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The Devil Baby  of New Orleans




Come spend an afternoon with members of Paranormal Task Force, a real ghost hunting & paranormal research team who were recently named the Second Best Paranormal Investigative Group for 2009/10 by Haunted America Tours (TOP TEN BEST PARANORMAL GROUP IN AMERICA) in Arrow Rock, MO, one of the most historical and haunted towns west of the Mississippi.  Founded in 1829 originally as Philadelphia it was soon changed in 1833 to Arrow Rock after is landmark "rock of arrows" given to it by early French explorers due to its 12,000 plus years of use by Native Americans to manufacture flint tools and weapons.
This very historic town was once visited by Lewis and Clark on their expedition, a vital stop on the Santa Fe Trail and home to renown people such as artist George Caleb Bingham and Dr. John Sappington as well as three past Missouri Governors.  Due to its historical stature with Westward Expansion in America, the entire town was placed on the National Historic Register in 1963.
The afternoon will kick off at 11:30 a.m. with a luncheon at the very historic and haunted J. Huston Tavern which has been serving travelers and guest since 1834.  Here you will be treated to a fabulous lurch prepared by Chef Liz Huff which will include your choice of:
(1) Fried Chicken - 2 pieces of buttermilk fried chicken, red mashed potatoes with bacon cream gravy, candied green beans with caramelized onions. (or)
(2) Salad Plate - roasted chicken and penne pasta, marinated in “Lettuce Lizzie’s Pesto Parmesan Peppercorn Dressing”, served over a bed of fresh greens with cucumber, tomato, carrot, and fresh parmesan cheese.
And if that was not enough, both choices also come with homemade honey biscuits, iced tea or coffee and fruit cobbler of the day.
While at the J. Huston Tavern you will also be treated to stories of the ghostly happenings within this historic wonder by the current owner and other special guest and also hear some of the haunted experiences from the ghost hunters themselves.  Who knows, you may even have your own ghostly encounter! 
Then at 1:30 p.m. you will be taken on a walking tour of Arrow Rock and learn more about its past and hauntings from local experts. 
Date:  Saturday November 7, 2009
Time:  Lunch starts at 11:30 a.m. with walking tour at 1:30 p.m.
Cost:  $35 per person ($30 for those registered for the Ghost Hunting Class on either November 6 or 7)
Call Michelle at 660-886-6958 ext 250 or email mhanson@marshallschools.com for more details.
Or to register online visit the SCCC Site at -
Afraid of things that go bump in the night? Do you catch images out of the corner of your eye? Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Or are you just curious about the paranormal? Greg Myers and his crew from the Paranormal Task Force are back and will give classroom instruction covering haunting types, content and classification;  investigative basics & protocols (do's & dont's); basic equipment used; ghost hunting techniques;  and present evidence and experiences of previous hauntings and investigations the team has been involved in. 
Then we will head out for an optional interactive investigative tour of one or more nearby haunted locations including the haunted and historic Huston Tavern in Arrow Rock, MO where you will experience a ghost hunt first hand.  Who knows, you may even meet a ghost yourself!  What better way to prepare yourself to be a ghost hunter or to learn and experience what it is like!   Hurry, class size is limited!!!
Dates: Friday November 6, 2009 or
Saturday November 7, 2009
Time: 5:30 p.m. until ????
Location: Saline County Career Center
900 West Vest
Marshall, MO 65340
Event check in and presentation will be conducted at the Bueker Middle School - 565 S Odell in Marshall, MO.
Cost: $39.00 per person
Call Michelle at 660-886-6958 ext 250 or email mhanson@marshallschools.com for more details.
More information or to register visit the SCCC Site at -
Greg Myers, Director

Website: www.paranormaltaskforce.com 
Alternate Web URL: www.catchmyghost.com
Our New Para-Forum Paranormal Network: www.para-forum.com
PTF on "I Am Haunted": www.iamhaunted.com/paranormaltaskforce 

© 2009 Paranormal Task Force, Inc.


"Your One Stop Paranormal Resource Center"


Paranormal Task Force are a professional team of experienced paranormal investigators and researchers. We combine a unique blend of humanistic values, and scientific techniques which result in a well formulated, balanced tactical approach to paranormal investigations and research.

Along with our adherence to a strict set of protocols and standards, our methods result in superior client satisfaction, collection of quality evidence beneficial to the overall progression of the paranormal field and in some cases bring full closure for the client.

Pictured above are (front to back):  Matt Hendrix, Greg Myers, Sandra Oates, Margaret Shelton, Bobbi Govro, Gary Boyer, Ron Turner, Chris Koetters, Jeremy King and Matt Wikoff.

