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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan






The Haunted University or Spook U.
By Richard Senate

Haunted  Caliornia

I remember that it was dark and foggy that night as I drove though the deserted campus. The place always holds a melancholy atmosphere for me and one that makes the stories of ghosts here all the more believable. I pulled into the central square with its impressive neo-Spanish bell tower and saw a group of cars parked in the lot. It was an eclectic group of vehicles from rusting heaps to new luxury imports. The cars reflected their drivers. They were here because of a single passion, an interest in ghosts and psychic phenomena.

The ghost hunters from all over had gathered here at the university to confirm or deign the stories of ghosts at this place. Were the stories true or were they the product of so much over imagination? It would prove to be an exciting night.

I joined the group and introduced myself. Many were old ghost hunting friends, others newcomers to the study. I was pleased that the well known Dr. Barry Taft had come out this night to join us from Los Angeles. The investigation wasn’t authorized by the university and we were fully prepared to suffer expulsion from the grounds or even arrest. Still, some things are too important when it comes to science, even a new study such as parapsychology. We hoped that something would happen tonight, and we were not disappointed.

The campus is both new and old. It was built in the 1930s as the Camarillo State Mental Hospital and in this capacity it served for many decades until many of the patients were released and mainstreamed into society. The buildings were then recycled into the new California State University and given a new name “Channel Islands” in hopes the new name would keep people from remembering it once was a mental hospital. Maybe this is the reason so many believe it’s haunted. Still, I have stories of ghosts here that date back to the hospital times.

The team members shook hands and exchanged greetings. There was an underlying excitement in the air as we made out way to the buildings, lugging our tools. Some of the group were psychics who used their own natural gifts to detect the presence of ghosts. My wife Debbie is a psychic but she declined to join us. She had visited the place in the past and experienced too many negative feelings and seen too many dark apparitions to want to step onto the campus again.

The new accounts of ghosts here come from many sources, tips sent to my web site as well as whispered stories from late night telephone calls. Such callers always hung up when I asked for a name. Were these true tales or mere hoaxers?

One compelling story told of encountering a man in a tan jumpsuit. The man appeared at a second story window and called down for help. The man insisted that someone was dying and needed help. The witness rushed into the building, searched the deserted rooms and found them empty. They went on to say several others had seen the man and heard his request for help over the last year.

Some of the stories focus on the ornate bell tower. One account says that a patient hung himself in the tower room and when the full moon is out passersby can see the shadow of the man. Another related story tells of a disturbed patient somehow gaining access to the tower and threw himself down to his death. A check of the records some time ago didn’t confirm these colorful accounts.

The group searched the deserted halls and wards to see if were could collect data that there were ghosts here. It was creepy, dark and cold but, try as I might, I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. One of the psychics took the lead. He’s a well-known man with a documented gift. He said that he could call ghosts too him. In one of the wards he began to act nervous. He said there was a ghost in a dark, far away, doorway. I peered into the dim light and couldn’t see anything that might be a ghost. He pointed at the doorway as video cameras rolled and flash snap shots were taken with blinding effect.
He then began to call to the ghost. “Come here,” he yelled. “We will not harm you. Come forth.” Everyone was stone quiet. Still I didn’t see anything. I was standing next to the video camera man who was documenting the expedition. This went on for some time, the psychic yelling and nothing happening. In time it all grew to become a bit silly.
Then the psychic man said the ghost had moved on.

We continued the tour as it grew late in the night. There were cold spots, and places where our equipment went off the charts. Several people did say they saw moving shadows but were they ghosts or imagination? It was creepy and several times I did feel the tingle I experience when ghosts are present but, it’s possible I was spooking myself out.

Before the team called it a night we reviewed the collected data. I watched the video tape with several others. I was surprised we caught something odd. In the section where the psychic was calling for the ghost there was a strange sound on the audio part of the video tape. At first I thought it was a glitch of some sort. It sounded like a slow whistle. Maybe caused by the flash cameras recycling after a picture was taken but, then the sound changed pitch and took on a more human quality.

It was a tune, a haunting melody that sent chills down my spine. I was right next to the camera man all night and I am confident no one was whistling or humming. I had never heard the song before or anything like it. It was truly mysterious. It did give me solid evidence that the old mental hospital was indeed haunted. The school tries to suppress all stories of supernatural events and has threatened staff if they “spread stories and lies.” Still, the ghosts didn’t get the memo and continue their nightly wanderings at what I like to call “Spook U.” If you have experienced anything at the Channel Island Campus at Camarillo, California, feel free to contact me at my web site www.ghost-stalker.com


Camarillo State Mental Hospital

Camarillo State Mental Hospital was a psychiatric hospital for both developmentally disabled and mentally ill patients in Camarillo, California.

It was located 3 miles south of Camarillo and was in use from 1936 to 1997. During its heyday in the 1950s and 1960s, the hospital was at the forefront of treating conditions that in previously had been thought of as un-treatable. An example of this was the drugs and therapy procedures doctors at that institution developed for schizophrenia. Many of these programs initiated at Camarillo helped patients formerly relegated to a lifetime of warehousing in an institution or lobotomies be able to leave the hospital and move to less restrictive group homes or become (at least nearly) independent. The hospital continued to be a leader in the research of drugs and therapies in subsequent years. They also had one of the first units of any hospital to deal with autism.

