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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan






Peter Haviland of Lone Star Spirits, Texas Top Ten Most Haunted List


"Real Texas Ghost Hunting with Pete Haviland"

"I believe in a strong sense of humor when dealing with Clients to put them at ease. To me the living and the dead are the most important thing in this research and there is nothing greater than the feeling of accomplishment when I am able to help and resolve the issues of the living and the dead. That is my greatest reward and makes all of the effort worth while. And to be able to prove the connection between the metaphysical and scientific schools of thought is my goal."


Peter Haviland's Top Ten Most Haunted List

Pete Haviland, Lone Star Spirits Lead Investigator and President. Pete has been investigating and researching the paranormal in Houston and surrounding areas for over 20 years. He has been in development phases with a partner, to bring paranormal investigations to the forefront of where it belongs by developing hi-tech equipment and field testing it for later production. He also has studied and put into practice some of the techniques and theories of Harry Price, Hans Holzer, Peter Underwood, Loyd Auerbach, Peter James and Troy Taylor and have developed his own methodologies for paranormal investigations. Pete is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotist.

Lone Star Spirits And Ghosts, Pete Haviland


Haviland has also worked with "The Galveston Ghostman Himself Dash Beardsley." Ghost Tours of Galveston Is one of Haunted America Tours Top Ten in America!

Lifetime member Borley Rectory Society
Fellow member ASPR
Researcher/Rep South East Texas with the AGS
Member of the AAEVP
Member of Paranormal Research Organization



1. Baker Hotel, Mineral Wells, Texas

The stories of ghosts and hauntings began in the Baker long before it ever closed it's haunted doors. A man who worked there during the 1950's and 1960's was the first known to witness the frightening lone star ghost of a bloody nude woman on the seventh floor. She was possibly the mistress of the hotel manager. Distraught from her affair she jumped to her death from the top of the building.

The year of the incident has not been verified but the room she stayed in, apparently quite comfortably, was a suite on the southeast corner of the seventh floor. Many have reported smelling her perfume and her spirit is said to be quite flirtatious. She has as it was said even known to crawl in bed with a visiting man.

2. Presidio La Bahia, Goliad, Texas

Goliad was part of the Spanish colony of New Spain, a Spanish fort was founded at an existing Aranama Native American village in response to French encroachment in Spanish claimed territory. The fort was called Presidio La Bahía del Espíritu Santo. A mission for the soldiers was built inside the presidio and was called our Lady of Loreto chapel.

Very haunted by all those that died several apparitions and strange sounds fill the night.

Presidio La Bahia (Fort of the bay) was originally built near Lavaca Bay in 1721, but the site proved unsuitable. It was rein 1726 further inland near Victoria, Texas and finally at its present location in 1749. Although, it had moved inland, the fort was still responsible for the defense of the coastal areas and east Texas.

Franciscan priests also established the Mission of Nuestra Señora del Espíritu Santo de Zúñiga outside the presidio to convert the local Karankawa Indians. The village of La Bahía grew under the protection of the presidio and the mission.

In 1829, the name of the village of La Bahía was changed to Goliad, an anagram of Hidalgo (omitting the silent initial "H"), in honor of the patriot priest Miguel Hidalgo, the father of Mexico's independence.

On October 9, 1835, a group of Texians attacked the presidio, defeated the Mexican garrison and took control of the fort. The first declaration of independence of the Republic of Texas was signed here on December 20, 1835.

On Palm Sunday, March 27, 1836 during the Texas Revolution, the Goliad massacre occurred here when General Antonio López de Santa Anna ordered the Mexican army to execute Colonel James Fannin and 341 of his men, who surrendered after the Battle of Coleto.

Goliad was the birthplace of the famous Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza.

On May 18, 1902, a devastating tornado struck Goliad, killing 114 persons. It is tied for the deadliest tornado in Texas history and the 10th deadliest in the United States.

Texas Mile - a weekend Motorsports racing event held twice a year at the Goliad Airport

3. La Carafe, Houston, Texas

813 Congress St Houston, TX, After-Work Bar, Romantic Bar, Wine Bar that some say is where Ghost and spirits meet. La Carafe is old (established approximately 130 years ago) that the building is starting to lean. Inside, it's ultra-dark, lit by dim lamps and candles atop a three-foot-tall accumulated pillar of wax. This is the perfect place to take a date and you might just spot a real ghosts! The former bartender has been spotted on several occasions. Some say they see him , others say he has served them a drink or even has been heard whistling Dixie.

