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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan






The One - The Only...

The Incomparable Patti Starr

Certified Ghost Hunter

Answers The Questions You Dare To Ask!


Patti Starr

Certified Ghost Hunter

atti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter, Ghost Chasers International, Inc.Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter

Patti Starr writes for the Lexington Herald-Leader online newspaper under the heading “Ask the Expert”. It is a forum for posing questions to certain professionals. Questions and answers are published for information and discussion purposes only.

Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter
President of Ghost Chasers International, Inc.
Author, "Ghost Hunting in Kentucky and Beyond"
Speaker/Entertainer College Circuit (agent Wolfman Production, Inc.)
Bardstown Ghost Trek
Professor of Ghost Hunting at Bluegrass Community & Technical College
Proprietor of the Ghost Hunter Shop, Lexington, KY
Founder of the Patti Starr Mystery Academy

Ghost Hunter Shop
835 Porter Place
Lexington, KY 40508
(859) 576-5517


Patti Starr Explains:
When people ask me questions about ghost hunting, the spirit world, psychic abilities, angels and other mystic beings I answer these questions solely based on my own experiences, research, and studies. They are my opinion and in no way do I claim that I have all the right answers or that the answers I share with you are the only explanations. Ghost hunting is not an exact science and all I have to go on is the evidence that I am blessed with as I continue to investigate this wonderful and amazing phenomena. I hope that these questions you read below will in some way help you to understand my world and many others that live in it as well.

Submitted from Ft. Walton Beach, Fl.
Q: Hi, I have a question about poltergeist activity/telekinesis. Will each produce similar effects? How can you tell the difference between the two? I have experienced activity in several different houses, since childhood. Sometimes things happen that seem like a "haunting" (once I saw a figure) and other times it feels more "poltergeist-y" or telekinetic.(locked windows becoming unlocked, lights coming on by themselves, something moving on its own) My Mother told me once that I was causing it. (She also had experiences in her home.) Thank you, Cynthia

A: You might be correct on both accounts. Sometimes when you have unexplained activity such as windows being locked and then unlock, lights coming on and off, or something moving on its own could be, after careful examination, concluded as poltergeist activity. Or if a person has strong kinetic energy they may be causing such activity without knowing that they are the culprits.

When I get involved with such activity we take many steps to determine if we have a situation of possible poltergeist or psycho-kinesis (from Greek, psyche meaning mind and kinesis meaning motion). In the book “The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe”, by Lynne McTaggart, writes about how the mind and body are not separate from our environment but instead a vibrating power constantly interacting with a vast sea of energy that surrounds us. After reading her book it made me understand how even scientifically spirits could move objects just as well as we can with our minds… You are very welcome. Patti*
Submitted From West Branch, Mi

Q: How do I tell if I have a message from the dead on my phone message machine? I really need to know I think my dead aunt called my mom this week and she has been dead since Dec. 27 07.THE VOICE is un natural sounding very weak and quivery like 100 yr old person the voice sounded someone what familiar, but not sure. My cousin I both said the same thing that it was my aunt Emily. Whoever it was called my mother by name. AND THEN ASKED FOR HER DRS. # only the message was backward instead of saying I want my DR.S # THEY SAID My Dr. # I want, My Dr. # I want. Then hung up. No one seems to know anything about it. No relatives that we called that it might have been were ill.

A: I myself have received disturbing calls of this nature. They follow your description in a similar way. Sometimes they sound so out-of-this-world and then I wonder if some older person had just gotten confused and called the wrong number. In these cases it is very hard to prove if this is evidence coming from a loved one that has crossed over or a ghost that is desperately calling for help.

When I get these kinds of phone calls I ask Archangel Azrael to please help this person if they are finding difficulty crossing over. Archangel Azrael’s name means “Whom God Helps” and one of his duties is to help people cross over to heaven. … Patti*

Submitted from Drakesboro, KY
Q: Hi Patti, several months ago I was awakened from my sleep to find a purple fog or haze in my bedroom I felt like someone was watching me. It happened 3 times no noise or anything just a weird feeling, the last time I felt it touch my feet not hard just a gentle brush. Fast forward to now we have a friend that shares our home he is an 80 year old man. Several times a week he is awakened by something he says it feels small grabbing him, poking him, trying to choke him, pulling his fingers apart. It has torn 2 t-shirts off him while he was wrestling it and has left marks on his arms and hands. I would like this to remain private. Is there anything I can do to stop this? He can’t sleep at night and I’m frightened for my 12 year old son. I don’t want him to be next. Any ideas? Bless you and thank you, Tammy

A: I feel like the strongest defense from an energy we don’t understand is to become powerfully protected from it. Prayer is the absolute best remedy and also smudging with sacred sage is good to do. Before your friend goes to bed call Archangel Michael into the room for protection as well. Ask Michael to cover the room in a bright light of love and protection. He is the fiery angel that can protect us from any evil no matter how strong.

These are very powerfully protections I am giving you and they work 100%. If it continues then it may not be of a paranormal nature. The mist may be some type of geo-gas coming from ley lines that is affecting visions, moods, and personalities. It could be a psychological problem or stress bringing on psycho-kinesis effect. I hope this helps….Patti*

Patti Starr

Submitted from Murray, Kentucky
Q: I often get strange feelings when I approach old places. At first I thought it was simply my imagination, however looking into my family history I discovered that my grandmother was a seventh daughter of a seventh daughter as well as a gifted psychic. She called them "visions" that god sent her to prepare her for what was to come. My maternal grandmother was a practicing white witch who had the ability to stop blood and talk fire out of a burn. With such a "colorful" history I grew curious. I realize after some research that I may be what is often referred to as a sensitive. If this is the case, how can I be sure and how can I control it? I do not care for the unexpected walls of emotions I find myself walking into and would like some help in foretelling or at least protecting myself against such.

A: I would have to agree with you and say that you do resemble someone that is referred to as a sensitive. This skill can be enhanced and developed for good use and even learning how to use your gift to heal as well. I would like to recommend a book titled, “Psychic Development for beginners” by William Hewitt. It was the book that took my abilities to another level after completing the 44 exercises that he lists in his book. Once you complete this book then you might want to see what your intuitive sense tells you to do next.

