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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan






The Ten Most Haunted Places in Sacramento, California

Paul Dale "The Ghostwriter" Roberts

Paul Dale Roberts

"California, Here I Come"
-- written in 1924 by Bud De Sylva and Joseph Meyer

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Paul Dale Roberts Top Ten Most Haunted List


Paul dale Roberts hunting ghosts

This is only my opinion, but I will give you the list of what I regard as the ten most haunted areas of Sacramento, California. Some of these areas, you may have never heard of. A lot of haunted areas in Sacramento are known for their haunted activities such as the Old Broadway Cemetery to the old Governor's Mansion. But, let me give you a list of my favorite ten and a small description of each one. -- Paul Dale Roberts

1. The Record Store on K Street Mall
Briefing: An old woman in Victorian clothing appears to patrons and disappears. She is known to go up to a noisy patron and told him to keep the noise down. It is rumored she haunts the basement.

2. Old Sacramento Tunnels
Briefing: Old Sacramento was rebuilt over the original town. There are tunnels and a hidden town underneath, buried because of the rising waters of the Sacramento River. It is rumored that the underground area of Old Sacramento is so haunted that the transients don't like sleeping down there. One transient said that besides the ghosts of the tunnels, the red beady eyes of rats in the night scared the hell out of him, he would never go back!

3. California State Library
Briefing: It is rumored that some sections of the California State Library are haunted in what is called the California Section. In the California Section, there has been seen an old man with glasses looking over old books. It is also said that there is a tunnel that goes from the California State Library to the Capitol and those tunnels might be haunted.

4. Pocket Area Homes
Briefing: These new homes were built over a Portuguese cemetery. Residents have complained that they have seen spirits in their new homes.

5. Richard Trenton Chase aka The Vampire of Sacramento Victim's Homes
Briefing: Richard Trenton Chase also known as The Vampire of Sacramento committed some grisly murders in Sacramento. He was a serial killer that dabbled in drinking the blood of his victims and cannibalism. As a child he mutilated animals. It appears that at some of his victim's homes, there may be some residual hauntings, the reenactment of murder plays over and over again.

6. Paradise Beach
Briefing: A man is sometimes seen walking the beach, he seems depressed. It is said that this man was a drowning victim.

7. A House on Parkshore Circle - Greenhaven
Briefing: The people that lived in this house had a white rabbit. One day, the occupant of the home tied the white rabbit named Bugs to a long rope, so he could play in the backyard and not escape, since Bugs was the family pet. Bugs got entangled in the bushes by the rope and broke his neck. Passerbys walking in Seymour Park see a white rabbit in the front lawn playing and as they watch, the white rabbit dissipates into thin air.

8. Sacramento River - Greenhaven Area - Gloria Drive
Briefing: Late at night as you walk down the enbankment of the Sacramento River, you can see a campfire going. As you approach the campfire, the campfire disappears. It is rumored that a transient drowned in this area and the campfire you see is the campfire he would make on his cold nights camping along the river. This could be a residual haunting. Also, on another note, 2 men from SMUD and a dog walker once saw a Sea Serpent, or what appeared to be a Sea Serpent in the same area of the Sacramento River, making loud thumping noises in the water. The dog walker said the sighting of the Sea Serpent occurred at 3:00 a.m.

9. Freeway exit to San Francisco off W Street
Briefing: In the 70s a woman was hitchhiking off this exit and she was murdered. Her murder was never solved. Some people say that ever once in a while, they see a ghostly image of a woman hitchhiking in the same area at night.

10. A House in Antelope
Briefing: This 1998 house was built on a Japanese Internment Camp of WWII. The occupants of the house, an Asian family claim they see a woman without a head that scares their 6 children that reside in that house. They also see a ghostly figure of a man in white t-shirt and white shorts. There is piano music that plays that can be heard from a distance. Sometimes objects are moved around the house and placed in inappropriate places.


Sacramento has many haunted places, I tried to give you a few that you may have never heard of. For more information on H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations of Northern California), see their website at: www.hpiparanormal.net



Sacramento is the capital of the State of California and the county seat of Sacramento County. Located in California's expansive Central Valley, it is the seventh most populous city in California.

Valley Miwok, Shonommey and Maidu Indians have lived in this area for perhaps thousands of years. Unlike the settlers who would eventually make Sacramento their home, these Indians left little evidence of their existence. Traditionally, their diet was dominated by acorns taken from the plentiful oak trees in the region, and by fruits, bulbs, seeds, and roots gathered throughout the year.

In either 1806 or 1808, the Spanish explorer Gabriel Moraga "discovered" and named the Sacramento Valley and the Sacramento River after the Spanish term for 'sacrament', specifically, after "the Most Holy Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ," referring to the Roman Catholic sacrament of the Eucharist.

The pioneer John Sutter arrived from Liestal, Switzerland in the Sacramento area with other settlers in August 1839 and established the trading colony and stockade Sutter's Fort (as New Helvetia or "New Switzerland") in 1840. Sutter's Fort was constructed using labor from local Native American tribes. Sutter received 2,000 fruit trees in 1847, which started the agriculture industry in the Sacramento Valley. In 1848, when gold was discovered by James W. Marshall at Sutter's Mill in Coloma (located some 50 miles northeast of the fort), a large number of gold-seekers came to the area, increasing the population. John Sutter, Jr. then planned the City of Sacramento, in association with Sam Brannan against the wishes of his father, naming the city after the Sacramento River for commercial reasons. He hired topographical engineer William H. Warner to draft the official layout of the city, which included 26 lettered and 31 numbered streets (today's grid from C to Broadway and from Front to Alhambra). However, a bitterness grew between the elder Sutter and his son as Sacramento became an overnight commercial success (Sutter's Fort, Mill and the town of Sutterville, all founded by John Sutter, Sr., would eventually fail).

The part of Sacramento originally laid out by William Warner is situated just east and south of where the American River meets the Sacramento River (though over time it has grown to extend significantly north, south, and east of there). A number of directly adjacent towns, cities or unincorporated county suburbs, such as Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Roseville, Rocklin, West Sacramento, Orangevale, and North Highlands extend the greater Sacramento area.

The citizens of Sacramento adopted a city charter in 1849, which was recognized by the state legislature in 1850. Sacramento is the oldest incorporated city in California, incorporated on February 27, 1850 [6]. During the early 1850s the Sacramento valley was devastated by floods, fires and cholera epidemics. Despite this, because of its position just downstream from the Mother Lode in the Sierra Nevada, the newly founded city grew, quickly reaching a population of 10,000

The city groups its neighborhoods into four areas:

Alkali Flat, Boulevard Park, Campus Commons, Sacramento State University, Dos Rios Triangle, Downtown, East Sacramento, Mansion Flats, Marshall School, Midtown, New Era Park Newton Booth, Old Sacramento, Poverty Ridge, Richards, Richmond Grove, River Park, Sierra Oaks, Southside Park.

