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Haunted Jefferson, Texas:

Jefferson, Texas ghost

Diamond Bessie, And The Real Ghost That The locals Tend Not To Keep To Quiet About In Jefferson, Texas!

The Top Most Haunted Locations in Jefferson, Texas.

The Claiborne House

The house is said to be haunted by an unidentified, well-dressed man. The apparition was seen by several of the residents and their guests. this ghost is often the subject of many haunted tales in the area.

The Galley Restaurant

Items to too turn up missing and those that work there they say it happens right before your eyes, People walking inside and on the street often bump into invisible objects and hear strange whispers, doors slam, and bills disappear off the table at this very haunted restaurant. A former constable in the area may have hanged an innocent African-American man in the building, and the owner thinks that's who's haunting the place.

Grove Restaurant

An unidentified male ghost and a dog haunt this restaurant (which is now closed). The property sits on or near several reported murder sites, and the property itself is reported to contain several unmarked graves.

Hale House

A ghost of a large white dog is said to haunt the entire grounds. it is often seen and heard quite clearly as people pass buy. but when they turn to look there is no dog . And that of a small black girl's apparition has been seen near the staircase as she falls to the floor as if dying. And many who stand out front say they hear the crying of a small child as if in pain. Also the ghost of a man is believed to pace out front and has been captures on video and in many real ghost photos.

Lamache's Italian Restaurant

This restaurant is next-door to the Hotel Jefferson, and connected by a couple of doors. Hotel and restaurant employees have heard the sounds of big band music coming from the restaurant. but the scariest thing that a few have reported is seeing glasses and knives fly around the kitchen. Restaurant employees have sometimes heard knockings on the connecting doors but the most haunted fact is when they see the ghost of who they call Mr. Sinead in his tuxedo and bloody white shirt. Guests in the hotel, with rooms above the restaurant, complain of noises that sound like a fight with a lot of yelling and breaking of dishes and that it is going on when the restaurant is empty. Wine glasses are said to explode on tables or fly from shelves and the electrical system goes haywire on a regular basis.

Living Room Theater

this haunted location is home to 12 or more ghosts. Three of which are children. Mary many said quit haunting the location many years ago after someone pointed out she was dead. Footsteps on the stairs and items rearranging themselves have been attributed to the ghost of a 12-year-old slave girl named Coffey King who was raped and butchered like a pig and fed to her former owners. the Ghost Of Morgan is said to be a randy ghost that touches men on the butts..

Maison-Bayou Waterfront B & B

Ghosts have never slapped a plumber as local ghost tour guide tells it was a story made up to hide the truth, the ghost actually kicked him in the groin causing him to need surgery. Many hushed stories say the ghost also killed a dog that was there visiting hanging it by it's own leash.

also there is an AC current in the ground that MIT could not explain, and guests experience strange lights and apparitions at this bed and breakfast. All of this is attributed to the ghost of "Diamond Bessie," a woman murdered in the late 1800s. Also sometimes they say has sex with the male guests.

McKay House

The ghost of Alfred a house slave from way back when is said to haunt this location as well as a former slave many call Aunt Patty. also the ghost called Patricia is here and is either her or maybe Mr. Alfred who are well known for stealing personal undergarments.

Oakwood Cemetery

An apparition seen in the cemetery has been attributed to a former prostitute named "Diamond Bessie" who was probably murdered by her husband in 1877. but the truth many say is that it is the ghost of Jacob a strange homeless man that died in the late 1970 on the steps of the court house. As the stories go Jacob would beg for none and food and one morning he was found stabbed and beaten to death his nose was gone and his ears appeared to be bitten off. He was buried in an unmarked grave and many say he haunts the location begging to have his name on a tomb stone.

Twin Oaks Country Inn

Here is a well that many say is very haunted. Inside during a excavation in the 1990's there was found the bones of several small to large dogs and cats and those of a slave woman still bound in chains and with many broken bones. Many say her ghost can bee seen if you look into the well on a saturday night. And if you call out her name Rosalie she will sometimes audibly answer you.

