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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan






ghost photos

Mist, Maze, and Mystery





(The Celebrities Psychic) partner to: SHANNON MCCABE THE GHOST GIRLS


Long-dead gold miners frighten drivers along a Gold Rush lane. Spirits appear to guests at Gold Rush inns. Cemeteries from a long gone era house living spirits. Ghosts, spirits, entities, cold spots, and things flung across the room by unseen hands. We have confirmed them all in the Gold Rush country. Yes, ghosts are commonplace in Northern California. And we have even more to share with you at The National Hotel.

Driving down the road, the first thing you notice on the corner of Main and Water Streets is the National Hotel. It draws you like a magnet. It has that wonderful look of the ‘old west’, so you let your mind step back into yesterday. You want to forget you are in a car, so you park it on the side of the road. You check your imaginary gun and holster, adjust your Stetson, and click your boots (or in our case stiletto heals) and you head for the building, expecting a gunfight to erupt at any time as you cross the threshold.

And although the Old West feeling is all around, when you enter you are more likely to be surprised by the beauty of the hotel. Not to say it does not look like a 1800s building, because it does, but alas, a beautiful 1800s one. The woodwork leaves you speechless, you’ll love the banisters, and the lobby, now a bar, includes red velvet curtains. GHOST GIRLS are right at home here. After all, we decided early on to give ourselves hooker names, and as Pickles and Roxie (Shannon and I) could fit into here very well so many years ago. Wow, you are impressed with the building, and interested its history. It certainly LOOKS like it should be haunted!

The National Hotels Haunted Mirror. Ghost Photo sent to us by Lacey Grant.

The National Hotels Haunted Mirror. Ghost Photo sent to us by Lacey Grant.

To the right we enter to see the saloon. We have read that it is authentic. There is a kerosene-burning chandelier and original back bar that dates to 1862, but for now we are looking to the left. We are intrigued as we look at the staircase. It has a haze, an ectoplasmic fog surrounding it, and as we approach, I see three entities. I ask Shannon, “Do you see them?” And she immediately pulls her trusty EVP recorder from her pocket. “No, but I’m on it!” she says and heads for the stairs. Shannon is the EVP queen!

The first entity I see is a young boy of about seven or eight, and he is attempting to slide down the banister. I make conversation with him by saying “Hi, my name is Nancy, can you tell me yours?” He replies “Jeffrey”, as he looks me over carefully. Trailing him is his sister, and she appears to be about three years old and is in a white pinafore-type dress with black button-up shoes. She is angry at him for taking such a large lead, as her tiny legs cannot keep up with him. She gets down on her butt and tries to exit the stairs that way, one at a time. She continues to yell at her brother. He ignores her. Some things have just not changed through time!

But now it gets complicated. Behind them, a beautiful woman comes into view. She is dressed in 1800s attire and certainly does not appear to be a shabby housekeeper or such. No, she is of wealth and has the bearings to prove it. She wears a light turquoise and lavender dress, which is full at the shoulders and extends to the floor. She wears long, white lace gloves, and is carrying a fan. Her hat is round and enormous, with more lace and feathers in the front. They are big, long feathers. Her make-up is impeccable, and you admire her from a distance. She seems to pay no attention to the children before her, but passes them by as she disappears at the bottom of the stairs. Two names came to mind, and I share that with Shannon. “The names I have are Sarah and Milly” I tell Shan. We find that Sarah is the beautiful woman, and Milly is the girl child. The child smiles at us impishly.

A reported as a real ghost photo from The National Hotel in Jackson, California, Sent to us By Ronnie Williams.

A reported as a real ghost photo from The National Hotel in Jackson, California, Sent to us By Ronnie Williams.

We are very aware of the children. They appear in a mist. A companion comes to join them, and it is a little dog that is tan and playful. He (she) is fuzzy with short legs, a terrier/cocker cross perhaps, but has wire-haired whiskers protruding in odd places on his face. The dog is barking at the kids and apparently belongs to them from one dimension through all time. Unfortunately at that point we lost contact with this other and most interesting world as loud talking is heard form the bar. These are living folks here to have a good time. Had we not been on assignment, Shan and I would love to visit with them. However through this distraction communication with the children was difficult, so we proceed up the stairs to the second floor.

The National Hotel was originally built around 1849 above two springs, and it was used as a trail stop for travelers. Miners panned the stream, and we can imagine them being accommodated at the new hotel when panning was good. And because it appears for some perverse reason that all hotels in the Gold Rush country had to burn down at least once (an omen perhaps), this one did in 1862, along with almost everyth8ing else on Main Street. Lesson learned, this time the stately building was rebuilt on a brick basement.

But as Pickles and Roxie, us wannabee 1800s hookers take a walk up the stairs from the bar area and see the remains of a generation past, we notice the beautifully decorated antiques’ in the style of the 1800s and early 1900s. You are sure now that you have entered the world of days gone by. A quieter time perhaps, at least a different time. No cell phones, no rushing to the store before it closes, and no studying for exams. No, you are now a 49er, and at the National Hotel.

