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A hitchiking ghost on a lonely stretch of Mississippi highway photo Eric Mayence

A hitchhiking ghost on a lonely stretch of Mississippi highway photo Eric Mayence

By Damien Jennings

Poltergeist, Spooks Specters, Shades or just plain ghosts. Whatever you call them, yes, they are here to stay! The 50 States of America are surely haunted and some more then others. Many believe it's because we as American's live in a country that has always been marked by high drama and circumstances that make our ghosts more active then other countries. And these ghosts roam the highways and the byways of the United States 24/7.

Haunted Highways: Spooky Stories, Strange Happenings, and Supernatural Sightings


Haunted Highways: Spooky Stories, Strange Happenings, and Supernatural Sightings By Tom Ogden

From the Back Cover
For most of us, most of the time, the roads we travel are largely forgotten once we get to where we’re going. By day, they usually reveal a familiar, real—living—world. But then darkness comes. Haunted Highways brings together more than twenty of the spookiest stories ever of ghosts, hauntings, and supernatural events on or near the highways and byways of America and beyond. Whether about vanishing hitchhikers, “street walkers,” phantom travelers, or lost souls, each one will bring delightful fright to readers young and old. Shiver as you read about:
 • The phantom nun who, for more than a year, ominously predicted the imminent eruption of Mount St.     Helens  • Hawaii’s Night Marcher warriors and the fire goddess Madame  Pele, who is still on the prowl for     companions . . .  • The spectral horse-drawn funeral carriage of a South Carolina coastal resort  • The actor Telly Savalas’s encounter with a long-dead good Samaritan on a rural Long Island road  • The Ghost Riders in the Sky who appear over the plains of  Texas

About the Author

Tom Ogden is one of America’s most celebrated magicians. Over thirty years he has gone from the tinsel-and-sawdust of the circus ring to the glitter-and-sequins of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Lake Tahoe. He has appeared on specials such as The World’s Greatest Magic II (NBC) and The Great Magic of Las Vegas (FOX). The author of several books—including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Ghosts and Hauntings and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Street Magic—he lives in Hollywood, California.



Those of us that explore hunt and research the paranormal activity around us do know that many of the things we come across are just normal but when the ghost of our road, streets, and highways really come out to haunt us, what do you do?

Today's many American highway hauntings are spirits of deceased human beings appearing frequently in haunted places along long stretches of road. But as we are often warned by those more adept in the field that there is more in heaven and earth that we are aware of.

Hitchhiking Ghosts And Highway Poltergeist

From what the evidence of many today are proving the belief that highway Poltergeists may not be spirits at all. Many theorist in the research of such noisy ghosts are stating that highway, road or street poltergeists are nothing more then a free floating mass forms of energy that a living person is unknowingly controlling. Intense emotional interaction between a living person and such energies or what they believe causes the paranormal highway activity to occur.

Hitchhiking ghosts are nothing new to the world. In ancient times many feared picking up strangers along the roadside fearing it may be a lost dead soul or a devil or demon. Usually such entities wait at crossroads or intersections hoping the unwary would give them a ride.

Haunted Highways

By Dan Asfar

Haunted Highways



Resurrection Mary is a famous ghost story and is considered by many to be the original hitchhiker ghost story. It takes place around the Chicago area in Justice, Illinois. Many travelers down Archer Avenue -- a street which runs through the city of Chicago -- and its South Suburbs, have reported seeing a young blonde girl walking by, some who have seen her have claimed to even have given her a ride. The girl is said to be very quiet once picked up and disappears once the driver passes the gates of Resurrection Cemetery in Justice Illinois.

The very first, first-person account came from Jerry Palus, a south-side man who recently died. He picked up a girl at the Liberty Grove and Hall near 47th and Mozart and danced with her the entire evening. The only strange thing is that she was very cold to the touch. Later she asked for a ride home which was somewhere in the Bridgeport area of Chicago but decided she'd like to go for a ride past the large Catholic cemetery along Archer Avenue, Resurrection. As they began to approach the main gates, she began to act very strangely. She told Jerry to pull the car off the road and, for some reason, she had to run toward the cemetery and that Jerry could not follow. Before he knew what was happening, she darted from the car, ran towards the main gates but disappeared before reaching those gates in plain view of Jerry. He then began to put all of this together and surmised that he had been with a ghost that evening. On a later visit to the home of Mary, he was greeted by a woman who told him that her daughter had been dead for sometime. He even saw a picture of her sitting on a table and was convinced that she was the same girl he had been with. However, that was impossible!

Resurrection Cemetery is located at 7600 S. Archer Ave. in Justice, Illinois.