Camarillo was no stranger to the abuses that regularly occur in mental hospitals. These included excessive use of restraints and poor supervision of patients. They long received controversy first over warehousing mentally ill people and then of releasing them to the community. Changing ethics over the years meant releasing more of these patients and putting them in community-based group homes rather than in large, costly, and remote hospitals. As a result, the number of patients at Camarillo dropped from 7000 in the 1960s to 900 in 1996. Due to its low patient number and the rising costs per patient, then California governor Pete Wilson announced in January of that year plans to close down the hospital in July 1997. Various members of the community, family members of patients, and employees of Camarillo made several last ditch efforts to keep the hospital open, arguing in part that the patients are already used to Camarillo and questioned where they would go. Some tried to get mentally ill criminals placed in Camarillo in an effort to save it, a proposal that had come up several times before, but again community members were concerned of the risk of criminals escaping into the community. Pete Wilson ended up standing his ground and the hospital closed down in late June 1997, with the patients and research facilities moved to other locations.

Originally it was intended to turn Camarillo into a prison, but community opposition in part and interest from the Cal State Universities led to its conversion into a university- California State University, Channel Islands (CSUCI). CSUCI had its first classes in fall 2002, four years ahead of the original schedule. Most of the buildings of Camarillo have been preserved and revitalized, including all the original 1930s mission-style buildings. The university is Ventura County's first public university and is quickly becoming a destination university. It has 2300 students in 2006, but is expected to grow to 15000 by 2025.

A popular rumor, especially among residents of Ventura County, is that the Eagles' song "Hotel California" was written about the Camarillo State Hospital, but this is most likely not true. Don Henley said in a 1995 interview that it was written about "the zeitgeist of the time", meaning about their lifestyle as celebrity musicians in L.A. in the 70s. Those who believe the rumor about it being about the hospital point to lyrics such as "You can check out anytime you want but you can never leave", While these lyrics could in theory refer to a mental hospital, they could also refer to being trapped in a certain lifestyle. However, Camarillo State Hospital has a "mission bell" which is referenced in the song, and the cover of the album is similar to that of CSH (it really is The Beverly Hills Hotel). Also, there are other lyrics to point out that the song may have been referencing the hospital such as: "the voices down the corridor", "we are programed to receive."

The Frank Zappa song "Camarillo Brillo" was also allegedly inspired by Camarillo State Hospital.

Legendary jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker spent some time detoxing from heroin at the hospital. He wrote the composition "Relaxin' in Camarillo" in tribute to the hospital.
'N Sync's mental hospital-set video for "I Drive Myself Crazy" was filmed at Camarillo after the hospital closed.

After it closed, Camarillo was a popular destination for ghost hunters alleging that the hospital is haunted. A destination on the grounds for Ventura County youth was an allegedly haunted dairy used by the hospital known to locals as "Scary Dairy".


Richard Senate’s 13 Rules of Good Ghost Hunting

Hunting Real Ghosts!

1. Let People know where you are going so if there is a mishap they can inform the authorities of where you went and with whom. Good advise for hikers too. Try to go in a group if possible.

2. Get permission to visit the sites! Never trespass as this can lead to all sorts of problems. Because of this some of the better places will be closed to you but, if you do not have permission you will not be able to publish your findings and evidence.

3. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Dress in layers as places can be cold or hot. Wear a hat when in the sun. Hiking shoes are best in an outdoor setting, rubber soled walking shoes best for indoor work.
Always take water with you and, if possible, a cell phone to call for help.

4. Take ways to record your findings and evidence. Cameras, Tape Recorders, Videos etc…are good for this. If you are using a film camera use high speed film only--At least 1,000 ASA. Black and White seems to work best. If you have a tape recorder, use new music quality tape. ALSO: Carry extra batteries as ghosts can drain energy from batteries.

5. If possible, research the history of the site and who lived there or what action happened there. This will help you in many ways. The more you know, the better your investigation will be. Remember, you are there to collect data.

6. Carry a flashlight (torch) with you to illuminate dark places within a site or to find your way back if you are stranded after dark. The flashlight is your friend and it can be the best tool you have in your kit.

7. Always carry with you a pad of paper, clip board, pencils and pens. These can help you record interviews and anything you experience. Try to draw a picture of the site, a floor plan of the place or map. You can use this to draw a picture of what ever you encounter at the site--Drawing and sketching are skills all ghost hunters ( and archaeologists) need to develop.

8. Always be respectful in doing investigations. Yes, have fun and don’t be too serious, but, respect the ghosts and your chances are better that you will encounter an apparition or supernatural sound. Don’t insult the ghosts or mock them. Remember, ghosts are people who just happen to be dead.

9. Don’t drink alcoholic spirits, take drugs or smoke pot. Anything that might impair your senses are strictly forbidden. If you do these things it will cast doubt on your findings. Skeptics will denounce anything you collect--even the best evidence you have. We must be professional!

