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Top 10 ghost hunting tips for the up and coming Professional Paranormal Investigator

Top 10 ghost hunting tips for the Professional Paranormal Investigator.....


By Peter James Haviland A.C.C.H.

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1. Always look at your client first. Psychologically speaking we all have traumatic events that we have endured, and depending how items have been handled or not handled can cause events triggered in the home by behavior of others or events that can release psycho kinetic energy bursts that can mimic haunting events, but in reality are a person or agent or agents release of energy into the area or areas that may be of significance to the issue from the agent or agents. Sometimes the client may manifest phenomena upon themselves and this is usually attributed to an internal issue or a metaphor of the issue ( if they have a low self esteem or feel guilty maybe its a S for Sinner or they feel that the need to be punished so they may manifest welts like belt marks from childhood). Sometimes a rape may be played out again visually if there are intimacy issues with the clients and they may manifest a past rape's marks or bruising. Its all subjective.If this is the case, then counseling is in order and have a professional make that call, and if that professional has deemed this not the issue then look at your clients complaint and see if your dealing with an Intelligent Haunting or a Residual Haunting. An Intelligent haunting is a persons conscience that has survived the death process for whatever reason and will react with the people in the environment. This is usually by movement of items, hiding items, audible or visual phenomena, and so on. This is not a whole person as its not a complete memory of the person, its more of just shards of memories, so you need to determine who you are dealing with and see what the limitations are, and find out why they are there. A reputable medium can facilitate this. Remember to get names , dates places and events for historical confirmation, and again always visually and audible document everything. A Residual Haunting or Place Memory in a location are stored events that are either tapped into by us during the right circumstances and played back or a medium taps into these when they're on site and draws from this. This is usually caused by strong emotions or actions being absorbed into the area and held there over a period of time. These events are always the same thing and DO NOT DEVIATE from the event played.

2. EMF BACK GROUNDS - Always map your locations EMF backgrounds and update them between 15 to 30 Min's of every hour. This will give you an accurate hot spot location for investigation as well as being able to physically see if there is a correlation between an area of manifestation and agent or agents. This will be apparent if there is an emotional outburst of the client at the time of the backgrounds. Never provoke the client to get this, be passive and only let TRAINED Personnel deal with people on this level. If your are not trained call some one who is.


3. EVP Controls - When recording EVP, always use 2 mediums on site. The focus is evidence and if you have 2 analog and digital recorders capturing EVP at the same time and its the same response, then you have SOLID EVIDENCE. If you place your recorders in an area to just record without doing a Q and A, always have a camera overlooking the room with the recorders in the shot, so you can verify if someone is skewing data. Controls are a must. When going over your EVP results use the controls as reference to verify your pulled samples first to see if there were any outside influences, then when grading your samples, NEVER tell the people listening your thought of what it says. This is an audio cue and that person hearing your opinion first before they do can and will cause them to not only think that's what they are supposed to hear, but takes the objectivity from the person and makes that what they might hear. Always poll it and report those results. When presenting to the client let them hear it first and get their take on it then give them the results of your poll afterworld. It will be more professional and objective that way. There is nothing wrong with pulling an EVP Sample and not getting a message, sometimes that just happens so just report it as a "SAMPLE that was inconclusive", Its still an EVP but it will save on the over filtering of it and adding to the millions of robot sounds on the net. Not all are listenable so take that pressure of of you.