You can find this book at most book stores but if you do have difficulties finding it please go to www.ghosthuntershop and click onto books. You will see that I carry a copy in my shop here in Lexington or you can buy it online. I wish you the best in the wonderful and fascinating world of the psychic…..Patti*

Submitted by Bubba from Paducah
Q: Are you delusional or do you simply like toying with ignorant people? By running this column in an otherwise respectable newspaper, you give false imprimatur to this purveyor of superstitious nonsense.

A: To answer the first part of your question, “No I am not delusional.” And to answer the second part of your questions, “No, I do not toy with ignorant people. “ So far, I have never met an ignorant person. I have been blessed with meeting wonderful and amazing people that enrich my life on a daily basis! In response to your comment about this column, this respectable newspaper has set this column up as a forum for posing questions to certain professionals. Questions and answers are published for information and discussion purposes only. Love and Abundance to You….Patti*

Submitted Sacramento, California
Q: I have a very normal and sweet natured 12 year old daughter who seems to have abilities to see things that others do not. She has seen this apparition in my father's home and describes it as female in dark cloaked apparel. I was with her once when she saw it, and she froze, could not talk, and started hysterically crying. I had the same apparition confirmed by a man that came in to the house to do some work for my father, and he saw this same being many times while working in the house for a period of months. This man had never met my daughter, and had no knowledge of what she had witnessed. My daughter has also seen objects flying in the air and having been "locked" in a room where she could not get out. I would like to know how she can be tested for psychic abilities. She is scared by what she claims to see, and I would like to give her tools to accept what she may be seeing. How do I go about this process?

A: You daughter is very lucky to have a mom that supports and wants to help her with her psychic abilities. Over the last several years there has been a noticeable increase in children being born with amazing psychic abilities. There are many books being written about these children and they refer to them as “Indigo Children” or “Crystal Children”. I would gladly recommend “Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow Children” by Doreen Virtue, an amazing author with great insight to these children’ abilities. . Patti*

Submitted from Orlando, Florida
Q: What does it mean when they pull your hair?

A: If you have your hair pulled without any possible explanations you might be experiencing a ghost that is trying to get your attention, or a prankster ghosts that enjoys teasing. Sometimes when this happens I will ask the spirit to do it again just to see if it really is a ghost and that it can communicate with me. If it happens again shortly after you ask it to repeat the action then you just might be experiencing spirit activity….Patti*


Submitted from Richmond, KY
Q: Hi.....I have followed your work for some time and look forward to taking your class. I have formed my own group and we have our 1st case which we are investigating. It involves a duplex apartment. There is one adult and a ton of children age 10-17. They are scared out of their minds and are planning on moving. There are a lot of different types of hunting's going on here. Also she is having the same dream every night at the same time. She is worn down and so are her children. My question...What can I do to protect myself, my crew and this woman Gina? My impression from her is the place is pure evil. I have a case history written up and would like to share it with you. Tomorrow I am interviewing all family members and neighbors. Thanks-you, Patti

A: Thank you for your kind words and I look forward to seeing you in class. The questions that you have asked are also covered in class and I feel they are a very important part of how you conduct a ghost investigation. I know the family that you are helping is very frightened because they do not understand what to expect or what to do to alleviate their fears. Because we, as ghost hunters, do have a better understanding of spirit world we also know that sometimes even the worst reports turn out to be only a mild haunting. By telling them this it might give them some comfort until you arrive.

I would suggest you start the investigation with a sacred sage smudging and blessing of the house. This will provide protection for you, your crew and the family. It will not offend the good energy but it will totally repel all negative energies. If you need to know how to do a smudging go to my website www.ghosthunter.com and then to the tutorials to find smudging instructions.

If the family has created a bond with these ghosts I have a way that might help you get rid of them a lot quicker. Email me and let me know how it goes. Love and Abundance to You....Patti*

Submitted from Joliet, IL
Q: My son just turned 3 in March. He always sleeps very well in his room by himself. About a month ago he wanted me to leave the bathroom light on and leaving his door open. Around the same time he woke up early in the morning one morning and said that he saw someone in his window. The man was wearing a hat, blue overalls, and a white shirt. I kind of just ignored it and thought that he dreamed. Last night I closed his door when I went to bed. When my boyfriend woke up at 5 am he saw my sons light on. And my son was sitting on his bed. We asked him why his light was on and he just says "because". He's never done this before. And every night he's waking up crying and crawls into my bed around five in the morning. I don’t know what to do. Please help me is this a ghost or his imagination? I've never believed in anything like this and never watch scary movies with him or myself. I’m lost and worried for him. Thank you, Patti

A: I totally understand your concern with your little boy's behavior, especially when it comes to him being afraid of the dark. The fearful threes are a time when most toddles are developing their imaginations and in so doing begin to develop fears of the dark, of animals, and of strangers. Sometimes, these fears can be a sign that there is another problem at a subconscious level and these emotions can have an effect on how he sleeps.

Has he had any major changes in his life over the last few months? Did you move into a new place? Did you change baby-sitters? Has someone that he was close to moved away or is no longer in his life? As far as considering that he might be experiences a ghost or spirit I would need to know more info about the place you live and if you or your boyfriend has experienced anything that might suggest a haunting.

Sometimes young children are more open to energies of the spirit world and this might be an issue he is learning to deal with as well. If you would like for me to talk to you more about this please contact me at my personal email patti@ghosthunter.com and I'll email you my personal phone number so we can talk about this in more details. Love and Abundance to You.....Patti*

Ghost Chasers International, Inc. The content on my website is based on theory and conjecture that has been concluded through research and my experiences. I offer you possible explanations but they may not be the only ones. Ghost Hunting is not an exact science and I do not have absolute proof but I do have enough evidence to support the possibility of the existence of ghosts. I ask that you keep an open mind and enjoy your visit while having a little fun learning something new.

Submitted from Lexington, KY
Q: Hello again Patti, we have spoken before, my question is, have you ever heard of a documented case of an entity physically harming someone?

A: As of today, I have not actually witness harmful and injury during ghostly activity. I have been pushed, bruised, and my hair pulled but I don’t consider this as harmful only as an attempt to get my attention. I have not been involved with demonic or evil activity. I have gone to places were the occupants felt it was evil and demonic but most of the time we are just dealing with scared, angry or confused ghosts that needed help to move on and by causing discomfort to the family they are trying to get our attention to help them.

