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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan






My Life Is A Haunted Life

My Life is haunted is yous?


by Mister X

If you read about me learn who I am and where I have been, then will you tell me I am not alone? Will you tell me of your own terrors, and will I tell you of mine? And of the very ghosts that haunt me even as I type this here now.

Warning: this story contains explicit language.

Visitor Discretion is advised.

We at Hauntedamericatours.com or not sure if this is "A Haunted Fiction or a True Ghost Story" Please take it upon yourself for You to Decide! HauntedAmericaTours.com

Real Ghost Photos by and from the collection of Mister X.


Ghost in my life would bully me, scare me, pressure me, and hurt me mentally and physically.

Yes it's all true!

Does someone really believe me? Have you been there too?

In truth don't envy me for the ghosts that haunt me. I envy you for the ghosts don't haunt your life.

I have seen real ghosts float through the night. I have heard the dead speak to me and call my name. I am a real Ghost Hunter Today. And I don't think I had a choice in the matter. I believe ghosts find you, They haunt you and make you seek them out as they seek you out. It's all a part of life but so many are afraid of it and run from the thought of any place person or thing that they believe to be really haunted.

I in my infinite search I have experienced many things over the years of my life. From the lost ghosts that haunt me to family members coming to tell me goodbye. I have dreamt of ghosts had them talk to me in my dreams and tell me of things to come. These things they tell me or sometimes veiled and at other times straight to the point. The spirits specters or spooks haunt me often. I do not go looking for them anymore they come looking for me. No mater where I go how normal of a place or extreme a ghosts always comes and makes its presence known to me. I fight the feeling sometimes to notice them. I can't ignore them for they know I know they are there. Dead family members always come to me before any news has reached me telling me that they have died. but I see them as real people.

These ghosts or sometimes frail, others angry, violent and psychotic to a degree. The ones I have to worry about or the unseen and unfelt that creep into my world watch me figure me out then haunt me to the point of tears. Many ghosts will try to take you over or try to live what they may think is a normal life with someone to converse with who might shed some light on their personal Dilemmas.

But who am I and why did this strange ability to see and communicate with dead people fall on my shoulders. If you saw the movie The Sixth Sense is a 1999 psychological horror film written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. It tells the story of Cole Sear, a troubled, isolated boy (Haley Joel Osment) who claims to be able to see and talk to the dead (with the famous line, "I see dead people"), and an equally troubled child psychologist (Bruce Willis) who tries to help him. The film established Shyamalan as a writer and director, and introduced the cinema public to his signatures: his appearance in cameo roles and his affinity for twist endings. The film was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

You as a person who has never experienced what I have might liken my personal story to the movie to understand where I am coming from. And believe this is tame as compared to my encounters with ghost and the dead that haunt us.

The Sixth Sense: Plot synopsis

As the film opens, Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) a prominent child psychologist, returns home one night with his wife from an event in which he was honored for his efforts with children. The two discover they are not alone - a disturbed, nearly naked man named Vincent Grey (Donnie Wahlberg) appears in the doorway of their bathroom brandishing a gun saying, "I don't want to be afraid anymore." Vincent is upset that Crowe did not help him, and Crowe recognizes Vincent as a former patient whom he once treated as a child for his hallucinations. He condemns Malcolm for his inability to help him and shoots him in the stomach, and seconds later turns the gun on himself. The scene fades away with Malcolm's wife by his side.


The next fall Malcolm is shown working with another frightened boy, nine year-old Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment), with a condition similar to Vincent's. Malcolm becomes dedicated to this patient, though he is haunted by doubts over his ability to help him after his failure with Vincent. Meanwhile, he apparently begins to neglect his wife, with whom his relationship is falling apart.

Malcolm earns Cole's trust and Cole eventually confides in him that he can "see dead people." Though Malcolm is skeptical at first, he eventually comes to believe that Cole is telling the truth and that Vincent may have had the same ability as Cole. He realizes this one night as he is listening to one of his old tapes, recorded while he was treating Vincent, and hears the pleading voices of dead people in the background. He suggests to Cole that he try to find a purpose for his gift by communicating with the ghosts, perhaps to aid them in their unfinished business on Earth. Cole at first does not want to heed this advice, as the ghosts terrify him, but he soon decides to try it.

Cole finally talks to one of the ghosts, a girl who appears in his bedroom very sick. He finds out where the girl — Kyra Collins (Mischa Barton) — lived and goes to her house during her funeral reception. Kyra's ghost appears and shows Cole the location of a box, which is opened to reveal a videotape. When Cole gives it to Kyra's father, the tape reveals that while Kyra was bedridden with illness, her mother was poisoning her food, and this in fact was what led to Kyra's death (this behavior has been suggested as Munchausen syndrome by proxy or factitious disorder- a form of child abuse). Now believing in his ability to use his gift to positive effect, Cole confesses his secret to his mother, Lynn (Toni Collette). Although his mother at first does not believe him, Cole soon tells Lynn that her own mother (Cole's grandmother) once went to see her perform in a dance recital one night when she was a child, and that Lynn was not aware of this because her mother stayed in the back of the audience where she could not be seen. He also tells her the answer to a question she asked when alone at her mother's grave. Lynn tearfully accepts this as the truth.