4. Camera Controls - When leaving video cameras in an area to record, always seal the area and if there is a door to close to the area, do this and place a PIR( passive infra red) warning device outside of the door to notify you of an intrusion or place a security camera to cover the area so you have the location controlled as well. This way the team knows if someone broke the seal and skewed data or was just going in to move cameras. Always announce yourself as well as your intent for the record of the investigation as well. Always use a analog and digital camera on site so you can capture phenomena on both mediums. Same concept as the 2 EVP recorders that it gives your evidence strength if its caught on both, but here is the kicker. If you get something on film, the manufacturer can look at it and verify the shot and stock on a killer shot, whereas the Digital medium will always be questioned because of the programs that can photo shop images. Remember being Hi-Tech sometimes has its drawbacks.When using a SLR camera (35 mm ) have your camera shop develop all of the film, and look at your prints when you pick them up. Anything that is weird looking ask about processing flaws then, and have them reprint it if it is. When using your Digital Camera and capturing a paranormal shot, always keep it in its original file and use its EXIF reader to show the settings of the shot, aperture, F-Stop and so on. This will give that shot credibility. The minute you save it as a jpeg ad so on, you destroy this file and you cannot give the needed information. When getting feedback for your video and photo data, again poll for the answer and do not point out the phenomena so you get a good response. REMEMBER ORBS ARE 99% FALSE, so look at them case by case and analyze the hell out of them. They are just not looked at as credible evidence.

Kristen Sheley

5. Historical Information: This needs to be looked over by the lead investigator only, and have him direct the activities that need to be covered. Again the data needs to be clean and the less the team knows and the evidence shows, the better as they have no idea and cannot be questioned on it because they had no PRIOR knowledge, the evidence spoke for them. Also if your using a medium, please do not show ANYTHING to them. They are to just show up, give their reading and go. The less they know the stronger the evidence.If a whole group knows the case file, then there is no data control and a possible group conscience could make things happen in the home (IE Phillip experiment where Toronto Society of Psychical Research made up a back story an object named Phillip, and over 2 weeks to discuss Phillip and gave it energy to later have phenomena caused by the group.)

6. Mediums - Always monitor your medium with EMF and Temp Gauges during their readings, para psychologically the showing of a atmospheric change( temp change), EMF flux, and audio or visual capture of this not only can show how PSI ability can affect the area, but during a paranormal event, can verify their experience. Always have at least 2 mediums to go through and area. This way one will confirm the other at different times. Will validate their usage and sometime will even get more information for research and validate data from technical data gathered. Monitor your medium for exhaustion and emotional status, they sometimes will get wrapped up in their work and need you to pull them when they get too tired or get to connected to an emotional issue. When this happens pull them from the area and let them re cooperate. There is no embarrassment in this and its just good medium management. Always TEST your medium at a place you have done allot of work, and make a checklist of what you want them to look for, the more hits the better the accuracy and the more the medium gains the trust of the team. Too many people make mediumistic claims for personal gain or monetary gain and are frauds. So protect you and your team.

7. Client Backgrounds - Its important to know the intent of the investigation when dealing with your client, so always run a background check on them as well as the historical background. If it shows they are in foreclosure of the home, maybe its to get out of the home or to use this as a "Book or Show" for money or other purposes, so always ask them why they contacted you and share with them your findings.In a professional manner of course. If you suspect this either make sure you have paperwork to protect your work or if you feel its not something that is beneficial, its OK to walk away, not all cases can be worked. If your client has a mental issue (either they have shared that with you or a professional has shared this with you with the clients permission) then maybe a counselor is in order and they can call at a later date. Have a professional also do a med check to see if there are hallucinatory issues with the client. Allot of medications will cause visual and audio hallucinations. There are just allot of variables other than just assuming that the client is truthful, sometimes they are not trying to not be truthful, just influences make their perception skewed.

8. Investigation Definitions - Make sure you cover with your client the difference between a TV investigation and a Real Life investigation so they know the time and energy involved. The more they know, the more they understand and the less frustration you will have. Communication is always the key to success. Set your boundaries with your client at the beginning, let them know office hours for contact, time durations for reports, and when needed, expiration of covering the case. Some clients will become clingy or take advantage of you if you do not set boundaries and can have you on the phone all night or constantly call on data results,so be careful. You have a life too.

