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The Queens Of The American Witch

The Queens Of The American Witch

"Witches still go to cross-roads and to heathen burials with their delusive magic and call to the devil; and he comes to them in the likeness of the man that is buried there, as if he arise from death."

By Lisa Lee Harp Waugh The Great American Necromancer

Artwork By Ricardo Pustanio


Witchcraft, in various historical, anthropological, religious and mythological contexts, is the use of certain kinds of supernatural or magical powers. A witch is a practitioner of witchcraft. While mythological witches are often supernatural creatures, historically many people have been accused of witchcraft, or have claimed to be witches.

Witchcraft still exists in a number of belief systems, and indeed there are many today who identify with the term "witch". The majority of Europeans historically accused of witchcraft were women, and in legends and popular culture the stereotype is female; however males were also often referred to as witches. Witches have been known to communicate with the dead and be proficient in the art of Necromancy.

Witches Sybil Leek and Oneida Toups both used their powers and hunted for ghosts when they were alive. And many say their ghosts still haunt them.

Hans Holzer has written 138 books on the supernatural and occult for the popular market as well as several plays, musicals, films, and documentaries and has hosted a television show. He is a renowned parapsychologist. His extensive involvement in researching the supernatural has included investigating The Amityville Horror and some of the most prominent haunted locations around the world. He has also worked with well-known trance mediums such as Ethel Johnson-Meyers, The witch Sybil Leek, and Trixie Allingham.

Witches still today play a very important role in contacting the dead and in ghost hunting. Do you have a real witch as part of your Ghost Hunting Team?

Many believe if you are witch then ghosts and spirits seek you out for their own purposes.

Pass your Mouse over The Pentagram of Protection below before you read any further if real witches and ghosts scare you!


Sybil Leek The Queen of American Witches

Sybil Leek was born in Normacot Staffordshire to a well-to-do family. The family had a long history of witchcraft , which can be traced back to the 16th century to her ancestor Molly Leigh. Sybil’s immediate family all played a part encouraging her to follow the craft. She learned much from her father about nature, animals and the power of herbs, and even discussed eastern philosophies. Her grandmother taught her astrology, by decorating biscuits and cakes with astrological symbols and asking Sybil to put them in order and describe what each symbol meant

Sybil Leek was known as 'Britain’s most famous witch'. Leek lived in Burley with her pet Jackdaw. She became a TV reporter but primarily claimed to be a real 100% witch.

Sybil Leek

Sybil Leek

She only had 3 years of orthodox schooling. Her family continued to school her at home, but her grandmother focused on her esoteric training, such as the knowledge of herbs, astrology, the psychic arts, and divination much more than she did mathematics and English.

Sybil’s family played host to some very scholarly characters. H. G. Wells, Sybil and her father used to take long walks discussing all things metaphysical. Another famous friend of the family was Aleister Crowley. Aleister was a regular visitor to the family home, and used to read his poetry to Sybil. She first met him when she was 9. It was Aleister who encouraged Sybil to begin writing herself. Sybil became a keen poet, and she published her first book, a slim volume of poetry, while she was still a teenager.

Sybil soon met a prominent concert pianist who became her music teacher, and she married him when she was 16. He died two years later, and stricken with grief Sybil returned home to her grandmother’s house.

Shortly after, she was sent by her grandmother to a French coven based at Gorge du Loup (Wolf Canyon) in the hills above Nice, to replace a distant relative of hers as High Priestess.

Eventually she returned to England. For a short while she stayed with an acquaintance in Lyndhurst, in the New Forest, but soon found the lifestyle there tiresome and decided to run away.

She became friends with the Romany Gypsies in the forest. Sybil learnt much from the Gypsies about the forest, ancient folklore, and even more about the practical use of herbs than she had learnt from her grandmother. She lived with the Gypsies for a year, and attended rituals with the Horsa coven in the New Forest, of which for a short time she was High Priestess, and therefore a member of the Nine Covens council.

When she was 20, Sybil returned to her family, who had now moved to the edge of the New Forest. She then opened three antique shops; one in Ringwood, one in Somerset, and one in the heart of the New Forest in Burley. She then moved to Burley herself. She refused to sell anything to do with witchcraft in the antique shops, much to the disappointment of visitors.

All human beings have magic in them. The secret is to know how to use this magic, and astrology is a vital tool for doing just that... Sybil Leek, 1972.