Airport, Freeport Manor, Golf Course Terrace, Greenhaven, Land Park, Little Pocket, Mangan Park, Meadowview, Parkway, Pocket, Sacramento City College, Land Park, Valley Hi / North Laguna, Z'Berg Park

Alhambra Triangle, Avondale, Brentwood, Carleton Tract, College/Glen, Colonial Heights, Colonial Village, Colonial Village North, Curtis Park, Elmhurst, Fairgrounds, Florin-Fruitridge, Industrial Park, Fruitridge Manor, Glen Elder, Granite Regional Park, Hollywood Park, Lawrence Park, Med Center, North City Farms, Oak Park, Packard Bell, South City Farms, Southeast Village, Tahoe Park, Tahoe Park East, Tahoe Park South, Tallac Village, Woodbine

North of the American River
Natomas (north, south, west), Valley View Acres, Gardenland, Northgate, Woodlake, North Sacramento, Terrace Manor, Hagginwood, Del Paso Heights, Robla, McClellan Heights West, Ben Ali, and Swanston Estates.

Paul Dale Roberts was born in Fresno, California. He drifted from city to city in California. Everywhere from Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, Anaheim, Monterey, Visalia, Stockton, Sacramento, Elk Grove, Carmichael, Citrus Heights, San Bruno.

Also see: 20 Questions with Paul Dale Roberts HERE!

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503
Email: JazmaPika@cs.com
Website: www.jazmaonline.com

Sacramento as many are led to believe by the tall tales that often make news headlines is a very haunted place.

But as we all certainly know these haunted headlines often only scratch the surface of what is really going on. Some well respected paranormal enthusiasts commonly try to tell of the over blown haunting's and invisible night creatures that stalk the living. But the real truths of the numerous sexual encounters with the dead are too often brushed aside.

Most of the living Sacramento residents have no idea how many sexually active ghosts actually haunt the city, and in truth they might fear to really find out. The strange part of this is, to too often, ghost hunters and researchers dismiss it as paranormal folklore unless it happens to them personally. Few will tell you but, sexually orientated ghosts and spirits are more common then reported on haunted web sites, And especially in Sacramento, California.

If you personally lead or, are involved with many ghost hunts or serious in depth ghost investigations, you will discover that through time the very haunting's you investigate tend to get more intense with each that you do. In the beginning you might just collect EVP's and soon find that your actually hearing the many whispers recorded with your own ears. As time goes on many report that they really audibly hear these spooks and specters with out the use of equipment.

One might wonder here now if it comes from investigating or if the ghost you soon become accustomed to change the way they haunt or gain some stronger supernatural powers to communicate with you personally.

Many times it has been reported by many worldwide that direct sexually explicit EVP's or captured. A well known Sacramento paranormal expert that does not wish his name to come forward tells me that he has several EVP's of ghosts using seriously lewd and foul language, and also propositioning him for sexual favors. Though not that hard to believe many will associate foul mouth ghosts speaking profanity is nothing new. But when a ghosts ask you to perform a explicit sex act upon you then you have to wonder what the otherworldly beings are really capable of.

Many ghost hunting groups and respected paranormal investigators and writers often seek out the real ghost that haunt the well known Citrus Heights' neighborhood near Antelope and Roseville Roads. And in reviewing the many hours of documentation collected several direct clear overt sexual advances from the dead have been noted on more occasions then can be counted.

This as many know was the site of a old WW II temporary Japanese internment camp. For some paranormal reason this area is plagued with tall tales of the ever returning dead. And these ghosts too often are known for doing actual physical sexual assaults on the living. Though openly unconfirmed rumors of such keep surfacing.

Reports are often told of everything from victims of these haunting's being punched, slapped, scratched and even further being pushed into forced unnatural sexual paranormal encounters with these very real and terrifying brutish ghosts and or demonic forces.

"Sexual haunting or spiritual molesting visitations seem to have a life of their own manifesting at all hours of the day or night unprovoked." Stated Lisa Lee Harp Waugh at a recent paranormal gathering On the very haunted Queen Mary. "Sometimes they might occur to several individuals then stop occurring entirely for long periods of time." "Many groups directly choose not to investigate such haunting's for the feeling that the stories that haunted individuals are telling them or over the top or out right hoax's or crazed individuals looking for attention." "Or in some cases just too much for the inexperienced team to handle."

There are stories that often surface on blog's and discussion boards of ghosts that like to lick peoples feet, and even try to french kiss them as they try to relate their personal haunted tales. And usually that is enough to make any investigator believe that the person telling them of their haunting are truly nuts or pulling their leg. But once you investigate one of these types of sexually active ghost haunting's open mindedly you might just be surprised at what you find.

Many stories recently uncovered by noted writers of the subject often relate talk of ghosts that have sexually assault individuals daily. I have personally heard reports of ghosts who perform oral stimulation on investigators as they explore these haunted houses, buildings, and cemeteries for evidence. They will tell you that such encounters with sexually active ghosts seems to be on the rise. Or possibly they themselves might be soliciting them unknowingly.

So far as anyone knows no documented evidence or physical documentation of such has surfaced, but words gets around. And as we know filming a person getting oral stimulation from a real ghosts during an investigation then becomes just a movie of what many call real paranormal pornography. And a video of such is said to exist and in the hands of a locally well known Sacramento paranormal investigator. But his quandary as he shows the video to others is how do you prove this documentation to be that of a ghost causing this to happen.

The Very haunted Martinez home in East Sacramento gained national attention for its intense EVP's, PK activity and visible apparitions. But local ghost hunters and investigators kept secret about the ghost that liked to fondle woman's breasts.

One paranormal investigator is said to have been so frightened by the strange sexual encounter of what she encountered that she has basically given up going out and hunting for ghost completely. The word is she sends in her group and views their documentation only. And now she only investigates for her group those haunting's from the safety of his own home.

But not all Paranormal people run away from the sexual advances that these ghosts of Sacramento often desire. If your looking for locations where people have reported real ghosts engaging in sexual acts with the living during paranormal investigations the Sacramento Theatre Company at 1419 H Street is a hotspot.

Male Paranormal investigators often converse in private about how they felt a real ghosts unseen hands groping them through their clothes. Those that have had it happen to them or often too embarrassed to speak of it with other team members. But when they do, all their real sex with a ghost story seem to be very similar. One very haunted sex spot is actually outside the theater near the fountain.

