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Richard Senate’s 13 Rules of Good Ghost Hunting

Article by Granger Stephens, 13 rules by Richard Senate

Ghost hunting is the process of investigating locations said to be haunted. Author , Ghost hunter Richard Senate. Everyone needs rules and guidelines to follow, Ghost Hunters too. Everyone knows "Don't ever investigate alone". Safety in numbers. But is there more? Some Groups and individuals may disagree on how to search for ghost. Yet all agree safety first. While this certainly isn't a complete course in paranormal investigation, it will give you a good idea of how to approach the subject.

Two of the most important things to remember are safety and the law. Also see: GHOST HUNTING SAFETY GUIDE: How to hunt for ghosts the safe way: Safety tips from different ghost hunter groups, web sites and authors and paranormal investigators.

Many visitors to this and other web sites always ask how to conduct a ghost hunt, what to bring, etc. usually all sites don't encourage amateurs without any training at all to conduct ghost hunts. Because this is not an exact science they are differing opinions on how to begin.

Today mostly all the individuals that engaged in ghost hunting and paranormal investigation have varying motives for their activities and their own guidelines.

Some ghost hunters consider themselves hobbyists whose primary motivation is the excitement of the hunt and the thrill of possibly experiencing something supernatural. Many of these individuals enjoy spending significant time pursuing their hobby. Also see: HOW TO BECOME A REAL GHOST HUNTER

Some consider themselves serious researchers who follow a number of scientific protocols and share documentation of their research with other groups in an effort to discover proof that ghosts exist. They often go about their pursuit in a prescribed manner in order to gather evidence of paranormal activity at a given location, or debunk "false positive" reports of hauntings. Many established groups fall into this category. Also see: Paranormal Investigators Directory... PLEASE VISIT HERE

Still others consider themselves to be providing a service, and focus their investigation on offering comfort and assistance to individuals who feel they are experiencing unexplained or paranormal activity at a home or other location. These investigators approach a location with the goal of alleviating the fear and discomfort of the occupants by listening to their experiences and providing advice and reassurance.


Richard Senate’s 13 Rules of Good Ghost Hunting

1. Let People know where you are going so if there is a mishap they can inform the authorities of where you went and with whom. Good advise for hikers too. Try to go in a group if possible.

2. Get permission to visit the sites! Never trespass as this can lead to all sorts of problems. Because of this some of the better places will be closed to you but, if you do not have permission you will not be able to publish your findings and evidence.

3. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Dress in layers as places can be cold or hot. Wear a hat when in the sun. Hiking shoes are best in an outdoor setting, rubber soled walking shoes best for indoor work.
Always take water with you and, if possible, a cell phone to call for help.

4. Take ways to record your findings and evidence. Cameras, Tape Recorders, Videos etc…are good for this. If you are using a film camera use high speed film only--At least 1,000 ASA. Black and White seems to work best. If you have a tape recorder, use new music quality tape. ALSO: Carry extra batteries as ghosts can drain energy from batteries.

5. If possible, research the history of the site and who lived there or what action happened there. This will help you in many ways. The more you know, the better your investigation will be. Remember, you are there to collect data.

6. Carry a flashlight (torch) with you to illuminate dark places within a site or to find your way back if you are stranded after dark. The flashlight is your friend and it can be the best tool you have in your kit.

7. Always carry with you a pad of paper, clip board, pencils and pens. These can help you record interviews and anything you experience. Try to draw a picture of the site, a floor plan of the place or map. You can use this to draw a picture of what ever you encounter at the site--Drawing and sketching are skills all ghost hunters ( and archaeologists) need to develop.

8. Always be respectful in doing investigations. Yes, have fun and don’t be too serious, but, respect the ghosts and your chances are better that you will encounter an apparition or supernatural sound. Don’t insult the ghosts or mock them. Remember, ghosts are people who just happen to be dead.

9. Don’t drink alcoholic spirits, take drugs or smoke pot. Anything that might impair your senses are strictly forbidden. If you do these things it will cast doubt on your findings. Skeptics will denounce anything you collect--even the best evidence you have. We must be professional!

10. Don’t harm or vandalize a site. Be like a ghost so that no one will know you were even there. Our goal is to collect data to prove the existence of ghosts not damage property. If possible, leave it better than when you came.

11. If possible try to re-enact an event that happened at the site. If it was a Civil War battlefield, dress as a Civil War soldier. If the haunting was linked to a poker game, play poker. This is called re-stimulation and it can enhance your chances of getting supernatural phenomena.

12. Music can be important, as well, to stimulate events but, it must be real music, not taped. So a flute, guitar, etc.. can be helpful. Play songs that are linked to the era of the ghost. This is good for collecting spirit voices (EVP) as well.

13. Lastly, write up a report on all you find. Try to publish your findings as well in a local publication or magazine. FATE Magazine is good for this. If you don’t write the report and submit it, all you have done is spin your wheels. Ghost hunting is a science not a lark. Good Luck and Good Hunting!

Ghost Hunt - going to a place were there have been no sightings of ghosts and trying to catch some on film (video and photos), sounds, eyewitness, etc. And of course your local haunted graveyards are often the number one place to start.