As I’ve stated many times, Hollywood has done a real injustice to the spirit world by basing most of the subject matter on horror, possessions, and killing. That type of entertainment sells tickets...Patti*

Submitted from Paris, KY
Q: Hi Patti, Can a Spirit Guide be mistaken for a Ghost?

A: I believe that picking up a spirit guide or guardian angels are possible only because it happened to me a few times during a ghost investigation. While dowsing I discovered that I had picked up a protector that I felt was my guardian angel. We asked for proof of the angel’s presence and we captured a bright light going into the top of my crown chakra. I’ve also felt that sometimes when I’m dowsing and ask questions that they are coming from a higher spirit instead of the ghosts that haunt the place. I think there are times when the ghosts are not comfortable answering some of the questions or they simply don’t know the answers so a spirit guide or angel comes through with the answer….Love and Abundance to You…..Patti*

Submitted From Ellettsville, Indiana
Q: Hello, Patti. I'm here to ask you a question in response to your recent bulletin on MySpace. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate connecting with you on MySpace, and to let you know that I really appreciate your positive attitude about your profession and life in general. You are a blessing! I'm very interested in EVP work, and I was wondering if you would be kind enough to share your thoughts on them. I realize that most people who are familiar with paranormal research know what EVP's are, but I have done a lot of reading about this area of investigation and have found that there are a number of quite varied opinions on their value, origin, and the best way to go about obtaining and reviewing them, etc., and I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. One thing in particular that I've been confused about is the practice of filtering the recordings with computer software. On one hand it seems to be helpful to increase the quality of the recordings so that they can be better understood, but I also wonder whether or not this method may possibly "contaminate" or change the content in any way? Thanks so much in advance for your response, and I'll see you around MySpace!

A: First of all, let me thank you for all your kind words and generous comments about our work. I to have found that EVPs are the most rewarding evidence that can be captured during a ghost investigation. Since I’m not much of a computer person all of my voices that I post and play at class and seminars are exactly the way I captured them during the investigation. I have literally hundreds of EVP and I would probably have twice as many if I did use these edit programs. I stay so very busy I just haven’t taken the time to learn how to use them but maybe one day I will. Sometimes it’s very hard for me to agree that the filtered EVPs are actually saying what they claim they are saying after they clean it up. The EVP sounds way to mechanical and distorted to me.

Just like taking a photo into an edit program and contrasting it until it no longer resembles the original photo I think that this can be the case in some of the EVPs you hear on the internet where other ghosthunters have processed their EVPs in the same manner. ….Love and Abundance to You……Patti*

Submitted from Batesville, Arkansas
Q: Hi Patti, I'm a journalist and have done several stories about hauntings and am very interested in the subject. I've also lived in two spirit-filled homes. What do you think makes some people more apt to see or feel spirits than others? Thanks!

A: I think everyone will eventually see or feel a ghost/spirit during their lifetime. Some people have already experienced this but didn’t know that it was of a spirit nature until it was explained to them. Awareness is a big factor in being able to communicate with the spirit world and some of us have more of the natural ability than others but it can be developed. There are some people that I call haunted. I consider myself one of these haunted people. What does this mean? Ghosts are attracted to us by our light or vibration that we release out into the universe. They think we have the answer and we can help them. I found this true of people that move from one home to another and no matter what building they work in it is haunted as well. These people are in fact the haunted ones, not necessary the home or building. Love and Abundance to You.....Patti*

Submitted from Louisville, KY
Q: I would like to know what your thoughts are on colored orbs?
Answered by Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter
A: There is so much controversy about orbs in general that I would like to say for the most part I think orbs are contaminates in our environment. When dust gets too close to our lens just as the flash goes off you are more likely to get an orb. This will happen when you take pictures in the rain or if there are tiny bugs flying around. Knowing this and aware of the problem I do not believe that all orbs are contaminates but can be of a paranormal nature. One way to tell the difference is in the manor you captured the orb, or as I call it the spirit orb.

There are other features to take into account, the size, density, consistency, and color. Understanding these few points can help you to eliminate the obvious to decide that the orb you have captured is a spirit orb. For a long time I didn’t understand why some spirit orbs are very colorful. I have captured colored spirit orbs in blue, neon orange, green, purple, yellow, white, black etc. and it came to me one day that maybe what we are capturing is part of their EMF field called an aura. Since some of us can see these colors that encircle us, known as the electromagnetic field or aura, it would make since to me that once you have passed over you could still exhibit these colors that represent mood or personalities, just as it would in a human still on the earth’s plane.

When you are taking pictures and you start to get orbs ask the spirit if it can raise its energy to produce a color and sometimes I even name a color, like orange, and sure enough the next time I snap my camera I get a beautiful orange color. At this point I’m convinced that the orb in my photo is a spirit orb and not contamination. Patti*


Submitted from Danville, KY
Q: Hello Patti. What is your opinion on "Shadow People"? Have you ever experienced one, and what do you believe is their origin?

A: Yes, I have witness a shadow person that has stayed with me since I was a little girl. He would be standing at the foot of my bed looking down at me. I would stare hard at him trying to see eyes or facial features but I never could see them. Once he approached my bed and tried to pull my covers off. On that night I was frightened for the first time. I didn’t know what he was trying to gain by moving my covers.

Later on as I grew older I noticed that he came around me when I was stress or in conflict. He was almost a comfort so I didn’t feel as scared as I did as a child. I told my mother about him many times and she always reassured me that it was my imagination until one night while sleeping on the couch with me she also witness this shadow person standing over me. It took 30 year to convince her I had a shadow person and it took her actually seeing it for herself before she understood.

Shadow people are usually seen in a humanoid silhouette with no mouth, eyes, nose, or facial expression and are chiefly the appearance of men. Unlike ghosts that mostly appear in a misty white, vaporous form, where shadow people are dark and take on a shadowy form. Some believe that these shadow people are evil and demonic because of their dark color, usually a black or dark gray color.

My experience leads me to believe that shadow people are like a protector. The color black has properties of protection and not evil or demonic as perceived by some. Some Shadow People seem to be aware of our own presence and can make us feel safe or frightened, depending on the state of the individual at the time of the sighting. Others claim that Shadow People are aliens or time travelers observing us as they move around us allowing only a glimpse of their presence. We still have so much more to learn about the spirit world and to do so we must keep an open mind in our search for the answers. Love and Abundance to You…..Patti*

Submitted from Kingsport, Tennessee
Q: I have heard that spirits can be attracted to people because of the person's personality traits. Do you believe this to be true?