Is this a real ghost Photo from The Haunted Jackson Hotel? Sent to us from David Robertson.

Is this a real ghost Photo from The Haunted Jackson Hotel? Sent to us from David Robertson.

“Sarah…Sarah…,” A voice from the past breaks into the air. “Wait!” Another beautiful spirit woman, this one is a bit stockier but dressed as beautifully. This woman is certainly trying to catch up with her friend in turquoise and lavender. She races right through our photographer, unaware, and heads down the stairs. A party to go to perhaps? We wish we had been invited! We feel these lovely rooms were once used for ladies of the evening as a bordello, but this is not our experience now. We know for certain the miners were accommodated, and what more beautiful place but here? We have tapped into another time with its aura of wealth and stature. There is the feeling of splendor, and the best there is. It is common knowledge that the elite of the Gold Rush days stayed at the National Hotel. Every governor of California since 1861 has been a guest. Which are here now? And get those kids off the steps!

It is entertaining, but lovely. Not one living person, or one from the past, is now on the second floor. We assume they have all gone somewhere together because empty wine glasses are left around, and a man’s silk scarf is thrown over a chair, forgotten in the rush. We assume they have all gone to the function that has claimed both ladies. We decided to proceed to the third floor to see if things are livelier there. We climb the stairs with hope. Ah much better. From a door on the third floor, we watch the raging water below us. It is full to capacity and flowing freely. And, indeed, there is much ghostly activity here.

Immediately I had problems breathing. I have asthma anyway, and as most real psychics can attest, the air around spirits is musty at best. The oxygen level was down and I began to wheeze. Shannon asked what I was feeling and I said “I believe there was an epidemic at one time. Influenza, diphtheria, - they were all killers in their day. There were many people here” I added “Suffering. Fever. They were fighting time, all trying to get well. I now see nurses, doctors.” Shannon took out her EMF meter looking for voice, and I offered that mostly she would hear sighs and coughing. “They are not suffering now” I told our group of investigators, “They are in a better place. We just tapped into the energy of things before. Remember, these were the days before penicillin and other wonder drugs, the sick were usually kept on the same floor and away from the children and healthy. “How long did this go on?” Shannon asked, and I answered “This period extended for many months.”

The rooms were much more accommodating now, I saw men climbing the stairs, in from panning in the river and coming directly from their work to this floor. I saw a cat living on this floor, and he belongs to everyone. Names of some who still abound are George, Harry, and Otis. There is a Dennis from New England, and he says his last name is Schuster. He is a young man of about 18 years. He says he finds this life hard and wants to go back to the east coast. The others keep watch of him, and let him hang around with them. They are friendly and happy to have the company. They are playing cards, and we hear them bragging about their luck, not one telling the truth.” Much as we find this entertaining, we decide to go back downstairs. We wonder if anyone at the bar has had an experience with the ghosts at the National Hotel.

The Jackson Hotel, a Ladies Ghost in the mirror! Sent to us by Kerry Parker.

The Jackson Hotel, a Ladies Ghost in the mirror! Sent to us by Kerry Parker. The original building was constructed in 1849 at the confluence of two streams that were sacred to local Indians. In 1862, a fire destroyed much of the original structure. The place was immediately rebuilt with thicker brick walls. The second floor foyer has five large mirrors that may have captured images of the many ghosts that roam this place also.

A carpenter who had worked on the building, and that we had met on another trip to the building, Anthony Matranga, stated: “I told you guys this place was haunted!” At the time he looked up to address his buddies when we question him. “All of us find strange things happening when we are here.”

He was anxious to tell his story. “In the summer of 1997, I stayed overnight on the third floor. I had been working on the building and it was simpler than going home. I had finished my work for the evening, and I admit to having a few cocktails, but certainly I was not drunk. As I approached my room, my heart hurt. I had trouble breathing. It felt like something had reached out and grabbed my chest. Uncomfortable as it was, it soon went away. I didn’t give it much more thought, except the feeling was gone and I was glad for that. I slipped off my shoes and got into bed.

“Then I heard footsteps in the hall. A lady with an Irish accent started talking in the next room. I knew this could not be happening because we were under construction, and this section was closed off. I knew I was the only person on the floor. Then another strange thing happened. I could see lights under my bedroom door, coming from the hall. This was certainly impossible because I had the power turned off at the box. I started to get up and fumble for my shoes. Then, in the room on the other side of mine, water started to run. It continued for a long time, and then someone walked over to the bed because I could hear someone lay down. The bed-springs began to make noise and I knew what was going on. For just a moment I felt jealous because I was here alone! Of course there was no one there. Spooky as it was, this sort of thing is becoming commonplace around here.”

