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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan


Have The Dead Spoken To You Lately On Your iPhone?

Reseaching the History of the Ovilus, the Ovilus II and the iOvilus and ghost hunting Iphone App's

Ovilus, the Ovilus II And the iphone

ALSO PLEASE VISIT www.digitaldowsing.com AND ALSO SEE “I Hear Dead People” - A Review of the Ovilus Spirit Communication Device


As the Spiritualism religious movement became prominent in the 1840s–1920s with a distinguishing belief that the spirits of the dead can be contacted by mediums, new technologies of the era including photography were employed by spiritualists in an effort to demonstrate contact with a spirit world. So popular were such ideas that Thomas Edison was asked in an interview with Scientific American to comment on the possibility of using his inventions to communicate with spirits of the dead. He replied that if the spirits were only capable of subtle influences, a sensitive recording device would provide a better chance of spirit communication than the table tipping and ouija boards mediums employed at the time. However, there is no indication that Edison ever designed or constructed a device for such a purpose.

Konstantin Raudive, a Latvian psychologist who had taught at the University of Uppsala, Sweden and who had worked in conjunction with Jürgenson, made over 100,000 recordings which he described as being communications with discarnate people. Some of these recordings were conducted in an RF-screened laboratory and contained words Raudive said were identifiable.

In 1980, William O'Neil constructed an electronic audio device called "The Spiricom." O'Neil claimed the device was built to specifications which he received psychically from George Mueller, a scientist who had died six years previously. At a Washington, DC, press conference on April 6, 1982, O'Neil stated that he was able to hold two-way conversations with spirits through the Spiricom device, and provided the design specifications to researchers for free. However, nobody is known to have replicated O'Neil's results using their own Spiricom devices. O'Neil's partner, retired industrialist George Meek, attributed O'Neil's success, and the inability of others to replicate it, to O'Neil's mediumistic abilities forming part of the loop that made the system work. However, there is strong evidence to suggest that the recordings of conversations were falsified by O'Neil, specifically with an electrolarynx. The clearly audible vocal fricatives in the recordings, along with the fact that during the hours of recordings O'Neil's and Mueller's voices never overlap (as would happen in normal conversation), support this theory.

Another electronic device specifically constructed in an attempt to capture EVP is "Frank's Box" or the "Ghost Box". Created in 2002 by EVP enthusiast Frank Sumption for supposed real-time communication with the dead, Sumption claims he received his design instructions from the spirit world. The device is described as a combination white noise generator and AM radio receiver modified to sweep back and forth through the AM band selecting split-second snippets of sound. Critics of the device say its effect is subjective and incapable of being replicated, and since it relies on radio noise, any meaningful response a user gets is purely coincidental, or simply the result of pareidolia.

Digital Dowsing www.digitaldowsing.com equipment has appeared to date on the SyFy Channel, A&E, The History Channel, Animal Planet, E! , Discovery Channel and on NBC's Today show. Bill Chappell, lead designer and engineer for Digital Dowsing will appear in two episodes of the Travel Channels Ghost Adventures. And many people are more then astounded when they first see this hot item known as the Ovilus. MAny people have searched and searched to purchase one of their own and come up short handed. Sadly technology changes and the original Ovilus is no Longer in production. The new Ovilus II and the Ovilus iPhone app are now taking it's place to many cheers and jeers.

But the good news is the Ovilus II and iOvilus have taken it's place to rave reviews and a touch of serious skepticism still prevails.

Researching and using the Ovilus and the new craze of talking with ghosts with a iPHONE (iOvilus) or using ghost radar has as many believe become the ultimate outrage of serious paranormal exploration. The i-ovilus:iphone/ipod software interface to talk with spirits has been a serious search for many iphone users wishing to consult with the dead or just to carry on a conversation with the invisible world around us. The Ghost radar as many young ghost hunters have stated now has them afraid of their own shadows.