White Oak Manor

Apparitions and moving quilts are attributed to the spirit of a young blonde-haired girl called Ida Sue. There is also the sounds of a ghost heard even from the street who coughs loudly day and night and sneezes who may have died of tuberculoses or a slight case pf pneumonia in the house.

Jefferson has played an important role in the early development of the state. It was the center of culture and refinement for many years, home to stern-wheelers, wagon trains, and ox-team freighters and many criminals and thugs.

Jefferson was once the pride of the lone star state, a great entire around which revolved graceful living, southern charm, prestige, and productivity.

The town's bygone glories cannot be forgotten, and today Jefferson is a most eloquent reminder of an era long since vanished.

But the city has more ghost stories to tell then those that you may find on the internet or in books.

Jefferson, is known as one of the most haunted town in Texas falling only third next to Galveston Island, and Marshall, Texas respectively.

by Tamilla Easter Jackson

Many haunted items are said to be housed in the Jefferson Museum.

The haunted Jefferson Historical Society and Museum is located at 223 West Austin Street Jefferson, Texas 75657.

From reportedly very haunted Civil War artifacts, Country store items, Rare ghost possessed antique furniture, Gun and weapon collections that some believe their owners still watch over from beyond the grave.

Some of Sam Houston's papers are said to be haunted also and often move on their own accord. Early farm tools and a pioneer doctor's instruments often are the subject of man of ghost photos.

And don't if visiting forget to stop by The very haunted and ghostly active paranormal hotspot The Moseley art gallery. Strangely is said to be one of the most haunted hotspots in the building. And is haunted by a ghost they Call Josie Pearl, and another called "old man Jessie". This is also home to a ghostly cat called Bingo that is said to be often glimpsed out the corner of ones eye. Both human ghost are said to be very active and are known to touch people on the back of the neck, and they are often photographed.

the Grove Ghost Photo

A Real Ghost Photo of the very haunted Mirror ghost at the Grove.

When in Jefferson, Texas you might just be haunted by or might encounter ghost of several long dead Civil War soldiers. And a host of the most diverse group of otherworldly spooks and specters that you might ever want to meet. One of the best ghost tours I’ve ever been on was in Jefferson. Sponsored by the Historic Jefferson Railway Company, the tour is 100% free and precedes scheduled evening train rides. And as many locals tell and certainly highly recommend the only one in town worth taking.

A famous Jefferson ghost is that of a man called Jay Gould his ghosts is said to haunt Austin Street to Jay Gould's Private Rail Car. This is a very haunted area and try to take a all digital pictures here you can. You as many do, might get the best ghost photos ever and this capturing evidence of lingering spirits might surprise you and even the most hardest of skeptics.

Vale Street toward Bateman Alley, thought to be the notorious Murder Alley of local legend. The locals say many ghosts join togther here and often EVP's of screams or recorded day and night. One ghost that haunts this spot is said to often scream... "Quick hurry Up And Run!" and another often says in low deep mans voice. "Beware of Ms. Lucy...she'll poison you tonight and steal you blind!"

Often locals will tell you that legends and rumors of bodies buried in backyards is the reason so many ghosts haunt the town today.

The Grove - Jefferson, Texas

No visit is ever complete unless you visit the most haunted and paranormal active location "The Grove", a historic property in Jefferson, Texas. ... The ghost stories go back over 100 years at this 1861 home.

Guests at the one hundred and fifty year old building on the historic Jefferson waterfront regularly report similar occurrences. Whispers from nowhere, orchestra music from a closed dining hall, knocks on walls and headboards, the smell of cigar smoke in the smoke-free building, faucets opening of their own accord, and doors pulling back when pulled shut!!!

People who have been the only guests in the hotel have heard the click-clack of footsteps walking the halls in the middle of the night - even though the hall is carpeted! Children have been heard laughing and romping throughout the hotel in the middle of the night. A child calls for mama, a baby cries, but no children were staying in the hotel!

A former desk clerk named Michael was ending his shift. It was the middle of a slow week and there were no "paying" guests staying at the hotel overnight. Michael made his rounds upstairs, turning off lights and locking rooms before leaving for the night. He was closing the last door in the long, dark hallway when the doors started opening and slamming shut all at once!