A: Yes, I do believe this and this belief comes with several experiences I’ve had during ghost investigations. I find that some spirits will be attracted to personalities that compliment who they were before their transition, whether it be someone that is depressed, or an alcoholic, or a workaholic, etc. This holds true for some ghost children that search out the same type of children they were to befriend. Love and Abundance to You....Patti*

Submitted from Louisville, Kentucky
Q: Hi Patti! I have a haunted house here in Louisville, KY. The house has been haunted for over 30 years, but now the ghosts are getting physical, from touching people, to pinching my sons girlfriend last Friday night. They pinched her hard and left a bruise. The shadow people are getting more active too. What would cause this sudden increase of activity?

A: It is difficult to say what might be the cause until more communications are made with the spirits/ghosts that haunt your place. If you are still having lots of ghost hunters coming into your home this may be the results of them getting more aggressive. When some spirits realize that they have been noticed or recognized they may have a message that they desperately need to share and some want to move on but don’t know how so they may be getting frustrated.

My suggestion would be to bring in a credible medium and those that specializing in house blessings to come in and complete the process they so desperately need. It’s the final step once you have verified that your home is haunted by spirits/ghosts. If you need help with this let me know and I will gladly make some recommendations for you…..Love and Abundance to You….Patti*

Submitted from Kansas
Q: Q. Have you ever heard an EVP of a spirit that didn't sound like a whisper? I have one that sounds like a whoop and holler! or Q. What is the most haunted place that you have ever been? Thank you and i love ya, Patti :)

A: I get many sounds when I’m recording for EVPs. Most of them are whispers but I do occasionally get a holler, growl, and even a cough or sneeze. I even get sounds like gurneys rolling down an abandoned hospital hall. You can hear the clanking of the metal as the wheels rotate and wobble. I have to say that the most haunted place I have ever been and continue to get fantastic results is the Talbott Tavern, Bardstown, KY. It is one of the stops we make on my Bardstown Ghost Trek where we go inside and witness ghostly activity by using our cameras, audio recorders and meters. The spirits here will often show the walkers all sorts of proof that they are communicating with us.

I hope you will join us some day. www.ghosttrek.com. We start our Ghost-Hunt-Walk season in June and go through October and start the walk at 8:00 pm, every Saturday night. Love and Abundance to You….Patti*

Submitted from Kansas
Q: Okay, Dear Abby, here goes! Let's see if I can stump you..... Let's assume that you have a group of naive' teenagers that decide to play with a Ouija board or attempt to invoke the devil through a ritual and, seemingly, nothing happens. Are they off the hook? Or, is there some statute of limitations on demonic retribution? My guess is that these naive teenagers need to watch their backs for the rest of their lives. I am guessing that the devil himself could just show up five, seven, ten years later and wreck havoc in their lives. Here's another interesting question. Assuming that angels do not possess human beings because that is an act of violation tantamount to rape, would/could an angel sort of willingly possess an individual, i.e., channel through a human being? Would anyone notice that happening, because demonic possession is so dramatic? Or, do you think that angels hang around all day influencing us, as seen in that movie, City of Angles? Best,

A: When dealing with the Ouija board I feel you need to be very skilled or you should be a medium before trying your hand at using this instrument. For my personal self I would not use the Ouija board because of the negativity associated with this tool. I can see by your question that these teenagers wanted to produce negative results so their choice was to use the Ouija Board.

When I speak to the middle and high schools on ghost hunting, of course one of the first questions I get is “What will happen if I use a Ouija Board.” I like to use this comparison. I ask the students how many of them like to eat mushrooms and I get a good show of hands agreeing that they like mushroom, especially on their burgers, steaks, and chicken. I tell them, “As I was driving up to the school I noticed a wooded area out back. Would you like to go with me after class and pick some mushrooms to take home to cook for your dinner?” Of course at that moment I get several “No’s” coming from the group. I ask why they do not want to go with me to pick the mushrooms and they explain that the mushrooms could be poison. I ask them, “Are all mushrooms poison?” And they answer, “No.” So when I ask, “Why don’t we go and get the mushrooms out back?” They agree that no one in the room knows which mushrooms are good and which are poison. I then tell them that the Ouija Board is a lot like picking mushrooms. You don’t know when you might pick one that will kill you. So you decide if you want to take that chance and play with the Ouija Board. Most of the time the students will heed my words and will avoid playing with the Ouija Board.

Once something very negative comes through the Ouija board it is very difficult to get rid of so the best thing to do is not play with this toy. Like it says on the box, “This is not just a game” As for me I feel angels are with us all the time and can assist us through difficult situations, especially if you get quiet enough to feel their presence and guidance. Since we all have free will I don’t think they can possess us or make us do something that they have intended us to do. Then can help us make a decision but the decision is still our choice. Love and Abundance to You....Patti*

Submitted from Batesville Arkansas
Q: Hi Patti, I posted a question for you, but I have another one. I'm a journalist, and I've done several stories on hauntings. I've also lived in two spirit-filled homes. One story I did really peaked my interest in ghosts: all of the home owners on an entire section of a street claim they experience paranormal events. I even captured some images with my camera. I also went to Galveston, TX and spoke with several shop owners who claim there is ghostly activity in their stores. They believe it was from hurricane victims from many years ago. These stories have stayed with me, and have given me an idea. I'd like to write a book based on haunted areas. Not just a house or a store, but entire streets or shopping strips, etc. Is there any way you could point me in a direction where I can find more areas such as the two I mentioned above? Thanks!

