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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan




Real New Myrtles Plantation Ghost Photos

Ghost photos happen in St. Fracsiville's haunted Myrtles plantation daily. Myrtles Plantation ghost seen in the mirror in 2007, St. Francisville, LA, by Terry Wilson

"A skeptic is one when faced with the real handwriting on the wall, claims that it is nothing more then a forgery."

Article BY Paul Richard Pollizzi

Everyone Knows that the Myrtles plantation is haunted. The ghost Photos below were sent to us by a guest in latter part of last year. The photos which she called Lady in the window at the Myrtles, Child in the same window. This is a photo of the roof top windows or the garget upstairs window at the Myrtles On December 2- 3 2007 by Michelle Brown. We often get photos of ghosts that many people just want an honest opinion on.

There are a variety of other legends surrounding the Myrtles. The house is reputedly built over an Indian burial ground, and the ghost of a young Indian woman has been reported. During the Civil War, the house was ransacked by Union soldiers, and legend claims that three were killed in the house. Supposedly, there is (or was) a blood stain in a doorway, roughly the size of a human body, that will not (or would not) come clean. Other legends say that cleaners have been unable to push their mop or broom into that space. However, there is no record of any Union soldiers having been shot on the Myrtles property.

A mirror located in the house supposedly holds the spirits of Sara Woodruff and two of her children. According to custom, mirrors are covered after a death, but legend says that after the poisoning of some of the Woodruffs, this particular mirror was overlooked. The uncovered mirror reportedly trapped the spirits of Sara and her children, who are occasionally seen or leave hand prints in the mirror. These hand prints may have been left by workers replacing the glass or re silvering the mirror.

The plantation is also reportedly haunted by a young girl who died in 1868, despite being treated by a local voodoo practitioner. She supposedly appears in the room in which she died, and has been reported to practice voodoo on people sleeping in the room. There is also a ghost who reportedly walks, staggers, or crawls up the stairs and stops on the 17th step. Some have said that this is William Winter, the victim of the only reported murder in the house. Alternate versions of his murder claim he managed to walk or crawl up the stairs, and collapsed in his wife's arms on the 17th step. However, this version of the story is contested. There have been other reports of odd sounds, but they generally do not have legends attached to them.

Official Website of - The Myrtles Plantation www.myrtlesplantation.com

Official Website of - The Myrtles Plantation

211-year-old National Register Home built by General David Bradford ..."Whiskey Dave".
Guided History and Mystery Tours offered daily.
Full Service Restaurant - Casual or Elegant Dining
11 Bed & Breakfast Rooms
*Wedding and Reception Facilities
Experience Antebellum Splendor in "One of America's Most Haunted Homes"

The Myrtles Plantation, circa 1796, invites you to step into the past to experience antebellum splendor. You will see fine antiques and architectural treasures of the South and discover why The Myrtles has been called one of "America's Most Haunted Homes".

The Myrtles has been featured in New York Times, Forbes, Gourmet, Veranda, Travel and Leisure, Country Inns, Colonial Homes, Delta SKY, and on the Oprah Show, A & E, The History Channel, The Travel Channel, The Learning Channel, National Geographic Explorer, and GOOD MORNING AMERICA. It was also featured in The Haunting of Louisiana.

And Also See: REAL GHOSTS IN THE MIRROR and The Myrtles Plantation, the facts, just the facts. Also MYRTLES PLANTATION GHOST PHOTO.

Michelle Brown's Own Story And Ghost Photos

For my birthday my family sent me to stay the night at the Myrtles. Which is what I have wanted to do for a very long time .I admit I am a skeptic when it comes to ghosts and I didn't really expect to see anything and I actually didn't see anything.

My daughter went with me and she says she saw something. (lucky her) Well I took lots of pictures and downloaded them onto my computer just to show my family. When I went back to look at them more closely I got a shock.In one of the pictures I am sending, you can just make out the ghost of the woman my daughter says sat down next to her(which I didn't see) in the upstairs window. In the other picture there is a little girl looking down at me. Both my daughter and I looked at that window before and after I took the picture and I can promise you no one was at that window. Please let me know if you can see them or if it's just wishful thinking on my part.

Myrtles window ghost photos by Michelle Brown AMERICA'S MOST HAUNTED: MYRTLES PLANTATION: The Myrtles Plantation is an antebellum plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana, near Baton Rouge. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the plantation is a bed and breakfast, and it offers historical and mystery tours.

Ghosts and anomalous photos of this particular roof top window or more then common. Many have said they see the curtains move and strange ghostly faces peering out day and night. A recent tales says a person died in the upper room during their haunted stay and now they are forever trapped in the most haunted house in America. This story cannot be confirmed or denied.

When you die of fright in a haunted house says Ghost Hunter Raleigh James of Louisiana Ghost Chaser your ghost becomes one of the the lonely souls forever haunting the locations. James says his research into this phenomena is forth coming. he also says that there may be at least a ghost or two of others that have died on the grounds in recent years who also now haunt the home.

The legend of Chloe And The Truth

Possibly the most well known of the Myrtles supposed ghosts, Chloe (sometimes Cleo) was reportedly a slave owned by Clark and Sara Woodruff. According to one story, Clark Woodruff had pressured or forced Chloe into being his mistress. Chloe and Clark were caught by Sara Woodruff, and Chloe began to listen at keyholes, trying to learn what would happen to her.[12] Other versions of the legend have Chloe listening in at keyholes to learn news of Clark Woodruff's business dealings or for other purposes. After being caught, either by Clark or Sara Woodruff, one of her ears was cut off, and she wore a green turban to hide it.

