. “I had encountered her earlier in one of the back rooms. She looked older than her years, and weary. I had a feeling of sadness come over me.” Judy said. “She (Mary) said she had lost her son who at the time was 6 years old and she was not able to find him.” By looking at the transformation of Judy’s face in the mirror to that of the woman, I could tell the years of sadness and despair had taken its toll on her. “I sent healing energy to her and said a silent prayer.” Judy said. She seemed to disarm the woman with kindness and the candle remained lit. Yes, this face was the woman we had encountered in the bathroom.

We tried again for an entity in the mirror with the candle experiment. The next person on our crew willing to give it a try was Jennifer Baca, a seasoned paranormal investigator. From her own account: “Nancy Bradley had asked us investigators if we wouldn’t mind helping her by allowing the spirits in the area to be channeled through us. We all were happy to help & when my turn came, I jumped at the opportunity! Having never done this before, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I was instructed on how to hold the candle underneath my chin, being careful, of course, to not burn myself, while standing in front of the mirror. Nancy immediately sensed a spirit wanting to come through & began coaxing the spirit to come through me. Almost immediately, I began seeing my facial structure changing while I was looking in the mirror. I could see my jaw becoming wider, my cheekbones more chiseled, my eyes began to slant upwards & I could even see the silhouette of long, straight dark hair hanging down past my shoulders. As I was morphing into the human likeness of this spirit, I heard another investigator behind me say that it looked like a Native American male. Nancy began asking questions of this male spirit. As she was asking these questions, what appeared to be on my face was a stubborn-like frown. The more Nancy prodded, the more this young male resisted and tensed up. When Nancy asked the spirit to tell her why he wasn’t responding & why he was being so stubborn, a grunt came from deep in my throat. Now, I didn’t make the grunting sound, but the sound did come from my throat. Nancy repeated the questions & again, the spirit grunted. I could sense that this young, male spirit still held a deep sense of pride. Even though Nancy was there to help him, the feeling that I seemed to get was that this spirit was too prideful to admit to needing help. I believe Nancy & the rest of the crew sensed that as well. Right then, I started to see myself changing again. Nancy saw it too & she began sensing a feeling of overwhelming sadness and despair. My facial features began drooping, deep wrinkles began to appear, my eyes began to droop downwards & I could see the silhouette of wire, gray hair. I knew, in my mind, that this older spirit that was appearing through me now was the same spirit that was in younger form only moments ago. The sadness & overwhelming sense of loss came over me and I felt what this older male spirit was feeling. Before Nancy even asked the question of why he was so sad, I already know. The response rolled off of the top of my tongue without any help from me. In a voice no louder than a strained whisper he said, ‘My people’. Nancy & the rest of us knew what this meant. We knew that this once proud Native American man had witnessed the tragedy of the slaying of his people & may have faced his own death at the same time. Sensing the immense despair that this spirit held, Nancy asked where she could help this lost soul go & immediately the response that came from deep within me was a quick & curt “home”. Nancy then guided the spirit home to finally rest.

“After the channeling was done, the weight that lifted off of my shoulders was incredible! I had never seen or felt anything like that before & to be honest, I was a little shaken up. I took a short break & headed outside for some fresh air. Nancy was very concerned for my emotional well-being, so she asked Judy to help me with her healing energy. After a short session with them, I felt back to normal.

“When I laid in bed that night & began thinking about the experiences that I had gone through, a smile began to form on my face. The smile seemed to generate from deep within me…as if my soul knew that it helped another soul. Thank you Nancy for this wonderful experience!!!! “

Shannon and I then ventured to the upstairs of the Diamond Springs Hotel. We had planted cameras there for over an hour and attached them to our downstairs monitor to see if there was activity going on in those dim and dusty small musty smelling rooms. As the monitor was spewing out orb activity as well as side swiping lights, (which turned out to be headlights from passing cars), Shan and I knew this part of the building was a gold mine (pun intended) for spirits, and would need to be explored as well. As we entered the outside stairs, we felt overpowered by a sense of before. It was clear we were entering a time-warp. At the top of the stairs we strained to open the old creaking door to allow ourselves inside, and asked our camera person if he would go in first to record all activity around us. Inside we could smell the perfume of old, and there was a sense of musk, wherever that came from. The current Chef at the building insisted on coming along with us, as he wanted to guide us to one of the tiny rooms that he would not go into when he came upstairs, as it made him uncomfortable.

