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August is Hungry Ghost Month

Elvis' Ghost Has Entered The Building


by Mack Harrison

I am one of those people that still believes The King is Alive. In Music Film and of Course the internet. Growing more popular every year is the Annual Seancé that the devoted perform every August 16th to call up the ghost of Elvis Presley. August is also Hungry Ghost Month. When spirits and ghosts especially those that died in August return to be fed.


Each year Memphis is alive and ground zero for an anniversary vigil at Elvis Presley's grave. The procession, called the "Elvis Candlelight Vigil," draws several thousand Elvis fans who line up in the street in front of Graceland for a single-file procession up a long, winding driveway to his grave in a small garden.

2007 Elvis Vigil Ceremony with Todd Morgan Part 1


Elvis’ Death Anniversary Is Prime Time For A Real Seancé

HOUSTON (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – (Aug. 16) is the best day of the year to bring Elvis back from the dead. That’s because it’s the 31st anniversary of the death of The King, and necromancer Lisa Lee Harp Waugh says it’s the prime time to host an Elvis Seancé.

Due to the significance of the day, Waugh says Elvis may be more open to making a cameo if he’s summoned by fans. She says having an Elvis artifact at the Seancé – such as a drop of his spit or a piece of his gum – and plenty of white candles could help increase the chances of him showing up.

"And please don’t forget the peanut butter and ’nanner sandwiches." She says with her sweet Texan drawl.

Elvis Presley performs at Madison Square Garden in this June 1972 photo. George Kalinsky, the official Garden photographer for more than 40 years, recently found the photos. (AP Photo/From the Lens of George Kalinsky)

Elvis Presley performs at Madison Square Garden in this June 1972 photo. George Kalinsky, the official Garden photographer for more than 40 years, recently found the photos. (AP Photo/From the Lens of George Kalinsky)

Waugh says offering "The King’s" favorite snack is a good way to make his spirit feel comfortable. And entice him to come to your little gathering. "The hungry dead always come to where their favorite foods are." Says Waugh. She says the actual Elvis Seancé should be conducted in silence, and summoners should refrain from blaring Elvis’ hits at the time. Instead, she says people can play Elvis’ music and talk about his life at a party before the Seancé , which will get everyone into the spirit.

Hungry ghost love to eat and in life so did Elvis. Nancy Rooks, a former Graceland cook, set up shop and sold her book to visitrrs this year, "Elvis' Maid Remembers," and she talked with fans.

Generally, the 71-year-old Rooks said, the fans ask about Elvis' personal habits, when he went to bed, when he got up, what he liked to eat.

"I tell them he ate breakfast at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, but then he'd eat dinner at 1 o'clock at night," she said. "We always had a meat loaf cooked, just in case he wanted it. If he didn't want meat loaf, then we knew to give him roast beef. He liked soul food."

Also Waugh tells that these many Elvis Seancé 's are also held on his birthday January 8th of each year also. From Memphis to Nashville, yes Elvis' ghost is very busy.

So if your Seancé does not get Elvis to show his sequined and rhine stoned shroud try again another day. Remember he might be with his family or friends checking them out or just, "Taking Care Of Business." says Waugh. "You Know how the king was TCB was his motto."

Waugh has made many trips to Graceland over the years to conduct private Seancé's For many Elvis Fans who attend the Elvis Week - Candle Light Vigil each year. She is also a big Elvis Fan in her own right.

Graceland Ghost

Fans weren't scared away by an intermittent drizzle during the vigil, which began at 9:30 p.m. EDT. The vigil, which runs into the early morning, is the highlight of a weeklong series of fan-club meetings, dances and Elvis-impersonator contests to commemorate the anniversary of his death. He died of heart disease and drug abuse at Graceland on Aug. 16, 1977. He was 42. Many Elvis pilgrims return each year, and the graveside vigil draws visitors from around the world.


And each year a large gathering of groups at several Hotels across the city hold a annual Elvis Seancé with several well known area and out of town guest mediums and psychics. These Elvis Seancé are also held on his birthday January 8th of each year.

Many of these groups of fans have stated that Elvis' ghost sometimes shows up. Vicki Coffey says Elvis' ghost actually came to visit their little groups midnight soiree." We knew he was their in the room. We all got a very cold chill and could smell Hot Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich." Said Coffey.

Coffey uses a glow in the dark Ouija Board with Elvis's image pasted in the spots where the Sun and Moon are located. Coffey says she is well known in her home town of Gadsden, Alabama as a channiling spirit medium. She also states that she has since 2001 only contacted Elvis twice but only briefly.

"My friend Debbie Day Pettit and I used to talk to ghosts all the time as kids." "My friend Debbie has passed on in 2007 to the other side and she is now my spirit guide. " "And she tells me it was the King who came into our room." Said Coffey.