Hear Sybil Leak talking to BBC reporter Hugh Moran in a 1964 interview here.

However, her open attitude about being a witch caused problems, too. As media interest grew, Sybil found herself constantly being pestered by news reporters and tourists, who traveled to Burley and would turn up on her doorstep, day and night. Sybil even had to create decoys in order to be able to escape out of the village to go to the secret coven meeting places, for fear of being pursued by cameramen. Although the village itself thrived on the extra tourism and visitors, some people were not so happy about the extra traffic and noise being caused. Her landlord eventually asked her to move out.

At the same time, an American publishing house had approached Sybil to speak about her new antique book ‘A Shop in the High Street’ on a TV program in the States. She took the opportunity to go, and flew to New York. While in New York, she was contacted by Hans Holzer, a parapsychologist, who invited her to join him investigating psychic phenomena. They went on to do numerous TV and radio programs on the subject. They actually did a few paranormal investigations that are well noted.

She then moved to Los Angeles where she met Dr. Israel Regardie, an authority on Kabbalah and ritual magic, and they spent much of their time together discussing and practicing the Golden Dawn rituals together.

Strong in defense of her beliefs, Sybil sometimes differed and even quarreled with other witches. She disapproved of nudity in rituals, a requirement in some traditions, and was strongly against the use of drugs, but she was at odds with most other witches in that she did believe in cursing. She was also one of the first of the modern day witches to take up environmental causes.

Sybil died at her Melbourne, Florida home on 26 October 1982. Sybil's son Julian Leek is now building a research centre in Melbourne Beach, Florida. This will house a huge archive dedicated to his mother. By the time she died in 1982, she had written over 60 books, given hundreds of interviews and was a millionaire. But the best legacy for Sybil is the fact that witchcraft is thriving in America and the UK. A coven of white witches in the New Forest are following in Sybil’s footsteps. Her son, Julian, is constructing a building in Florida to house her memorabilia and many of her students practice witchcraft to this day.

Also See: Sybil Leek 20th century Witch-Astrologer ~ A Biography~ by C. Ravin, Esq



"Ghosts and witches are part of the universal image of Halloween and the paranormal... Well then, I am real a icon in a haunted world."

...Oneida Toups 1975

Oneida Toups The Witch Queen Of New Orleans

Another very well respected Witch Queen was Oneida Toups of New Orleans. Toups and her husband Boots Toups founded The Religious Order of Witchcraft and was the first group to be actually chartered in the state of Louisiana and in the world. Close personal friend of Oneida, Psychic Mickey of Miami says that at the time the building where she lived and had her shop the Witches Work Shop was very haunted. and Oneida would often hold Dumb Suppers and Séances to communicate with them. She was also an avid ghost hunter and went on to explore many haunted locations in New Orleans, including the LaLaurie house ( the most haunted house in America) and researched the legend of the Famous Devil Baby and the American Chupacabra in New Orleans (The Grunch).

Toups' even told the story of how she in 1974 heard the Devil Baby scratching and crying in the courtyard behind her famous shop late one night. She said she saw his glowing silver eyes and watched him leap over the roof tops as he fled into the night.

Oneida Toups The one and only Witch Queen Of New Orleans

Mary Oneida Toups

Mary Oneida Toups the witch queen of New Orleans once said, "The Dead walk the allies of St. Louis number1 more often then the living!

The Religious Order of Witchcraft, a non - profit organization, chartered & established on February 2, 1972. Founded by High Queen Mary Oneida Toups, New Orleans, Louisiana in the French Quarter. One strange tale of Oneida's powers and encounters is of Actor Jackie Gleason the story goes that he approached Oneida Toups for some help in dealing with a strange curse on a friend. The Story Oneida told was that it was only a curse of evil and that she could remove it and once she did it resulted in a nasty black magic war. Which in truth Oneida won. Oneida met Dr. Israel Regardie With the help of Magical Voodoo Hoodoo Musician Dr. John.

Onieda Toups has been call the Grand Witch Queen of all American Witches. Her many contributions and coven members have gone on to be very successful in the field of the occult. But if It comes to naming names you would really be surprised to who really knew her and who did not.

I had the pleasure to meet Oneidas personal secretary Karen Ellicks, who still owns the vast collection of Oneida's artifacts and personal photos. She also worked with the late Boots toups nephews and brothers. She also very well kept notes and magical diaries and books of shadows written in Oneida's own hand. "Their or many rumors and lies about Oneida that or on the internet and what people say in public" "But one day soon all the truth will be revealed." said Ellicks.