Shan and I started with the room closest to the door. We saw the form of what appeared to be a face show itself and then evaporate in the old window. Old glass is tricky. Because of how it was configured, it can often show strange things, sometimes they are actual human forms, more often they are imperfections in the glass. Knowing this, and our goal as always to only report truth, we took a photo and left this room for the second on the same side. It too was a small room, and we remarked at how hard it must have been to reside in such a small space. The beds could only have been made for a person no taller than 5 foot anyone larger would have to bend their legs in order to fit in properly. In the corner was a small closet, really not big enough for anything but a suitcase. This room also was full of cobwebs and crates, chairs long abandoned. Nothing significant was found in this room either, so we ventured to the third room on the same side. THIS was the room the chef guided us to and said he would not enter. Shan took the FLIR and walked the room without incident. I stood in the room with Bryan Coleman our cameraman and neither of us felt anything at that time in the room. Of course we told the chef this did not mean there was no entity in this room when he was there. Spirits move about as we do, and this seemed to put him at ease.

We then crossed the hall to the only bathroom. In the corner stood an entity, a man, and I called to Bryan to get the shot. The FLIR immediately went dead. Spirit drains batteries and all things electric, this is nothing new to us, happens all the time. Although on all investigation we install new batteries and charge equipment, we had our photographer Bob take it down to Robert Reppert, our equipment expert to check. It immediately rejuvenated and worked perfectly once downstairs. Coming back up the stairs, Bob handed the FLIR to Shannon who was able to now get activity on the meter. I spoke with the gentleman spirit in the upstairs restroom and determined he was not a ghostly apparition but indeed a spirit. Shy, and retiring, I recognized him as a man we had seen downstairs in the ladies bathroom with a woman at his side. They, (especially she) was annoyed we were there as they wanted to play cards. He was a soft soul, retiring and shy, it was clear that Mary ruled him. A man of short stature, I walked toward him and tried to measure if we were about the same size, I am only 5ft 2 in’. He appeared to be about maybe 2 inches taller than me, but he appeared uncomfortable in our presence. We left him to whatever it was he wanted to do.

However, in the next room we found spirit gold. There was a little girl, delightful, and curled up in the closet. She immediately told us she was playing with “Fluffy”, and was not one bit concerned we were there, actually seemed happy for the company. At her side was a white/cream colored curly haired little dog, happy and wagging his tail. She told me she was “Hiding from her Mom”, and it was clear to me the woman who was her mother was the gal playing cards, and I did not really like her as a mother figure. Mary had, before this child’s birth, lost a son, and was clearly not interested in this little girl at all. The child was playing hide-and-seek, and we hoped the mother would come looking for her. Still, I told the little one that I, as a child, often played hide-and-seek, and that I would not give up her location as that would be unfair. Happy with that explanation she went on with what she was doing in the closet.

Next we went to the room on the other side closest to the door we came in. I asked the spirits to gather around Shannon and I, and that we would have our cameraman take their picture. I felt a large hand around my waist and saw others come into the picture. Shan felt presence also. Bryan took the photo and we can only wait to see if the spirits show in the film. One presence Shan felt was a spider, and she quickly wanted out of there. I told her “Shannon, no animal will attack you when I am with you as they know how much I love them.” And then I added…”People, not so much…” We had learned through our research that most spirits prefer, in fact insist on, things remaining the same. They greatly resist change and are more comfortable with the familiar. The spirits are comfortable here.


On the other side of the upstairs wall however, it was renovated to make an office, a small kitchenette, a bathroom and two bedrooms for some of the help. The activity was interesting there, but completely different than in the part of the upstairs left unchanged. In this re-done part of the second story, Amy told us the light on her desk goes on and off by itself. We were unable to get it to do that for us, but we clearly believe her, she is not one for lies and stupidity.

Back downstairs a waitress told us she went to open the door to the outside patio and felt the door “flying out of my hands,” as if someone unseen had pulled it from the other side. The spirits take great pride in harassing the kitchen help, leaving water on, dropping dishes, or fooling with the electricity. The owner has evidence of spontaneous combustion in the building. The fire dept. was called just in time. No earthly reason for this activity. One morning the chef, being the first in the door, was surprised to see a man peeking out from behind the stove. He could also see him in the glass door oven. Upon investigating, there was no earthly being there. Other kitchen help also told of seeing this phantom.