A reported as real Sacrameto Theather Ghost Photo. Many   individuals have come forward asking why it's ghosts like to grope   people.

A reported as real Sacramento Theater Ghost Photo. Many individuals have come forward asking why it's outdoor fountain ghosts like to grope people.

The building also has been overly well investigated and noted for the bizarre supernatural paranormal sexual activity that resides in the costume room which is located upstairs.

Some paranormal researchers have reported an elderly woman's ghost called Ms. Lucy, who seems to want to feel a person up in the costume room and makes herself known to woman and men alike. Some reports are of people feeling their clothes tugged on or even being stuck with pins as they are prodded in their private parts by unseen hands.

Many believe it is her ghosts that often likes to grope the men that sit in the dark calling out Ms. Lucy's name. Other believe it might be of a man known as Harold who was known to love to pinch men and woman very hard on their bottoms.

Other reports claim individuals may smell a sickening sour odor when the ghosts are near and that may manifest with no explanations. And if you stand very still when you smell it you will feel hands running over your body and under your clothes. This ghost has been called the farting ghost of Sacramento by a few investigators because the stench is really gross and will make you gag.

The main consensus from staff members seems to be that they feel that these apparitions and ghosts are not mean spirited but seem to have such a deep connection and loyal attachment to the establishment and people. But often they dare not seek of the many sexual encounters that many have reported to a handful of ghost investigators in private.

Too few will tell you that these ghosts might have more then just benevolence on those they appear to or manifest. Only a handful of people who frequent the location have come forward and related to me that they have had a real weird sexual encounters with ghosts in the building. Certainly when 4 people besides myself who have investigated the location have come forward and unrelated, all start to tell you of such encounters then you begin to wonder if it is true.

Vineyard House in Coloma

Now remodeled into a hotel, is said to be very haunted. The Vineyard House has been the scene of dozens of eerie poltergeist events witnessed by employees and guests alike. And often not spoken of sexual encounters with the ghosts or not documented or spoken of publicly.

What has been reported at the Vineyard House is several cases of Paranormal Sexual Biting - may also be considered a living persons fetish and not associated with just ghosts openly. (also please see The Biting Dead: The Six Reasons Ghosts Bite.)

The feeling of actual human teeth during oral sex, luv biting or nipping of fingers, toes (also see: Real Foot Fetish Ghosts - Oh My Haunted Feet), chest, shoulders, neck, inner thighs, ankles, knees, ears, Lips, feet or genitals.

There have been over the years many stories of haunted individuals having these things occur to them in the course of paranormal activity they witness and personally experience. Many paranormal Investigators have experienced these biting ghosts on themselves but too few or willing to come forward because of fear of ridicule.

Biting, scratching and kicking is considered an age appropriate behavior and reaction for children 2.5 years and younger. This is why so many believe the ghosts that bite you to be of this age. Though as we know this may not be the case.

This     This Photo shows the bite marks on a paranomal investigator who took a     Owensborro Ghost Tour October 2008

This This Photo shows the bite marks on a paranormal investigator who took a Ghost Tour October 2007. " I felt this burning feeling on my shoulder beneath my clothes on examination I realized I had been bitten by a real ghost." Says Jay Mangrum of Arkansas.

Odaxelagnia is the paraphilia involving the sexual attraction to biting or being bitten.

A great resource for discovering sexual contact with real ghosts is OTHERWORLDLY AFFAIRES by world renowned Author and paranormal expert Brad Steiger Who's book was voted Number One in the list of "The Ten Most Haunted Paranormal Books 2008" by Haunted America Tours.

Otherworldly Affaires: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual Molesters from the Shadow World

Otherworldly Affaires: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual   Molesters from the Shadow World

Please buy it today here now!

THE GREATEST POWER OF ALL Of all the forces that move men and women, none is more powerful than that of love and sexual desire. This primal impulse apparently extends into the other world and is responsible for some of the most astounding chapters in the literature of psychic phenomena. Here are amazing yet absolutely true stories of - apparitions of lovers seen at their moment of death, - jealous lovers who have sought vengeance from beyond the grave, - sexual molesters from the other world, - warnings and advice from lovers who have passed over, - passionate liaisons between psychic mediums and their contacts, - seducers from UFOs, and even more extraordinary tales. Originally published as HAUNTED LOVERS, this book contains a multitude of actual case histories, many of which were recorded here for first time. BRAD STEIGER has been writing about the paranormal for more than four decades, during which he has produced more than 160 books on the subject. He regards this work, which was certainly ahead of its time, as one of his best books on the paranormal.

Sexual physical paranormal contact with ghost to many may be considered a final taboo. But yes there or many people today that actively seek out such involvements for personal pleasure.

Many people who have had actual pleasant sexual contact with ghosts often tell of feeling a ghosts actually turing them on and bringing them to orgasm.

In a private interview with a few ghost haunted individuals you might find them open to revealing things like how or when a ghosts physically touching them and leaving marks. Ghost hickeys and paranormal love bites are more then just common. But many explain them away as just something as simple as a scratch.

The most serious case of ghosts spirits or demonic forces physically sexually molesting an individual is that of Doris Bither (Doris Bither's son interview), who claims to continue being assaulted by an invisible being, though with lesser frequency and intensity (more recently it is claimed she no longer suffers from physical attacks, but still experiences the phenomena).

There is also a novel of the same name written by Frank DeFelitta (first published in 1978), which provides a more detailed account of Carla (or Carlotta) Moran's (other possible names Doris Bither or Byther) supposed experiences. The supposed haunting took place in Culver City, California, USA.

Recently I was given the permission to present these interviews publicly with anonymous ghost hunters with very graphic explicit details of their recent encounter with ghosts that sexually molested them.

Question: Can you tell me what happened on your investigation of a private Sacramento home in March of 2010?

Answer: I was touched very inappropriately by an unseen force that brought me to orgasm.

Question: Tell me how this happened?

Answer: I was with a team and we were investigating a haunted house where a ghost kept scaring this family. We had set up and were documenting the location. I was in the kitchen with three other members of my team when I felt something grab my left brest and felt a hot hand reaching between my legs.

I was stunned and tried to turn my head for I really thought it was someone grabbing me from behind like in a horror move. And I believed it was not a ghost but a real person.

The force pushed me to floor. I screamed and And the ghost or spirit actually penetrated me. Pounding me as it hands gabbed my hair and tried to force an invisible penis into my mouth.

I sit here and think I was forcibly raped by a ghosts and on film all you see is me on the floor fighting some invisible force.