The La Carafe building is listed on the National Register for Historic Places and is believed to be the oldest bar in Houston, and is the oldest commercial building still in use, in Houston. Built by developer Nathaniel Kellum in 1847, the La Carafe building has remained a two-story public venue since it's construction.


4. White Sanitarium, Wichita Falls, Texas

The F.S. White Sanitarium, located at the corner of California and Olen roads, opened in 1926 under the direction of Frank S. White, a man who had been superintendent at the state asylum in Austin before the turn of the century. He first advocated providing a non-institutionalized lifestyle for his patients to diminish the effects of the asylum itself on their sanity. He ran the facility for just five years before retiring for health reasons.
In 1939, the building was abandoned after it was damaged due to severe flooding. The building remained a local haunt for daring teens until 2002, when Gilbert Rios, who was 70 years old at the time and retired, purchased the building for $15,000, a measly price for such a vast estate.

There were so many tales of horror and hell associated with the asylum that most investors wouldn’t touch it.

A group of Houston ghost hunters contacted Rios in August, 2002, requesting a visit to the asylum. They set up shop in the White building, monitoring it for any signs of supernatural activity. The results were inconclusive at that time.

Rios is not a superstitious man nor does he believe in ghosts. His purpose for the asylum is to repair and refurbish it into an apartment complex. The building now possesses a fresh coat of pink paint, a well-manicured lawn, and attractive landscaping.
Though Rios does not believe in ghosts himself, that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. One MSU student told a tale of high school friends discovering abandoned manacles in the asylum’s basement. Local residents tell stories of ghosts seen playing cards, as well as unexplained screams heard, coming from the direction of the asylum, in the dark hours of the night.

5. Spaghetti Warehouse, Houston, Texas

Lone Star Spirits has visited and investigated the Spaghetti Warehouse and it's haunting more then once. There are several stories about the history of the location on Commerce street in downtown Houston. Until recent decades the building served as a pharmaceutical warehouse, and before that was a cotton storage facility. The structure itself is over a century old. According to tradition, the owner of the pharmaceutical warehouse was working late one night, and was somehow killed in the elevator. The tradition also says that his wife comes back looking for him.

Most of the activity is limited to the second floor. Busboys, waiters and dishwashers have reported table arrangements changing spontaneously, dishes and silverware flying off of the racks in the kitchen, and a lady in white. Late night crews sometimes feel that they are being watched from the second floor stairs. Employees there, also reports that chairs will be stacked on top of the tables nearly all the way up to the ceiling.

Our first investigation provided only one photograph of mist in the elevator. Our second trip, about 9 months later, provided us with an anomalous EMF spike to around 5 in the middle of a small second floor dining room. A picture taken at that time came back with a vortex. A second spike in the main dining area on the second floor prompted another photograph, and the photo contained another vortex.

LSS spent the night at Spaghetti Warehouse on October 31, 2003 along with FM radio station 93 Q-Country. They wanted to help us document the paranormal activity that has been reported at this restaurant for quite a while, and so we paired up with them and gave them a crash course on paranormal evidence gathering. On our team, one of our psychics (who is very talented and gifted) could feel several presence's at different times of the evening on the second floor. When we had all our equipment up and running, we took a tour of the building. One of our techs escorted two of 93 Q's dj's all over the building, including the roof.

By the end of the tour, they were pretty sure, that something was there, watching them. By morning, we all had experienced something not of this world, photos, videos and tapes are still being reviewed.

Downtown Houston on Commerce. This old pharmaceutical warehouse was originally a cotton warehouse. Reportedly the owner of the pharmaceutical operation died in the elevator. Reports include equipment turning itself off and on, a white lady (supposedly his wife), utensils and dishes being thrown around the kitchen, and a general feeling of being watched.

6. The Grove, Jefferson, Tx

A very historic property in Jefferson, Texas. The Grove is a private residence and tour home in the old Stephen Smith Land Grant section. The Grove is that it has a reputation for being haunted. The ghost stories go back through many owners - Miss Louise Young, who lived in the house from the early 1900s until her death in the 1980s used to tell her friends about the "haints" that occupied the house with her. Somewhere along the way, though, the fun little ghost stories took a dark turn. In her later years, she was terrified of the spirits. She had a security light installed in the garden because she would see people outside walking around, who disappeared when she turned on the porch light. She called the police several times a week in her later years to report that someone was in the house with her, but the officers never found anyone else there. Finally, she moved into just a few rooms of the house, letting the rest of the place start to deteriorate.