Jeri Moser, also a server at the Diamond Springs Hotel shared her story with GHOST GIRLS. “This will clear up some of what happened upstairs to my husband children and me” she said. “For two and a half years we rented the new apartment upstairs from the restaurant. One of the cardinal rules written in the rental contract was that the children were not to run in the apartment. Well, one day the previous owner, Carole Dummett and I were downstairs and we heard running upstairs. I went to yell at the kids, but Carole said she was sure the noise did not come from the apartment. It was coming from the empty storage area next to it, the original part of the upstairs that GHOST GIRLS had the most activity in. When she went to investigate, only to find the door to that storage unit was still locked. There was no way my children could have gotten in there, considering it was locked from the outside and all. And it was not just us that heard the running, but all the employees as well.” She stopped to compose her thoughts. “Another time I was in the shower. I felt a presence get into the tub with me and put his fingers in my long brown hair. I though it was my husband, but when I turned around to give him a smile, there was no one there. That was really spooky.”

“Another night, my husband and I heard crying coming from the room the old owner “Diamond” Dan uses as his office. We also heard what we thought to be a cat or something knocking things off a metal shelf. We brought it to Dan’s attention in the morning, but when he went to check, nothing was amiss.

“We moved out a few months after that, and because I was often the last to leave in the evening after my shift, I looked up at the upstairs windows as I got into my car. The light was on in Dan’s old office. It was off in the morning when the next shift came in.” she told us, “Because I inquired about it. Several days later, a couple came in and asked me who was living upstairs now. They had seen the light in the old office and the apartment on several nights in a row.” There is no one living upstairs at the hotel now, and certainly Dan was not in the office.” It was deemed no one was upstairs. At least no one living…and, the new owner Amy is having the same trouble at her desk in the upstairs office. Unseen hands…causing unseen chaos!

Sherry Alicea, another server at the Diamond Springs Hotel shared her story with us. “There was an evening as I was closing up for the night that was very strange. All of the customers were out of the restaurant, and the few lingering were on the deck. I had just come in through the kitchen area and was startled as I entered the dining room. It was misty, the whole room was covered in fog. It was the most remarkable thing I have ever seen.” She pointed to the direction of the vortex. “I do stumble a lot over there,” she told us. “Seems like something is always in my way.” I was able to tell her that the ‘fog’ was ectoplasm, which is what ghosts and spirits are made of, and when you have a large number of deceased around, in ghost or spirit form, it appears to be foggy.

What would seem natural, but unfortunately absent, in any sightings of entities associated with the crematorium formerly down the road. It is those legendary rowdy miners of the era and their friends who continue to thrive among the living and make themselves at home in the Diamond Springs Hotel. None of the owners see any reason, as yet, to have them removed.

It was not to many years ago that our office received a call from former owners of the Diamond Springs Hotel, Dan and Carole. They maintained a surveillance camera on the property at all times. That day, when they checked the tape of the previous night, they found strange happenings outside on the deck. The locked gate had swung open without the aid of human hands. The tape showed it stayed open for several minutes and then closed again. It the morning, Dan and Carole checked, and sure enough, the gate was locked. Dan and Carole had the only keys. On review of the tape, we could see this phenomena took place at about 3:00 a.m. in the dark of night.

In was a summer adventure not long ago that I and my paranormal organization, GOLD RUSH GHOSTS PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS was commissioned by Eruptor Entertainment from Los Angeles to take them to the most haunted places in the Gold Rush country. They wanted to see me at work and to get my work on film. When we approached the Diamond Springs Hotel, their heat and electrical meters went off the charts. Spirit wands showed great activity as well. By now the crew of Eruptor had become, and still remain, like family to myself and my husband Robert. They are dear friends. Adam Robitel, Michael Werckle, Victor Ortado, and the others were in for a special treat at the Diamond Springs Hotel. It proved to be one of the most uncanny examples of ghost and spirit activity on our tour. Of course we were given a special tour by the owners of a little known cemetery to observe the old tombstones nearby. Always accommodating, the Diamond Springs Hotel had them leave with more than they were looking for.

For all the ghosts that run through the Diamond Springs Hotel, it remains one of the coziest places in El Dorado County.

A few weeks ago, Diamond Amy left the building to pick up her two young boys at soccer practice. She drove back to the Diamond Springs Hotel with them in toe. Walking through the restaurant, she made a few stops to talk to the patrons. Soon the boys tired of that and ran on ahead. One woman in a booth, eating her lunch said to Amy “What lovely kids you have, all THREE of them.”