A: It just so happens that I have covered this same subject in many of my Ghost Hunting Seminars. I would like to share this with you in a very brief explanation because I could really get carried away with this and literally write a book on this subject. Here is a list based on my ghost hunting experience why we experience multiple hauntings in a certain area.
1) Mass Deaths caused by floods, fire, epidemics, storms, etc.
2) Towns built on top of caves and caverns. This creates great energy for spirit activity.
3) Structures built on grounds that are plentiful in certain stones and minerals, such as Crystals, Limestone etc. These have properties that increase energy and help conduct spirit activity.
4) Houses built near a cemetery.
5) Community surrounded by Railroad tracks or Train Station.
6) River towns are great location to find spirit activity because of the energy the water creates.
7) Sometimes streets of hauntings are affected by the way the Ley lines are structured underneath the ground.
8) Houses that are closely located near Power Houses. The EMF is very high and will aid in the activity of spirits.
9) Buildings that are built next to hospitals and mental institutions will most likely be affected by spirit activity
10) Houses near a funeral home may also be affected by spirit activity.
I hope this helps and I want to wish you the best with your book!! Love and Abundance to You….Patti*

Submitted from Bellevue, KY
Q: How important is intent on an investigation? Do you think that people can manifest dark entities with their intent?

A: As for me, I am a strong believer in intent. I apply it to many aspects of my life including career, health, happiness, wealth, etc. It is more than just having a positive attitude. It is actually creating your reality with intent. When I go on a ghost hunt I set my intent for it to be successful in that I will be able to gather credible evidence and that the activity will be good in nature and harmless to everyone. I want to be able to help the spirits in need of assistance and to be protected from any negative energy. So this is my intent. It works really well for me and even if the situation seems dark and negative most of the time we can figure out what is going on to clear up these misconceptions. I do believe that you can create and encourage dark entities and in the same instance you have the ability to eliminate them.

A lot of the success in the clearing of such existence is up to the individuals involved and depends on the type of bond they have created with the energy involved in the haunting. Once everyone knows their part and responsibilities the matter can usually be dealt with and a solution formed to please everyone, including those in the spirit world….Patti*

Submitted from Georgia
Q: My husband and I are members of a paranormal group in GA. All of us keep our eyes and ears open for possible investigation opportunities. A member of our group is currently gathering information regarding a possible demonic haunting. We have about three years of investigation experience but I don't know that I have ever come across anything that could be considered 'demonic' specifically. We both have felt that feeling when you just 'know' it's time to go and sense something not good is about to happen and we proceed on instinct. Do you have any advice to offer regarding a possible demonic investigation? My husband and I have no experience with this type of thing that we know of for certain. Any words of wisdom you have for us would be most greatly appreciated. Happy Wednesday!

A: A question like this one causes me some concern. First, because I don’t have a lot of details it’s hard for me to determine if the activity is really of a demonic nature or just some poltergeist activity. So many times poltergeist activity is totally confused with demonic activity because of so much movement and apports (objects disappearing and then re-appearing again in another area) happening in the haunted location. When you are dealing with something of an evil and demonic nature I feel that all evidence must come into play.

Possession is the number one concern. If there is a demon there he is not just visiting or dropping by. It is serious and all accounts need to be observed with a combination of demonic activity being brought into account, not just one or two pieces. The disturbances will be violent in nature, there will be horrible smells, religious items will be desecrated, and this is not all that will be happening.

Sometimes when only one or two of these things happen it is automatically thought to be demons but sometimes it may just be an angry ghost, or a ghost that is lost and desperate to find help. Even if the presence is not evil, but only a very disturbed ghost instead, you still want to pay attention to your feelings and if you feel you should leave, and then go. Once you have left the property try to understand what was happening to you. If you do determine that the location is truly demonic please call in a real demonologist and let someone with years of experience and a notable reputation handle the case.

For myself, I love poltergeist hauntings, and these hauntings are sometimes confused with demonic hauntings because of the similar activities, like objects moving before you, doors opening and closing as you watch them, furniture that will move or levitate in your presence, weird sounding EVPs and strange smells. This is the time that you get awesome evidence that there are ghosts in our world, walking and moving in and out between us, barely noticed, as we go through our daily lives….Patti*

Patti Starr

Submitted from Fort Qu'Appelle, Saskatchewan Canada
Q: What are your personal views based on your experiences in relation to orbs? Our paranormal group has had so many unique experiences with orbs and do not believe most are dust or water particles reflecting off the lens. We have some on video as well as still camera and have also seen some with the naked eye. Thanks.

A: Back in the 70’s, when I started noticing these global shaped anomalies in my photos, I felt sure I was capturing some type of energy since I did not see this image with my natural eyes while taking the photo. It wasn’t until the late 90’s that I begin to question these shapes. One day I walked over to take a few pictures of my children and before I took the shot I fluffed up the pillows on the couch. When I snapped the camera I was amazed at the orbs I had captured in my photo. At this point I hit the pillows again and got another photo filled with orbs. I was so disappointed thinking that all this time all I had been getting in my photos were dust particles reflecting off the flash and producing perfect orbs. This is when I really started to pay attention to my environment and to the particles in the air.

One day, while speaking with the spirits on an investigation I asked if the spirits would work with me to prove if the orbs were real spirit energy or just contaminates in the air. I had one of my students go and stand with both hand extended out to the side of him. I asked the spirit if it would please go to his left hand and allow me to take its picture. I snapped the camera and captured an orb over his left hand. At other times I will ask the spirits if they can appear in a color and I will name a color like orange or green. I’ll start taking pictures and sure enough I’ll get a bright orange orb or green depending on the color I asked for. When I get this type of results then I don’t think it is dust or other contaminates.

You can also read more on this subject by going to www.ghostchasers.com and clicking on “Tutorials” and the article is “Is the Orb in My Photo a Ghost”. Since this is a question I get so often I wrote an article for a couple of magazines explaining my opinion of orbs. I go into more details and it might help you with your decision about orbs. I hope this helps….Patti*

Submitted from Nicholasville, KY
Q: Hi Patti, first I would just like to say that I consider you one of my mentors and I have followed allot of your investigations and I am hoping to be an investigator myself one day. I do have a question though, how can you tell the difference between dust and an "orb" when looking through picture evidence?

A: Thank you for your kind words. I feel that each and every one of us has so much to offer to the ideas and research of ghost hunting. Now let’s talk a little about the subject of “orbs”. There is a lot of controversy about this subject in the ghost hunting community. And what a community that is. At present if you go to www.google.com and type in the search box “ghost” you will pull up 168,000,000 pages of information and a lot of that is coming from ghost hunters who have websites to share their findings which include capturing evidence in photos, videos, and audios. That my friend is a lot of people interested in this field of ghost hunting.