Long before then, back in 1882, The Grove was sold to a man named T.C. Burke. He moved his family in, and they moved right back out, with the only explanation being that, "They couldn't live in that house!"

The Grove is featured on the cover of "A Texas Guide To Haunted Restaurants, Taverns, and Inns" by Robert and Anne Wlodarski. There are also stories about The Grove in the books: "Best Tales of Texas Ghosts" by Docia Schultz Williams, "Haunted Texas Vacations : The Complete Ghostly Guide" by Lisa Farwell, "Haunted Encounters: Real-Life Stories of Supernatural Experiences" from Atriad Press, "Ghosts of East Texas and the Pineywoods" by Mitchel Whitington, "A Ghost in My Suitcase: A Guide to Haunted Travel in America" by Mitchel Whitington, and "A Visitor's Guide to Texas" by Connie Sherley.
The Grove ghosts have been described in "Texas Highways" magazine, "GMC Magazine", "The Dallas Morning News", "The Fort Worth Star-Telegram", "The Marshall News Messenger", "The Carthaginian", "The Kilgore News Herald", "The Austin-American Statesman", "Discover Texas" magazine.

7. Jefferson Hotel, Jefferson, Texas

The Jefferson Hotel might be considered as one of the most haunted hotels in America. This haunted hotel should be in the Top 20 list of haunted hotels to visit in Texas. The apparitions or ghost have been said to hurl objects and lock tourists into one of the haunted rooms quite often

The Jefferson Hotel, after a post-Civil War fire led to its reconstruction, is a haunted hot spot some report mysterious echoing footsteps, knocks on your door in the middle of the day and night. Now a days Jefferson, Texas is known as the most haunted small town in Texas due to fame on the Travel, Discovery and SciFi channels.

Guests at the one hundred and fifty year old building on the historic Jefferson waterfront regularly report similar paranormal occurrences . . .

Whispers from nowhere, orchestra music from a closed dining hall, knocks on walls and headboards, the smell of cigar smoke in the smoke-free building, faucets opening of their own accord, and doors pulling back when pulled shut!!!

People who have been the only guests in the hotel have heard the click-clack of footsteps walking the halls in the middle of the night - even though the hall is carpeted! Children have been heard laughing and romping throughout the hotel in the middle of the night. A ghost child calls for mama, a spirit of a dead baby often cries. www.historicjeffersonhotel.com

8. Big Cypress Coffee House, Jefferson, Texas

Big Cypress Coffee House: 123 W. Austin - Cappuccino, Espresso, Iced Coffee, Gourmet Coffee by the pound and Ghosts.

Jefferson, Texas is located on Big Cypress Bayou in the Cypress Valley of Northeast Texas. It is the County seat for Marion county. Named for Francis Marion, a Revolutionary War patriot who was known as the "Swamp Fox", Marion County was created in 1860. Jefferson was named for Thomas Jefferson, and was conceived as a port city by Allen Urquhart and Daniel Alley, who saw its potential as the head of navigation when they prepared a plan for the town site in 1841.

This haunted building has many reported apparitions, EVP's . Some even tell of cold chills on a hot Summers Day when visiting this very haunted Texas Hot Spot.

9. Victoria's Black Swan Inn, San Antonio, Texas

A beautiful Victorian style historical mansion with gardens on 35 acres and a creek flowing through and build on Indian burial grounds and the historical battle grounds post fall of the Alamo.

From before 5000 B.C. to around 1000 A.D. this area was the site of Native American encampments. Artifacts from this time can still be found here. When The Mexican Army invaded Texas a second time in 1842, reinforcements from Gonzales drew General Adrian Woll and his men to a place on Salado Creek where a short battle took place. This occurred in and around the area where the house presently stands.

Henry Mahler and his wife, Marie built the first house on the property in 1887. After purchasing more land a second house was built in 1901.

The Holbrook and Woods Families purchased the house and did extensive remodeling, adding two wings and calling the house "White Gables".

10. Stewart Mansion, Galveston, Texas

Historic homes, museums and attractions are abundant on haunted Galveston Island, many within walking distance of each other. Galveston offers 13 historic homes and museums. All of the historic homes predate The 1900 Storm, which took the lives of 6,000 people. A multi-image documentary on the hurricane titled, "The Great Storm," is shown daily at Pier 21.