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Often Poltergeist on a stretch of road can be witnessed from moving objects on the road side, such as debris and construction cones. Many highway Workers often report actual Road Poltergeist bothering them on long empty stretches of road construction. from taking equipment keys, gas containers or even surveying equipment. to crashing sounds as if an accident occurred and no cars are within miles. In many cases extreme poltergeists highway paranormal activity is often linked to demons. Whereas a haunting is usually more so related to a specific haunted street road or interstate location, object or a place where a death is associated. Often categorized as a roadside specter, apparition or disembodied spirit. So to many of us it seems that their apparition is mostly linked to past dramatic facts.

The differences between Highway Poltergeist activity and a normal Highway Haunting can be hard to distinguish. In the early stages of a poltergeist is may be impossible. Highway haunts and roadside poltergeists do share basic aspects, (apparitions, strange noises, odors, moving or disappearing objects, etc.).

There are also some points that make them very different: Poltergeists however, are usually linked directly to a specific person or object. Hauntings are appearances of ghost(s) in areas known to the deceased before their deaths. Poltergeists can be triggered by a living person's trauma in any area, at any time. Haunting activities are continuous over time, concentrated in the same area.

Poltergeists build up over time to a climax, then start over. They can travel anywhere. Haunting are not violent. Most poltergeists nearing the climax of their energy can become dangerous to the living. Especially along highways around the world. Inflicting both mental and physical terror in extreme cases. If you happen to meet with one of this kind, deal with it with the utmost care. Many believe that Autobahn deaths are attributed to these evil ghosts and their activities. such as making excelorator stick, brakes fail and pulling the wheel out of the drivers control.

Certin highways are more haunted or cuesed then others such as haunted highway 666!

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In America Highway Poltergeist have even been known to unsnap seatbelts, move the gearshifts to neutral or reverse while the car is in motion. And even open doors and eject drivers from their own moving cars. A poltergeist can also turn off your lights at night and flatten your tires states Paranormal expert Lisa Lee Harp Waugh. " I talk to many people about the subject , States Waugh." " Highway Poltergeist are the nastiest entity you can cross paths with."

Gary Lester a 36 year old trucker from Sacremento, California had a run in with a pesky Poltergeist that followed him cross country. The Fiend would make all the lights go out on his rig. It also would lock him out of his truck at rest and weight stations. The haunting of his truck got so bad he had to have it exorcised by a clergyman.

"The poltergeist would move my mirrors and press down on my exclerator on every occasion." States Lester. " He even slapped and beat me to the point of near unconciouness in the middle of a rainstorm."

Crashes are categorized by what is struck and the direction of impact, or impacts. These are some common crash types, based on the total number that occurred in the U.S.A. in 2005, the percentage of total crashes, and the percentage of fatal crashes:

* Rear impacts (1,824,000 crashes, 29.6% of all US crashes, 5.4 % of US fatal crashes)
* Angle or side impacts (1,779,000 crashes, 28.9% of all US crashes, 20.7% of US fatal crashes)
* Fixed-object crashes (992,000 crashes, 16.1% of US crashes, 31.7% of US fatal crashes)
* Collisions with animals (275,000 crashes, 4.5% of US crashes, 0.4% of fatal crashes)
* Rollovers (141,000 crashes, 2.3% of all US crashes, 10.9% of US fatal crashes)
* Head-on collision (123,000 crashes, only 2.0% of all US crashes, but 10.1% of US fatal crashes)
* Collisions with pedestrians and bicyclists (114,000 crashes, only 1.8% of US crashes, but 13.5% of US fatal crashes)
* Back-up collisions


Real Haunted Highway Ghost!

The visual appearance of any highway spirit, ghost, or unusual phenomenon that doesn’t necessarily take on the shape of a human form nor does it show signs of intelligence or personality. Usually they have a translucent human form that let appear the clothing of their period. They can also appear as incomplete, disfigured or headless. Most often, they show up and fade in a second.


Many Texas Highway Patrol officers that I have questioned have said to me that the highways in Texas are the most haunted in America. From apparitions of single lonely ghosts to migrating groups of dozens have been seen and witnessed state wide.

These ghosts often or spotted near or on the spot where they have died. Many appear near roadside memorials. These markers that commemorates a site where a person died suddenly and unexpectedly, away from home. Unlike a grave site headstone, which marks where a body is laid, the memorial marks the last place on earth where a person was alive - although in the past travelers were of necessity often buried where they fell.

Usually the memorial is created and maintained by family members or friends of the person who died. A common type of memorial is simply a bunch of flowers, real or plastic, taped to street furniture or a tree trunk. A handwritten message, personal mementos etc. may be included. More sophisticated memorials may be a memorial cross or a plaque with an inscription, decorated with flowers or wreaths.