I get hundreds of emails a week that include a picture with an orb and the question is, “Can you tell me if the orb in my photo is a ghost?” Since I do get this question so often I wrote an article about this for a couple of magazines and you can read this article at www.ghostchasers.com by clicking on “Tutorials”. I have written several explanations with a photo to explain the difference between dust orbs and spirit energy. During my investigation I will often ask the spirits to work with me to prove if the orbs are real spirit energy or just contaminates in the air. I also included some unique experiments you can do to help determine if the orbs are what I call “Spirit orbs” and I go into detail about this in the this lengthy article….Patti*

Submitted by Jennifer from Harrodsburg, KY
Q: Is there more than one type of haunting?

A: The more you investigate haunted locations and ghostly situations it becomes evident that there are differences and similarities in many different cases. Just to mention a few, I find the most common is the intelligent haunting, meaning that you will be able to communicate with the ghost or spirit causing the activity and a residual haunting which is an impact of emotional energy that is left at a location causing the activity to repeat itself over and over. Some other types are portal hauntings, crisis hauntings, poltergeist haunting, and target haunting.

Submitted from Ocean Springs Mississippi
Q: There is so much hype today over demons, demonology and demonologists. What are your feelings about these things? Have you ever run across anything that you thought was demonic?

A: During my many years of exploring and investigating the spirit realm I have never had to deal with anything I believed to be evil or demonic. Now that doesn’t mean I haven’t had experiences with mean, spiteful, or hateful ghosts but they are a long way from being of an evil or demonic nature.

A demon is a devil or evil being, believed to serve Satan by luring people away from God and damning their souls with an even more fierce threat of demonic possession. I feel that Hollywood has done an injustice to the spirit world by producing so many horror movies that depict mostly demonic results for anyone who gets involved with ghosts or hauntings. I know that this makes for a better movie to be scared and horrified at the same time but this is just not what I experience when I’m ghost hunting or involved in a haunted location.

I’m not saying that there is no such thing as demons I just don’t think they exists in the quantity of experiences that are being labeled as evil or demonic these days. I am a strong believer in that we create our own realities and because of so many different cultures, beliefs, and religion some of these demonic issues have been created through thought and perception. If I do run into cases where the activity is causing physical damage, repulsive odors, growling sounds, religious articles are being desecrated I consider this a case for someone who is skilled as a demonologist and then I call on them to handle the situation…..Patti*

Submitted from Lexington, KY
Q: If you are having a bad experience in the field and feel you are in danger, what is the best way to get away from the situation? How do you protect yourself?

A: I will have to admit that I have not had many bad experiences in the field and very rarely do I feel I’m in danger. Now with that being said, it may have something to do with all the preparation I do before going on a ghost investigation. Once I learn about the location of the suspected haunting I begin to communicate through thought with the spirits that might be there. I ask them for permission to come and do the investigation and that they will work with me so I can find out what is going on there.

If I’m going into an area with some rough history, (murder, suicide, etc.) I will smudge with sacred white sage before leaving home. I will also adorn myself with many metals and symbols, especially the St. Benedict medal. He protects from all evil spirits, and you don’t have to be of a certain religion to wear these symbols for them to work. Once I arrive at the location I will offer on opening prayer of protection and before I leave I also offer a closing prayer where I will ask the entities not to follow me home …. Patti*

Submitted from Richmond, Kentucky
Q: Patti, I have been to one of your lectures and really enjoyed it. I would like to know if a spirit and a ghost are the same thing.

A: When someone asks me a specific question about the spirit world I like to explain that since ghost hunting is not an exact science I’m going to base my answer on my own experiences and research I have done over the years. I offer you explanations but they may not be the only ones.

I feel that there is a difference in ghosts and spirits. For me, ghosts are those who have passed on but remain on the earth’s plane. They seem to remain for many different reasons depending on their circumstance at the time of death or something in their personality or belief that holds them back. Ghosts tend to be more aggressive than spirits and will try many ways to get your attention, even if it means to frighten you.

Spirits on the other had are those who have passed and completed their journey on into the spirit world which gives them more freedom to accomplish what they need. When they decide to come back to the earth’s plane they are gentler with their presence. You may notice a scent, or a wisp of wind go by, or someone appearing to sit down on your bed or couch beside you. Their intent is not to scare you but to comfort you in letting you know that they are still aware of you even though they are on the other side.

That’s why it is so important to ask many questions of the family living with paranormal activity to see if you are dealing with a ghost or spirit and it helps to determine what type of haunting it is as well…..Patti*

Submitted from Paintsville, KY
Q: Hi Patti, I in the process of receiving my certification through your home study guide. I am curious, are there any places you would prefer me to use for investigations and if so can I use the ghost walk or the ghost hunting weekend for the information? I am so glad to see you doing this; I hope everyone learns as much from you as I have. Thanks.

A: To be specific, yes, you can use the Bardstown Ghost Trek, ghost hunt/walk, and the Bardstown Ghost Get-a-Way weekend for your investigations while taking the home study course. Thank you for your encouragement for me to keep doing these events. The Bardstown Ghost Trek starts on Saturday May 31, 2008 through November 1st. at 8:00 pm. and the Bardstown Ghost Get-a-Way weekend starts Friday, November 14, 2008 and goes until Sunday, November 16, 2008. This should be an outstanding event with lots of extras. I hope to see you there. You can find out more about the Bardstown weekend at www.ghosthunter.com …Patti*

atti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter, Ghost Chasers International, Inc.

Submitted from Richmond KY
Q: Could you tell us more about the ScareFest?

A: The ScareFest will be the biggest Horror and Paranormal Convention in the southeast where you will be able to experience three horror- filled- days on September 12th, 13th, and 14th, 2008. Come and meet your favorite celebrities in the horror and paranormal community.

You will be able to spend hours shopping through the huge 18,000 square foot dealer room where over 100 vendors will be selling weird, strange, unique and extraordinary horror and paranormal items. During your three day adventure you will be able to attend many seminars, Q&A sessions, movie screenings, and workshops that will be offered by some of the celebrities at Scare Fest.

When you need to eat or get refreshments there is an ample food court within the facility along with many retail stores surrounding the food court area. You will have no reason to leave the building and lose your parking place once you arrive and join in on the festivities at ScareFest. And it doesn't stop there!