PTF current members include:


1. Gregory Myers (Director) - President, Investigative Coordinator & EVP Specialist

2. Jeremiah Niere (Director) - Vice President, Lead Investigator

3. Sandy Oates (Director) - Treasurer/Secretary, Case Management Coordinator & Lead Investigator

4. Tom Halstead (Director) - Investigator & Paranormal Photographer

5. Bobbi Govro (Director) - Investigator & Researcher

6. Chris Koetters - Public Relations, Case Manger & Investigator

7. Terry Gambill - Investigator

8. Matt Hendrix - Investigator

9. Jim Oates - Lead Investigator

10. Jeff Hoffman - Case Manager & Investigator

11. Jeremy King - Investigator

12. Matt Wikoff - Investigator

13. Ron Turner - Case Manager & Investigator

14. Gary Boyer - Case Manger & Investigator

15. Tricia Shimchick - Case Manger & Investigator

16. Shane Brown - Investigator & Researcher

17. Angie Clouse - Investigator & Researcher

18. Esther Carroll - Researcher

19. Chris McQueen - Investigator

20. Bryan McQueen - Investigator

21. Steven Rusbarsky - Investigator & Researcher

22 - Susan Koob - Investigator

23. Margaret Shelton - Investigator

PARANORMAL TASK FORCE™ serves its clients in three ways:

1. PTF fully addresses all of the client's needs and concerns, while respecting their privacy and beliefs.

2. PTF supports the advancement of the paranormal field through the collection of evidence, and data for
further study.

3.PTF fully respects the unknown realms we are dealing with, along with the potential dangers involved.

Through consultation and other methods, we have found that proper investigative techniques, combined with the proper analysis can result in a mutual and peaceful co-existence between the human client(s) and their paranormal inhabitant(s).

When this is not achievable, we consult the client about the wide range of possible solutions to meet their needs. The client is the one who makes the ultimate decision concerning which solution is best for them. Paranormal Task Force staff will never abandon our clients, and vows to stay with them until resolution to the issue is achieved.

At Paranormal Task Force we also realize that every paranormal situation is unique and no two are exactly alike. As such; our full analysis, versatile techniques and abundant resources can adapt to and assist with the complexity of any situation. Many times a full investigation is not necessary. In many cases interviews, research and analysis can provide you with an explainable cause or simple solution to your predicament.

All of our investigations are done at no cost to you. Most importantly, we understand your fears and needs, because most of our staff has experienced or lived through such a haunting themselves. We know what you are experiencing and the effects it may be having upon you and your family. We care about you, and the potential psychological and physical dangers that you, and your family may be subjected to. Most of all, we respect your privacy and wishes. At Paranormal Task Force Our clients come first!



MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH™ “Paranormal Research Investigations”, founded in 2001, is the actual ideology and roots behind the development of Paranormal Task Force. This division places its focus mainly on general paranormal happenings, urban legends, and non-extreme client cases. This division will also be the nucleus of vital case research, and development for all related PTF cases.  

MPR@paranormaltaskforce.com for more information.

PTF X-TREME™ "For Those Seeking Refuge Through the Darkest of Times”, also referred to as PTF-X, is devoted to emergent and extreme paranormal situations where the activity is malevolent, malicious, and negative enough to be causing physical and/or psychological risks to the client and/or their family. Such situations warrant immediate intervention and become our highest priority. We utilize multiple resources including a full Faith & Spiritual Advisory Team to assist in you in your darkest hour. We also provide assistance to other paranormal and research organizations as needed.

XTREME@paranormaltaskforce.com for more information.

ParaVoyance™ "Your Connection to the Other Side" is devoted to the Clairvoyant (Psychic) and Metaphysical realms that intertwine with the paranormal.  This division provides clients, and other organizations or groups with such resources to assist with their needs.  

ParaVoyance@paranormaltaskforce.com for more information.  


Greg Myers

Greg Myers - President
Founding Director - Lead Investigator - EVP Specialist
Administrator MPR Divison

Greg has had personal paranormal encounters since being a teen and has years of paranormal investigative experience. He is well versed with haunting classifications, paranormal investigative techniques and leadership through example. Greg has served as a technician and supervisor while serving in the military and has further enhanced his education and abilities with legal issues while serving over ten years in the legal field. With his background of legal issues, lobbying experience and issue advocation, he hopes to apply these skills to the enactment and strengthening of "haunted house" and "psychological impact" disclosure laws forprospective property owners, tenets and lessees. Greg also has an extensive background in genealogical research and familiarization with record research vital to the research ofpotential haunted properties.

