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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan







Gina Lanier's Top Ten Favorite Haunted Paranormal People

Gina Lanier


The people in this article are very real and their claims and hauntings have all been investigated by many in the paranormal field today besides myself. I have had the pleasure over the years to work with them or meet them in one capacity or another. The vibes from them and the energy of their beliefs have always presented to me a feeling of honest awareness of the unseen. You might think the people I am writing about here are just a bit crazy! You might call me crazy for investigating them and their claims. But in my life I search to find out what is real for myself. And I suggest others in the paranormal field should do the same. Just because some paranormal claims seem so out there that it could not be real does not mean it is not.

My life may not bee haunted to the extreme as these as my list are. But I seek the paranormal to explore and research. These my favorite haunted people say that ghosts or the paranormal encounters they have seeks them out. And this is why I have personally investigated their paranormal claims and occurrences. You might call them crazy or down right strange individuals. But their lives they believed were very much touched by ghosts and all that goes bump in the night. I have investigated these individuals by spending years with them in uncontrolled situations. Watched them, talked them and witnessed their strange lives on a one to one basis. And I must admit many of what claims they spoke of often produced evidence that cannot be disputed.

I guess I should be on my own list too, so if you want to check me out visit my personal web site.

The people here on my list below, I know them all personally. I have listened to them and maybe believed them to a degree. Their strange words their beliefs into what they can do and have had happen to them actually frightens me to think could this really be going on. Some of what they say occurred I did witness and believe the encounter to be of the paranormal kind.

All I can tell you is I have seen some strange weird paranormal things in my life from being around these people and it was realer then real!

In many of those that I meet, I often wonder are these claims actually phenomena produced by the dead or manifestations from their own minds? A few in their lives you would believe do not know why they are such Ghost magnets. Where as others like myself seek out the occurrences that others or so much very haunted by.

A few on my list have now passed on. And one of them actually contacted a psychic and let him know he was dead. Carrying on long conversations with him for 3 years. I do not consider myself an expert on ghosts or classify a place or person as haunted.

I believe we as paranormal investigators should be observers and help individuals to see that they are not going insane. The inherent fear of the things in the dark and the ghost and monsters of the night might just all be real.

By Gina Lanier www.ginalanier.com


1. Lisa Lee Harp Waugh - The One And Only Great American Necromancer

I met Lisa Lee Harp Waugh from Marshall, Texas over 18 years ago. And I was truly amazed by her incredible powers to speak to ghosts from the instant we met. This great Texan gal sure can call up ghosts trough her many Necromantic rituals and carry on conversations that will certainly blow any paranormal investigators mind.

Lisa  Lee Harp Waugh

Waugh learned her ability to contact the dead at an early age. Secretly she and a close friend or two would call up the many lost souls that haunt Longview and Marshall, Texas and Louisiana highways.

"I see ghosts very clearly ," Says Waugh. But until a Necromancer from Galveston , Texas named Freebird taught her the procedures of Necromancy and the elaborate rituals she could not hear them. "For many years their voices were silent to me." Now I speak to the dead daily. And I hear every word they say, "states, Waugh.

Waugh's web site also features many predictions the dead give her concerning world events, and current affairs. Waugh is the founder of The American Ghost Hunters Society www.ghosthuntersofamerica.com.

2008 predictions from the spirit world.

I have heard Waugh speak to ghost. She talks them like she is speaking to another person in the room. The answers she tells me the ghosts she contacts is telling her is very astounding.


2. Mickey Of Miami

She belly Dances, Read Tarot Cards and is proficient in Astral Projections. Miami's Queen of the Tarot has had many strange encounters with real ghosts over the years. She has investigated haunted houses, Haunted New Orleans, Mardi Gras Parades, and the many, many spirits and spooks that haunt Miami, Florida. mickeyofmiami.com

Mickey Of Miami

At one time Mickey of Miami was part of a the American Ghost Hunters inner circle, a private closed paranormal group that held nightly seances to talk to spirits and paranormal entities And seek out hauntings that would scare the daylights out of anyone that has ever hunted for real ghosts.

