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Brad and Sherry Steiger

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Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan






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Through my Website The Ghost Hunters Of America I have asked those who visit my site www.ghosthuntersofamerica.com t o send me questions Email Me at: onthebaylisa@aol.com , to asks real ghost that I call up in Necromantic rituals to ask questions for them. You'd be surprised what people want to know from the dead and even more surprised at the hunted answers they give. I also post Ghost and spirit predictions that the ghost tell me to upcoming events. I ask them everything from weather events to current news. Their answers are sometimes to true on the mark.

It Was Friday the 13th, 2006 1:00AM I began my long necromantic ritual in my special all white room. On this particular day the veil between the living and the dead is much thinner then the norm. Sure we all know that Halloween, All Saints and all Souls day etc. But On those special days just as today Ghosts are very active and want to speak out to the living. Call it superstition, fears, or plain crazy I find it true.

Ghost and all that is evil is brought forth to haunt the world. From New Orleans to Haiti this day is feared! New Orleans Voodooist hold this day very holy in some secret society's. This is the day that the most evil of Ghede are released when some fool stumbles upon The Gate of Guinee.

Remember the questions here were sent to me by people just like you and the actual answers come to me from the real particular ghost ghosts I contact and interview. If anyone has some questions or a better idea of what I should ask them please contact me at:

So here is the complete interview with a ghost that identified him self as as Rudy.

What's is it like being a ghost?

Ghost: It's Like I always was as this that I am now. I can remember being alive being different, but I was what I am now then. This might sound weird to you but if your like me then you'll understand when it happened to you.

Does it hurt to die?

Ghost: It depends it did not hurt when I died I would say you need to ask another ghost. I might be special. No it did not hurt me.

Do you see live people?

Ghost: I think I do. But other ghosts tell me I am seeing things. And others tell me yes I am . Who am I supposed to believe. So I believe myself and say yes I see them don't you?

Do you come in contact with other ghosts?

Ghost: Yes I see peoples ghosts around me all the time that remind me I am dead. Some communicate others suffer others don't speak at all. Their or many ghosts that just lay in their grave because they believe that when you die you stay there until the last Judgment . I see them too. Hear them talking praying crying. It's just like being alive and never turning the TV off. Sights sounds words voices singing all going on at once. but it doesn't bother you it like background noise. I guess I was use to it from the time I became like this.

How Do you know you are a ghost?

Ghost: Because I know I am No longer alive and don't have the things around that were mine. I remember watching my funeral. I saw my embalming. I had to turn away. It made me sick. then after that I was cremated I did not go there. I just went and stayed at my house and couldn't believe all the dead people I saw. None were people I knew.

What was "Your Funeral Like"?

Ghost: For me Fun! I saw Dead People I did nor Know! I saw People I did not like. And people I did not want there at all. But I did not see people I wanted at my funeral that should have been there.

Do you have any special ghostly powers?

Ghost: I don't know. I wouldn't know how if I did. You have to ask another ghost that they might.

Why do you haunt?

Ghost: I don't. I just roam. Other ghost I guess just stay around because they want to watch to see what they are missing. I know because I asked. And some say their not sure.

Are all ghost the same?

Ghost: No we are all different. Some ghost have problems, some don't, Some ghost are happy some are said. It's just like when your alive just you don't eat. I have met ghost that are drunk, ghosts on drugs, ghosts that are insane and ghosts that ignore you. It's the world of the living but we don't sleep and we don't get tired. At least I don't I have seen ghost that all they do is sleep.

Does a ghost recognize another ghost as a ghost?

Ghost: Yes I know what it is to be like me, and I know what is not.

Do Ghost have sex?

Ghost: I have seen ghosts having sex with ghost, Ghost having sex with things I would not want to repeat. Ask another ghost I thnk I just don't want to talk about sex acts natural or supernatural. It's not what I personally think about.

Do ghost have Bodily functions?

Ghost: Yes I have seen Ghost urinate, have bowel movements and cry. I have seen Ghost who just eat and eat. I don't. I don't believe I need to so I don't. Could That happen to be a special power I have only?

Do you realize when a live person see's you or watches you?

Ghost: I don't know?

Do you ever meet up with people you know that are also dead?

Ghost: Yes and the questions are always, "Hey how are you"?"How's the wife and Kids." just like when your alive.

How do you travel around?

Ghost: I walk. The highways are full of ghosts going all over the place. There are even ghosts that drive cars and bicycle, some jog. I met a nice lady named Mindy the other day I asked her how she died said hit by a car while jogging . I said why do you still jog? She said because she can and that is all she does because she doesn't get tired anymore.

Do you look like you did when you were alive? Younger Older.

Ghost: I don't know I don't see myself. I mean to me I am not invisible but unless I go find a mirror. I'll have to do that. I wish I was 20 lbs lighter.

Are you wearing Clothes?

Ghost: Yes I think I need to. I don't want others seeing my privates. But I have seen nude ghosts it's like ooh well their naked.

Are their headless ghosts?

Ghost: Yes I have seen them. When your dead nothing is left to the imagination. That's the hardest thing to get use to. Seeing Dead people having sex is strange but you see live people too.

Do you haunt people?

Ghost: I have in my own way I've done it to family friends and even strangers. I just follow them around watch them night and day doing everything I mean everything they do in a day. I guess I am voyeur from what you'd call the other side. But I hate to tell you I see some people, live ones being chased by sometime 100's of ghosts watching that person 's every little move. I guess it's something to do.

Are you happy?

Ghost: I'm ok. But many others are really not.

This ended my session with this particular Ghost the thin veil between the worlds dissolved. I went on to call up 12 more ghost this particular morning and will post their questions and answers very soon. If you think their is a question that is more important then these contact me as soon as possible. And I will ask the ghost that I call up to answer them. Email Me at: onthebaylisa@aol.com


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