The ghost then went on to penetrate my vagina as well as hold both of my wrists together as I kicked wildly. The Video of this incident just shows me rolling on the floor at this point as if I was having a seizure.

I then realized I was actually having forced sex, paranormal rape if you wish to call it that and what should I do. My team kept yelling she' having a seizure. Call 911.

Question: So what did you do next?

Answer: I gave in and told myself stop fighting it. That's what your taught when your young as a girl. If someone rapes you just lay there and show no enjoyment.

But for some strange reason I got actually really turned on. I knew I was having sex with something from another world or something or someone dead. I thought to myself this video will really blow peoples minds a chick actually being shown having live sex with a dead man.

Question: Did you think the video was going to show something otherworldly?

Answer: Yep I did. I thought the video and the equipment in the room would register what was going on. So I calmly said to everyone who were now all in the kitchen with the lights on that a real ghost was sexually molesting me. And F--king me at that very moment. The ghost or strange unseen force kept humping me wildly, and as those words left my mouth I climaxed the wettest and strongest orgasm even more multiple and harder then I have ever in my life.

As the sweat poured through my clothes I then felt strange and embarrassed as I finished gasping for air and I could smell the scent of my orgasm filling the room. And I felt the wetness drip down into the cheeks of my ass. I only tell you this because that's the only way I can tell you how it effected me. And I thought everyone one in the room saw it (the ghosts) and knew what was going on.

I told them to point their emf meters at me, Take pictures, Check out my temperature Damn it try to get an EVP!

I was so embarrassed afterwards that I tried to make everyone think I was playing a joke on them, but, I was shook really bad and intrigued at the same time.

The saddest part of all of it was the paranormal documentation video only showed me rolling on the floor and laying still then heaving my body like a porn star. And I know all this happened to me but my proof and documentation just show me.


It seems sexual encounters seem to happen to men and woman alike. I was introduced to a Sacramento Ghost Hunter through the great American Necromancer Lisa Lee Harp Waugh. He had been in correspondence with her for several months before he told her all about the time a ghosts played with his penis until he orgasms during a ghost hunt at a famous hotel.

In contacting him he told me the strange story of how he felt something playing with him inside his pants. It freaked him out so much he pulled down his pants thing a roach or a spider was inside his underwear crawling on his penis. He then froze in horror a an invisible mouth gave him oral gratification. And all this he captured on video.

But it is here you must realize that these videos of what real pornography or paranormal porno only shows the victims. No other documentation has been recorded.

In researching "Real Ghost Sex in Sacramento" I also spoke to a few who told me of ghosts touching them inappropriately. But in the beginning the thought it was just the guys needing to re tuck themselves or woman needing to adjust their breasts.

The worse part of all of this is those that have it happen to them fear that others might think them perverted for wanting to try to get documentation of a real ghosts doing it to them.

I personally viewed both videos to my dismay and to me they just show live people coming to climax sexually. But I personally see no real clear direct evidence of a ghostly sexual encounter. But you must at this point wonder to yourself are these videos a creation of a sick mind or a real sexual ghost haunting.

Sacramento also has its share of normal famous ghosts, haunting and ghost hunting tours and paranormal investigation teams. 

GhostStudy.com was created May 15, 1999. Based in Sacramento,   California

GhostStudy.com was created May 15, 1999. Based in Sacramento, California

Jim of   Ghoststudy
Jim of Ghoststudy

Jim Eaton "The King Of Sacramento Ghost Hunters!" Jim's email address jim@ghoststudy.com

Jim Eaton..... known as the the one and only original "Sacramento Ghost Master". Jim Eaton became who he is more then a willing paranormal explorer that often travels anywhere in this haunted world just to capture real ghostly phenomena in the form of viable evidence.

Eaton a daring man with many interests, but real haunting's paranormal and serious ghost investigation is tops on the list.

Many people have asked Eaton what he is willing to do in order to make contact with real ghosts and spooks and entities....Eaton States directly on his web site :

"Well here's what I am NOT willing to do: I won't go near a Ouija board, I do not participate in séances, I never DARE a ghost to make itself known to me, and I only investigate ghosts, not evil spirits." "The secret is, we are the ones with the bodies and we are the ones with the power, do not show fear!"


Want to know where the real ghost get down and dirty and party in Sacramento?


The Macabre Hearse Tour!

A killer price at just $35.00 Per living Person - Of course your arrangements must be made in advance. 1 week- Advance notice, and please understand that 1/2 Deposit is Required (if not paid in advance)

This haunted 2.5- 3 hour Tour of all of Sacramento's Haunted & Serial Killer Sites.

Hosted By: The eternally beautiful Shannon "Ms. Macabre" McCabe, The watchful eye of paranormal investigator extrodinare.

Paul Dale "The Ghostwriter" Roberts a man of many talents and strange and real experiences.

"The Demon Warrior" who fears nothing & your driver Johnny Warlock who doesn't easily scare. But he he has been once and won't talk about it!

You'll start out in the Old Sacramento area where you will get a walking tour of all the really spookiest of haunted hotspots and paranormal activity reported sites (Approx. 1 hour)

Then you'll be picked up by Johnny Warlock and whisked away in our very real creepy haunted hearse to all the sites in Sacramento where all that is truly the MACABRE ...happens!

18+ please (unless you have parent supervision) this tour is not recommended for the squeamish. If your a person that dares to seek out the real unknown with professional ghost hunters then this is the tour for you !

Group Rates Available for groups of 6+ Call us at 1-888-709-4HPI


Nancy Bradley "The Queen Of Sacramento Ghost Investigations" is one of those that faces these many real haunting's straight on.  


NANCY BRADLEY "THE FIRST LADY OF PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS IN SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA" is one of the foremost leaders in the world of the paranormal today and one of the top ten psychics in the world. She appears monthly on KMAX TV # 31 Good Day Sacramento and 101.9 the Wolf radio, and is a frequent guest on the Haunted Hotel Series on the Travel Channel and other TV and radio shows nationwide. She has been featured with a 6 page spread in the Sacramento Magazine as well as many others, and she hosts two of her own TV shows as well. She is an award winning author and has written numerous articles and books including her latest release “Be a Ghost Buster with GOLD RUSH GHOSTS, from the television show INVESTIGATING THE UNKNOWN.

GOLD RUSH GHOSTS INTERNATIONAL PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS is commissioned to provide their expertise regarding ‘strange occurrences’ to government and organizations worldwide. Our investigation have taken us to England to investigate and to New York to make sense of the 9/11 Twin Tower tragedy 8 years ago. We have been commissioned to respond to over 3000 accounts of the strange and unknown worldwide. NANCY conducts Psychic Home Parties and Ghost Tours as well. Besides all of the above and doing at least 12 Reading and Past Life Regressions most days, NANCY is currently involved in a pilot for National Television.