In 2004, Nancy Banducci, one of the owners of the hotel, told Gold Rush Ghosts “My office is across from one of the restrooms. A guest had gone into the restroom, and I had gone into the office. We both heard a loud crash, as if glass was being broken. I immediately thought of irreplaceable antiques in a hutch. Running from both rooms, the woman and I met in the hall. We both hunted the complete building but nothing was amiss. No broken glass, and yet we both heard it distinctly.”

This lovely hotel has 30 available rooms that range from double to queen size beds. John “Duke” Wayne has stayed here, as well as director John Ford. Presidents Garfield and Hoover have signed the register, as well as Will Rogers and Paul of Yugoslavia. It is believed that Black Bart” was also a guest.

The National Hotel does hold her mysteries. Things can be left at one place and found in another. People can be spoken to that are not there. An older man, stocky and balding, may meet you at the front door and bow as you enter. You smile at him, but he is gone.
Pickles and Roxie will be going back shortly for an overnight stay to bring to you more information about the many ghosts and spirits that reside here. We are happy to share it with you.

Mist, mazes, and mysteries. Maybe you will be the next one to encounter one of the many entities at the National Hotel.

Entertainment is sometimes available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On special occasions, the National Hotel in the past has offered Dixieland bands, Bluegrass, banjo, and German accordion polka music. The hotel features prepared seasonal dishes and an extended library. Big screen television is available as well. A scent of lilac is often in the air from days gone by, courtesy of the unknown, and the National Hotel is available for banquets upon request.

Established in 1862, the National’s doors haven’t been locked since!

Excerpts are from the book Incredible World Of Gold Rush Ghosts by Celebrities Psychic NANCY BRADLEY and ROBERT REPPERT.

The National Hotel is located at:
2 Water Street ~ Jackson, CA. 95642

Copyright@ 2008 NANCY BRADLEY

About Nancy Bradley

Nancy Bradley

As seen on TELEVISION INTERNATIONALLY, THE TRAVEL CHANNEL'S HAUNTED HOTEL SERIES, FOX, DISCOVERY, KMAX (GOOD DAY SACRAMENTO # 31, ~second Friday morning of every month) and recently featured with a 6 page color spread in SACRAMENTO MAGAZINE, HAUNTED AMERICA TIMES, and many other magazines and newspapers, as well as a polished popular radio guest, NANCY is one of the foremost leaders in the world of the paranormal today. Besides being a popular guest on TV and RADIO, she also has two of her own television shows, "THE PSYCHIC HOUR WITH NANCY BRADLEY" and "INVESTIGATING THE UNKNOWN WITH GOLD RUSH GHOSTS PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS." NANCY teaches a Friday night Psychic Development Class, and give Psychic and Life Path Seminars across the world where she helps people to be happy and achieve their wants and goals. She is the author of three best sellers, "Incredible World of Gold Rush Ghosts the Big Picture" ( in its 4th printing, it is about the many uncanny accounts of ghosts and spirits in the Gold Rush Country of California) and "The World According to Nancy", which is considered the foremost book on personal psychic development on the market. Her third book is "Bizarre & Ghostly Tales for the Campfire."

NANCY has been appointed to a governing committee to expose phony psychics and their practices, and to put regulations on those that wish to be in the business, something that is well over due. "If you hear a psychic badmouthing me" BRADLEY says smiling, "You can be relatively sure that we have either exposed them as a fraud, or they are guilty and afraid we are about to." NANCY is considered the finest Psychic, Healer, Life Coach and Counselor around, and yet her goal is to keep her prices affordable to everyone, which is why it sometimes takes months to get an appointment with her unless you have an immediate need for which she will make special accommodations. A great animal lover, NANCY tithes all events where animals are concerned, and runs her own animal rescue as well, (The BANDIT/BEARDOG RESCUE) named after two of her beloved dogs. The organization raises funds to help animals of abuse and abandonment. NANCY has an extremely large Celebrity following and that is why she is called the CELEBRITIES PSYCHIC. Although she will not out of integrity release the names of any of her clients, she is willing to discuss her work with other celebrities to benefit and save animals during disasters. NANCY gives tirelessly to people in stress and charities, as well as working with police and families that are victims of crimes around the world. This is the 16th year that NANCY has been honored by being listed as one of the top ten psychics in the world. Her husband ROBERT REPPERT is a noted Hypnotist specializing in pain management and addiction, and he founded and runs GOLD RUSH GHOSTS PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS, the original, largest, and oldest, paranormal investigative organization in the U.S., where they maintain over one million dollars worth of the most up to date, state-of-the-art paranormal equipment in the world. They are called on to go all over the world to investigate the strange and unknown. Together they run TRUTH CENTER where only TRUTH IN PSYCHIC WORK IS ACCEPTED. NANCY conducts Psychic Home Parties and Ghost Tours as well. Besides all of the above and doing at least 12 Reading and Past Life Regressions most days, NANCY is currently involved in a pilot for National Television.


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