Peter Havilands investigation was held here in 2003. Orbs captured on film and several EVP's


Pete Havilands Top Ten Most haunted towns in Texas


Amarillo is considered the regional economical center for the Texas Panhandle as well as eastern New Mexico and the Oklahoma Panhandle. Between Amarillo and Tascosa, the ghost lights were first reported in the earlier half of this century.


Home of the state capitol, the city of Austin is named after the "Father of Texas" Stephen F. Austin. Austin brought the first 300 settlers from the United States of America to help the Mexican government "tame" the frontier. Rich in history, Austin is also rich in ghostlore.

B Side Bar/Bitter End Bistro & Brewery
Dark figures are seen moving between the bar and the bathroom. One night, when the manager was alone and closing the bar, all of the bar stools that had been pushed under the bar were mysteriously pushed a couple of feet away from the bar.

Governor's Mansion
The nephew of Governor Murrah still haunts the North Bedroom where he committed suicide.

Corpus Christi

Texas coastal town - "The Sparkling City by the Sea." Home to the Days Inn where Tejano star Selena was shot to death. It is also where Marshall Applewhite, leader of the Heaven's Gate cult, grew up.

Blackbeard's on the Beach
Despite what is printed on the menu, Col. Platt maintains that he demolished the original building in 1962. Moving chairs, roving cold spots and jumping salt shakers could be caused by one of two people. The ghost could be that of a man who who was killed in a fight over a woman, or that of a man who committed suicide nearby after losing his wife.


Dallas is the third-largest city in the state of Texas. People enjoy searching for fossils in the rocks around Dallas. Remnants of dinosaurs and Late Cretaceous marine reptiles are found.

The Grand Crystal Palace
Swiss Ave. Painting of young girl haunted by "good" spirit. Rumor has it that several workers were killed during the construction and now haunt the building, and a man in a dark suit haunts the audience seating area. The theater is now a nightclub.

El Paso

El Paso, on the Mexican border, is home to The University of Texas at El Paso. Fort Bliss, a major United States Army installation, lies to the east and northeast of the city, extending north up to the White Sands Missile Range.

Fort Bliss
Building 4 It is unclear where these ghosts came from, but the building is one of the oldest on the base. The installation is used by the US Army for training among other things. A calvalryman is sometimes seen in the windows, and other men and women have been seen to wander the halls. It's possible that these spirits are holdovers from days when the building served as a morgue, though now it is apparently unoccupied.

Building 13 A depressed, retired member of the cavalry hung himself from the rafters. An apparition has been seen walking the halls and the courtroom doors swing by themselves.

Building 54 Fire Station #1 is one of the oldest stations in El Paso, dating back to the 19th century when horse-drawn steamers were used to fight fires. Their ghost loves to slam doors, turn on lights, and walk between the engines at night - toward the old horse tower. He must have been a dedicated firefighter, because he's been known to try to get on the trucks when a call comes in. When he gets particularly bothersome, the living firefighters tell him, "You can go home now, your shift is over," and he'll leave them alone for the night.

Fort Worth

Fort Worth was founded as a military camp in 1849. A fort near a high bluff where the West Fork and Clear Fork of the Trinity River merge together was established to protect 19th century settlers from Indian attacks.

Castleberry High School
Students say that the building was built on an old Indian burial ground. According to the rumor, if you go up the flight of steps that leads to the roof, you will hear voices that do not belong to anyone living.

Del Frisco's Steakhouse
Used to be a bathouse in the 1800s where a man was shot in the head. His spirit roams the banquet halls and the upstairs bar.


After San Antonio, I must say that Galveston is the place to visit. The main street is lined with stately old homes, a few blocks away is The Strand historic district. One block off of The Strand you can step aboard the Tall Ship Elissa which is a floating museum. If you are looking for more modern fare, you can visit Moody Gardens which is constantly expanding (and currently contains a 3-D IMAX, a ridefilm and a rainforest among other things) or one of the many beaches. Read our article about some history and hauntings of Galveston.

Some say it is the most haunted city in Texas. The great Storm of 1900 is said to be the main reason.



"The Best Little Ghost Tour in Texas!"