Some though are still very skeptic of it's use and purpose and call it the parlor trick of the 21st century. And to those groups that openly professed it great new use in the field on television and in documentaries they seem to be all stepping away and distancing themselves from it's use. A famous Paranormal TV personality who wishes to remain anonymous told me for what they once toted as the newest and best ghost hunting equipment to ever be invented is nothing more then a joke that got played on them and they will never use one on their show again since the applications release on iPhone. Many had once openly stated that they felt if Edison was alive today he would have been the inventor, or that his research is what brought this exquisite piece of equipment into being. Though now many fear the negative attributes the application and equipment is receiving today, Then of course there are those that still stand behind it as being 100% legit.



Some paranormal investigators seem to be also up in arms complaining in blogs and chatrooms for the fact that the iOvilus application is actually opening up portals in which unsuspecting teens run the risk of being possessed by unseen entities.

Many think it is just a game says Lisa Lee Harp Waugh the American Necromancer. Who has in resent years investigated everything from the common Franks Box and many other EVP and ghost speech boxes.

"I believe through my personal research with such items that many consider it just a toy where others take it seriously." " I can remember back in the early 1970's in Marshall, Texas I had a friend who believed everything her magic 8 ball told her to do." Certainly they will come the day when someone will commit a crime and blame it on the iOvilus app's ghost who told them to do it." Said Waugh. "The application on the iphone as all paranormal equipment on the phones is freely distributed for a small fee and left up to us to be for entertainment only." " But we must realize that their or some who take such matters seriously and these things can distort their reality to the point of committing serious problems in their lives and in those around them."

Waugh also believes that by releasing the iPhone iOvilus application it only reinforces to those that were skeptical about it in the first place that it is nothing more then hi tech trickery. And to the new people that do not believe in it that it is just a entertaiment application or a game. And now all this is perpetuating that many now realize that in the first place it all along might be more of a hoax then a actual useful piece of ghost hunting equipment.

Several well known ghost hunting groups that once based their findings on what their original Ovilus documentation provided seem to be backtracking and removing this evidence from their sites and discarding the equipment they once so held dear. The reason it seems is because they now feel they were duped into believing that the equipment was solid evidence that could not be disputed. where as others seem to be embracing the iOvilus as the perfecting ghost hunting tool at a very reasonable price.



Ovilus iPhone The iOvilus

The iOvilus is based on the same method of ITC communications as the highly controversial Ovilus. The iOvilus produces speech based on changes to sensors in the iPhone or iPod Touch. Simply, the idea is that an outside force can affect a change that registers a response. The application produces the same results that are often gotten with modified am/fm radios (Frank's Box or Ghost box's).


Instrumental Trans Communications "ITC" is not new to the paranormal researcher. But to many iphone users it has become the most fun app to scare their friends.

The iOvilus is simple to use; start the app and listen to what is said. Remember, the environment drives the output of iOvilus using a 1000 word dictionary to achieve ITC Communications.

Updates: are sent via the app store.
Just select the app store icon on your phone or ipod and the select updates. That should do it.

But, please understand we don't send the updates Apple does. we have no control over distribution it's all done by Apple.

iOvilus 1.6 requires 3.13 OS iphone or ipod you can find the download also through itunes by typing in iovilus



Talking ITC Device

Speech is formed by environmental changes ! Can run stand- a -lone or with a computer, built in speaker requires 2 AA batteries "not included"


PX Software

PX Support Page

Seen on :Ghost Adventures

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Those with whom I have spoken too who have used the iOvilus app seem not to take it too seriously. The quandary here is that this piece of supposed real technology being wasted and turned into a simple parlor trick or just another video game to pass the time when your board.

Many have questioned the validity of such equipment since they first seen it in use. and now they too wonder why such a valuable tool in paranormal research has been as they put it turned into the eight ball of the 21st century.






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Review of Paranormal Recorder iPhone 3Gs app for EMF and EVP





Baruss, Imants (2001), Failure to Replicate Electronic Voice Phenomenon, Journal of Scientific Exploration, V15#3, 0892-3310/0

Raudive, Konstantin (1971). Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment in Electronic Communication With the Dead (Original title: The Inaudible Becomes Audible). Taplinger Publishing Co.. ISBN 0800809653.


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