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The Happy Birthday Ghost
Ghost Photo sent to us by D. E. Foreman . about 5 years ago a friend came to me with this amazing photo. It was a picture of his niece celebrating her 6th birthday. He said, " Look at the photo closely. Do you see anything? " I replied not really, and he said " Look again in there reflection in the window".

I examined it closely and in the reflection off the glass behind the girl was what looked like a cloaked figure. With eyes , nose and mouth, looking right back at you.

When I scanned it and blew the image up it was even more vivid than before. I did some testing with this photo with film negative effect and such, but the creepiest one is when I embossed it. If you noticed the point of the flash, it's flat, as if no depth. But the ghostly image is embossed, as if the computer actually detected that the image does indeed have depth . Creepy!

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