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The Devil Baby  of New Orleans



Top 10 Myths About Real Ghost And Hauntings




1. What you can't see can't hurt you!

This is the biggest misconception that many happen to make when exploring the actual world of paranormal activity and reported real hauntings.

When it comes to real ghosts and hauntings they can and will!

I suggest that anyone that endeavors to participate or investigate reported real hauntings and paranormal hotspots around the world realize that many supernatural encounters will permanently leave their mark on you for the rest of your life.

Whether a haunting is real or not many who have investigated haunted houses, cemeteries or even local urban legends have not walked away unscathed.

From stumbling in the dark from your own missed step to actually being attacked by what some call unseen forces. You can and will at some point suffer injuries when hunting for real ghosts.

Many real ghosts can and will inflict actual physical pain on the living. They can also take over your mid and possess you in the classic sense.

Many real reported ghost and hauntings also have a psychological effect on the living more then what many admit. Many individuals have been driven to madness by such encounters and never recover.

Marriages destroyed, money and securities lost and sometimes suicide. And all this because a ghost has set a real depression or state of control over ones personal actions.

Not all ghosts as many would lead you to believe are considered harmless though televisions shows and many paranormal investigators and writers will often tell you otherwise.

When hunting for real ghosts please be aware that you might be setting yourself up for more problems then one could imagine.

Ghosts can throw things as well as move heavy objects that might make a situations or locations dangerous to the living.

2. Paranormal experts,mediums, psychics, ghost Tour guides and authors know everything about real ghosts.

Just because someone states a location is haunted it might in fact not be. Ghost tours seem to have more so then any other paranormal commercial industry blown many hauntings out of proportion. Especially in cities where more then one ghost tour is vying for you dollars.

Many tales in recent books and articles or often quotes from such people trying just to make a dollar or two off of a haunting. It also might just a local or international urban legend transposed to fit an actual location or haunting.

Even I personally do not claim to know everything. I only state from my own experiences with the dead as many others do what I have personally witnessed or experienced. I hear real horror stories everyday about people who have been plagued by hauntings and have gone over the deep end.

Ghost often cause many individuals to suffer from what many observe as personality changes. the signs can range from a shy person becoming more bold and open to delusions of grandeur and megalomania. Many of those that I have been associated with of late have even noted how some of the many power struggles happening in ghost hunting groups may be caused by the ghosts that cling to it's members or key investigators.

Often these ghosts will cause the member to become disgusted with a group or put the person on a power trip where they think they are the super most best Ghost Hunter of all times.


Many who deal with ghosts such as ghost tour guides often become overly aggressive and their pompous attitudes are because in truth the fact that the ghosts around them are causing these character or personality shifts to occur and only close friends and family are aware.


3. Haunted Hotels, Cemeteries, Buildings, And Houses may not be haunted by the ghosts that many say or believe they are.

Many of you do not realize that they who visit these locations sometimes bring their own ghost with them.


In all fairness the ghost that you encounter might just be old Grand Dads ghost and not that of the supposed ghost that you think your encountering.

Many ghosts that normally follow you around might just at this particular investigation find the window of opportunity to contact you directly. Many tend to mistake these encounters for the supposed ghost that is thought to haunt the location. This tends to happen more so on ghost tours and at haunted hotels more then one might imagine.

So realize that the ghost they your so afraid of no matter where you are could be that of someone that loved you in life.

4. Real Ghosts have nothing better to do then haunt the living.

And this school of thinking is still believed by many. ghost are not set upon us to entertain or distract us from our own lives. ghosts are emotional entities that suffer, cry and live an existence that many believe is foreign or not relative to how we as living beings think. the truth is many ghosts are living continuances of the lives they lead when they were still alive. from caring for family and fretting over little things.

Alcoholic ghosts still drink as well as those that had set behaviors in life they still do them after death.


Many think that the use of drugs, alcohol, and sexual addictions end with death. Many ghosts actually live in an altered state that takes real drug problems and addictions to the other side.

5. A ghost will never follow you home from an investigation if you pray!

Yes they do follow you and have their own minds and beliefs!

Many paranormal investigators believe that the power of prayer has an effect on ghosts and paranormal activity.

In many cases this will work but only as they say the actual ghosts believes in it too.

One school of paranormal study dictates it is better to explain to a a ghost at the actual haunted location what your doing and why verbally.