Roadside memorials have been placed for centuries along highways. The origin of roadside crosses in the United States has its roots with the early hispanic settlers of the Southwestern United States, and are common in areas with large hispanic populations. Formerly, in funerary processions where a group would process from a church to a graveyard carrying a coffin, the bearers would take a rest, or "descanso" in Spanish, and wherever they set the coffin down, a cross would be placed there in memory of the event. The modern practice of roadside shrines commemorate the last place a person was alive before being killed in a car crash, even if the should die in the hospital after the crash.

In the southwestern United States, they are also common at historic parajes on old long distance trails, going back to the roots of the tradition, and also marked the graves of people who died while traveling. A descanso may be decorated specially for the holidays, and for significant anniversaries in the person's life. A descanso for a child may be decorated with special toys, even toy vignettes of family life, and votive candles may be placed there on special nights.

The number of memorials erected in Australia since 1990 has increased considerably. In 2003 it was estimated that one in five road deaths were memorialized at the site of the crash.

In New Mexico, roadside shrines are protected under state law, and crews undertaking new construction must either avoid altering them, or otherwise place them as close to where they originally were as possible once construction has been completed.

Apart from their personal significance, these memorials serve as a warning to other road users, as a general reminder of the dangers of driving, and by extension to encourage safer driving. In the 1940s and '50s the Arizona State Highway Patrol began using white crosses to mark the site of fatal car accidents. This practice was continued by families of road-crash victims after it had been abandoned by the police. The recent ghost bike phenomenon serves the same purpose in relation to cycling casualties.

Historically, roadside memorials were personal memorials, but there is a modern trend toward public memorials of increasingly large size.

The phenomenon of roadside memorials may perhaps be associated with another growing trend: public outpouring of grief for celebrities. The death of Diana, Princess of Wales, for example, precipitated an avalanche of flowers and wreaths at the Paris site of her death, and at Kensington Palace, her home in London. While car-crash victims are rarely so well-known, something of the same sort of impulse to make a public display of emotion at the site of a tragedy may be partly responsible for the growing popularity of roadside memorials.
Roadside memorial to fallen police officer in Gervais, Oregon.

In the United Kingdom, the practice of erecting roadside memorials has recently sparked a media debate about the danger these may pose to other road users and to people erecting the memorials in unsafe places. This debate has been sparked by accounts of dangerous actions, such as an adult crossing a main road with a child to place a tribute. Some jurisdictions already enforce local regulations, and police officials and local councilpersons have suggested that uniform rules be introduced across the country. For example, according to the BBC, in Merthyr Tydfil, memorials will only be allowed where it is deemed safe and appropriate, and they will be removed after three months.

In the United States, the legal situation varies from state to state. In California, residents must pay a state fee of $1,000. The states of Colorado, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin ban such memorials. Other states impose specific requirements. In Birmingham, Alabama, roadside memorials have been removed from Interstate highways.

Types: Roadside Ghosts can come in a variety of forms: children, men, women, animals and demonstrate various feeling. Some will pass without even noticing you, other remain hidden and seem just to focus on frightening you. Some will try to chase you out of their refuge, other will seek attention and even help or guidance.

Apparitions which are not considered as self-induced hallucinations (95% of the cases) are usually divided into 3 categories. These includes “crisis apparitions “ where the vision coincided with the death or endangerment of the person seen, “collective apparitions” where the same figure is seen simultaneously at the same point by two or more observers and lastly “haunts” where is seen in or neat the same place by a succession of independent witnesses.

Real Highway Ghost And Crisis Apparitions Photos

The figure or the voice of a living person who is experiencing a crisis--such as an accident or a death--is seen or heard. Sometimes these ghosts are thought by some to travel the highways warning motorist of danger ahead. These special ghosts are called Highway Crisis Apparitions.

This strange real roadside ghost photo sent to us by Gail Franks. "This parking area ghost along the Gulf Coast made it's presence known in photo and by touching my husband and myself inapproprately when we stopped". says Franks.

This strange real roadside ghost photo sent to us by Gail Franks. "This parking area ghost along the Gulf Coast of Texas made it's presence known in photo and by touching my husband and myself inappropriately when we stopped to fix a flat". says Franks. "Later on the road we came to a serious accident and thought that could have been us. "

Typically, these roadside ghosts appear only once to a one who may be many miles away from a possible incident that might be in your future. or at the time of the actual accident.  This phenomenon can also manifest to a person as hearing a voice with some message or warning while the person who is heard speaking is no where near and totally unaware that this has occurred. Most of these crisis highway apparitions occur at a moment of great crisis or death when a person is in some form of danger or pain.  It often to many seems as a premonition to turn around or take an alternitive route.