Complete details are available at:

www.nancybradley.org or www.goldrushghosts.com , or through our office at: (530) 622-0977.







 Founder and head investigator of Gold Rush Ghosts.

Having a background in psychology, I approach the search with a logical point of view.I have been researching the fields of Paranormal studies since before high school and have always been the one to look for the logical reasoning for what occurs in this world. I have also studied architecture, electricity, photography, building materials, and other things as a way of explaining some of the activity that may appear to be paranormal but has a logical explanation. Our group ONLY looks for and reports TRUTH. We are commissioned by government and private agencies to explore things that go bump in the night, as well as work with everyday folks in need of our services.  In the world of crazy paranormal groups on every site and street-corner, we stand out as reasonable, responsible, honest, and the oldest and largest paranormal group in the world maintaining over a million dollars worth of the most up-to-date paranormal equipment in the world.


Catherine Noble

"My name is Catherine Noble and I have always been interested in mysterious and unexplained phenomena.  I am a teacher by profession and an investigator at heart. Even my ex-husband said that I should be an investigator because I always found out about the things he was trying to hide!  Now divorced, I am the mother of three grown children.  I have traveled all over the world and currently live in Folsom, California.  I thoroughly enjoy exploring spooky places. I have been a part of many paranormal investigations, and witnessed doorknob rattling, the sounds of soft footsteps when nobody in the room is moving, spirit orbs, and the movement of objects without the help of human hands.

 I am logical and analytical by nature and look for the reasonable explanation without jumping to conclusions and calling an event “paranormal” when it might be something easily explained by currently known science.

“I am not afraid of the unknown—I am intrigued by anything that is so far unexplained.”

Her calm demeanor as well as her curiosity and her desire for the truth make her an ideal investigator with GOLD RUSH GHOSTS/TRUTH CENTER.


 Rodney Roberts

Head Investigator

I have been with GOLD RUSH GHOSTS since April of 2006 and have learned many things while working with Robert Reppert the head of GOLD RUSH GHOSTS.  The scientific  methods employed
have given me new insights into the investigation of paranormal activity and I hope for many more investigations  while adding  new techniques for even better results from investigations.
On a more personal note I'm retired Pacific Bell employee. I'm married to my best friend Cami. I first came interested in paranormal phenomena while working in a telephone office in San Jose I was called out to check an alarm in an outlying office and discovered what I thought was a man in 1920's suit with a bowler hat on and he looked straight at me and didn't say anything to me.  I couldn't get to him before he disappeared and could not explain his presence nor was there any history on him.
This started me on a quest of trying to discover anyone else who had similar experiences. I found a lot of people had run into things that there was not a known explanation for. I wanted to find a way to chart scientifically what was taking place.  I discovered the GOLD RUSH GHOSTS organization through studying with Nancy Bradley world celebrity psychic. So when I was able to retire after 30 years I
started on this quest of investigating this phenomena scientifically so could develop evidence of paranormal activity. I would like to acknowledge my 6 children and 7 grandchildren and 4 sons in law for their support.


 Rodney Roberts
Head Investigator

Rodney is currently on investigations in an undisclosed location.





 NANCY BRADLEY is the foremost psychic of our time.  Considered one of only twelve real psychics in the U.S., and one of only two recognized in the state of California, this is her seventeenth year as consecutively being noted as one of the TOP TEN PSYCHICS IN THE WORLD.  NANCY maintains the highest accuracy and integrity in the business.

 NANCY runs TRUTH CENTER, and is the wife of ROBERT REPPERT who is the founder of GOLD RUSH GHOSTS PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS.   NANCY is happy to come along on investigations, but prefers to participate only after ROBERT and his CREW OF EXPERTS have completed a first initial investigation which confirms the existence of ghosts/spirits/ UFO or other paranormal activity.  She will then identify the activity that is present, and give you the names of the deceased that are there.  She will let you know their association with the place or establishment being haunted.   NANCY is willing to communicate with the deceased, and if you wish, to remove any energy that is around that you are not comfortable with.

 Other than her work in identifying unexplainable activity through GOLD RUSH GHOSTS, BRADLEY is often seen nationally on television and heard on national radio programs.  She has two of her own TV shows in California as well, and is on the Travel Channel's Haunted Hotel Series.  She conducts READINGS and EMPOWERMENT LIFE COACHING in her office and on the phone, teaches FRIDAY'S WITH NANCY Psychic Development Classes in her large classroom and Placerville, California, and is on the talk circuit continuously.  More about the renowned psychic NANCY BRADLEY can be obtained through her WEB at: WWW.NANCYBRADLEY.ORG.   To set a Reading with NANCY simply call: (530) 622-0977.





    I am the son of the Celebrities Psychic Nancy Bradley.  I was born in San Diego County in 1968 and spent my childhood years in So. Cal. enjoying my favorite hobbies, such as surfing, baseball (star pitcher), fishing and motorcycle riding.  I moved to Northern Ca. in 1985 to finish high school in 1986.   In 1989 I joined the U.S. Navy as an operation specialist (OS). I was trained in Radar Operations, Communications

, Navigation, and Air Traffic Control.  I quickly moved on to Hovercraft Navigator (LCAC) stationed at Camp Pendleton, Ca.  From 1991-1997.  While constantly being deployed I had the privilege of visiting such countries around the world as Russia, China, Japan, Australia and S. Africa to name a few.  I am also a Gulf War Vet from the first war in 1991.  I spent time in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emerates (UAE).   I spent my last three years as a Watch Commander in Law Enforcement Stationed at Concord Naval Weapons Station in Ca. (1997-2000)  I am presently a student at American River College studying Geography.  You can still find me in the great outdoors, doing what I love, fishing, hiking, gold hunting, and feeding the deer I make friends with by hand.

    Through my years growing up I was introduced to the world of the unknown and had some very amazing experiences of my own, one of which was strange the appearance of lights in an old abandoned mine (Written about in my mother’s book: Incredible world of Gold Rush Ghosts.)  I remember a night when my mother and I were on a winding road in Garden Valley, Ca. where we witnessed a UFO hovering right above a bar and restaurant called the R&R.  We watched it hover, soundless, for a long time, and then it just took off quicker than anything known to our technology on this planet.  During my travels around the world I have encountered many strange and seemingly unknown phenomena, ghosts, spirits, strange lights, sounds and voices.