His faith in himself now restored as a result of his success with Cole, Malcolm returns to his home, where he finds his wife asleep on the couch with the couple's wedding video on in the background, not for the first time. As she sleeps, Anna's hand releases Malcolm's wedding ring, (which he suddenly discovers he has not been wearing), revealing the twist ending of the film: Malcolm himself is unwittingly one of Cole's ghosts, having been killed by his ex-patient in the opening scene. Due to Cole's efforts, Malcolm's unfinished business—rectifying his failure to understand Vincent—is finally complete. Recalling Cole's advice about talking to his wife while she's asleep so that she'll have to listen, Malcolm fulfills the second reason he returned, and speaks to her saying she was "never second," and that he loved her. Releasing her to move on with her own life, he is free to leave behind the world of the living. The movie ends on a short clip of their wedding tape that dissolves into white.

Just like in this movie similar things happen to those of us sensitive enough to be plagued by the spirits of the dead. The line from the movie "I see dead people" became a popular catchphrase after the film's release, reaching #44 on AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies Quote List. The movie also captured the 60th place in AFI's 100 Years... 100 Thrills, honoring America's most heart pounding movies of all-time. But in many ways I wish I did not seem them. Normal to me would be not being afflicted with this strange ability and never having had a haunted experience.

But you can't turn back time you can't unlearn the things you know. There is no magic pill that can erase the feelings of being haunted your entire life by what others do not see, do not hear or do not believe in. For many years I hid this ability from the world I did not want to be deemed insane or locked away. My imaginary friends were dead people and only I knew it to be true.

If there ever was real "A haunted Child" - it was me!

How do you tell your family the monster in the closet is a dead man. Or the thing under your bed is the next door neighbors dead grandmother who sings you to sleep at night. Remember the troubled, isolated boy (Haley Joel Osment) who claimed to be able to see and talk to the dead (with the famous line, "I see dead people"), I wish that is all they did to me.

Well dead people touched me, patted me on the head tapped me on the shoulder. They even slapped me, bit me kicked me and sexually abused me in my own little bed. Cold dead hands ran up and down my body as I bathed or showered. As puberty approached my first orgasm was from the hand of a ghost. I have been prodded, poked, paranormally sexually abused and if I chose to ignore it then it got worse. My tormentors where men woman and children. But I was also comforted by other ghosts who mothered me fathered me and befriended me.

"It was never the real ghosts that stood by my bed or the ones that hid under it that frightened me." "It's the ones that climbed in over the covers and had either hetro or homosexual sexual encounters with me." "Yes! " "This is thats what scared me the most!" " I really didn't know what sex was." " And to learn that from a ghosts is stranger then what you could ever imagine, unless it happened to you too!"

Real photo of  Ghost i n Bedroom. "It was never the ghosts that stood by my bed or the ones that hid under it that frightened me." "It's the ones that climbed in and had sexual encounters that scared me the most!"

I don't care if you who are reading this believe me or not. But I do and I hope if there is someone out there in the world who have had these types of experience I am here to prove to you that you are not alone.

As time went on in my life I would talk to family and friends none had answers and hushed whispers from the ghosts would tell me to shut up or the living would lock me away. Label me nuts, delusional, and that my life would be hell. I would see naked ghosts clothed ghosts, Bloody ghosts and ghosts with body parts missing. Yes and even hands limbs and animals haunted me too. I began to realize that things like furniture and toys could be haunted by these real entities also.

I never wanted at any point to kill myself because I did not want to go live in a world where everyone had these intense problems.

The ghosts that I saw and haunted me came in all shapes and sizes. young old, Black white, crying laughing silent and talkative. These ghosts even fought over me day and night and i would see them argue fist fight and even hurt other ghosts to the point that they vanished from my life forever.

At no time has a ghosts ever haunted me for more then a year or two. Always they seem to move on and others wilder stranger took their place. Just when circumstance seemed controllable and the ghosts around me all pleasant the the ruffians and the losers and the drugged out specters of lives lost took their place.

I think I hid it all to too well. But sooner or latter I had to crack. And I did! I think it was the pressure of thinking that this was normal and this goes on all the time to everyone everywhere. And I was normal as could be!

Sexually I was fingered, fisted and Fucked by real Ghosts. I was mentally ready to collapse and I never slept again the normal sleep that others have each night. Petrified I stayed awake fighting off unseen hands, mouths, and feet. unseen bodies pressed against me humped me, penetrated me. Whether while standing, sitting or walking. No place was I ever really safe from the ghosts that had their way with me.