9. Compensation - Do not be afraid to ask for compensation on gas or lodgings on long trips. I know there are allot of teams out there that do not charge for services and that's cool, but you have the right to re cooperate some expenses, as film, batteries,development,fees for research,lodgings at the Motel 6,gas at 4 bucks a gallon in some places all add up. So its OK to charge a flat gas fee and lodging fee as long as you cover it with your client and present receipts. If they want your services, its their responsibility to do that at the very least. If you work out cents per mile that's good too. Just call them and let them know what the starting mileage is and let them verify the stopping mileage so they get a warm fuzzy on the agreement.

10. Always be professional, provide permission paperwork, your references, your Driver's license for ID purposes, professional dress, remember you are not just representing your team, but the perceptions of the field to some clients, and if you show up with allot of piercing, tattered clothes and unprofessional demeanor, you make the field look bad a well. The more these occurrences look like everyday happening, then the drama will settle down, and people will start to feel more comfortable with the happenings. If you do not have the experience to handle the case, either refer it to a team that does or bring a consultant team to help, its the only way to learn and make sure the case is done right. There is nothing wrong with knowing your teams limitations, and its will only help the team grow in the long run. Always protect your client from the media and lookie loos, keep location confidential and never post their information. This makes YOU responsible for anything that might happen, so if THEY want to talk about it, let THEM. KEEP IT OFF YOUR WEBSITE, remember its your responsibility the second you step in to help them and they will treat it as such, so be confidential, ethical and private. Do not draw attention to the home, as they client has money invested in a mortgage and may even have children and have to live there AFTER you leave. This is why I have always stated to wear business casual clothes and NO TEAM PARAPHERNALIA as the neighbors do not need to know your clients business. TEAM functions and Promotional functions are cool. Again you do not want the headache of the client blaming you for anything you did not cause. Do not cause your client fear. I can not stress this enough. Do not get wrapped up into the drama and be objective at all times, remember your there to figure this out, so be open, but if they are experiencing physical phenomena to them, calm them down and look at the events prior to the event and figure out the trigger. Its usually poltergeist phenomena caused by an internal issue or an agent causing stress to the person receiving and they in turn manifest the physical part of it. Watch your equipment for fluctuations and bring in a professional to deal with this. It can be dealt with by a Hypnotherapist or LPC once they are open to the help.

With the growing of the community due to paranormal enthusiasts, its always a good practice to keep an eye out in your community and make yourself available to train the newer people so the clients always get knowledgeable help as well as it keeps your load down to not have to do re-dos. I hope this information helps and if I can be of further assistance please let me know.

About Peter James Haviland A.C.C.H.

About Peter James Haviland A.C.C.H.

Clinical Forensic Hypnotherapist
Co-Host Parahub Radio
Field Investigator Office of Paranormal Investigations
Co-Founder of Paranormal Research Organization
SE Texas Area Rep for American Ghost Society
President/Lead Investigator of Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations.
Member of the AAEVP

Peter Haviland is a Nationally known and respected paranormal investigator with over 20+ years experience in the field. He and his team, Lone Star Spirits Paranormal Investigations have been documented in well over 10 + books as consultants and contributors over the last 11 years to many authors. He and he team have been on National radio shows,National Tv shows and internet radio programs as well. Peter has spoken at colleges,conferences,and local events spreading not only his experiences and the teams findings, but entertaining the audiences with a combination of humor and audio/visual presentations that have always gotten a positive feedback. Peter is a Forensic Hypnotherapist,Clinical Hypnotherapist and works with his clients to identify and remove issues that cause poltergeist phenomena in their homes, with a great success. He is also the president of LSSPI, a parapsychologist,a investigator with the Office of Paranormal Investigations for Loyd Auerbach, a co-founder of the Paranormal Research Organization with Loyd Auerbach and many other national parapsychologists,a Texas Area Representative for the AGS, and is a co-host with Ruffhouse and Parahub Radio (www.parahub.org) .He also teaches paranormal classes and is working on a book due out in 2009. Peter and Lone Star Spirits are available for conferences, please feel free to contact them @ info@lonestarspirits.org .

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