Many strange tales of Oneidas life have surfaced over the years. Some say that the war took its toll on her and the spells of a Black Magic Hoodoo Queen Killed her. " None of that is true at all," says Bianca the reigning Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. " Oneida was well respected and no one ever challenged her or her powers." " Their or even people who claim to be her children or of her coven and knew her." But in truth none of those that say they did actually did." " When your a legend as big as Oneida everyone says they knew you." I can personally attest The famous Musician Dr. John, and New Orleans and Hauntedamericatours.com's artist Ricardo Pustanio knew her well." Pustanio knew her very well before she proclaimed herself a witch." " And he is still a close friend to the Toups Family to this day." Others who knew Oneida were Mickey Of Miami and New Orleans Socialite Carolyn M. Black. All state that the woman that was the Queen of all witches knew her stuff. Mickey Of Miami states that she has come across many who claim to be the child of Oneida and BootsToups. " The fact is Oneida had only one daughter who she personally raised and lives in Meridian Mississippi." I even had a young man claim to be her son." And if I had to count all the people who claimed to have known her and were initiated into witchcraft by her it would fill three phone books." " But isn't that what great legends are made of?" States Mickey.

Arlette Gerhold a New Orleans Realtor and a close friend of the Toups' since 1969 told me recently that Oneida's legend has changed over the years. And that many people tell her of things that supposedly happened or how they knew the real Oneida. She dismisses a lot of it as the urban legend that is Toups' legacy.

"Not unlike tales of Marie Laveau before her." "Toups the witch queen that she was is now a larger in death figure then in life. " Said Gerhold. "The Witches Work Shop" "Held Wiccan Services, Provided psychic Readings by Oneida herself, She sold herbs and items and made her own Spell Kits." " If she left the shop which was closed on Mondays she did only Cleansing, House Blessings, or appointments for one on one Spiritual Guidance, Self Help, Private Consultations." " She also held late Friday night coven meetings. Gerhold who was a personal friend states that Oneida was a very normal personal who just happened to practice witchcraft."

Many say the New Orleans Saints are one of the most cursed teams in NFL. The curse was said to be placed on the team by a Great New Orleans evil voodoo witch queen during the first year NFL season. Others say it was Oneida herself. Fans in New Orleans believe that Exorcists, witches and voodoo priestesses have been trying to remove or to dispel the curse. ... The main target of the curse, of course, has been the New Orleans Saints. The New Orleans Saints management even called upon Voodoo Yoruba Priestess Ava Kay Jones. And supposedly the Great Queen of all the Hoodoo's and Voodoos Bianca.

Voodoo was considered by the dominant American culture to be sinful and threatening, and strong repressive measures were taken by the authorities. From the turn of the twentieth century until about the 1960s, the practice was simply seen as a fraud from which the ignorant needed protection. By the latter half of the twentieth century,concerns with both sin and fraud had diminished, and Voodoo was looked upon as entertainment—a tourist commodity and potential gold-mine for commercial exploitation. Finally, at the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first, there has been a new awareness of Voodoo as a legitimate religion.

Many have tried to break the curse publicly including Witch Queen Mary Oneida Toups in 1978, and recently Reese Smith a psychic Reader from Marie Laveaus' House Of Voodoo has added his name to the list for the 2006-2007 season.

On Halloween, 1999, a local radio station asked Voodoo - Priestess Miriam Chamani to perform a ceremony outside the Superdome to help the New Orleans Saints win against the Cleveland Browns (which was interrupted by harassment from a Browns fan dressed as a dog).

Oneida had said that she communicated with the ghosts of Delphine Lalaurie Eye to eye. And also conjured up the real ghost up Marie Laveau, Jean Laffite and crossed paths with the lost Dead and the grunch ( the American El Chupacabra).

Oneida is well known for her public Halloween rituals on the Lakefront. Her hurricane ritual, and for her book a rare publication Witch Craft High and Low. Mary Oneida Toups sadly died of Stomach Cancer in the late 1980's it was not by poisin or a curse or magical war as many have stated. Toups was diagnosed with it in 1970 and knew she had it long before anyone else except her close friends knew this.