The investigators that do this all realize that ghosts as many living beings are, Are just gullible enough to believe you and allow you leave the location alone.

There or no real rules or magical properties other then the actual ghosts belief system. And the same applies to the living. If you can convince a ghost that a word a prayer or something solid or tangible has a real effect on them it will. So always verbalize what your doing repeatedly and what the effects will be on the ghost or poltergeist.


6. You can not become possessed by a real ghost just by ghost hunting.

Yes you can and chances are good that you might! Many individuals have had ghosts effect them many days or months after a haunting.

Real ghosts love to watch an individual for long periods of time before they make their move to infest a persons mind or take it over.

Real ghosts will effect you in subtle ways in the beginning breaking you down step by step. Many acts of possession happen over a period of months not necessarily seconds of initial paranormal contact.

7. Ghosts do not wear clothes.

Well lets say some do, and some don't. Ghost wardrobes can range from burial garb to a favorite outfit they loved in life. Many ghosts are seen wearing what they had on when they died. And also some ghosts tend to be clothes horses and change what they wearing just to suit a mood.


8. Ghosts are stuck here.

ghost are not cursed by God or devils' or witches to stay in any given spot to locations. ghost can come and go at will. those that linger at a particular location do so because of the attention they get or desire.

some ghost stay a certain places just to laugh at those that come to investigate them. or they are looking for just the right person to haunt.

and that could be you !

9. Ghosts can be made to leave a haunted location or stop haunting an individual.

The truth is no one knows for sure what a ghost will or will not do. We all know that you should not provoke the dead to appear or perform parlor tricks like turning lights off and on, or touching someone to let hen know they are present. to accept this fact means you let your self open to possible possession.

Many ghost will not leave a location they often will lay dormant until a new person enters the picture.

10. Ghosts are not evil.
This is a fact, yes not all ghosts are evil. And some will go out of their way to help a living person.

But evil spirits, demons and ghost suffering from addictive and mental problems will cling to ghosts that are not. And they use them to find living beings to taunt. possess and extract from them the emotional needs and personal whims that they have.

Just as we do not know what al living person is capable or thinking of, we do not know what consequences will happen to us just by being associated with a friendly ghosts.

Many ghosts will tell you or imply that evil spirits are always trying to control the living. For what evil purposes no one is certain.

Many Catholic exorcist will explain to you that certain evil forces as demons, lost souls or spirits and ghosts do not know our ways or belief systems. Sometimes they need to be taught such before anything that you could or would do will have an effect on them. And in reality the same goes for the living. The more you can impart on living and dead individuals certain truths or standards then they become easier to control or effect.

So in all we know and trust about paranormal investigation techniques we certainly must believe as it is in life it is in death.

Heather Michele O'Rourke (Carol Anne Freeling)
Poltergeist Trailer
Steven Spielberg (Story)
Release Date: 19 August 1982
Company: Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM)

This horror classic from Spielberg has a very young 5-year old Heather playing Carol Anne, an innocent child who unconsciously stirs spirits and an evil entity from the forgotten graveyard below her house. She is a highly intuitive child and shares an eerie and unexplained psychic connection to the spirit world. Unfortunately for her, Carol Anne's life force has attracted the attention of the restless souls, who engage her in small talk and pleasant conversation - through the television!

A History of Ghosts: The True Story of Seances, Mediums, Ghosts, and Ghostbusters Peter Akyroyd

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Peter Aykroyd spent his childhood watching his family’s parlor séances through the crack of a basement door. Here, for the first time, Aykroyd tells the strange and delightful story that inspired his son, Dan, to make the mega-hit, Ghostbusters. Part history, part family legend, A History of Ghosts starts in 1848 in upstate New York, where the spiritualist craze first began. Aykroyd introduces the reader to notable mediums while telling the story of the development of spiritualism, interweaving a personal history marked by a fascination with ghosts and spirits with the larger narrative about the role the paranormal has played in our culture. Such legendary figures as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Harry Houdini appear and vanish.

Everyone loves a good ghost story. Successful TV shows such as Medium and Ghost Hunters are proof that our national obsession with ghosts is here to stay. Millions of Americans believe in the paranormal—and even skeptics have heard a bump in the night and suspected it might be something supernatural.

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The Incredible World of Gold Rush Ghosts (The Big Picture): True Stories of Hauntings in the Mother Lode From Celebrity Psychic Nancy Bradley


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