A ghost in the middle of the road.

A ghost in the middle of the road. Ghost Photo sent to us by Jan Mosby.

The person in crisis is not aware that they are doing this. It is explained and often agreed that these apparitions are the externalization of an unconsciously received telepathic impressions.  Other testimonies reveal projections of future events where the subject will attend a scene that will only happen in the future just as a dream.

Many report seeing ghosts trying to flag ow wave them to stop. And often individuals will drive right through the apparition because it is too late to slam on the brakes. A few individuals tell of seeinging them selves standing in the highway. But be warned a confrontation with one’s own double, it is traditionally considered as an omen of bad luck or even death . Science links it with ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).

A ghost in the middle of the road. Ghost Photo sent to us by Billy Mass.

A ghost in the middle of the road. Ghost Photo sent to us by Billy Mass.

Animal ghosts such as deer, skunks or dogs often are said to rome highways looking for who knows what. The ghost of a large 8 point buck deer is said to cross the highway near Atlanta georgia and has caused many accidents over the years.

Ghost dogs are said to roam the strecth of intersate I-10 in Forida. And outside of Nashville a ghost huge grey hound is said to be the omen of an upcoming accident.

List of motor vehicle deaths in U.S. by year
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This is a list of motor vehicle deaths in the United States by year. Of note is that in the two worst years on record, 1979 and 1980, the difference in the total number of deaths was only two. On average in 2007, between 112 and 113 people were killed on the roadways of the U.S. each day.

The number of deaths – and deaths relative to the total population – have declined greatly (35.46% from the 1979 peak year to 2005).

* year — deaths — population — Fraction of population — %change
* 1975 — 44,525 — 215,973,199 — 0.000206160 — null
* 1976 — 45,523 — 218,035,164 — 0.000208787 — 1.27%
* 1977 — 47,878 — 220,239,425 — 0.000217391 — 4.12%
* 1978 — 50,331 — 222,584,545 — 0.000226121 — 4.02%
* 1979 — 51,093 — 225,055,487 — 0.000227024 — 0.40%
* 1980 — 51,091 — 227,224,681 — 0.000224848 — -0.96%
* 1981 — 49,301 — 229,465,714 — 0.000214851 — -4.45%
* 1982 — 43,945 — 231,664,458 — 0.000189692 — -11.71%
* 1983 — 42,589 — 233,791,994 — 0.000182166 — -3.97%
* 1984 — 44,257 — 235,824,902 — 0.000187669 — 3.02%
* 1985 — 43,825 — 237,923,795 — 0.000184198 — -1.85%
* 1986 — 46,087 — 240,132,887 — 0.000191923 — 4.19%
* 1987 — 46,390 — 242,288,918 — 0.000191466 — -0.24%
* 1988 — 47,087 — 244,498,982 — 0.000192586 — 0.58%
* 1989 — 45,582 — 246,819,230 — 0.000184678 — -4.11%
* 1990 — 44,599 — 249,464,396 — 0.000178779 — -3.19%
* 1991 — 41,508 — 252,153,092 — 0.000164614 — -7.92%
* 1992 — 39,250 — 255,029,699 — 0.000153904 — -6.51%
* 1993 — 40,150 — 257,782,608 — 0.000155751 — 1.20%
* 1994 — 40,716 — 260,327,021 — 0.000156403 — 0.42%
* 1995 — 41,817 — 262,803,276 — 0.000159119 — 1.74%
* 1996 — 42,065 — 265,228,572 — 0.000158599 — -0.33%
* 1997 — 42,013 — 267,783,607 — 0.000156892 — -1.08%
* 1998 — 41,501 — 270,248,003 — 0.000153566 — -2.12%
* 1999 — 41,717 — 272,690,813 — 0.000152983 — -0.38%
* 2000 — 41,945 — 282,216,952 — 0.000148627 — -2.85%
* 2001 — 42,196 — 285,226,284 — 0.000147939 — -0.46%
* 2002 — 43,005 — 288,125,973 — 0.000149258 — 0.89%
* 2003 — 42,643 — 290,796,023 — 0.000146642 — -1.75%
* 2004 — 42,836 — 293,638,158 — 0.000145880 — -0.52%
* 2005 — 43,443 — 296,507,061 — 0.000146516 — 0.44%
* 2006 — 42,642 — 299,398,484 — 0.000142426 — -2.79%
* 2007 — 41,059
* Total: 1,454,609

So the next time your on a lonely road look out you might just see a real ghost!


2012 is it a spiritual transformation or an apocalypse... Dooms Day, Armageddon, the Mayan End Of Days?




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