    I look forward to my years as the Head Lighting Technician, Photographer, and part of the investigating team of GOLD RUSH GHOSTS.



  I have always had an interest in the unknown.  Most of my life however, I just wondered as I did not have a means to learn about it. I believe part was because it was such a taboo subject in my family.  During my travels I have also had a passion for creating videos and have chosen a life work of being in television production.  To this end, I am anxious to put the paranormal and television production together. 

  My current understanding  of the paranormal is in great part attributed to Nancy Bradley and her teachings.   She has helped me live my life without fear.  I look forward to the opportunity Nancy Bradley and Robert Reppert have given me to further my knowledge and understanding of the paranormal – not only as a co- host on the television show INVESTIGATING THE UNKNOWN WITH GOLD RUSH GHOSTS PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS, (Channel #17 - 4th Wed. night of each month, 8:00 PM PST) but also as a paranormal investigator.  I am very excited to be a part of this group of exceptional investigators, all seeking only truth in paranormal work.  Our main objective is to share with you findings on paranormal subjects, and to let you know our own personal experiences as we investigate the unknown.  I know we will shed new light on the world of the as yet unknown, and in the process protect you from not being taken advantage of by the frauds in paranormal investigative and psychic work.  They are all over the world making ridiculous claims, and taking advantage of your good nature.  

   I would like to thank my husband and daughters for their continued support and understanding of my interests and desires to learn more in this field.  I look forward to many more experiences and findings as we chart fact from fiction.  Thanks to all of you who are interested in the unknown, you  have come to the right place, and I look forward to sharing all my experiences with you.  Contact us here if you have any comments or suggestions, and also any strange encounters with the unknown that you would like us to investigate and give you clarity on.



From the time I was a young child, I have always felt that there was more to life than what I could physically see or physically touch.  I have also thought that everything happens for a reason, good or bad.  With that, I have often wondered why I felt this way and I wanted to further my quest in finding out more of why I think and feel the way I do.  Out of the blue one night, I drove from Sacramento to Placerville, CA. to a psychic class taught by Nancy Bradley.  I knew of Nancy Bradley from my Mother, who had watched her show on TV.  My Mother had always shared with me the insightful things Nancy Bradley spoke about that we both related to.  Since then, September of 2004, I have been driving to the class every Friday night.  At this class I found a wonderful teacher in Nancy, who was able to show me that there are others who think the way I do and who have had similar experiences to what I have had.  She has also helped me tune into the WHY'S of these unexplained phenomena's of my world and the world of those around me.  With her help and the help of Gold Rush Ghosts Paranormal Investigations and Robert Reppert (the founder), I hope I can be a part of detecting something new and some things that we can't see with the naked eye.  Through the use of video equipment, sound equipment not available to the mass public, as well as our own intuitive natures, I feel we are closer than ever to having the questions of the universe answered.



I am a film maker, producer and director of television shows.  For the last 5 years I have been the director and in charge of the NANCY BRADLEY PSYCHIC HOUR, shown on Channel #17 at 8:00 PM the second Wed. night of each month.  I come with a long line of experience and ability in all forms of production, from lighting, to producing. 

I live in Sacramento, CA, and look forward to many more paranormal investigations with Gold Rush Ghosts, and producing Nancy 's new show INVESTIGATING THE UNKNOWN WITH GOLD RUSH GHOSTS PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS, 4th Wed. night # 17, at 8:00 PM.. 

 Millieanne Jackson

  I come from multi-cultural roots; I have Native American, Irish, and Creole ancestry on my father’s side. On my mother’s side, I have Irish, German, and Scandinavian. My grandmother on my mother’s side was from Ireland. In 1895, at 17 years of age, she ran away from home to come to America. She brought with her from the “Old Country” some of the Celtic ways, some of which there was no explanation for– it just was. When I reflect back on some of our conversations when I was a child, I realize that she was gifted too.
      The best thing my mother did for me was not confine me to one religion. My mother allowed me to choose my own path so I have a broader base of religious exposure. I have a strong Cherokee and Ute influence. I found the most comfortable for me was following the Native American belief that the Great Creator is loving and forgiving, and that we are all related--the animals, the plants, and the people.
      As a child, it was normal to see spirits and communicate with them. I shared some of the experiences with my family and felt normal and okay about it. My father passed over to the other side when I was an infant. He would always come and visit and comfort me. Consequently, I have no idea of what age I was when I had my first paranormal experience. Sometimes an Indian Chief would come. There were others who came as well. Some were connected to me through familial ties. Others came just because they knew I could see and hear them, and they just wanted to talk to someone.
      The older I got, the more I realized that not everyone was able to see and hear what I did. As a result, by the time I was in my teens, it was hard for me to see spirits as clearly as I did when I was younger. However, I felt their presence and at times I could hear them. Thus began my interest in the paranormal, spirits and ghosts. An episode when I was a teenager led to the interest in UFOs and Bigfoot.
      After having children, I recognized that my daughters were also very open to the spirit world. I began my search for avenues to help us understand our gifts and how to use them to help mankind. Now, I recognize the gift in my grandson; he is very special.
      After many teachers and still so many unanswered questions, I found myself searching for another teacher to help me to understand my gifts that were resurfacing with the intensity that they did during childhood. As fate would have it, one night I was watching TV at a time I should have been sleeping. That was when I discovered my new teacher. Nancy Bradley was on her program “Psychic Hour with Nancy Bradley.” I felt that my guides were leading me to my new teacher. She mentioned that she had a Friday night psychic development class every week up in Placerville. I have been a student ever since. I am so thankful for the guidance from Nancy Bradley’s Truth Center. I am more comfortable and at ease with who I am and the path I chose to walk this lifetime. I am now a Certified Intuitive Healer through the classes I have taken from Nancy Bradley’s Truth in Healing Center. I feel at home in the classroom at the Truth Center and have found kindred spirits in fellow classmates, some of whom are also paranormal investigators for Gold Rush Ghosts.
      It is through Nancy Bradley that I met Robert Reppert. He explained “Gold Rush Ghosts: Investigating the Unknown” and its objective to me. I was intrigued. When I was given the opportunity to become an investigator I was very excited to join the team. I highly respect everyone involved and was eager to support Gold Rush Ghosts ITU in their quest: proving the existence of the paranormal. It is always so exciting to have the confirmation of what I am feeling or sensing, picked up by the state-of-the-art equipment that Gold Rush Ghosts ITU has. It has helped me learn to trust what I hear and see from those on the other side. I have never been afraid of seeing spirits from the other side. It is exciting for me to be able to bring this information to the mainstream in the new TV program “Investigating the Unknown.” I look forward to all of our future adventures together.


