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The Many Secrets Of Top Private Paranormal Investigators


The Real Haunted Tricks Of The Trade

By Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

We all have secrets about what we do and not just why we do it. Techniques of ghost hunting and paranormal research vary from person to person. it could be as simple of not holding a digital voice recorder in your hand when capturing EVP"s to saying a prayer before each investigation begins.

Today Ghost Hunters do many things as individuals some may seem practical others down right strange. But if the results and evidence you collect from using such tricks are worth it then why not learn from others success and failures.

The field of private Paranormal investigation is widely diversified as we all know, and requires a variety of skills to fill a growing list of specialties. Training and skills you may already have, like photography, electronics - and especially a personal knowledge of computers and programs - can be very valuable assets for the investigate business. Learn how to get started, where to go for help, and what each individual paranormal or haunted ghost investigation requires. Some things you do might just be cutting edge and you don't know it.

Paranormal Investigation Top Secrets

The many things most good Ghost Hunters should know and do!

Paranormal Investigator Glenn Hawse of Topeka, Kansas suggest putting your voice digital or tape recorders in a large zip lock bag. He does this on all his ghost hunts. he believes it protects the equipment from moisture and helps stop wind and background noise. he says he has gotten better results and clearer EVP's from doing this.

Be aware of your personal appearance and grooming. Dress for the role as a Paranormal Investigator look and be professional.

If you want people to think you are a business person, consider every detail: dress, demeanor, manner of speech. Act like a business person. Be a paranormal business person.

Not technically Paranormal Ghost Hunting Equipment BUT Also take these along with you when you investigate for real ghosts:

* Thermos and Cooler Ghost Hunts take time
* Pencils, Pens
* Hidden cameras are perfect for ghost hunting some ghosts are camera shy
* Prescribed Prescription medicine and a first aid kit
* Note pads, paper drawing pads
* Extra Glasses, or contacts
* A local City phone directory
* Your Personal home phone book
* Always bring extra clothes, sox, shoes and jackets
* Checkbook, credit cards
* Bug Spray, mosquito repellent
* Street maps and road maps
* Rain gear
* Folding money & change!
* A roll of Visqueen to cover sensitive Equipment from weather or dampness
* Plastic bags, Zip lock large and small, trash bags large and small
* Extra Car Keys
* A Tool Kit

Also consider bringing step stool and at least a 6 ft ladder. Tape measures, rulers, rubber gloves. A few ghost Hunting groups and investigators bring their own tables and chairs. Also consider bringing gaffers tape or masking, clear tapes.

Be self sufficient ask the client for nothing but info. Bring everything you need or send a team member out to buy or pick it up from your headquarters.

Always have a pre paranormal investigation conference the day before. Pack equipment and make sure it is in working order. also bring extra of everything and have duplicate or back up equipment if all fails.

At the Haunted Location always use proper self and group decorum, politeness, attentiveness, responsiveness, these are qualities seasoned Paranormal Investigators insist staff or team members and all investigators should exhibit. Politeness, friendliness, pleasantness.

Whether you are conducting a haunted house or hotel or any location private or public, organize all your data - important facts as well as seemingly mundane, trivial details might prove a haunted evidence point.

Some groups have vans or large SUV's as their source of transport, also consider brining along extra vehicles just in case one breaks down.

"And remember to always leave a haunted location as clean and orderly as when you arrived." So states Gina Lanier. " Haunted clients are disturbed enough by the ghosts who haunt them why give them extra grief!"

Interviewing your haunted client and background checks

Whether you will interview in person or over the phone, fax always be prepared! Learn as much as you can learn about your subject's personality, likes, dislikes, occupation, schooling, relationships, leisure activities, clubs, organizations, and interests. Sometimes these things have a great bearing on the haunting. ghosts will often haunt a subject because of who they are . Not just because they live in a supposed haunted home.

Interview everyone even individuals in a home or business that is not haunted as others are. Husbands and wives, present and past, relatives and friends and neighbors. Employers and partners and co-workers and acquaintances.

One interviewing technique you might use, is the 'erroneous conclusion, to present the wrong information, then allow yourself to be corrected. The person doing the correcting will invariably give you the information you need. You didn't even have to ask for it. Get answers to your questions by playing ignorant, a tactic many people confuse with stupidity.

National Background Investigations

When you absolutely must know everything possible about a person's background for personal or professional paranormal reasons it is better if you are suspicious of a hoax or haunted fraud to do a paid check of the individual. Try sites like People Finder Super Search and Business Background Check will be very helpful.