After having her ear cut off, Chloe supposedly baked a birthday cake containing oleander leaves, which are extremely poisonous. The various legends diverge as to why she did this, with some saying she was getting revenge on the Woodruffs and some saying she was attempting to redeem her position by curing the family of the poisoning. According to the legends, her plan backfired. Only Sara and her two daughters ate the cake, and all died from the poison. Chloe was then supposedly hanged by the other slaves, either as punishment or to escape punishment by Clark Woodruff for harboring her.

The historical record does not support this legend. There is no record of the WOODRUFFS owning a slave named Chloe or Cleo. The legends usually claim that Sara and her two daughters were poisoned, but Mary Octavia survived well into adulthood. Finally, Sara, James, and Cornelia Woodruff were not killed by poisoning, but instead succumbed to yellow fever. Regardless of the factual accuracy of the Chloe story, she supposedly haunts the plantation.

How would you like to spend the night--alone--in the most haunted house in America?

As for the reported ghost story of Chloe. Recently found copies of all the slave holdings of David Bradford, Clark Woodruff and Ruffin Grey Stirling have no mention of there ever being a slave named Chloe being at the Myrtles. This is not to say she did not exist but the name is not present anywhere to be found. The courthouse records clearly state that David Bradford his wife Elizabeth, William Drew Winter, Sarah Woodruff and the two children did all die at the Myrtles Plantation house. As did also many slaves and workers who also lived and worked on the property over the many years. And these are the people who I believe do haunt the magnificent Myrtles Plantation house and it's beautiful grounds.

Court archives in St. Francisville fail to substantiate the existence of "Chloe" (Frank 2001; Williams 2003). Although there are variants (as folklorists say) of the Chloe tale, most do not seem to be evidence of any longstanding tradition. Instead, they appear to result from the mere garbling of details by careless writers. For instance Hauck (1996), apparently following Roberts (1995), gives Chloe's name as "Cleo." (I suspect Chloe was spelled by someone as Cloe, then "corrected" by another to "Cleo.")

Up until the late 70’s when the house was purchased by a couple from California, there were no reported stories of ghosts haunting the empty halls at The Myrtles. It wasn’t to long after they moved in that all the stories we hear today started. There have been several owners since, and the Ghost stories just continue to grow.

The house itself is a broad, low, rambling frame mansion with a clapboard exterior and was built in two halves. The first half, which was built in 1796, forms the western six bays of the main facade. These were increased in size due to mid-19th-century restoration, when the house also received a southward extension that almost doubled its size. The unusually long gallery is supported by an exceptional cast-iron railing of elaborate grape-cluster design. It is the interior detailing, however, which is perhaps the most important feature of the Myrtles Plantation.



You just might want to see more proof! Right?



Kinda SpOoky when you see the grand haunted mirror in the hall says Dale Eckers. "Soon as I took a photo I though I knew I had a ghost in the image." "The face seeme to be of a skull." Said Eckers. (REAL GHOST PHOTO IMAGE BELOW)

Is that Cloes the Myrtles Ghost in this real Ghost photo of the Myrtles Plantations Haunted Mirror?

"The huge chest is said to be haunted also and many times people say they hear something strange moving around inside." " Many EVP's have been recorded just bly leaving a recorder on top of it." Voices of real ghosts from it have been know to say things only in French Creole."

The Myrtles haunted mirror says, Eckers is not part of the original homes furnishings he states. And he also believes that stories of it being cursed by the great Voodoo - Hoodoo Queen Marie Laveau or that it had been the original property of New Orleans first female serial Killer Delphine Lalaurie. In the photo below you can see a woman and childs ghosts. "The ghost appear in the image near the bust in the reflection." Said Eckers. " These to me or the best prof that ghosts are haunting the Myrtles Plantation day and night."

"I was told that if you are allowed to se the back of the mirror which is rare you will find that there are strange voodoo hoodoo markings etched int to the frame." "That was told to me by the tour guide in secret." Said Eckers. " The original owners are said to have told her that when the new glass was put in 7 years ago." "For the truth to come out when the glass is changed like it is every 10 year to stop the curse from effecting the lives of the owners, and the real truth will be documented."

Mrtles Plantation Photo of Chloe  the resident ghost?

Official Website of - The Myrtles Plantation www.myrtlesplantation.com

"When the great New Orleans ghost hunter and writer Kalila Smith investigated The most haunted house in America She said that Lalarie Haunted the great plantaion." " And her source was from the mirror." The Tour Guide told me in private." She said that that night not so long ago really effected Smith and she believes she has never again visited since that day.!"

Many artificate in the home might also have been once of the Lalaurie estate. Many believe the New Orleans Queen of mean once hid herself in the Myrtles Planrtation to getaway from those that wanted to lynch her." "Whatever the real truth is it might just come out one day."

Delphine Lalaurie

Delphine Lalaurie

"The connection between the Two Most haunted houses in America seem to be both in Louisiana." "And the ghosts of Lalaurie might just haunt both the Lalaurie Mansion and The Mytles." Said Eckers. " Many often describe the ghosts as being thin and dark eyed and sad." "And this fits Lalaurie's description to a tee."

Please note: Eckers believes that his Myrtles Plantation Ghost Mirror Photos are the best and most real to exisit. His scientific method of getting them he states is his secret alone.


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