Many of the famos New orleans Séances Onieda conducted were attended by her inner circle of friends which included Mickey Of Miami. " The Actual ritual she performed was more like casting a spell to call the dead then the tradtional means." "She used magic circles and also a wand." Said Mickey." " We spoke to many ghosts and spirits over the years." From 1967 - 1976 we met with a personal controlled group of 9 people and talked to the dead until the dawn broke." " We also visited many of the real haunted areas of New Orleans and found out what the paranormal and ghosts were all about."



Laurie Cabot The Reigning Witch Queen of Salem

Salem's most famous witch, Laurie Cabot known as the official witch of Salem. Ever since she "came out" as a Witch about 40 years ago, Cabot has been bold about making a public statement in favor of the Craft, as modern traditions of Witchcraft are known. She has campaigned against stereotypes of witches as evil-doers and has fought for the civil rights of those who choose Witchcraft (also known as Wicca) as a spiritual and religious path.

Laurie Cabot

Laurie Cabot is an American witchcraft high priestess, and was one of the first people to popularize witchcraft in the United States. She is the author of such books as The Power of the Witch, The Witch in Every Woman, Celebrate the Earth, while also founding the Cabot Tradition of the Science of Witchcraft and the Witches' League for Public Awareness to defend the civil rights of witches everywhere. In the 1970s, Cabot was declared the "official witch of Salem, Massachusetts", by then-Governor Michael Dukakis, to honor her work with special needs children.

Cabot's shop sold herbs, jewelry, tarot decks, and other items used in witchcraft. She later relocated her shop to an old gambrel-roofed house on Essex Street. This new shop was named "Crow Haven Corner" and was successful for a time. The store is still open, though no longer owned or managed by any member of the Cabot family (formerly, her eldest daughter Jody had operated this shop starting in 1981). Cabot still maintains a shop in Salem, on Pickering Wharf and it is a popular tourist destination as well as an important resource for all Witches. She is as well-known for her businesses, lectures and books. Cabot was a guest on both "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and on Phil Donahue's talk shows in the late 1980s.

In March 2008, Cabot celebrated her 75th birthday at a surprise birthday party attended by hundreds of wiccans, including Sully Erna of the band Godsmack for whom Cabot had appeared in the band's "Voodoo" music video shot at Hammond Castle.

Laurie Cabot is also known for her sometimes controversial behavior. There was a legal situation in the mid 1990s in which Cabot allegedly threatened local real estate agent, Janet Andrews, with her gun . Cabot denied she had ever acted in such a manner and upon further investigation all charges against Cabot were dismissed and she still retains a gun permit.

She garnered more notoriety in 2004 when Salem Police came to her home in order to remove her adolescent grandson over a custody issue between Jody Cabot and her former husband ([6]). Both incidents were covered by local and national press and even featured on CNN. A policeman claimed that during the incident Cabot ordered him to look into her eyes, telling him he was cursed once he did. Cabot denies she ever cursed the policeman, stating "I say it is a curse when you do bad things." This is a reference to the threefold law that whatever you do, good or bad, shall be returned to you threefold. She has steadily maintained that witchcraft is never meant to be employed to cause harm or destruction

She continues to reside in Salem, where she owns a shop called The Cat, the Crow, and the Crown. Cabot claims to be related to the prominent Boston Brahmin Cabot family. She is perhaps one the most high-profile witches in the world. She is a part of Salem lore, and a bona-fide local celebrity in that city and throughout Massachusetts's North Shore.

It's a path with a high price. Cabot has encountered a lot of criticism and even abuse, but she has never wavered or backed down. She has served as a inspirational figurehead to many who have joined the Craft.

In 1973 Cabot founded what has become one of Salem's most famous events — the Witches' Ball, held every year on Samhain, the old Celtic name for Halloween. People attend from all over the world.

She was given the title "Official Witch of Salem" in 1977 by Governor Michael Dukakis. She founded the Witches League of Public Awareness, a civil rights watchdog group, in 1986.