Many times people say pictures of Elvis' Ghost are caught on film and video at Graceland. Or as so many still belive it is him, and he is very much still alive.

Elvis' Ghost

Graceland Cemetery Ghost Photo Sent To us by Wolfman

On October 30, 1994 I thought it would be a cool idea to take the camera and a fresh roll of film to Graceland Cemetery here in Chicago, IL. Being that I was into the paranormal aspect of life, I wanted to try and capture some kind of ghost image on film just for my own amusement. Needless to say, it was a cold, cloudy, rainy day which made it perfect for Halloween.

Graceland Cemetery has been around for well over 150 years. It is one the oldest cemeteries in Chicago. Many famous Chicagoan's are buried there...mayors, athletes, titans of industry.

That afternoon when I got to the cemetery, camera in hand, I started taking snap shots of old headstones, mausoleums and crypts hoping to catch a chance ghost or spector on film. Low and behold, I did.

As you can see from the picture (full image above, close-up below), the stone burial tomb is coffin size which has a huge old catholic cross on top of it. It immediately caught my eye as I walked by. I took three photos of it. I don't have a clue which frame this image appeared, but as you can see the hand or fist appears quite clear in the lower right hand corner.

A few days later when I took the film in to get developed I was hoping and praying that I would catch something. When I opened the package up I was quite happy to find that image on the picture.

I immediately showed the picture to family and friends and it was a 50/50 argument for being an authentic ghost photo against being any more than just a film error. Either way, I like to beleive that I did catch an authentic paranormal event. So after many years of having this picture, I'd like to pass it on to the many People who belive in ghosts out there. I'll let them decide what it is.


Elvis Week 2008 Event Calendar & Ticket Information
Saturday, August 9 – Sunday, August 17

Below is the current Elvis Week 2008 calendar of events along with ticket purchase information for each event. Updates to the calendar will be made as additional guests, details and events are confirmed. Please check back often to get the latest updates.

Some ticketed events below are sold through Graceland. Other events are sold through Ticketmaster.

For the Elvis Week Fun Package and other tickets sold through Graceland, the ticket prices below include sales tax. There is a $4.50 per transaction service fee for each order placed through Graceland. This includes orders made over the phone or online orders. Tickets available through Graceland reservations will be on sale through August 5. After August 5, they will be available in person at Graceland Guest Services or at the door of the event, pending availability. All tickets sold through Ticketmaster will be subject to tax and Ticketmaster fees. All ticket sales are final and non-refundable. Please Visit here now!

The Real Haunted Painting of Elvis On Velvet

The Ghost Of Elvis Presley

" My Velvet Elvis Presley is really Haunted by a ghost." "You Know The King of Rock 'n' Roll" says Debbie Jacobs . " I bought it when I went to Graceland A few Months ago." And every time I leave the house it falls off the wall." "My Boyfriend has checked the painting that he calls "The Hillbilly Cat" several times before we leave the house and he says it is up their sturdy and cannot fall off." "But as soon as we get home there it is again resting on the back of my blue suede sofa." So last week I took it off the wall before we left." When we got home it was back up hanging on the wall!" "No one can get into my house I have a Serviced burglar Alarm. I called the company and they said from monitoring it it was not shut off at any time nor were the beams broken and the alarm never sounded.... I looked at the calendar and it was January 8th his Birthday!" "I hate to see what will happen on – August 16th !

... Velvet Elvis Ghost Painting Sent to us By Brenda Roget

Could It be, Elvis' Ghost Still Roams Graceland?

Here is a creepy story. My husband's cousin lived in Memphis, actually working at the hospital where Elvis was pronounced dead. Now, Elvis is not of my generation or musical taste -- but my husband, my small daughter at the time (Scarlet) decided to go visit Graceland. We were walking down the hall where all of his costumes and awards are displayed and suddenly my three-year-old daughter has DISAPPEARED! We looked could not find her... I freaked out a bit, and they closed all of the doors to Graceland to do a search, fearing she was abducted. (It was amazing how quick they did the "shutdown.") We finally found Scarlet outside at Elvis's grave and monument. She was playing and talking to herself. When we asked Scarlet why she ran off, she explained a very nice man in a white suit had taken her by the hand and "showed her things" around the house. This man then led her outside to the white monument and fountain and "disappeared." Scarlet is now seventeen and I have asked her if she can remember what the man looked like and she says she cannot remember anything about that day at all. Elvis's ghost? He loved little children and so this is very possible. No one else fits the description of a man in a white suit from that afternoon.

... Susan Sheppard Of Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours, West Virginia

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Gina Lanier



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