"The Best Little Ghost Tour in Texas!" Ghost Tours of Galveston ,Texas

Learn more about the real ghosts of Galveston Island. For the next public tour time call our Ghost Line (requiring no reservations) for information and public tour times 409-949-2027. For Private Ghost Tours and other information call the office line at 832-892-7419.
Prices: $15 for adults and $10 for children 10 and under.
The Tour Group Meets In Front Of The Railroad Museum At Strand And 25th Streets


Houston is a strange blend of past and future. Within view of the Houston Ship Channel is the battlefield where, on April 21, 1836 General Sam Houston defeated Santa Ana and won Texas' independence from Mexico. South of that point are the Johnson Space Center (NASA's Mission Control) and Space Center Houston. Houston's Medical Center is home to the greatest minds in Medicine.

Ale House Pub (Investigated by Lone Star Spirits)
2425 West Alabama. This English-style pub may have two spirits: a mild-mannered maid who is fond of light switches and a less-congenial sea captain who likes to break glasses and throw lighted candles. The current owner has indicated that the source of their activity may be the former madam (the structure is a former speakeasy/"house of ill repute").
On June 3, 2001, the Ale House Pub and Eatery was torn down to make way for a new book store. Our information indicates that the owner fought the developer until the end - and did not sell it out. As "Maggie" is a spirit near and dear to our hearts, this is a personal loss for us as Lone Star Spirits. Our Lead Investigator attended the final seance, and reported no paranormal activity at that time. It remains to be seen if the attempts to "free" Maggie were successful. Our thanks to Angela Jenkins and staff. May the Ale House rest in peace...


In August 1951, a v-shaped formation of lights was seen over the city. The "Lubbock Lights" series of sightings received national publicity. The sightings were considered credible because they were witnessed by several respected science professors at Texas Technological College and were photographed by a Texas Tech student. Project Blue Book, the US Air Force's official study of the UFO mystery, did an extensive investigation of the Lubbock Lights. They concluded that the photographs were not a hoax and showed genuine objects. However, they did dismiss the UFOs themselves as being either "night-flying moths" or a type of bird called a plover. However, other researchers have disputed these explanations and for many the "Lubbock Lights" remain a mystery.

Ransom Canyon
In the 1880s Apache and Comanche Indians kidnapped white settlers and held them for ransom in this small canyon. The spirits of two twin girls and their mother have been seen near the town's lake. Legend claims that the woman, fearing what would happen to her daughters, drowned them in the lake and then killed herself.
A woman dressed in white walks the area where the modern entrance is. She can be seen in the early morning hours walking up and down the area.

San Antonio

San Antonio is world-famous as the home of the Mission San Antonio de Valero (otherwise known as "The Alamo"). If you are planning to travel in the state of Texas, do yourself a favor and plan to spend several days in this beautiful city. I highly recommend an after-dark tour of the river on the riverboats.

Downtown San Antonio
Not surprisingly, the spirits of those involved in that famous battle have opted to stick around, but they are not the only ones. The original incarnation of the Alamo was the Mission San Antonio de Valero, and when Santa Ana ordered it destroyed, the deceased monks supposedly reached through the walls and threatened the troops assigned to its destruction. To this day there are reports of strange creatures and apparitions dancing or walking along its outer wall. The plaza in front of it is reportedly haunted as well.

There are two major reasons for all of the activity in the downtown area of San Antonio.

One, is because of the burial ground that was used between 1724 and 1793 that takes up most of what is Alamo Plaza today. There are probably about a thousand people that were buried in this area. 954 are recorded in Spanish records from the time.

Two, is because of the actual battle, where people died a violent death or before their time. When Santa Anna left SA to go to San Jacinto with about 1500 troops, he left about 1,000 men in SA to keep control of the area for him under the command of General Andrade. Because the bodies of the Texas defenders were burned in two or three locations around the Alamo grounds, General Andrade moved his troops about a mile or two out of SA and set up camp. When Santa Anna was captured at San Jacinto, it was reported that he got off a couple of messengers. He ordered Andrade to move his troops south of the Rio Grande, but before he was to leave SA he was to go into the Alamo and totally destroy the Alamo chapel. Santa Ann hated the Alamo for a couple of reasons. One, he lost about 1,600 troops taking the place in 1836 and two, his brother-in-law, General Cos had been run off with the 1,100 troops he had there in late 1835 by about 300 Texas Rebels.

General Andrade started to organize his troops for the march to the Rio Grande and he ordered Colonel Sanchez to go to the Alamo and destroy it. It was reported that the Colonel returned to camp rather quickly with a story about six Diablos, or ghostly looking devils coming out of the front doors of the Alamo and waving flaming sabers over their heads and yelling, "Do not touch the Alamo, do not touch these walls."

