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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan





Finding New Haunted Locations in 2010

the brown lady;s ghost face
by edward shanahan

What I'm about to discuss came to me as a message one day as I was driving, as all the known paranormal locations on the S.W. Sideof Chicago, pretty much have become the sameold locations everyone talks about. Then it was like something hit me on the side of my head and said " WAKE UP ED ".

I don't know if it was my intuitive nature or what, but there are locations that seems like not many, if any, have thought of and the locations are basically out there right in our face.

They are the ' road side memorials ' dedicated to those who have died due to some type of accident at the location. These are those locations on the side of the road that you pass and may have a cross set up, maybe photos of the individual(s) that died at the location or some other type of tribute.

One has to remember most of these are fresh spots or locations, so the energy of the departed soul and the accident more then likely still lingers and is fresh.

Plus one has to also remember that the emotional energy of those that set up the memorials dedicated to the love one they lost may keep the spirit there.

Also these sudden deaths equal what manyInvestigators and Psychics say would be a bonus for the possibility of Spirits being at a location.


So when you are getting a bit bored with the same oldlocations, start doing some investigating for new ones,keep your eyes open as you may one day be drivingby an undiscovered location that could have all theingredients to be a great possibility for a haunted location to be discovered by you.

Another bonus is that there could be recent newspaper articles about the death at the location.

Give it a try and just maybe you will discover somethingnew to keep it all interesting. So my advise is to carryyour paranormal equipment in your car with you, as you never know what may be waiting for you on the side of the road.

Edward Shanahan

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan
Edward L. Shanahan
Spiritual Observer - Psychic Reader - Paranormalist - Chicago land area.

Edward Shanahan is a Psychic Reader, does Conscious Channeling and has been called a Spiritual Observer. He has been written about in four
paranormal books. Sunday nights he co-hosts the Internet radio show 'The Unexplained World'. He does Psychic Reading and Séance Parties in the
Chicago land area and also is involved in group tours of paranormallocations.

Paranormal TV 24/7
Paranormal TV - 24/7
We will visit areas where reported Ghosts are, in the state of IL. Haunted Chicago

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"Your One Stop Paranormal Resource Center"



Gina Lanier

Also read: Is It Really Paranormal? Questioning The Unknown Side Of Ghosts And Demonic Possession - With tales of being raped or beaten by ghosts, to stories of even a ghost giving a person a loan of some cash. I ask myself do these things really happen? -- Ginalanier.com


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haunted savanah the best ghost tour in Gerogia

Haunted Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia is considered by many the most haunted city in America. It was named so by Fox Television's Scariest Places on Earth television series and there is enough history and legend permeating the old town to fill hundreds of books.



Its colorful and legend-filled past enthralls visitors to this day; its streets are filled with the shadows and ghosts of bygone days, perhaps still waiting to greet the inquisitive traveler.

The city's founding father, Englishman James Edward Oglethorpe, was so enthralled with the areas lush tropical shoreline and very mild climate that when he landed on the shores of the Savannah River in 1733 he chose to remain. Shortly after his arrival, Oglethorpe chartered the great city of Savannah in what was to become the final New World Crown Colony of England's King George II.

Much of the original, dreamlike beauty that Oglethorpe experienced over two centuries ago endures to this day. Spanish moss still hangs low from the spreading oak trees, the deep waters of the Savannah River still lazily pass by, and the sea breezes still waft in from the open ocean waters. The classic beauty of this old Southern bastion has inspired writers and artists alike over the centuries. Many films have used Savannah as a backdrop, most notably the movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil."

But many residents and visitors insist that Savannah really does have a "midnight side" and that it is a city still holding onto its past with a strong grip. In fact, many believe that some of of its citizens still feel the tug of this gentle city even from beyond the grave.

In Savannah you can hear chilling, ghost-filled tales on historical walks into the city's storied past; or you can experience first hand the "midnight side" of this Old Southern Lady in one of her haunted cemeteries or historic residents. There is a haunted train ride and a horse-drawn trolley tour through the dark streets; or visit a haunted plantation and historic locations where soldiers of the Civil War still plan battles or stand guard despite the long passage of time. You may even want to experience a ghost tour from the seat of a real hearse!

Savannah's Fort Jackson is the oldest standing fort in Georgia. The site where the fort now stands has been used since the 1740's, and has a rich history relating to the defense of Savannah from earliest days to the end of the 19th century. The site was fortified during the Revolutionary War as an earthen fort. The original brick fort was begun in 1808 and was manned during the War of 1812. During the Civil War, Fort Jackson was held for a time by Confederate forces until the Old Southern Lady made the acquaintance of one W.T. Sherman. Union soldiers took the old fort and held it until the end of the war. The fort is one of Savannah's most popular haunted tourist attractions with unmatched daytime educational and historical programs and "after hours" programs for ghost hunters of all ages.

Savannah's Historic Railroad Shops, Built on the site of the second bloodiest battle of the great Revolutionary War, the shops were begun in 1845. Thirteen of the original structures survive, including the blacksmith shop and the brick mason shop. A National Historic Landmark since 1978, the shops were used in filming the movie "Glory" in 1988. The shops are recognized by the U.S. Department of the Interior as the most significant complex of ante-bellum railroad structures to survive in the United States. They also serve as the state of Georgia's official railroad museum.

The Savannah History Museum is Savannah's only museum dedicated to the history of the whole coastal community and is located in the passenger station of the Central Railroad. Constructed before the Civil War, this building is now one of Georgia's 43 National Historic Landmarks and houses a 20,000 square foot exhibit area with a variety of exhibits reflecting Savannah's history from her founding in 1733 to the present. The museum is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.

These are just some of the options for the avid ghost hunter and paranormal enthusiast. Be sure to explore every nook and cranny of this famous Southern city!


The Midnight Tour© SixthSenseSavannah.com'