Laura Martucci

I was born and raised in Colorado.  I moved to Northern California 30 years ago and am married with two grown children.  I additionally have a pair of Golden Pheasants and a wonderful dog named Natalie who rules the house hold.

My first encounter with Gold Rush Ghosts was while watching Nancy Bradley on The Nancy Bradley Psychic Hour.  Through her show, my daughter and I found out about her Friday night classes and started attending them close to 4 years ago.  From attending the classes, I have received my Truth in Healing certificate and I am currently working on strengthening my intuitive senses to help solve missing person and murder cases. 

I am excited about joining Gold Rush Ghosts and Investigating The Unknown because of the opportunity to work with such a great group of people. 


Judy Cooper

My name is Judy Cooper, I'm 45 years old and very blessed to be living in the beautiful Sierras. I love all types of animals and have a passion for teaching and doing healing work.  I am so honored and excited to be a part of Nancy Bradley and Robert Reppert's GOLD RUSH GHOSTS Investigations.  I have always been interested and fascinated by spirits, ghosts and UFO's.  I remember doing séance's and playing with Ouija boards as a young child and listening to my dad telling us stories about ghosts of dead ancestors that would come around.  My favorite movies and shows have always been about the paranormal and unexplained.  

 I've experienced enough to make me a strong believer in the unknown.  I attend Nancy Bradley's Friday night classes which have been instrumental in my personal development. I've learned so much from her and now I have the opportunity to be a part of the GOLD RUSH GHOSTS team.  These are exciting times as we are able to learn more and more about paranormal phenomena!

Wayne Peterson


Hi, my name is Wayne Peterson and I was born in Chicago, Il. Both my parents were open minded and my mother shared my interest in the unexplained.
At the age of 17 I joined the Navy and made several trips to foreign countries. Upon completion of my service I returned to Chicago to work at a steel mill. Not being suited to that line of employment and after a layoff I headed West to Sacramento. There I went to work for Western Electric/AT&T where they had me travel all over Northern California and Nevada. 
 Eventually AT&T sent me to Greensboro NC as a project manager working on a Government contract. While there I was half owner of an art gallery and custom frame shop.
 Then the downsizing started and the contract ended with me being offered a buyout package.
Deciding to move back to California to be closer to my daughters and grandchildren was two of the best things that ever happened to me. One was being with family and the other was being introduced to investigating the unknown.
 Having always been interested in Spirits and Ghosts this fell right into my thoughts. My personality is such that nothing is real without proof and that is what we do, prove what is true and what is not. My intrigue and need for proof keeps me balanced.


 Tyson Sheedy


I was born and raised in Sacramento.  From age five, I was immersed in the world of theater.  This passion for acting led me to college at UCLA, joining the Actor’s Equity Union in New York City, and graduate school in London.  Now I find myself back home, coming full circle. 

Growing up in the theater taught to be open minded and exposed me to different religions and beliefs with every person I met and every role that I played.  I was always fascinated to learn about what people believed in and why.  I heard about Nancy from a friend and started attending her Psychic Development classes in August of 2008.  Through Nancy’s guidance, I have learned to trust my own psychic ability and allow it to grow.  As a member of ITU, I look forward to expanding my knowledge and developing my ability with the help of this talented group. 




Cindy Wingard

Hi, my name is Cindy Wingard.  I grew up in New Mexico, moved to Colorado as a junior in high school where I met my husband.  We moved to Arizona and then to California.  We raised three wonderful children.  I lost my husband in 2005 and that was the point where I started searching out how to prove there are spirits walking with us.  I had such a wonderful unexplainable experience when he passed away that I wanted to know more about spirit and how we can communicate with them.  I have always believed that when we pass we are not gone just here in another form. 
I started going to Nancy Bradley's classes in 2007 and she has helped me grow in so many ways. I have my Truth in Healing certificate and find healing other to be a blessing.  I have also learned so much about how to prove that spirit is around you and how to capture proof that "ghosts" exist. 
I am excited to be part of the Gold Rush Ghost team and look forward to being a participant in collecting and sharing data we gather in our ghost hunts.   

H.P.I. Paranormal Investigations International

HPI began as a paranormal investigative group in 2004. The owner is Shannon McCabe, who has a background in promotions, event planning and paranormal investigations.

H.P.I. Paranormal Investigations International

Our General Manager is accomplished Ghostwriter, Paul Dale Roberts. Together they have been on shows such as History Channel's Monster Quest, Conversations With A Serial Killer, Penn & Teller's Bullshit, Off The Hook TV's Pay Per View Special, Sky 1 Network UK's Micheal Jackson: In Search of His Spirit and a documentary about Angels & Demons.

H.P.I. International has a group of select core investigators for our private investigations, and a large group of members (or Ghosties as we call them) that we take to haunted locations for fun events and overnighters called Scouting Missions. We welcome new folks to join H.P.I. by contacting us an providing us with your email. We hope to meet you at an H.P.I. Scouting Mission! We conduct training classes periodically for those new to the field, teaching all aspects of the paranormal. Check our Events page for details. We respect and honor requests for confidentiality from clients and conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times. If you have unusual activity in your home or workplace and would like to get to the bottom of what's going on, feel free to contact us at 1-888-709-4HPI. If you would like promotion for your haunted business, please contact us as well. We have a full time paranormal writer, Paul Dale Roberts. Your business could possibly be picked up for one of our upcoming T.V. projects!

American Paranormal Investigations is dedicated to investigate,   document and provide help & intervention with paranormal &   supernatural phenomena to clients in need.

API Members
Please click on each member's photo for:


Ann Bender Jason L.
Dave "THE GHOST DUDE" Bender
Membership Administrator
Ann Bender
Case Manager Website Administrator

Jason L.
Lead Sensitive
Sr. Investigator Board Member

Sr. Investigator Board Member

Sr. Investigator Northern Cali. Nightwatchers Coordinator

Ana Marie
Sr. Investigator
Jason K.
David T.
Sr. Investigator

Sr. Investigator Lead Debunker

Jason K.
Sr. Investigator Board Member
Bill Jeannie
Sr. Investigator Office Manager

Sr. Investigator Newsletter Editor

Investigator in Training

Investigator in Training

Rachel Ken C.
Investigator in Training
Investigator in Training

Investigator in Training


Todd     W.
Investigator in Training

Todd W.
in Training


California Paranormal Private Investigators--Yucaipa--Kd Foreman
California Haunts--Sacramento--Charlotte Kosa
San Diego Ghost Hunters--San Diego to Ventura--Maritza Skandunas
California Ghost Hunters Society--Vacaville & northern/central CA--Gerald Keil
Southern California Ghost Hunters Society--San Gabriel Valley--Todd Fariss
Ghost Trackers--Santa Clara--Gloria Young
Ghost Rescuers--Southern California--Susan Olson

The eternally beautiful Shannon "Ms. Macabre" McCabe, The watchful eye of paranormal investigator extrodinare. And the multi- talented Paul Dale "The Ghostwriter" Roberts a man of many talents and strange and real experiences. Are both featured in Brad Steiger's Top Award winning paranormal investigation book:


Real Zombies, the Living Dead, and Creatures of the Apocalypse (Paperback) by Brad Steiger

Real Zombies, the Living Dead, and Creatures of the Apocalypse by     Brad Steiger

Buy It Here Now!