General Andrade thought that this story was ridiculous and he got a group of men to go with him to destroy the Alamo. When he got there, he also saw the same six ghosts. Now a lot of people want to think that these six ghosts were the ghosts of the most famous people involved in the battle. The ghosts of Bowie, Crockett, Bonham and Travis. I even get into arguments with people about the fact that I do not believe that the ghost of John Wayne was there too. Anyway, the General also looks over at the long barracks and sees the image of a person that is larger than life and has their hands up in the air with balls of fire in their hands. This is one of the images that is depicted on the Cenotaph (the Alamo defenders monument that is located in Alamo Plaza). It is the image of the spirit of sublime heroic sacrifice and it is given credit with saving the Alamo from physical destruction. The story goes that when the ethereal energy was released from the flames of the fires that burned the bodies of the Alamo defenders, this spirit used that energy to manifest itself, make itself visible, to scare away intruders of the Alamo grounds.

As far as the plaza hauntings that I know about. The report of the six ghosts and the spirit of sublime heroic sacrifice is widely known as the first reported ghost sightings at the Alamo. But there were also reports that two women were walking across the Mission grounds back in the 1700's, right about where the Plaza is today and they were struck by lightning. One died and the other survived. There are reports today, by people that work in the plaza on a daily basis that they have seen a ghostly woman walking across the plaza. It just might be the person killed by lightning. Just talk to some of the people that sell snow cones in the plaza.
This information provided by Martin Leal of Alamo City Paranormal.

Alamo Street Restaurant & Theater
"Miss Margaret" shows up in the choir loft in Victorian dress. She is believed to be Margaret Gething, an actress who lived just a few blocks away.



"The Best Little Ghost Tour in Texas!"

"The Best Little Ghost Tour in Texas!" Ghost Tours of Galveston ,Texas

Learn more about the real ghosts of Galveston Island. For the next public tour time call our Ghost Line (requiring no reservations) for information and public tour times 409-949-2027. For Private Ghost Tours and other information call the office line at 832-892-7419.
Prices: $15 for adults and $10 for children 10 and under.
The Tour Group Meets In Front Of The Railroad Museum At Strand And 25th Streets

Voted as one of the Top Ten Ghost Tours In America. "See The Real Haunted Texas Spirits and ghosts of this authentic haunted City and meet wih the real Ghostman of Galveston, Dash Beardsley!"

Reservations are recommended. Bring a camera, you never know what you will get on film. Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress for the weather. In case of rain, please call the office to check tour schedule.

Group private tours available. Ghost Tours of Galveston,Texas




Also see: 20 QUESTIONS WITH Dash Beardsley

Galveston, Texas is as many call it the Haunted hub, or Paranormal central to all of Haunted Texas. Founded in 1836, Galveston has a history as old and phantom-filled as the entire state of Texas. Tales of pirates and civil war soldiers, of drowned victims of the Great Storm of 1900 that still wander the Galveston streets looking for home. These are but a few of the phantoms and lost spirits of the Lone Star State and of Haunted Galveston.

Get the most out of your vacations to Galveston, Texas, Take our Ghost Tour! Don't be fooled by other company's claims. We are Galveston's Original Downtown Walking Tour! Accept no imitations!



The top 100 places to see a real ghost and have a Paranormal Encounter.

Some of these Top 100 Most allegedly haunted places are known for their haunted cemeteries, houses, buildings, Roads, hotels, & battlefields and churches. And in some cases a city may be listed and in other spots a haunted hot spot. Please feel free to use this as a Paranormal Travel Guide when planning your next haunted destination ghost hunt or vacation. There are literally thousands of haunted places around the world, and this list only compiles a small number of them.

The World's 100 Most Haunted Places

The World's 100 Most Haunted Places

So please read these very haunted ghost stories and watch a real ghost video or two. And be sure to visit our Haunted America Tours Home Page to find more then your heart should take. This web site is not for the squeamish. These Very real Haunted places are sid to be the best places to capture a real ghost on film, video, or digital voice recorder or have a real paranormal encounter.

HAUNTED AMERICA TOURS Official Web Site is a ghost tour information site; our information is only as reliable as readers' contributed ghost and haunted reports. We assume no credit for your adventures, and accept no liability for your misadventures. Use common sense. Read our ghost hunting recommendations. Before visiting any "haunted" site, verify the location, accessibility, safety, and other important information. Never trespass on private and/or posted property without permission from the proper authorities.



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