Mickey of Miami was their test sensitive. The group also had a well Know New Orleans socialite witch who did many incantations and had a an affair with a dead mans ghost, A trance medium, The famous Jean "Tootsie" Guinot a relations to the famous Louis Prima, "Tootsie" Guinot's father was a well known medium from St. Bernard who actually had a solid oak table chase him out of a house. Melinda Hymel, A New Orleans girl with a way of attracting the paranormal to the nth degree. If Hymel was around things happened, from poltergeist activity to full body apparitions. Hymel also claims that ghosts paid her rent and made her do all the strange things she did. The last member was a hairstylist Marilyn Bucquart a lady who she and her family had, had many brushes with the Devil. She says she left the group because she had a experience that shook her for life!

Mickey Of Miami's research with this group led me to finding out the very real side of what ghosts and specters or capable of doing. The group held seances, tested out Ouija boards, called up demons and the usual things any group of paranormal ladies would do over the weekend.

The many seances somewhere in the 100's that I attended had some really strange phenomena going on. From a sofa with 3 large people sitting on it floating in mid air. To actual verbal communications with voices and strange faces appearing in dark rooms. Each time all this happened at different peoples homes. The experiments to talk to the dead went on where ever this group went. From glasses and plates being flung around them in haunted New Orleans restaurants and bars. I also witnessed ashtrays exploding in front of Mickey Of Miami magically.

A new member to their group , I'll call her Big Debbie because I don't Know her last name joined the group. She stayed with the group for only two nights on the third night she quit. I caught up with her few years latter in Arkansas I asked her why the quick departure, she said ... " What they do is real and I did not want to see anymore!"

The Seances that where going on or legendry in a few select paranormal investigators minds. I may get in trouble with a few of them for mentioning this but if the paranormal world greats would come forward and tell of their attendances at these late night excursions into the unknown many peoples beliefs would really be shaken.


Mickey Of Miami


Mickey held these seances from 1976 to 1990 for 7 nights a week. Many of whom attended were a few soon to be famous Paranormal Investigators of today. All sworn to secrecy about these strange paranormal adventures. This is why so many today respected GHOST HUNTER - PARANORMAL INVESTIGATORS are very careful about what they say concerning the goings on's, they experienced for themselves first hand with Mickey Of Miami.

Through Mickey's life have passed many well known individuals. Their problems are more paranormal then normal. Mickey reads and helps for those that are plagued with not to common of lives. " These people come to me because for some reason God wants me in their lives," She says.

Personally I know for a fact Mickey Of Miami lived in a funeral home for a time. Her Grand Father was one of the first Embalmer- Morticians in New Orleans and he once worked in the funeral home that is the Haunted Mortuary in New Orleans. I had investigated the claims with her that her grand Father was haunting the building in the 1980's. In 1976 Mickey Of Miami started reading cards professionally at the insistence of her late husbands ghost.

With Mickey I also hunted for ghosts in many cemeteries, homes and apartments in Louisiana. She also claims to have been present at many communications with demons and devil's that afflict individuals.

Many Late nights Mickey held all night Tarot Reading classes and seminars. Her group produced many fine tarot readers in the New Orleans Area. One of which was Simon Louis Jennings, Patty Cochran and Adelle Mullins was one of her students at one time.

Mickey's family tree heritage also goes back to the great Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau.


Mickey Of Miami at Marie Laveau's Tomb


3. Mister X

Mister X is a psychic, The man whose name I cannot mention exposed me to the world of all that is strange and otherworldly. From a life changing encounter with the devil himself. I would have put him in the number one spot but if you knew all that was Mister X then you'd agree I am safe putting him here.

If Words are Magic and what ghosts are made of and what I write makes things paranormal happen then... Enough said!


4. Karen Panayotopolous

I would say Karen Panotouplosous Considers herself one of the most haunted people in America. A self styled 56 yr old paranormal Rock N' Roll Female version of Keith Age. I have known Karen Panayotopolous since the early 1980's and have to say Age stole her look. This lady has sought out ghosts to the extreme. Traveling all across the United States and Canada following what ghosts have told her to do.