Remember some individuals will say they are haunted for attention or publicity. Don't be fooled! Also check out new Paranormal Team or group members before you bring them along.

Your Paranormal Investigative Team

Although you certainly can do this kind of an investigation on your own, most people prefer to work with others. Two or three people working together is ideal. With two or three people you can divide the work and at the same time keep the task of sharing information from becoming overwhelming.

Also when joining members are strangers to you consider a Criminal background check. Some unscrupulous individuals have been known to use ghost hunting just to get into a persons home or business just to rob, extort or commit crimes.

The Speed of Your Investigation

In one sense, there is no urgency to your investigation. The victim's haunted life has already been frightening to a large degree. So you can be completely flexible about fitting this work into your life. On the other hand, the potential impact of your findings will decrease the longer you wait to present them. In the end, the speed of your investigation may also be dependant on a number of factors out of your control, not the least of which is the next question, what do you plan to do with this info? Write a book? Openly go public and let the world know this is a real ghost haunting.

Hunting for real ghosts takes time sometimes months weeks and years. Don't let what you see on television fool you. No, it all doesn't happen in an hour format. And those that just hunt for ghosts in 3-4 hour stints for a case or not doing their job correctly.

How to Write Up Your Paranormal Investigation Findings

Keep it simple! So people can't miss your major points.
Organize it logically! So people aren't confused.
Keep it short! So people will read it. Keep your report to two or three pages. If you absolutely have to include more details or documents, include them as attachments.
Keep it to the point! State your main point right away, stick to it, and keep tangential points to a minimum.
Include a Photograph of the haunted Victim!
Give One or Two Simple, Concrete Examples of What People Can Do to Help

The Order of Your Investigation

The order in which you carry out the tasks of your investigation, is sometimes very strategic and at other times can be left to your convenience. Clearly, the best order of doing things will be different in every investigation. The important thing to remember is to always stop and give some thought and planning to your next move before making it. Timing can be key to the amount of information you obtain.

What to do With Your Paranormal Investigation Findings

This too often means you need to get the attention of as many people as possible. And that means making good use of the media: radio, print, internet, TV, leaflets, letters to the editor, and more. As daunting as it sounds, it shouldn't be all that difficult. Hauntings and ghosts and paranormal info is always of interest to the media.

Another huge advantage you have with the media is that you've done their work for them. You have a well worked story; researched, documented, written, and ready to go. This makes media people, just like anyone else, very happy. So don't hesitate to pick up the phone and talk to the news directors, feature editors, and talk show hosts of your local and regional media.

Before going to the media, be sure you have talked thoroughly with the people you interviewed who are haunted by real ghosts. Are they willing to talk to the press? Under what conditions? And on which subjects? Media interviews are always negotiable and you and anyone you connect to the media should be clear ahead of time on the limits you want to set with the media.

Don't ever give the media your only copy of anything no matter how much they promise to give it back. If you do, you'll probably never see it again. Get copies made ahead of time of everything.

Don't go into an interview passively allowing the media to direct the interview or show. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make with the media. You decide what you want to talk about and say. Know exactly the one or two points you want to make ahead of time and no matter what questions are asked slide your answers back to your one or two main points. This way you control the interview.

If you allow the interviewer to take you off on tangents, you're likely to be devastated to see that the only statement of yours that got aired was the tangent and your main point was completely left out. There's only one way you can prevent this. Stick to your main point, and don't allow the media person to lead you astray. Media is sound bites. So keep it simple and tight.

Be conscious of the power you have in your hands. Media works very fast, so fast and shark-like in it's grab, that you might feel it's not worth the trouble. But even 30 seconds or 5 paragraphs of media is an immense power to educate a huge number of people. Just think how much advertisers are willing to pay for the same time or space. So it's definitely worth all the time and energy you've put into it even if 30 seconds is all you get.

No matter how prepared you were for the media event, expect to be misquoted, to have the story slanted, and to have opposing views be given more space than your views, especially if those opposing views come from law enforcement or other authorities. In fact, if you are presenting evidence of law enforcement failures, expect that law enforcement will lie outrageously about the facts and probably lie about you too. As enraging as all this is, it's pretty standard fare. You can't control it, you can only try to minimize it with solid evidence and good anticipation of what the opposition will say.