Real Zombies, the Living Dead, and Creatures of the Apocalypse By Brad Steiger is an engrossing Number 1 Bestseller documentation that sets a new precedence in the truths of what Zombie Lore really is.

Featuring 30 chilling stories of real-life zombie encounters, this comprehensive and unsettling study draws upon traditions found throughout the world to dispel common depictions of zombies as lurching, flesh-eating automatons made popular by countless movies and books. This fascinating collection includes the stories of the Devil Baby of Bourbon Street, a monstrous creature complete with horns and tail that still lurks in the shadows of the Big Easy; Black Mama Courteaux and the great zombie war, involving hundreds of zombie soldiers battling for the supremacy of their queen; and the swamp child of Mama Cree, who still roams the bayous of Louisiana. In addition to the stories, a variety of zombie-related facts are explored, including ceremonies and initiations, zombies throughout history, sacred zombie and voodoo-related sites, and zombies and monsters of the Bible.

Brad Steiger Official Web Site Visit It Here Now: "www.bradandsherry.com"

Brad Steiger: Official Web Site


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Some of these Top 100 Most allegedly haunted places are known for their haunted cemeteries, houses, buildings, Roads, hotels, & battlefields and churches. And in some cases a city may be listed and in other spots a haunted hot spot. Please feel free to use this as a Paranormal Travel Guide when planning your next haunted destination ghost hunt or vacation. There are literally thousands of haunted places around the world, and this list only compiles a small number of them.

The World's 100 Most Haunted Places

So please read these very haunted ghost stories and watch a real ghost video or two. And be sure to visit our Haunted America Tours Home Page to find more then your heart should take. This web site is not for the squeamish. These Very real Haunted places are sid to be the best places to capture a real ghost on film, video, or digital voice recorder or have a real paranormal encounter.

HAUNTED AMERICA TOURS Official Web Site is a ghost tour information site; our information is only as reliable as readers' contributed ghost and haunted reports. We assume no credit for your adventures, and accept no liability for your misadventures. Use common sense. Read our ghost hunting recommendations. Before visiting any "haunted" site, verify the location, accessibility, safety, and other important information. Never trespass on private and/or posted property without permission from the proper authorities.


Real Haunted Cities in America

New Orleans, Louisiana
Galveston, Texas
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Key West, Florida
Savannah, Georgia
Charleston, South Carolina
San Francisco, California
Chicago, Illinois
Miami, Florida
Salem, Massachusetts
San Antonio, Texas
New York city
Boston, Massachusetts
Richmond, Virginia
Westland, Michigan
St Augustine, Florida
San Diego, CA
Santa Fe, NM
Jonesbourgh, TN
Hollywood, California
Louisville, Kentucky
Key West, FLorida
San Antonio, Texas
Mountain Home, Tennessee
Sacremento, California
Salt Lake City, Utah
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Tucson, Arizona
Tombstone, Arizona
Memphis, TN
Parkersburg, WV
Redlands, Ca.
Georgetown, SC
Portland, Oregon
West Palm Beach, Florida

The Real Haunted Hotels In America

Hotels, like airlines, overbook reservations because they know that not everyone is going to show up. But some of their inventory goes to third-party travel sites like TravelNola.com, which contract with hotels ahead of time to sell a preset block of rooms.

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Montgomery - Tutwiler Hotel

Skagway - Golden North Hotel

Eureka Springs - Crescent Hotel

Flagstaff - Monte Vista Hotel
Douglas - Gadsden Hotel
Phoenix - Hotel San Carlos
Prescott - Hotel Vendome; Hassayampa Inn
Scottsdale - The Hermosa Inn

Carmel-by-the-Sea - La Playa Hotel and Cottages
Coloma - Sierra Nevada House
Coronado - Hotel del Coronado
Grass Valley - Holbrooke Hotel
Groveland - Groveland Hotel
Healdsburg - Madrona Manor
Hollywood - Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
La Jolla - Grande Colonial Hotel
Long Beach - Queen Mary Hotel
Mendocino - Mendocino Hotel and Garden Suite
Napa - Napa River Inn
San Jose - Hyatt Hotel St. Claire
Mendocino's Sea Rock Inn
San Luis Obispo - Paso Robles Inn
Santa Monica - Georgian Hotel
Ventura - Pierpont Inn

Denver - Brown Palace Hotel
Estes Park - Stanley Hotel

Griswald - Homespun Farm
New London - Lighthouse Inn

St. Augustine - Casa de la Paz
Tampa/St. Petersburg - Don Cesar Beach Resort and Spa

Augusta - The Partridge Inn
Jekyll Island - Jekyll Island Club Hotel

St. Charles - Hotel Baker

Bentonsport - Mason House Inn

New Orleans - 1891 Castle Inn; Hotel Maison de Ville; Le Pavilion; Delta Queen Steamboat
St. Francisville - Myrtles Plantation

Boston - The Omni Parker House
Salem - The Hawthorne Hotel

Marquette - The Landmark Inn

Natchez - Monmouth Plantation

New York
Bolton Landing - The Sagamore
Grand Island - Holiday Inn

North Carolina
Asheville - Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa
Chapel Hill - Carolina Inn

Cincinnati - Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

Portland - The Heathman Hotel


Bethlehem - Hotel Bethlehem
Gettysburg - Farnsworth House Inn

San Antonio - Menger Hotel
Galvez Hotel - Galveston

Manchester Village - The Equinox

San Juan Islands - Rosario Resort

Washington, DC
Omni Shoreham Hotel; Hay-Adams Hotel; Renaissance Mayflower Hotel

Fond du Lac - Ramada Plaza Hotel
Milwaukee - Pfister Hotel

Casper - Ivy House Inn
Cheyenne - The Plains Hotel
Jackon Hole - The Wort Hotel



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