Amy responded “Thank you, but I only have TWO children, both those boys you just saw with me.”

Startled the woman said “Well, who was the little blond girl with your boys?”

Confused, Amy stated, “What little girl, there was no little girl with my boys!”

The woman looked at her “Well, you walked in here with three kids!” she said.

Clearly the little girl was the spirit we encountered in the closet upstairs playing hide-and-seek and cuddling her little dog.

“We have learned to take what happens in stride” Amy said. “Everyone is welcome here”. I assume she means the paying customers and the others as well.”

Today the sign outside reads: DIAMOND SPRINGS HOTEL, GOOD EATS, NO ROOMS.


Shannon and I made one more swipe at the upstairs rooms before we decided to call it a night. It had been a very productive investigation. On the way down the stairs Shannon said: “Damn it Nancy, I have sweat running down my ^(^&%^$%!!!!”

Undaunted I replied “Well Pickles, I TOLD you to wear a thong!” And so off we went arm and arm into the sunset/er/night air. Just another ghostly adventure with GHOST GIRLS, as only GHOST GIRLS can!

About Nancy Bradley

Nancy Bradley

As seen on TELEVISION INTERNATIONALLY, THE TRAVEL CHANNEL'S HAUNTED HOTEL SERIES, FOX, DISCOVERY, KMAX (GOOD DAY SACRAMENTO # 31, ~second Friday morning of every month) and recently featured with a 6 page color spread in SACRAMENTO MAGAZINE, HAUNTED AMERICA TIMES, and many other magazines and newspapers, as well as a polished popular radio guest, NANCY is one of the foremost leaders in the world of the paranormal today. Besides being a popular guest on TV and RADIO, she also has two of her own television shows, "THE PSYCHIC HOUR WITH NANCY BRADLEY" and "INVESTIGATING THE UNKNOWN WITH GOLD RUSH GHOSTS PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS." NANCY teaches a Friday night Psychic Development Class, and give Psychic and Life Path Seminars across the world where she helps people to be happy and achieve their wants and goals. She is the author of three best sellers, "Incredible World of Gold Rush Ghosts the Big Picture" ( in its 4th printing, it is about the many uncanny accounts of ghosts and spirits in the Gold Rush Country of California) and "The World According to Nancy", which is considered the foremost book on personal psychic development on the market. Her third book is "Bizarre & Ghostly Tales for the Campfire."

NANCY has been appointed to a governing committee to expose phony psychics and their practices, and to put regulations on those that wish to be in the business, something that is well over due. "If you hear a psychic badmouthing me" BRADLEY says smiling, "You can be relatively sure that we have either exposed them as a fraud, or they are guilty and afraid we are about to." NANCY is considered the finest Psychic, Healer, Life Coach and Counselor around, and yet her goal is to keep her prices affordable to everyone, which is why it sometimes takes months to get an appointment with her unless you have an immediate need for which she will make special accommodations. A great animal lover, NANCY tithes all events where animals are concerned, and runs her own animal rescue as well, (The BANDIT/BEARDOG RESCUE) named after two of her beloved dogs. The organization raises funds to help animals of abuse and abandonment. NANCY has an extremely large Celebrity following and that is why she is called the CELEBRITIES PSYCHIC. Although she will not out of integrity release the names of any of her clients, she is willing to discuss her work with other celebrities to benefit and save animals during disasters. NANCY gives tirelessly to people in stress and charities, as well as working with police and families that are victims of crimes around the world. This is the 16th year that NANCY has been honored by being listed as one of the top ten psychics in the world. Her husband ROBERT REPPERT is a noted Hypnotist specializing in pain management and addiction, and he founded and runs GOLD RUSH GHOSTS PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS, the original, largest, and oldest, paranormal investigative organization in the U.S., where they maintain over one million dollars worth of the most up to date, state-of-the-art paranormal equipment in the world. They are called on to go all over the world to investigate the strange and unknown. Together they run TRUTH CENTER where only TRUTH IN PSYCHIC WORK IS ACCEPTED. NANCY conducts Psychic Home Parties and Ghost Tours as well. Besides all of the above and doing at least 12 Reading and Past Life Regressions most days, NANCY is currently involved in a pilot for National Television.





Paranormal Investigations


Gina Lanier

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