Lights turned on and off as Michael dashed downstairs and phoned his friend Phyllis, a desk clerk at the Excelsior Hotel across the street. Phyllis reports that Michael was in a complete panic when he called, screaming that he was alone in the hotel but that "all heck" was breaking loose upstairs! He said he could hear doors slamming and the sound of footsteps and someone dragging furniture. Michael locked up and waited in the street for his ride that night.

Then there is the story of a couple in ROOM 5 whose young son awakened them repeatedly because a man in a long coat and high boots would not go away. Whispers and repetitive knocks are common occurrences.

At times there is a thick white cloud with a thin, long-haired blonde in the mist. She seems to be emotionally attached to a bed that was moved from ROOM 12 to ROOM 14.

A ninety year old man reluctantly told his tale of wandering the hotel at one in the morning after not being able to sleep. He saw the petite blonde woman floating down the stairs smiling at him, only to disappear before she reached the bottom step. He said he never believed in ghosts until he saw her!

Walking into some rooms, one can get the feeling of being watched. In ROOM 19 a man told his wife to go back to sleep when she awakened him with rants about a petite woman who chilled the wife's arm with a touch of her hand. Another woman took one step into the same room and refused to stay there - stating that she could tell the room was haunted.

Camera crews from various local TV stations and reporters from radio stations have all had their own weird experiences while taping programs in the hotel including strange shapes on video and odd sounds on tape. 

The identities of the hotel ghosts and paranormal activity still remains a real haunted  mystery to this day.  A psychic years ago said the hotel has seven nonpaying guests! Story from: www.historicjeffersonhotel.com

White Oak Manor, a B&B in Jefferson, TX. is one of the most haunted places one could ever stay. Also, the rumor says that Speilberg filmed the huge cypress tree outside the bedroom window at White Oak Manor for the movie. True or not, the tree has an eerie presence to it, and whenever you might look at it, as many report you might get a chill.

One of the most famous ghost to seek out amongst the many is that of Jack. This ghosts is known to be a ladies man, and is often encountered on Dallas Street where a lot of paranormal activity has been reported. And will often pinch unsuspecting woman on the bottom. He is known to haunt the downtown area once and a while and is often captured in many ghost photos. Jack is said to be extremely active near the Lone Star Carriage Company on Walnut Street on only FRIDAY and SATURDAY nights between the hours of 7:PM until 10PM. Many report strange things happen at this location during these hours. Ghost photos, EVP's and some have even reported seeing his full body apparition.

If you go to this the most haunted location in Jefferson, Texas on these nights and wait until 10pm you might just be surprised at what you might experience. I suggest you get their early because usually a crowd of ghost hunters and the curious always gather waiting for someone out of the blue to feel him touch them.

Most of the actual haunted activity that goes on usually is associated with physical interactions with the dead. Just out front of to the right near Auntie Skinner's Riverboat Club ‎ is also where a strange woman's ghost is said to lurk in the shadows. They call her Crazy Susan and her ghost is most often glimpsed as a old woman walking with a long cane. Many say they capture EVP's of her tapping walking stick that she used pretending to be blind and somewhat crippled when she was alive. Patrons usually go there specifically on Friday nights for the all Karaoke or to see bands they often see her ghost very near the hour of 8:p.m. the time around which she was said to be found dead sitting against the front door. They describe her ghost which they often mistake for a live woman as a white haired old lady very short and dressed in rags who asks for help or a donation of cash.

Excelsior House

The Excelsior House will welcome you as it has welcomed travelers since the late 1850s. Famous people registered at the Excelsior House include Ulysses S. Grant, Oscar Wilde, Rutherford B. Hayes and Lady Bird Johnson to name a few. The house is haunted by a headless man on the second floor and a woman in black who is often seen carrying a baby.

The Excelsior House is an old very strange and hotel haunted by a headless man on the second floor, and a woman in black who has a baby.