So get ready with your thickest skin. Don't waste your breath griping back at the media even when you're misquoted, because their skin is thicker than yours. Just keep reminding yourself that the fact that you got the issues raised on the big stage of media is a dynamite accomplishment and a powerful step forward in awakening your community. Remember too, that many people can read between the lines.

Keep the story alive. Be creative. Go to other media with another angle, with material that was left out, another person to interview, building off an aspect of the opposition, or paranormal community response.

Don't miss the opportunity to present solutions. Pick one or two critical changes you think need to be made to save other haunted persons tortured lives.

Then send in another team of your own group or an outside group to see what evidence they collect. A double checked and sometimes triple checked investigation of a haunted locations only establishes that what yo uncovered is real.

About Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

Have The Dead Spoken To You Lately?

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh The Great American Necromancer

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh The Great American Necromancer

The first lady of conjuring the Dead. The ancient art pf Necromancy is still alive today with Waugh at it's main investigator. LISA LEE HARP WAUGH Is a necromancer in the 21st century. She is by what may call a real conduit to the world of the dead. She dressers in ceremonial robes, draws magical circles on the floor and commands spirits from Heaven, Hell and all places in between to appear before her and communicate with the living. As a teenager she studied heavily The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish and The Grand Grimoire by A.E Waite, the Malleus Maleficarum and anything she could get her hands on by the great by Eliphas Levi, John Dee and the great beast, Aleister Crowley. www.ghosthuntersofamerica.com

A professional Necromancer and founder of the Sorcerers Guild And Necromancers of Texas and of greater Houston, Texas. Waugh has been practicing and conducting rituals for many paranormal investigators for over 20 years. Waugh also paints many spiritual and common murals and lives in a small Texas town with her three dogs. She also over the years makes ceremonial candles and is active in ghost hunting in the deep South. Summoning the dead to communicate with the living is a natural daily occurrence for Waugh. "I have been doing this since I was a child." " When I lived in Galveston, Texas about 15 years ago, I was introduced to the ancient rights of ceremonial Necromancy as a ritual by a great shaman called Freebird, and because of him and his diligence to the art, I still practice it until this day." "However, if a spirit has something vital to impart to you, they will call upon you, not vice-versa and no ritual is needed".

She then Got involved with the local Hoodoo Voodoo's of the area and new doors where opened to her concerning communicating with the dead.

Waugh was baptized and trained in the secret dark religion by Bianca The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Waugh lived in New Orleans for 3 years until she learned all about spells, hex's and how to hoodoo voodoo people as she says.

Waugh also owned and managed the fantastic Candle Making Company in Galveston, Texas for many years that catered to the eclectic patrons taste of many of the states visitors and just curious. She then moved to Houston's Famous Vodoun area 5th ward. This now where she resides to this day. Her home today is a testimony to Necromancy and her new found religion of Voodoo Hoodoo.

Necromantic practitioners such as Waugh conducts, and entails respect and reverence not only for the spirits of the dead, but for the spirits of Hell, Heaven and all places in between. Waugh has a large home one room she has painted black where she calls the good spirits. Another painted all black where she calls the infernal spirits.

The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.

The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.

We Investigate all types of Paranormal and Unexplained Phenomena through Research and Documentation.

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Waugh is often compared today in her facial features and many similar practices as being a modern Dr. John Dee. He of course was one of the most fascinating characters of the Elizabethan period just as Waugh is recognized as such in modern times. The events of Dee's life are filled with science, experiments, astrology and mathematics which he aligned with magic, the supernatural and alchemy! All of which is Waugh's personal passion and driven honest beliefs. These are also stead fast traditions she does and true in practicing openly. A few of her select followers say she is the actual reincarnation of John Dee. Waugh also practices astrology, and is very continuously studying the Black Arts.

Waugh, a real big hearted Texas gal does not comment on any of this privately or publicly ... for she is humble in her paranormal studies and research to the core. Gina Lanier a close friend of her's relates: "Waugh is a very outgoing friendly, charming and a downright loveable person, and gets along equally well with the living and the dead." Lanier and Waugh once investigated a real Haunted Texas Federal Prison together for close to two years in the early 1990's and had many startling paranormal adventures while there.

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh's accomplishments have been achieved through hard work, persistence, and a goal-oriented attitude required to overcome obstacles and reach difficult goals. Waugh shares her approach to communicating with the dead's success in this motivational performance that's sure to inspire Paranormal Investigators to excel in their life.