10. Don’t harm or vandalize a site. Be like a ghost so that no one will know you were even there. Our goal is to collect data to prove the existence of ghosts not damage property. If possible, leave it better than when you came.

11. If possible try to re-enact an event that happened at the site. If it was a Civil War battlefield, dress as a Civil War soldier. If the haunting was linked to a poker game, play poker. This is called re-stimulation and it can enhance your chances of getting supernatural phenomena.

12. Music can be important, as well, to stimulate events but, it must be real music, not taped. So a flute, guitar, etc.. can be helpful. Play songs that are linked to the era of the ghost. This is good for collecting spirit voices (EVP) as well.

13. Lastly, write up a report on all you find. Try to publish your findings as well in a local publication or magazine. FATE Magazine is good for this. If you don’t write the report and submit it, all you have done is spin your wheels. Ghost hunting is a science not a lark. Good Luck and Good Hunting!

Ghost Hunt - going to a place were there have been no sightings of ghosts and trying to catch some on film (video and photos), sounds, eyewitness, etc. And of course your local haunted graveyards are often the number one place to start.


Want to check out some reported real ghost photos start here! Free Ghost Photo Gallery

20 QUESTIONS WITH Richard Senate

One of the top ghost investigators of our generation. He is an "Historian And Ghost Stalker" author of several prominent books on ghosts and paranormal phenomenon, and has appeared on just about every paranormal television and radio show there is. PLEASE VISIT TO READ MORE HERE!

Also visit Richard Senates Web Site here now!


The World's 100 Most Haunted Places

The World's 100 Most Haunted Places

So please read these very haunted ghost stories and watch a real ghost video or two. And be sure to visit our Haunted America Tours Home Page to find more then your heart should take. This web site is not for the squeamish. These Very real Haunted places are sid to be the best places to capture a real ghost on film, video, or digital voice recorder or have a real paranormal encounter.

HAUNTED AMERICA TOURS Official Web Site is a ghost tour information site; our information is only as reliable as readers' contributed ghost and haunted reports. We assume no credit for your adventures, and accept no liability for your misadventures. Use common sense. Read our ghost hunting recommendations. Before visiting any "haunted" site, verify the location, accessibility, safety, and other important information. Never trespass on private and/or posted property without permission from the proper authorities.


The Real Haunted Hotels In America

Hotels, like airlines, overbook reservations because they know that not everyone is going to show up. But some of their inventory goes to third-party travel sites like TravelNola.com, which contract with hotels ahead of time to sell a preset block of rooms.

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Montgomery - Tutwiler Hotel

Skagway - Golden North Hotel

Eureka Springs - Crescent Hotel

Flagstaff - Monte Vista Hotel
Douglas - Gadsden Hotel
Phoenix - Hotel San Carlos
Prescott - Hotel Vendome; Hassayampa Inn
Scottsdale - The Hermosa Inn

Carmel-by-the-Sea - La Playa Hotel and Cottages
Coloma - Sierra Nevada House
Coronado - Hotel del Coronado
Grass Valley - Holbrooke Hotel
Groveland - Groveland Hotel
Healdsburg - Madrona Manor
Hollywood - Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
La Jolla - Grande Colonial Hotel
Long Beach - Queen Mary Hotel
Mendocino - Mendocino Hotel and Garden Suite
Napa - Napa River Inn
San Jose - Hyatt Hotel St. Claire
Mendocino's Sea Rock Inn
San Luis Obispo - Paso Robles Inn
Santa Monica - Georgian Hotel
Ventura - Pierpont Inn

Denver - Brown Palace Hotel
Estes Park - Stanley Hotel

Griswald - Homespun Farm
New London - Lighthouse Inn

St. Augustine - Casa de la Paz
Tampa/St. Petersburg - Don Cesar Beach Resort and Spa

Augusta - The Partridge Inn
Jekyll Island - Jekyll Island Club Hotel

St. Charles - Hotel Baker

Bentonsport - Mason House Inn

New Orleans - 1891 Castle Inn; Hotel Maison de Ville; Le Pavilion; Delta Queen Steamboat
St. Francisville - Myrtles Plantation

Boston - The Omni Parker House
Salem - The Hawthorne Hotel

Marquette - The Landmark Inn

Natchez - Monmouth Plantation

New York
Bolton Landing - The Sagamore
Grand Island - Holiday Inn

North Carolina
Asheville - Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa
Chapel Hill - Carolina Inn

Cincinnati - Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

Portland - The Heathman Hotel


Bethlehem - Hotel Bethlehem
Gettysburg - Farnsworth House Inn

San Antonio - Menger Hotel
Galvez Hotel - Galveston

Manchester Village - The Equinox

San Juan Islands - Rosario Resort

Washington, DC
Omni Shoreham Hotel; Hay-Adams Hotel; Renaissance Mayflower Hotel

Fond du Lac - Ramada Plaza Hotel
Milwaukee - Pfister Hotel

Casper - Ivy House Inn
Cheyenne - The Plains Hotel
Jackon Hole - The Wort Hotel



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