Laurie Cabot's official web site www.lauriecabot.com


Practices to which the witchcraft label have historically been applied are those which influence another person's mind, body or property against his or her will, or which are believed, by the person doing the labeling, to undermine the social or religious order. Some modern commentators consider the malefic nature of witchcraft to be a Christian projection. The concept of a magic-worker influencing another person's body or property against his or her will was clearly present in many cultures, as there are traditions in both folk magic and religious magic that have the purpose of countering malicious magic or identifying malicious magic users. Many examples can be found in ancient texts, such as those from Egypt and Babylonia, where malicious magic is believed to have the power to influence the mind, body or possessions, malicious magic users can become a credible cause for disease, sickness in animals, bad luck, sudden death, impotence and other such misfortunes. Witchcraft of a more benign and socially acceptable sort may then be employed to turn the malevolence aside, or identify the supposed evil-doer so that punishment may be carried out. The folk magic used to identify or protect against malicious magic users is often indistinguishable from that used by the witches themselves.

There has also existed in popular belief the concept of white witches and white witchcraft, which is strictly benevolent. Many neo pagan witches strongly identify with this concept, and profess ethical codes that prevent them from performing magic on a person without their request.

Where belief in malicious magic practices exists, such practitioners are typically forbidden by law as well as hated and feared by the general populace, while beneficial magic is tolerated or even accepted wholesale by the people – even if the orthodox establishment objects to it.

Probably the most obvious characteristic of a witch was the ability to cast a spell, a "spell" being the word used to signify the means employed to accomplish a magical action. A spell could consist of a set of words, a formula or verse, or a ritual action, or any combination of these. Spells traditionally were cast by many methods, such as by the inscription of runes or sigil's on an object to give it magical powers, by the immolation or binding of a wax or clay image (poppet) of a person to affect him or her magically, by the recitation of incantations, by the performance of physical rituals, by the employment of magical herbs as amulets or potions, by gazing at mirrors, swords or other specula (scrying) for purposes of divination, and by many other means.

Witches Conjuring the dead

Strictly speaking, "necromancy" is the practice of conjuring the spirits of the dead for divination or prophecy - although the term has also been applied to raising the dead for other purposes. The Biblical Witch of Endor is supposed to have performed it (1 Sam. 28), and it is among the witchcraft practices condemned by Ælfric of Eynsham.


About Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

The first lady of conjuring the Dead. The ancient art of Necromancy is still alive today with Waugh at it's main investigator. LISA LEE HARP WAUGH Is a necromancer in the 21st century. www.ghosthuntersofamerica.com. Waugh is not a witch though she has studied the occult she has never claimed to be a bone conjurer or a wiccan.

"I have learned many things from witches", states Waugh. "And if you just choose to be a Necromancer or practice the art of Necromancy thats enough." " And if I need to consult with a wiccan or call them in for a investigation i certainly do."

Waugh talks to ghosts. She questions them and records their answers. Astoundingly many of the predictions these spooks and specters and shades of the night tell her seem to be very accurate. You can read them here New SPIRIT AND REAL GHOST PREDICTIONS FOR 2008! The ghosts and spirits she questions often give her very accurate info on things to come. Nightly Waugh retires to her Necromantic chamber to converse with the many apparitions she calls forth. She also experiments at times with a Franks' Box.


Lisa Lee Harp Waugh The Great American Necromancer

Ghosts love to talk tell their stories and in Waugh's opinion like to be interviewed and love to expound on the afterlife. The ghosts that come in and out of my home tell me many tales. How they died, and how they survive the afterlife. " I have spoken to ghosts that want to move on, and those that want just to be noticed." Waugh states.

"Ghost have predicted many things to me from great changes in the world to personal things in my own life." "The percentage of what they tell me mostly will come to pass." But remember says Waugh" Some Ghosts " Do" Lie!"


The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.


Also in her home exist the mirrored chamber where each night she visits with the many spirits of loved ones passed on and questions them of their existence. " Ghost tell me the damndest things." Said Waugh. " One asked me how should they go about getting over their living husband and move on, to who should they seek out to let their loved ones know they are now OK." Waugh says sometimes she feels like she is playing psychiatrist to the lost souls. She only wishes she could do more to help them by this. And in her heart she is helping them transit to the afterlife."

LISA LEE HARP WAUGH, Founder Of The Ghost Hunters Of America is a America necromancer in the 21st century. She is by what may call a real conduit to the world of the dead. She dressers in ceremonial white robes, draws magical circle and triangles s on the floor and commands spirits from Heaven, Hell and all places in between to appear before her and communicate with the living. As a teenager growing up in Marshall, Texas she studied heavily The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish and The Grand Grimoire, the Malleus Maleficarum and anything she could get her hands on by the great by Eliphas Levi, John Dee and the great beast, Aleister Crowley.