Ghost Investigation - going to a known haunted place and recording data (video, photos, audio, temperatures), notes, interviews and other evidence to prove/disprove the haunting and to assist the owners and the spirits in moving on and leaving the place if they want that. The assistance can be either you directly assisting the owner with the situation or putting them in contact with experienced groups or individuals that will try to resolve the situation. Your assistance can be something as simple as educating them on what is going on and their options. Also see: HOW TO MAKE A GHOST REPORT

Want to check out some reported real ghost photos start here! Free Ghost Photo Gallery

20 QUESTIONS WITH Richard Senate

One of the top ghost investigators of our generation. He is an "Historian And Ghost Stalker" author of several prominent books on ghosts and paranormal phenomenon, and has appeared on just about every paranormal television and radio show there is. PLEASE VISIT TO READ MORE HERE!

Also visit Richard Senates Web Site here now!


General Ghost Hunting Tips

Always go and inspect the area you wish to ghost hunt in daylight so you are familiar with the area. Look for dangerous places and obstacles that you will not be able to see in the dark.

Look for no trespassing signs. Make sure you are not trespassing. If you are on private property you are risking getting a ticket or arrested in some areas. You can get permission from many owners and or Cemetery or haunted building caretakers.You should by all means notify the local Police that you will be in a grave yard "taking pictures" so they are aware of our presence.

Make sure you bring you ID. (drivers license, etc.)

Never go alone. This is just common sense.

Find out all you can about the history of the locale. Newspapers, town historians, WWW and books. We have a haunted places in America listings here.

These are many "Haunted" places you can start your ghost hunting

Haunted Cemeteries - Come explore some of the world's most haunted cemeteries. The World's Most Haunted Cemetery may make you a real believer in ghosts. Here is a collection of true ghost stories from the world's most haunted Cemeteries. This list will have some familiar names, and some places you never expected to be haunted. Paranormal activity is an really a very international affair, and ghosts and apparitions intermingle with the living everywhere day and night. When it comes to the number and regularity of ghost sightings and unexplained events, these real haunted Graveyards, Cemeteries and burial spots can't be beat.

HAUNTED HOUSES - Americas' Most Haunted Houses - Haunted Houses | Haunted Mansions | Haunted Plantations. A haunted house is defined as building that people live in that is a center for supernatural occurrences or paranormal phenomena. A haunted house may contain ghosts, poltergeists, or even demons.

Haunted Schools and Libraries - Haunted Buildings, Their Ghost Stories and Ghost Photos Haunted Theaters - Probably the most popular place for a ghost to appear (if you don't count cemeteries) is a theater. Certain aspects of theater folklore involve hauntings, such as the "ghost light" and the attribution of mishaps to the work of a ghost, so it's unlikely that all these theaters were really the sites of murders, or are really haunted.

Haunted Battlefields - American Battlefield Ghost Hunters always suggest that planning ahead can often make the difference between a good ghost hunting trip and a great trip to National Battlefield Park. Explore these pages to discover the essential things you need to know before you leave home—how to get around the park, where pets are allowed, how to stay safe, and more important a ghost photo or ghost story to read and plan to investigate.

Haunted Travel - There’s more to experience on a real haunted Vacation than most people can fit into one normal vacation – sun, sand, ancient historic sites, secrets of the dead and past, unique nature-based experiences in exotic locals, and non-stop ghostly haunted and paranormal thrills. All this sounds something like the latest Indiana Jones Movie doesn't it? Also See: Haunted Vacations

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Haunted Historic Locations - Many historic buildings, because of their age, have had more time to have spirits attach to it. These buildings are often open the public and can give you a easy place to start. Many even have known histories of hauntings and you may be able to gain access to the building after hours after speaking with the caretakers. MOST HAUNTED PLACES IN THE WORLD

Books on Local Haunted Places -At HauntedAmericaTours.com we invite you into our Ghost Haunted Paranormal world Online Store where art, News stories, photography and the unexplained merge into a new landscape that will leave you truly spellbound. HauntedAmericaTours.com is a continuous work in progress; we will keep it updated for you on a regular basis, so that you can come back and see a ghost or two, and meet some new ones. Please browse here and find what your looking for. Check out the other Catgories also and enjoy your very haunted adventures safely. HAUNTED AMERICA TOURS: Essentials For Ghost Hunters And Paranormal Enthusiest.

Haunted Museums - Visit Haunted America Tours own Online Haunted Chambers of the Bizarre. Can inanimate objects such as paintings, a doll or a pile of bones be really haunted? Strange images appear in haunted paintings, Skulls are said to scream and strange looking items disturb us. Some spend the day browsing through but would you spend the Night at the Museum? "Real ghost photos - real ghost stories." you decide! Come with us now and take a haunted tour of this virtual online haunted collection of the worlds most haunted collection of the strange and unexplained. Free Admission too! Please any visitors to this web site Haunted Musem Gallery, This is not reccommeded for the highly sensitive!

The World's 100 Most Haunted Places

The World's 100 Most Haunted Places

So please read these very haunted ghost stories and watch a real ghost video or two. And be sure to visit our Haunted America Tours Home Page to find more then your heart should take. This web site is not for the squeamish. These Very real Haunted places are sid to be the best places to capture a real ghost on film, video, or digital voice recorder or have a real paranormal encounter.

HAUNTED AMERICA TOURS Official Web Site is a ghost tour information site; our information is only as reliable as readers' contributed ghost and haunted reports. We assume no credit for your adventures, and accept no liability for your misadventures. Use common sense. Read our ghost hunting recommendations. Before visiting any "haunted" site, verify the location, accessibility, safety, and other important information. Never trespass on private and/or posted property without permission from the proper authorities.