A single ghost was never the problem but when several held me down in the night, male and female alike, that's when I would faint.

At the age of ten I got my first camera and I would try to take photos of these things and ghosts that I saw rather plainly. but all that ever came out were streak of light or dark patches. My parents were so disturbed by this they returned the camera and it wasn't until the third and a different type that I stopped telling them and showing them my pictures. No matter what or who's camera I used. Polaroid, an instant-matic or video these strange images were there even though I saw a real persons image standing in front of me when I snapped off the photo.

Going through "Puberty" with ghosts watching!

Ever think about sex I did and the ghosts would tell me all kinds of lurid wild things to do in bed. They would tell me techniques, express their sexual perversion and aversions upon me. One ghost said to me pray to God your a pervert. Another would tell me to go after a particular girl and what to do to her in the most graphic of details. Then others would try to lead me to homosexual, bestiality or S&M or B&D sexual acts. My head wa screwed and I really knew it. Ghosts of prostitutes came and went. Sexual predators groped me penetrated in the night and day. No matter where I was something haunted and sexual was going on with me as I stood there smiling for a school photo or eating breakfast. I could not tell you how many ghosts had their way with me. And whether some were male or female.

You know how they say kids be cruel, well dead kids can be even crueler.

Real Ghosts in the bathroom frightened me the most!

I got lost I really did. I tried to smoke marijuana. it made me see the ghosts that I did not know where their. more evil more dark more like perverted evil entities rather then human. Was I a soul possessed. I read books on ghosts but none ever told me about what I was going through. I contacted paranormal people went to psychics, none had answers none had a way to save me from this madness of ghosts that haunted me day and night.

I became afraid to let myself slip I did not want to drink alcohol because it intensified my fears. nothing gave me peace ever. I was never alone always afraid of the unseen things that watched me. When I realized that it was not the ghosts that filled my home or city streets or classrooms that I had to worry about but things the dead things that his in the shadows that lusted after what ever light or sign that hung over me.

My life became introverted I recessed into my haunted world of hell. If I spoke to the living the dead would tell e to carry a message to a loved on for them. I did this a few times at the age of 15 and was really freaked out to find out that the message names and things that these voices and faces told me was true. I realized I had no way to turn this off.

Their were some benefits though if you could call them that. these spooks and specters would give me answers on test. they would tell me who to trust and who not to. They would tell me secrets that ethers around me did in private and behind closed doors. I think I became mad with some kind of secret ghost power. If I asked a ghost a question about anyone around me they told me exactly everything I need to know.

As the 1970's came and went the paranormal and the exploration of it brought new insights in movies, books and television programs. but nothing I mean nothing has ever come close to what I experienced then and even now. I often wondered an I all alone does this just happen to me?

What begin to frighten me was that nothing I did was not unwatched. Did you ever have a ghost tell you how to wipe your ass? That your penis is small? And that you looks were anything but bad?

Have ghosts ever told you that if you listened to them that you could have anything you wanted because they tell you how to get it? Have real ghosts ever lied to you are told you the truth? Pardon my language but these ghosts friendly or pure evil really Fucked me up!

I have known ghosts by many names, first and last. They even would tell me to look in the newspapers and see the proof that I needed to know that they were real and that this was happening. I always challenged them in the beginning to see if evidence would come forth. And more times then not it did!

I started to believe things that I really should not have. I was I guess too impressionable, and many of these spooks that sought me out were allot more intelligent then I. They used me for their purposes. good evil or indifferent, and if I did not allow it they punished for it.

By the time I was 15 years old I confided in a teacher who had a friend that would open my eyes to allot of strange and wondrous things. But that's a story for next time.

The ghost in the restuarant.

In my 13th and 14th year I retreated into a fantasy world. It was the only safe place I had to be free of my demons that plagued me and the devil's that taunted me. I thought to myself, wow, people who hunt for real ghosts, and people like me who are hunted by the dead. How Ironic?

I could never figure out what made so special. Was I just a curiosity to the dead. Just a living breathing plaything? Or a living person to harass from the other world.

Next time: "I was never afraid of the dark... but of the things that hide in it!"

Mister X's Haunted life's story will continue to be posted here very soon! Please check back to learn more of this very haunted mans real life!

About Mister X

Mister X is a paranormal sensitive, psychic who has been jaunted by real ghosts his whole life long. He has worked with many well known Paranormal Investigators over the years and does not wish to be open to the public about his identity at this time.

Mr. X states that what articles he is submitting to us are true accounts of real things he has encountered. And of the strange paranormal haunted life he has also lived.


Gina Lanier

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“Friends don’t let Friends Ghost Hunt Alone.”