After-hour events will include dinner with the stars, VIP parties, Nightmare Haunted House, midnight horror movies at the Historic Kentucky Theater, tours and other events to be announced. Tickets will go on sale for these events soon. Reserve your room today at the Radisson. A limited amount of rooms have been blocked on the 13th floor in honor of our Friday the 13th Reunion that's being held at the ScareFest.

The Scare Fest is hosted by Ghost Chasers International, Inc. and was created by Jeff Waldridge, Patti and Chuck Starr. The tickets will be sold at the Ghost Hunter Shop, 835 Porter Place, Lexington, KY or online. The ScareFest will be held at the Lexington Convention Center in Lexington, Kentucky, one of the largest convention centers in the state with an abundance of parking on site. Opens Friday at 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm. Opens Saturday at 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. Opens Sunday at 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Please visit our website at www.thescarefest.com. Patti*

Submitted from Cynthiana, KY
Q: Is it possible for an object to disappear from one place and then to reappear in another?

A: I think one of the strangest phenomena I have witnessed on ghost investigations is when an object disappears and then reappears in a totally different area. We call this an apport. Years ago this type of activity was more common in the presence of a medium (a person with psychic ability to communicate with those who have passed over into the spiritual realm). As for my own experiences I’ve noticed that this has happened in haunted locations or on ghost investigations without the presence of a medium.

Even though our surroundings may seem to be solid, according to quantum physic everything in the universe is made up of energy causing motion of individual particles. I know this statement might seem strange but that being said it might be easier to accept that solid objects can be scattered, go through other objects, such as walls, ceilings, and doors to reappear in a different location. Can the ghost manipulate its energy field to cause these objects to disappear and reappear? It’s something to think about.

I have actually witnessed an apport by my keys disappearing off my desk and then reappearing down a nearby hallway. This happened in one of the most haunted places I’ve ever been in. The room I entered was locked, and the only way to open the door was with my key. Once I was inside I turned the deadbolt locking the door behind me then laying the keys on the desk. When I had finished my task, I went back to the desk to get my keys but they were not there. I search all over the place but could not find them. I turned the deadbolt to open the door and I left the room. I just happen to glance down the hallway where I saw my keys in the floor about 20 feet ahead of me. I was thrilled to witness such a feat. I have had many more experiences of this type in my life….Patti*

Submitted from Bardstown KY
Q: I have been on several of your ghost walks and they are always truly amazing. What is the meter that you wear on your vest, and how do the spirits know that they can communicate through it? See you this summer!!
Answered by Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter
A: First let me thank you for your kind words about the ghost walk/hunt. It thrills me that you found the Bardstown Ghost Trek so interesting and entertaining.

The meter I use on all my ghost investigations is an EMF meter called a Cell Sensor meter. It was originally designed for detection of high frequency in the electromagnetic field, especially around appliances and cell phones. It is believed that these high levels of detection in the electromagnetic field are unhealthy to the environment.

As a ghost hunter I have learned to use this instrument to aid me in my investigations of haunted locations. When the meter goes off it doesn’t mean there is a ghost present but it does alert me to pay attention to the surrounding area. First, I make sure that it is not going off due to a nearby cell phone or an electrical appliance. Once that has been eliminated then I concentrate on the area where we are picking up the disturbance in the electromagnetic field.

Several years ago I noticed as I was talking to the spirits in a room that my meter would beep only once or twice during my conversation. I began to ask the spirit to make the meter beep for yes and do nothing for no. I was pleasantly surprised when I started getting this response and I’ve been using it ever since. It doesn’t happen at all investigations but when it does it is truly amazing. I can’t wait for the new season of the Bardstown Ghost Trek to starts on May 31st, 2008 through November 3rd. See you there! …Patti*

Submitted from Lexington, KY
Q: Do you have outings around the area? If so, is it hands-on or is it watching the team?

A: At the moment, there is a lot of interest in the paranormal and I do have programs to get people safely involved. I teach a class, at the Ghost Hunter Shop, where you can learn the basics and participate in an actual ghost investigation as part of the course. You maybe interested in joining us for Ghost Get-a-Way weekends where we offer a ghost hunting seminar and then investigate the B&B for ghostly activity. On November 14 – 16, 2008, I am offering a Ghost Get-A-Way weekend at the very haunted Talbott Tavern and the Jailer’s Inn, in Bardstown, KY. You can read more about this event by going to www.ghosthunter.com or call 859-576-5517. We have already reserved all the rooms at the Tavern and the Jailer’s Inn so no one else will be there except for us. So call soon….only 4 rooms left. As far as joining our group on a private ghost investigation we do not open those up to the public. I’m sure you understand the sensitivity of such investigations so only our members that are certified ghost hunters attend these cases. Hope to see you in Bardstown….Patti*

Submitted from Missouri
Q: Dear Ms. Starr, How are you doing today? I like to write and research, and of course ponder. I have come to ponder about the following questions, and when you have time, I was wondering if you could please take a look at them. Thank you Gratefully!

1. Why is it that an "orb" contains similar pattern blueprints to the thumb print (possibly) of that spirit?
2. Is blood, though it works for multiple reasons in the body, magnetic to some degree or contain magnetic elements? Why is it that metal takes longer to rust than blood to coagulate?
3. Since the creation of the Earth or during a stage of creation, (this is a guess), the Earth was primarily composed of SiO2 or Silica rock. And then with water, the Silica can become Obsidian, plants, etc. Now with this in mind, Obsidian is one of the earliest forms of a mirror, and is found to be used for rituals of sorts. Now another component of SiO2 and Obsidian, is that both have magnetic capabilities. If a body is as magnetic as its surroundings, then what comprises and brings together reflection and magnetism in these bodies?
4. Heat is a form of pull, as Coldness is a form/or a result of push. However when a body interacts with either direction from another phsyical body, both bodies take an attracted temperature from the interaction. When individuals have had encounters with spirits, there is a cold sensation along with other sensations/interactions. Is a spirit possibly just pushing when it interacts or is it pulling? What is your take? Adam

A: You have presented some very interesting questions and some of them I really don’t know the answers. I have to my best ability answered what I feel fits my skill as a ghost hunter. I have listed your questions with my response below:

Q. Why is it that an "orb" contains similar pattern blueprints to the thumb print (possibly) of that spirit?
A. One of the hardest things for me to prove is if an orb captured in a photo or video is a genuine spirit or just atmospheric contamination. I feel that sometimes when we see a face, symbol or other distinctive image in the center of an orb this needs to be considered as something more and possibly relating to spirit activity.

