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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan






Paranormal Politics III

Political Ghosts

Fraud can not just be accepted in the field because some want to make a name for themselves that have no skills other then lying.

Paranormal Politics Part III
By Hauntress: Darlene Watts of shadowsaftermidnight.com, Artwork H.D. Meyers

Paranormal Etiquette is often labeled as 'snobbery' but here's your first Hauntedr tip: snobbery is bad manners!

Why do so many Paranormal, Ghost Hunters, Meetup groups and ghost Tours bash the competion? Are they just snobs? Or are they just tryinging to say, Hey, We are better then then you!

I have become aware of many online groups, writers, Haunted websites and ghost Tours. And always the ugly Ghostly haunted monster seems to raise its head and proclaim, the competion Sucks! I don't know why people use yahoo groups when haunted forums like my own are so much more organized.

Why do people attack the skeptical? Is it jealousy? Or just trying to pull apart someone or something that you don't trust. Over the years a few unscupolus people in all areas of the paranormal often steal others works or information off of web sites or through solicitation of ghost stories. After the fact they usually go out of their way to Whole heartedly discredit those that originally came up with the information story or idea. So they can call it their own idea. And when caught in the act they deny any knowledge of the before mentioned works, the invidual and what they have contributed. Sounds much more like the political field of todays government doesn't it?

I have personally heard about many American Ghost tours that started up because someone went to work for a company stole all the stories then started their own tour. Usually they go out of their way to hurt the original tour they got the info from by calling them cheesy or outright unprofessional. I've seen i have you t. Words like amataeurish, fake ghost stories and not very informative real haunted history come to mind. The same occurs in meetup groups, Paranormal investigation teams and all the rest of the paranormal realm daily in blogs and forums like my own.

Also I've seen web sites that feature our favorite paranormal Ghost Hunters, paranormal investigators and out right frauds do the same. You guys realize that many are asking for people to submit their real ghost or haunted stories on there sites on a form mail? That's how certain Authors have ripped off people. Stole their submissions and put their name on them, mistakes and all.

I think we should start a real public Paranormal Police campaign to stamp out fake Ghost stories, Ghost Photos, Ghost Tours, and web sites and writers that steal others info. Then, we can expose them, or impeach them in sence from ever lying to us again. Bu the workd is big and every inch of it can not be policed unless we set up our own board of governors to decide what is real and what is not. We need a Paranormal Investigator President from our own ranks to be our judge and jury in such matters. Some haunted websites sites put me in mind of those ads you would find in the back of those old time detective novelettes/magazines and comic books of yester-year. Remember those? Am I being Cheesy ... Huh?

What concerns me is the people that now visit and become members of my website have become the real Paranormal Police and knowingly have set their own agenda. As far as I can see that is to get themselves noticed, and that is just as bad as the frauds in this field.

On my website shadowsaftermidnight.com I don't have an agenda, other then to stop fraud. I am no longer the moderator of that particular group. I did change the topic heading to reflect more of what you were referring to.

As you can see, I have a section of sites groups that I think should be Black Listed . As I want people to have freedom of speech as much as possible. I think Bobby Zoeller would like everyone to say as they please. So would I. However, there are people in the group that get angry at the bickering and complain.

To me, The Paranormal in-fighting is a hot subject. To give both sides a fair shake, you have to allow freedom from both sides. Paranormal Politics yes it is and the great debate goes on.

Personally I nominate Boby Zoeler for the job for I trust no one else.

Bobby Zoeller's Story


The powers that be in the command and control structure of the
paranormal group we were in for three years are very much into
controlling the perception of the group among other paranormal
groups in general, current group members in particular, and the
media as a whole.

When I quit after three years and my wife was banished from the
group, we still considered many of the people within the group our
friends. Many had spent countless hours with us over the preceeding
three years not only enjoying the group, but also enjoying the time
spent with each other. When we were married, the two people who
attended the ceremony were two of the friends we had made while in
the group. When we left, we still looked forward to keeping those
friendships we had developed and cherished. In most instances, such
proved not to be the case. This was not our decision. The current
members that have kept in contact with us can be counted on one
hand. Most of those we speak with now have either left the group
entirely or participate only in a very limited manner. To many of
those that remain, we have become the enemy of mankind. To quote J.
Robert Oppenhiemer, we have "become death, the destroyer of worlds."