Greg is one that shares the philosophy that paranormal investigations can come with many unknown dangers which are not properly addressed by most of the paranormal research field. This and other important issues are overlooked and need further advocation to current and future researchers and investigators within this field. Greg adheres to a Humanistic Approach to investigations which always places the client first above everything else.

Greg became part of MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH™ in August of 2005 serving as a co- administrator, lead investigator and EVP specialist. While serving with MPR, Greg became an
instrumental element in the collection and analysis of evidence in a case involving an extreme "inhuman" haunting and possession. This Haunting was featured on the Discovery Channel's "A Haunting" series as the Season 3 opener.  In October of 2006, Greg co-founded PARANORMAL TASK FORCE
, a not for profit organization which promotes the awareness of paranormal research and historical preservation through a variety of methods.  MISSOURI PARANORMAL RESEARCH™ now serves as its non-extreme investigative and research division while other divisions will be launched making Paranormal Task Force™, Inc. a "One Stop" resource for all paranormal needs of clients, the public and other organizations.

Greg has been a featured guest on various radio stations and in other media formats abroad, speaker at paranormal events and completed filming in 2007 with Keith Age and The Booth Brothers for "Children of the Grave" which was released October 2, 2007 on DVD and aired on the SciFi (now SyFy) Network in 2008.  Greg has also recently finished filming and served as an associate producer for another Booth Brothers (Spooked Television Releasing) production titled "The Haunted Boy" which should be released on DVD in 2009 or 2010 and air on the SyFy Network soon after.

Greg has also authored articles and short stories concerning his experiences within the paranormal realms and theories related to such which are published on the World Wide Web. Some of these articles and stories have been selected for inclusion in “Weird Missouri” which was published in 2009 and “Weird Encounters” which will be published in the near future.

Greg is also a Missouri Statewide Representative for the American Ghost Society (AGS) and was also voted as one of the top 10 Investigators in America for 2008-09 on Haunted America Tours
www. hauntedamericatours.com



OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.paranormaltaskforce.com

Also See: 20 Questions With Greg Myers Here!




Robert Reppert and Nancy Bradley's' New book



Lean the tricks of the trade from the experts at Gold Rush Ghosts and Investigating the Unknown television show. Author Nancy Bradley and the GRG/ITU crew have included some of thier favorite cases for you to read about.


The Incredible World of Gold Rush Ghosts (The Big Picture): True Stories of Hauntings in the Mother Lode From Celebrity Psychic Nancy Bradley

The Incredible World of Gold Rush Ghosts (The Big Picture): True Stories of Hauntings in the Mother Lode From Celebrity Psychic Nancy Bradley


Bizarre and Ghostly Tales for the Campfire
By Nancy Bradley

Bizarre and Ghostly Tales for the Campfire


About Nancy Bradley - The Celebrities Psychic

Nancy Bradley - The Celebrities Psychic

Nancy is a Psychic Healer, Counselor, Hypnotist around, and yet she keeps her readings affordable to all. A great animal lover, Nancy tithes all events where animals are concerned. Nancy gives tirelessly to people in stress, charities, as well as working with police and families that are victims of crimes across the world. This is the eighteenth year that Nancy Bradley has been considered One Of The TOP TEN PSYCHICS IN THE

THE NANCY BRADLEY PSYCHIC HOUR is every 2nd and 4th Wed. night on, T V Channel 17, 8:00 p.m. in Sacramento, California. Your call-in questions are answered

KMAX (Good Day Sacramento) Channel 31 Check Local Listings. THE NANCY BRADLEY PSYCHIC HOUR is on in Placerville, CA every Mon. night at 8:30 p.m. on channel 2

The Celebrities Psychic NANCY BRADLEY

PO Box 911 – Diamond Springs, CA. 95619

WWW.NANCYBRADLEY.ORG ~ (530) 622-0977

The Midnight Tour© SixthSenseSavannah.com"

Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours,


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LISA LEE HARP WAUGH, Founder Of The Ghost Hunters Of America is a America necromancer in the 21st century. She is by what may call a real conduit to the world of the dead. She dressers in ceremonial white robes, draws magical circle and triangles s on the floor and commands spirits from Heaven, Hell and all places in between to appear before her and communicate with the living. As a teenager growing up in Marshall, Texas she studied heavily The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish and The Grand Grimoire, the Malleus Maleficarum and anything she could get her hands on by the great by Eliphas Levi, John Dee and the great beast, Aleister Crowley.