She has had a more then normal paranormal life. From constant contact from her dead husband to marrying a man and never seeing him again since the honeymoon, and that was well over 20 years ago.

Karen Panayotopolous

Panayotopolous does not claim to be psychic. She is a occultist white wiccan who is haunted by ghosts of animals, people and the otherwise shadow people that many claim to photograph.

If it happens to someone It probably has happened to Panayotopolous first. Ask her anything about her life and there is a ghost involved somewhere in the story. Phone calls from the dead asking her out on a date. Late night chit- chats with Janis Joplin. Astral excursions to visit close friends who actually see her.

Panayotopolous has owned haunted mirrors and many haunted items. A devote Voodooist and Wiccan Queen she has often spoken to many voodoo graveyard spooks and specters over the years.

She openly professes to having sex with a real ghost. Dancing, dining, borrowing money from the dead... Karen has by her word say's she has. And if you investigate her for yourself you might just find out some of her claims are truer then true. She claims to have had sodomy in cemetery with a particular ghost on more then one occasion. When I asked her why did she keep going back to this particular cemetery everyday? Panayotopolous said because she wanted to prove to herself it was really going on.

Panotouplosous has many gifts that come to her from the dead. Jewelry, clothes, books paintings to teddy bear. All these have come to her through paranormal means she claims.

On more then one occasion she tells of ghost saving her life. Many nights she would wait on a lone bus stop at between 2 - 3:AM. The bus stop actually in front of a cemetery. She also claims to have carried on long conversations with these spirits and a few actually caught the bus home with her and visited.

Panotouplosous has been hunting ghosts since 1973. She has hunted for Grunch (New Orleans own version of the Chupacabra), The Devil Baby and New Orleans Lost Dead.

Panotouplosous was a member of Onieda Toups the witch queen of New Orleans witches secret inner circle coven. The Inner New Orleans Witches Circle consisted of Toups her husband, Panotouplosous and two others I cannot name.

A personal close friend of Toups she was the one that pushed her into openly telling the world she was a witch and helping her charter the Religious Order of Witchcraft in New Orleans.

Panotouplosous also has stigmata each Easter season, and also has been known to be possessed by ghosts for several days or weeks at a time.


5. Yvonne Brown

If you want to know how a ghosts smells ask Brown. Scared disfigured and died on the operating table from a chemical accident, Brown now can smell a real ghost.

The strange smells she was told by a doctor was strange in itself. Brown could not smell taste speak for almost two years. Then one day it all came back. Brown said everything smelled normal but all of a sudden she would smell the smell of gingerbread, gasoline and airplane glue all at once. Her dogs would go wild for no reason and bark at thin air as if something invisible stood in front of her and them. She could smell it and follow it as it moved through the room. the dogs would turn and bark in the direction of the odor.

Yvonne Brown tells fellow Ghost Hunter Raul John Gonzalez

Some people claim to smell perfume or flowers or cigar smoke, things like that, when a real ghost is near. In the Photo above Yvonne Brown tells fellow Ghost Hunter Raul John Gonzalez to sniff the air for the presence of a ghost that she can smell. Please Read The Full Story here!

6. Kathy Rebecca Johns

This lady had a story for everyday of the week. Was she nuts? Did Ghosts push her over the edge?

Johns' had many stories from the usual tale of smells and strange sounds in every home she lived in. She often spoke of apparition of the dead appearing at the foot of her bed. For many years she spoke to no one of her haunted life.

One day the ghosts she said started telling her strange things to tell other people. She would walk up to total strangers and deliver messages to them from their dearly departed family and friends. She then made it her life mission until she died a few years ago to let everyone she came in contact with know that there is an afterlife.

Johns' would often tell those that ghost told her to speak to about what their heaven was like or why they were hanging around haunting them. The main reason for so many earthbound ghosts she would say is not unfinished business. It was because they wanted to finish out the life they had.