In my opinion, the leadership of the paranormal group we belonged to
has the ability of limiting the choices and the perception of
current members when it comes to those outside of the organization.
If you are outside of the group you are looked upon as a potential
enemy. If you break away and form your own paranormal group as some
have done in the past, your actions are closely followed and
monitored. Individuals that break away from the organization and
form their own paranormal groups risk torment and destruction at
every conceivable level because they have left the fold and dared to
be independent of the reigning group. I know. I participated in and
even orchestrated one such destruction. This is done not at the
request of the leadership, but at most times with his full knowledge
and tacit approval. Fallen group members, especially those such as
my wife Patti and I that were once trusted comrades within the
group, are now likely viewed as the Anti-Christ. If you walk, talk,
eat, drink, sleep, and dream the group at all times, question
nothing put in front of you, and accept everything you are told by
the leader you will advance quickly in the group. If, however, you
stray from the fold, ask questions, act like you are a grown up and
not a mindless zombie programed into idol worship of the group's
leader, you will face a much more difficult time.

Bobby Zoeller

Bobby Zoeller

We were those types.

We questioned things. We wanted details. Being older than most of
the other members, we had years of experience dealing with people in
a way that the younger members could not fully understand. In their
eyes, if the leader said it, then it was so. Why question the
leader? After we left the group we wanted to sort out the truth from
the bullshit. In the end, there wasn't a whole lot to separate.

Those that question nothing, that accept the words and the stories
and the boastful promotions of the ruling leadership are given
tasks. We were like that for a long time. We did anything asked of
us. We spent hours each night working and promoting the group and,
in turn, it's founder and president. I set up many of the library
appearances he made, answered inquiries sent in to the group or
directly to him, set up radio interviews, compiled and researched
stories and articles for inclusion on the website, recruited new
members, authored informational handouts for use at the monthly
meetings, ran investigations and sought out new clients, and
basically promoted the group at every turn of the wheel. We went on
the offensive whenever someone would attack the group or it's
leader. Our dedicated work and loyalty paid off. We advanced up the
ladder. We were given more and more responsibility as the months
passed. But then, slowly at first, we started to question things.
The boastful claims regarding famous individuals and legitimate and
important organizations was the starting point. After we left the
group we checked into every story we could remember being told by
the group's leader. We contacted each individual and organization we
could remember, those in which the leader supplied enough
information to have checked out. We received replies from nearly all
of them. Despite the claims of the group's leader, none of the
individuals or organizations had ever heard of him before. Some went
so far as to reply with astonishment asking where we had heard such
a thing.

Thought control among it's members and the ability to control the
media by presenting a wholesome image where everything is based upon
truth, justice and the America way was the ultimate goal of the
group's executive branch. If they could control that, they could
weave whatever tales they wished and no one would question them on
it. That, from what we discovered, worked like a charm most of the
time. The only time it seemed to backfire is when individuals spoke
up and starting asking questions and demanding answers. Then things
became a little more interesting and not as clear cut. We were not
the first to question the stories we heard. But, we have certainly
been the most persistent and the most troublesome. The difference we
bring here is that we have actually gone to the trouble to look
further than across the room or out the door. My wife Patti
researched many of the stories and accounts we had been told down
through the years. In some cases, the claims asserted came with
little background information and would prove nearly impossible to
confirm or refute. But, in some instances, just enough was provided,
a name or the name of a group or organization with specific content,
that documenting the validity of the claim could seem possible. So,
that is how this all came about.

Others simply packed their bags and left. They "moved on" as we are
often told to do by some. But, in our case, devoting three years of
your life to an organization you trusted and believed in makes it
much more difficult to "move on." Especially when those left behind
remain in the dark.


The yahoo group Paranormal Police was deleted sometime between 3:08 - 3:38 p.m. today. Likely because of complaints to yahoo for supposably slandering and/or spamming people.

The problem with Yahoo is, they will fault on the side of caution because if there is a liability issue, they can be held accountable in a libel case to some degree. So, being the huge company they are, I would expect them to not fully investigate and tend to look more at a few post and the amount of complaints and make their decision this way.

However, that being said. The people making the complaints are cowards. They had to put in some serious time to do this. Why would supposedly famous people in the paranormal be so afraid of a group on yahoo that was less then 200 members of which was largely members from their own teams? I think I counted about 20 people who respond and speak who are active and serious about getting rid of the fraud in the paranormal field. Why are they so afraid of so few?

This site is staying and I intend to make good use of it. It is fairly new and I have not really added much except some wonderfully worded articles from Bobby Zoeller that truthfully show our cause and what we are doing.

I will say this, none of you out there who think you are the stars of the paranormal are equipped to deal with true fame. Look what you do with just a small group who opposes you in one small group. You can't take criticism. You can't even face the truth and run and hide or have your compatriots defend you. Then, you invent a supposed wrong and work and work to get what you want, to shut us up. Well guess what... we are not shutting up.

This site is staying where it is. It is a paid site and not under the authority or control of a free web hoster. Sooooo to all you morons that are about fraud out there, your day will come!

The above article and Photos does not reflect the views or opinions of Haunted America Tours and are soley those of the Author.



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The World's 100 Most Haunted Places

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The above article and Photos does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Haunted America Tours.

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