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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan






Hungry Ghost Month 2008

Giving Up The Ghost! The Upside Of A Paranormal Investigation Gone Wrong.

Not everyone can capture real ghost on film or video. Is It you are the ghost are just playing with you?

By Gina Lanier

Yes there comes a point and time when a paranormal Investigator has to realize that some investigations should be left to others.


Not all Paranormal investigations go by the book. How many times have things gone wrong from the second you have entered a haunted location to hunt for real ghosts? In my personal experience it happens all the time. It might be the particular haunted location or ghost is not meant for you to find.

If you follow it all by the book then your a person who goes in with no emotion or consideration that real paranormal activity is a foot. That does not mean you are not concerned but it states your going in with the right attitude. That of a Scientific Investigator of the paranormal with controlled experiments and documentation.

Are you being Hoaxed? 

Did you ever think the person who is telling you of their ghost photo or haunting is lying?

Whether a ghost performs or you capture no evidence of anything haunting a location does not mean you have done anything wrong. Ghosts sometimes run in cycles as we all know. To many have this pre-notion because of what they see on television that ghosts will show up in less then 20 minutes from when you enter a location. Of course us in the know do know better. Investigations of a paranormal occurrence can sometimes take months and even years before the situation or ghost is active for you to document.

Yes The Ghosts Does Knows Your There!

Yes you have to realize that ghosts are aware of your presence. If a real ghosts does not like you or even finds you un interesting to haunt they might avoid you entirely. With the new advent of hundreds upon hundreds of individuals hunting for ghosts everywhere 24/7 365 don't you think that these specters and shades haven't caught on to what we are doing?

Just think If a live person does not like you they certainly ignore you. The ghost might look at what your Doing and say to himself. "What is this fool doing?" I certainly ama a people watcher myself and pro bally will be one the entire rest of my life. But I don't walk up to who I am looking at and tell them hey I'm watching you!

Isn't that the reaction we want from a real ghost. Well in reality to just come out and say hey I'm here? Remember as a ghosts our traits of shyness, and aversion to strangers, or just a I do not want to be involved with you I do not like your looks attitude prevails. Really unless a ghosts your investigating likes to show off and gets a real kick out of scaring individuals then your luck in gathering real evidence is shot before you even entered the door.

Some real ghosts are shy and need time to accustom themselves to new individuals entering their haunted hot spot. Other are just antisocial and need a little coaxing to come out and spook you. But what kind of ghost just up right and comes out and says "Boo"! "Look at me your being spooked to the point of tears." Some people live in a haunted home for several years before any real paranormal activity is witnessed. And more often the case is being in the exact right place at the right haunted time.

Was this real ghost photo just a case of being there at the right moment?

Not all ghosts need to be or want to be noticed. But their own reasons may vary as much as our own for why and when they will haunt someone. Consider this: Is a house haunted when no one is there to witness or record it? Like does a tree make a sound when it falls in the woods and none is around.

I have heard people from one California groups say I went to Waverly Sanitarium this summer and nothing haunted happened. Well from this you should learn something plain and clear. The ghost that haunt the location are not interested in you. Yet another person in the group says they got chills, photos and EVP's the very next hour of the same day or even at the exact time you were there.

Oh one might think ok the ghost was busy else where so that why I did not discover it. In truth certain ghosts just show them selves to certain people. Whether it be a pre destined effect or just luck not all paranormal investigators find ghosts on every paranormal investigations. And that of course does not make a place any more or less haunted.

People who are haunted need always to get second opinions. Groups should call in other groups. Documentation needs to be checked out more then once As long as a haunted individual is willing to let us into their lives is how far it all needs to go.

I get letters all the time from individuals say Taps will not answer my mail can you help me. Or I am haunted and the ghost will not go away the last group I met with basically came in investigated and told me I was nuts.

Real Invisible Eyes Do Watch Us!

Ghosts do watch our every move. Paranormal activity can be very subtle. even just a feeling and not something that can be documented. Just because one investigator gets a chill and another doesn't. This in no way means it did not happen. But none believes others feeling 100%. If Evidence is no more then just emotions run over you from extreme boredom to anxiety on a paranormal investigation. And nothing in evidence that a ghost is present don't be alarmed. Well it could be your haunted and don't know it.

Most ghosts are often just observers. They watch us scrutinize us and play with our psyche. One in the Paranormal discovery mode should also take on that role and just observe. Sit back let the tape roll and watch. Put your self in the ghosts shoes. Let it get bored with you and see what it might do or not do.

!00% of researching the unknown is researching the known. Do you know the person who told you, "help come find and document my ghosts." " Prove to everyone I'm not nuts!."

Well watch this person. don't get to know them just watch them see how they live work and relate to others. then you might just see what is haunting them. The real or the unreal. But if Your from the school of Sci-Fi's Ghost Hunters ilk then just pass the case off as someone's crazy claims or make up an excuse and tell them it's not haunted. But how wrong might you be.

The invisible see you and your interaction with the haunted individual. And they might just be there in the shadows laughing at you and the haunted party. Only to retaliate and haunt them when your slamming the door behind you.

Ghost sometimes only do what they do to someone to drive a person mad. What ever the reason certainly it's true. If you the paranormal investigator you are does not see this or believe this then hey go hunt for bigfoot or UFO's the Ghost hunting crowd does not need your input or findings.

Do You Know What To Do When Think A real Ghost Won't Haunt You!

For one sit down and write all the feelings and things that you experienced no matter how mundane that occurred at the haunted location your investigating. Go back again and see if you gather same feelings at the same times. Remember you might be missing something very real going on. Sit be an observer not a participant. watch the haunted person go through their daily or nightly routine. Be the eye of Big Brother the haunted skeptical watching eye.

