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A Superenatural Ghost Picture



Please also see Larger original "GHOST CHILDREN GHOST PHOTO" image here!


I would like to share one of my ghost experiences, along with a photo that most people agree shows the image of two ghost children.

I explore and photograph abandoned places. In a small town nearby, there is an active care facility for severely handicapped and mentally ill children. The campus is very large, and has many old abandoned buildings scattered around it. One large, L-shaped brick building seems to be a dormitory built in the late 19th century, and appears to have been abandoned for over 20 years. It sits alone on a hill, and is overgrown with vines, ivy, and brush. Inside, there are three decayed floors with many rooms full of peeling paint and artifacts left behind by people who hadn't been there in decades.

While wandering through the halls one day, snapping pictures and studying some of the musty items left behind, I entered a room right inside the foyer on the first floor. I had taken many shots of the porch outside, because I found it to an interesting subject - a decayed, overgrown columned porch, where a lone wooden chair sat in front of the two old wooden doors...It had always intrigued me. Anyway, alone in this room, I began to notice a sharp drop in temperature. About the same time, I got the distinct feeling that I was being watched. Since my friends were on the third floor, inspecting some old, musty documents we found there, I knew that I should have been alone. We had also already toured the entire building, and I knew we were the only people there.

Ghost Children

Please also See Close up larger image here now!

This feeling didn't scare me as much as it excited me - I have had several other experiences since childhood with what I have always believed were ghosts. I stayed there, listening for any sounds that might indicate someone or something was there, but I heard nothing. Soon, the cold dissipated, and the feeling was gone.

When we left, I snapped a shot that porch, to add to the others I had already taken at different times of the year. When I got home, I was stunned by the image of it that appeared on my computer - in the window of the door on the right hand side of the porch, there seemed to be a vivid apparition of a little girl and boy, staring right back at me from inside that cold room!

Ghost Children

Please Visit Here to see larger image

Most people I know have seen this image, and they all agree that they can see these children, through whom can be seen the wooden cross-pieces of the windows. The girl is closest to the center, and the boy is standing just behind her. I imagine them to be either two young siblings, perhaps the children of a doctor, or even patients of the hospital. Whoever they might be, they appear to be forever caught in spirit inside this damp, lonely old building...

Included in this "Ghost Children- Ghost Photo Article" are two images - the original, and a close up of that same shot. Other than the zoom in, the pictures have not been altered in any way. I have since taken numerous shots of this porch from the outside, from many different angles and in various lighting conditions. I have not been able to reproduce the same result. SInce the building has since been secured by the maintenance workers, I have not returned to go inside.

I hope these images are as intriguing to you as they have been for me.

Please also see Larger original "GHOST CHILDREN GHOST PHOTO" image here!





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