Q. Is blood, though it works for multiple reasons in the body, magnetic to some degree or contain magnetic elements?
A. Yes, this is why certain body abnormalities can be detected in the blood during a MRI.

Q. Why is it that metal takes longer to rust than blood to coagulate?

A. I have no idea! And since this has nothing to do with my field of expertise I don’t have the time to research this information.

Q. Since the creation of the Earth or during a stage of creation, (this is a guess), the Earth was primarily composed of SiO2 or Silica rock. And then with water, the Silica can become Obsidian, plants, etc. Now with this in mind, Obsidian is one of the earliest forms of a mirror, and is found to be used for rituals of sorts. Now another component of SiO2 and Obsidian, is that both have magnetic capabilities. If a body is as magnetic as its surroundings, then what comprises and brings together reflection and magnetism in these bodies?
A. I have no idea. You would need to address this question to a geologist.

Q. Heat is a form of pull, as Coldness is a form/or a result of push. However when a body interacts with either direction from another phsyical body, both bodies take an attracted temperature from the interaction. When individuals have had encounters with spirits, there is a cold sensation along with other sensations/interactions. Is a spirit possibly just pushing when it interacts or is it pulling?
A. I do not have an exact explanation of why we experience cold or hot spots when dealing with spirit activities. I only suspect that while they are near and trying to conform to a shape they effect the area by pulling in energy and leaving a cold or hot spot in its place. Ghost hunting is not an exact science and I do not have proof that ghost or spirits even exists. All I have to work with is evidence collected during an investigation. I do not have formulas to dictate to me how to measure these findings as you would if you were a physicist.

Q. What is your take?
A. I am a ghost hunter and not a physicist. I have studied quantum physics to help me understand some of the issue that involve light, sound, and electronic and magnetic energies (which help me understand the energy of the spirits) but I do not have the knowledge that you display with your questions. I feel your questions are very interesting and would love to be able to use them in a sense while discovering how the spirit world works. Thank you ... Light and love ... Patti*

Submitted from Bardstown, KY
Q: Ms. Starr: I understand that you charge for investigations, and that you're certified. What about those groups that don't charge fees for investigations, and don't have certifications? I've heard good things about this particular group that doesn't charge, but isn't it somewhat risky to have amateurs doing these types of investigations?

A: Billy, You have a very valid concern and I’m so glad to read that you are really thinking your situation though. When someone is facing an unknown disturbance in their home or work place most people will seek out help to discover what is really going on. Is it paranormal or is there a logical explanation for the weird happening? You want to make sure that the person or group you invite into your surroundings are capable of dealing with haunting, spirits, ghosts, etc. based on training, skills, and experiences.

The next step is to go to your computer, type into a search engine, (www.google.com) the word ghost hunters, then type in (the name of your home town or if it is to small the name of the closest big town) and then type in the state (where you live). This should pull up a pretty good selection of ghost hunter groups for you to choose from.

Now, here is where the hard part comes in and takes some research to find the right group to investigate your situation. Most of the website will be very informative and should have case studies with the results of their investigations published in photos, videos, or audios. I find that most of these groups will also list their many years of experience and their background details. I would look for testimonials to make sure they are who they claim to be and that their experience as a ghost hunter is validated.

I don’t feel you have to be certified or charge for an investigation (I do not charge for the investigations only for my travel expenses if I have to travel more than 50 miles away from home or stay an extra day and night.) to be a good ghost hunter but I do feel that you need training and lots of field experiences before going public. Since ghost hunting is not an exact science you will find a variety of ghost hunting styles and methodology. It would be a good idea to ask the ghost hunter how he and his group plan on addressing your concern about the paranormal activity that you are facing. If you agree with their methods and beliefs after validating that they are skilled and knowledgeable then I would go with this group…Let me know if you find someone…..Patti*

About Patti Starr

Patti Starr is a world renowned paranormal investigator who owns the Ghost Chasers International organization founded in 1996 now based in Lexington, Kentucky. She is also owner of the Ghost Hunter Shop located at 835 Porter Place, Lexington, Kentucky. Patti is the tour guide for the immensely popular Bardstown Ghost Trek which she started in 1997 in Bardstown, KY.

Patti Starr

Certified Ghost Hunter

atti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter, Ghost Chasers International, Inc.Patti Starr, Certified Ghost Hunter

With over 30 years of paranormal research and ghost investigations Patti has captured many anomalies in photos, videos and audios while investigating haunted locations. Her goal as an experienced and accomplished paranormal investigator is to collect evidence to support the premise that life goes on even after death. She is very active as a ghost researcher, author, lecturer, consultant, dowser, and teacher.

Her Ghost Hunter Certification Home Study Course is in great demand and she has students from all over the world enrolled. She is currently lecturing at numerous universities, colleges, and libraries throughout the United States. Colleges and universities Student Activity Directors can book Patti by contacting Wolfman Productions.
Patti’s work has been documented in numerous newspapers and magazines including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Oracle 20/20, Ghost Magazine and Southern Distinction.

In 2006 Patti Starr was voted as one of the Top Ten Ghost Hunter Paranormal Investigators in America for 2007, 2008 and again for 2009 by votes at Haunted America Tours.

Patti is a frequent guest on television and radio programs. She has been featured on national TV such as A&E “Paranormal State” filmed at a haunted residence, A&E “Airline” filmed in Birmingham, AL, at the haunted Sloss Furnaces and a film clip of that investigation was featured on the Montel Williams Show. She was also featured on the Food Network “The Best of Fright Food” filmed at the haunted Talbott Tavern in Bardstown, Kentucky.
Patti is currently working on an event, ScareFest, which will be held at the Lexington Center on September 12, 13, 14, 2008.  It is herald as is one of the biggest "Horror and Paranormal" conventions to be held in the Southeast.  It will feature many stars and celebrities from the horror and paranormal communities.

Patti is now writing for the Lexington Herald-Leader online newspaper under the heading “Ask the Expert”. It is a forum for posing questions to certain professionals. Questions and answers are published for information and discussion purposes only. Lexington Herald-Leader newspaper online.



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