These two reported real ghost photos are said to defy explanation. Is this once again just the fact that the person who took the photos was meant to have the haunted ghost experience?

Is this a real ghost photo?

If you think that hey this is not what I want to be doing I want to be hunting and documenting real ghosts . Then I guess you will never be a real paranormal Investigator or Ghost Hunter of any worth if that's the feeling you get.

10 Real Paranormal Investigator or Ghost Hunting Myths

1. Ghosts will haunt anyone that enters their haunted location.

Not true A ghost will haunt who it wants to when it wants to.

2. Ghosts don't know what and how we think.

Ghosts watch us and analyze us , whether they are smart or stupid or crazy or drunk. They have a better advantage by being what they are. Because of this they can calculate our thoughts.

3. A paranormal Investigation should take a day or two only.

It should take as long as it needs to, Weeks Months or years.

4. Ghosts will haunt you if you ask them to.

Real Ghosts will choose to haunt who they want when they want.

5. Hard Evidence is all a Paranormal Investigator should gather.

Anything can prove to an individual that they are haunted and if you need to prove it to someone else then hard evidence is what you need. But subtle evidence will make a skeptic into a a true believer if they experience it.

6. Every haunting is the same all ghost can only do certain things.

Not to ghost are the same ghost. just as no to living human beings are exactly alike. Phenomena might be similar but the haunting's are all different learn to see the differences. Many ghosts have abilities that evidence just can be collected on or tested until it happens to you.

7. A real Ghost can't or won't hurt you.

If a real ghost can't hurt you tell me why some paranormal investigators go crazy. Or pushed down three flights of stairs. Yes a ghost can physically and mentally hurt you for life. Don't be a fool and believe what you can't see can't hurt you !

8. You can Learn to Ghost hunt From watching Jason And Grant on Ghost Hunters and that's all you need to know.

Unless yo pay real attention to the show and mentally know and understand all that they say or do then you can. But most who watch the show and go out an try what they see on TV or just fooling them selves and their haunted clients.

9. Paranormal Groups know and have dealt with every kind of haunting.

Not true At all books will tell you what others have encountered from ghosts and paranormal activity. Not all groups have had the same experiences or have been effected in the same way. Everyone has their own feeling and encounters not all are exactly the same ever.

10. Real Ghosts can be made to leave or stop haunting an individual because Ghost Hunters really know how to get rid of them.

Once you have met a real ghost that will not leave an individual or a location no matter what you do you will realize some people cannot be helped by you or someone in your group. Sometimes you might call in for a house blessing and just anger the ghost. Or it goes dormant for a few months only to come back and haunt the individual or even a member of your group. Ghosts leave when they want to leave. And we as mortals have no power over getting them to move on.

Some ghosts need therapy that only a trained person who knows such can apply to the particular ghosts problems. I ask you are you that person or is someone in your group capable of it. Push the haunted envelope and find out you might be surprised when the ghosts just laughs at you and stays.

Gina Lanier



Have The Dead Spoken To You Lately?

Lisa Lee Harp Waugh The Great American Necromancer

Waugh talks to ghosts and listens to what they have to say. She questions them and records their answers. Astoundingly many of the predictions these spooks and specters and shades of the night tell her seem to be very accurate. You can read them here New SPIRIT AND REAL GHOST PREDICTIONS FOR 2008! The ghosts and spirits she questions often give her very accurate info on things to come. Nightly Waugh retires to her Necromantic chamber to converse with the many apparitions she calls forth. She also experiments at times with a Franks' Box.

She also has stated may times that today's ghosts hunters do not take enough precautions. She believes that many ghost hunting groups and paranormal investigators fall to the way side because their lives are infested with ghosts that seek their destruction for their own reasons.

Waugh says most ghosts are not evil but their or thousands who are and most ghost hunters are not capable of dealing with these types of actual hauntings.


Lisa Lee Harp Waugh The Great American Necromancer

Ghosts love to talk tell their stories and in Waugh's opinion like to be interviewed and love to expound on the afterlife. The ghosts that come in and out of my home tell me many tales. How they died, and how they survive the afterlife. " I have spoken to ghosts that want to move on, and those that want just to be noticed." Waugh states.

"Ghost have predicted many things to me from great changes in the world to personal things in my own life." "The percentage of what they tell me mostly will come to pass." But remember says Waugh" Some Ghosts " Do" Lie!"


The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.


Also in her home exist the mirrored chamber where each night she visits with the many spirits of loved ones passed on and questions them of their existence. " Ghost tell me the damndest things." Said Waugh. " One asked me how should they go about getting over their living husband and move on, to who should they seek out to let their loved ones know they are now OK." Waugh says sometimes she feels like she is playing psychiatrist to the lost souls. She only wishes she could do more to help them by this. And in her heart she is helping them transit to the afterlife."

LISA LEE HARP WAUGH, Founder Of The Ghost Hunters Of America is a America necromancer in the 21st century. She is by what may call a real conduit to the world of the dead. She dressers in ceremonial white robes, draws magical circle and triangles s on the floor and commands spirits from Heaven, Hell and all places in between to appear before her and communicate with the living. As a teenager growing up in Marshall, Texas she studied heavily The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish and The Grand Grimoire, the Malleus Maleficarum and anything she could get her hands on by the great by Eliphas Levi, John Dee and the great beast, Aleister Crowley.


“Friends don’t let Friends Ghost Hunt Alone.”





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