Johns also stated many times that evil ghosts of really wretched people often would speak to her tell her to go out and commit their crimes. She even believed she was getting possessed by them and would have many blackout periods where she could not account for her actions.

Johns sought out mental as well as Spiritual help in trying to quiet the many voices she heard and apparitions she saw. But none stopped the paranormal from invading her life. She considered all that she experienced as a curse until the day she died.

Johns always said she would be on the other side sooner then latter. Her dead pets from childhood also haunted her. She often said her house was full of stray dead cats and dogs not just her own.

Married several times in her life at least 5. Each of her marriages broke up because as she stated. "The Ghosts wanted her to themselves." I guess none of her ex- husbands could deal with her daily paranormal encounters. Two of her Ex's say they were really frightened and in their words seen and heard things. The others basically wrote her off as nuts.


7. Eric Schubert

This man talked to the dead just like you are I would converse. Was he crazy? Well, maybe a tad. Schubert had many dream that all came true. He used to write them down and and let my brother read them. And in my brothers words they were either self fulfilling prophecies or really paranormal occurrences.

The man said ghosts would tell him answers to anything that he asked. From what the weather would be to who would win a race at the Fairgrounds. (Too bad the Louisiana lottery wasn't around at the time).

Schubert often spoke of a ghost that visited with him daily. He often said the ghost would go around through his neighborhood and report back to him what was going in and filling him in on all the gossip.

Schubert also often spoke of the many ghost dogs and cats he would come in contact with. He also would tell of seeing ghosts everywhere he looked. Often he would tell me of his beliefs that he was crazy and all the ghosts he saw were not real. But in a moment he would then say if they are not real what is going on.

Schubert underwent several years of psychiatric evaluation. All findings said he was very intelligent the only problem was he saw dead people and was getting depressed over the fact that he did.

To me Schubert proved that people who deal with the paranormal on a day to day basis sometimes can be pushed over the edge with it. How do you get people to believe what you are saying and seeing to be real?

Schubert died from suicide in 1989 and many say he now haunts the house where he once lived.


8. The LOAD, And Bry, The Logrande Brothers

Sadly both the Logrande Brothers have passed over. But many say they are still haunted by them both. Both brothers were heavily into drugs at one time of their lives and through their drug use both claimed they had encountered the paranormal to degree's that would defy explanation.

The older brother who died in 2004 had many paranormal experiences. From being slapped by ghosts to even having a ghost knock a tooth out of his mouth in a man Vs. Ghost fist fight.

This guy was a commando ghost hunter from the start. During the 1980's to August 29th 2005 many new Orleanians were never shy about their encounters with ghosts, Devil's, Spirits or spooks. I guess New Orleanians live between the paranormal lines where the veil is it's most thinnest. Logrande or Load as we called him had many encounters with angry evil ghosts and demons. If a ghost wanted to kick someone's ass, poke somebody in the eye, or punch you in the gut Load Logrande was the man who had it happen to him.

Load was bitten, scratched cut and even a bone or two broken by real ghosts.

His brother Bry was one that saw ghosts when he was not under the influences of drugs or alcohol. Bry Logrande told me he did these things to make his life like any others. When he was stone cold sober he says he would see ghosts around him doing things from the mundane to actual sexual acts. Bry committed suicide in 1990.

Load died of a hear attack in 2003.


9. The Late Judy Root Serpas

I call her my best ghost hunting friend Dead or Alive! Judy Root Serpas was a Lady born in Topeka, Kansas. She grew up in Houston, Texas went to school in Canada And married a man and lived in New Orleans all her life.

She married into a family where paranormal was a normal way of life. Her nephew was a famous New Orleans Psychic, her husband was a born with a veil, and had many strange paranormal encounters with ghosts as a New Orleans policeman.

I attended many seances with Serpas. She was in group that explored ghosts in New Orleans Cemeteries at night with a group of 5 other people. This was going on in the early 1970's. By the time I met her in the 1980's she was exploring haunted houses.

Serpas Husband Joseph died in 1991 his ghost came back and helped her from the other side. He became her spirit guide and told her of many pitfalls along the way.

After his death Serpas went to work for New Orleans Charity hospital. She said in her own words many times " Want to see a real ghost or encounter one go to Charity Hospital their are more dead people there then living!"

Sadly Judy Root Serpas died in 1999 from cancer. Her psychic nephew woke up one morning hearing a voice say "Judy's Dead"! Because of this he called her to warn her three days prior to her death and asked her if she was prepared to go. Judy was dying of cancer that she got from a railroad car derailment and explosion of toxic chemicals. Judy being who she was said she understood and thanked him for being understanding of her problems with ghost overt the years. She told him that her dead ex niece in Law Sandy Serpas had come to her in a dream and told her that she would be with her Wednesday. This was on a Monday. Judy was found dead on a Wednesday


10. Rich Fortune - The Bat Man

Just recently over the phone from California I met a nice guy seeking help for one of the strangest problems I have ever come across. His concern as that his problem was of a paranormal and not just years of coincidences. So I set up a date to meet up with one day in Las Vegas.

Rich Fortune

"Since I was 5 years old my momma use to tell me that many fortunes tellers had told her I would be born with the mark of the bat on me.". Says Rich Fortune. " I have always been haunted by bats where ever I go or live they find me!" " I just went out bought a house plant for my apartment." I picked what I thought was the prettiest the store had to offer." brought it home and out flies a live bat then another."

This is not the first time this has happened to Fortune, His entire life is one story after another how bats happen to find him. Lisa Lee Harp Waugh the American Necromancer caught up with Fortune to get him to contact me. The day she went to his apartment he demonstrated to her the fact that bats search him out. Waugh tells of how he opened his patio door and in minutes 8 live bats flew into the room.

I met Fortune recently in a Las Vegas hotel where he demonstrated his strange gift. We walked pass a large flower arrangement on a floor in the hotel where Fortune did not know I was taking him when suddenly, out of a fresh floral arrangement flew a bat it circled him 9 - 12 times then flew back into the arrangement where he retrieved it from for the photos.

Rich Frotune Bat

I then took him by car to a location he did not know I was taking him. As we drove into the desert several bats began to fly along side the vehicle. I had seen enough. I turned around and drove him back to the hotel. I may investigate this further one day. I guess you just get to the point when seeing it once is enough to substantiate your beliefs. But who am I to tell him it's a paranormal thing or not!

All these people listed above have had what many may call over the top paranormal experiences. But as an investigator these claims are worth investigating. If you write people off as crazy because they say these things are happening to them then you will never be a good ghost hunter.

You need to listen to these people. Try to see what they see or hear what they hear. You can laugh but you know it's true. And those Ghost Hunters like myself who know these Paranormally haunted people will tell you many of them are telling the truth!

About Gina Lanier

Gina Lanier

GINA LANIER is a New Orleans native who has studied paranormal activities, the occult and hauntings for nearly thirty years. She has participated in and conducted large-scale location hauntings and recently has shifted her focus to include the investigation and study of haunted toys such as dolls, toy furniture, games and other hallmarks of childhood.

Gina’s paranormal studies stem from several childhood experiences with the unknown including witnessing full body apparitions and clairaudient encounters with deceased relatives. These experiences continued beyond childhood and this is when Gina resolved to learn as much as possible about psychic and paranormal phenomenon to determine what, exactly, was making contact with her and with others who claimed to have been contacted from the Other Side.

Gina owns and operates a construction and refurbishment company in the Greater New Orleans area and this has afforded her exposure to many allegedly haunted locations and people over the years; several of these clients welcomed Gina’s expertise and insight when it came to documenting and investigating their haunted homes and businesses.

Gina "The Gnothz" Lanier

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Gina Lanier

Also read: Is It Really Paranormal? Questioning The Unknown Side Of Ghosts And Demonic Possession - With tales of being raped or beaten by ghosts, to stories of even a ghost giving a person a loan of some cash. I ask myself do these things really happen? -- Ginalanier.com


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