The woman has appeared and frightened many guests, And some say she is also a thief and will steal cash if you leave on top a table if you turn your back. They are possibly the spirits of roaming ghostly guests or former thieving ghost employees.

Rumor has it that Stephen Spielberg spent some time in Jefferson once not so long ago. Supposedly, he stayed at the Excelsior House and left in the middle of the night when a rocking chair in his room would not stop rocking, although he stated that no one he could see was in the chair.

He and his crew spent the rest of the night at a motel In Marshall and to their dismay also found out it was haunted.

And the most famous of them is the ghost of Diamond Bessie.

Diamond Bessie The Jewel Of Texas

Excelsior House 211 W. Austin Street Jefferson, Texas 75657 903-665-2513 1-800-490-7270, is a very haunted high point of the city. Many often report over the many years of Diamond Bessie's ghost searching for her lost diamonds searching frantically and rattling all the guest at the Excelsior House.

Each year in May the Diamond Bessie Murder Trial is performed. Many say at this point and time her ghost is it's most active. Some believe because her spirit can find no peace because the living keep replaying the last judgment of her lover (and husband), Abraham Rothschild.

Diamond Bessie is the popular name given to Bessie Moore, née Annie Stone, a prostitute whose murder in the woods outside of Jefferson, Texas propelled her to the level of local legend. She was killed by a single gunshot wound to the head sometime during the early afternoon of Sunday, January 21, 1877. Her accused killer was her lover (and husband), Abraham Rothschild, the dissolute son of one of the most prominent society families of the day.

Is this the real ghost of Diamond Bessie  at the Jeffeson Hotel or Jack?

Diamond Bessie Ghost Photo sent to us by Gayle Gervais.

Bessie was born in 1854 in Syracuse, New York, and the abundance of attention from men resulting from her striking beauty is said to have led her down the proverbial "wayward path" at a young age. At 15, she left home and took up with a man named Moore. After this affair ended, she entered into prostitution (though she kept Moore's name). By all accounts she adapted to the life quickly, and her numerous male admirers showered her with gifts of diamond jewelry. A story that she had a large inheritance from her father may be apocryphal.

Bessie plied her trade in brothels in Cincinnati, Ohio, New Orleans, Louisiana, and finally Hot Springs, Arkansas, where she met Rothschild sometime in 1875. From this time until her death, they were together. There is evidence they entered into a legal marriage in Illinois.

Rothschild's reluctance to legitimize their relationship may have been what motivated her murder. Bessie was pressuring Rothschild to marry her, and according to various accounts, she may have claimed she was pregnant (an autopsy later showed that she was not) and threatened to reveal this scandalous fact to Rothschild's father.

Whatever the motive, it is known that Bessie and Rothschild's relationship was tumultuous, marred by alcoholism and physical abuse. Rothschild is said to have forced Bessie to prostitute herself numerous times during their travels together, and to give him $50.00 a day. She may have been suffering from a venereal disease. In Cincinnati, Rothschild was once arrested for beating her in public, and she accused him several times of trying to steal and hock her diamonds.

On January 17, 1877, the couple registered as husband and wife at the Capitol Hotel in Marshall, Texas, about 18 miles south of Jefferson. After two days they traveled to Jefferson by train. Jefferson was at this time one of the largest and busiest river ports west of the Mississippi River, and it is possible Rothschild might have thought he could sell some of Bessie's diamonds there. In any event, the exact nature of Rothschild's business in Jefferson is not known, nor at what point his plan to murder Bessie might have been hatched.

The couple registered at the Brooks House in Jefferson as "A. Munroe and wife". Their fine clothes and, of course, Bessie's diamonds made an immediate impression on the townsfolk. Rothschild is said to have first addressed his "wife" as Bessie during this trip, and the locals adapted this into "Diamond Bessie."

On the morning of January 21, Rothschild bought a picnic lunch, and the couple crossed the bridge at Cypress Bayou, walking away from town along the Marshall road. The last person to see them together was Frank Malloy, who noticed them in the restaurant before 11:00 AM; Malloy took special note of Bessie's massive diamond rings. Approximately three hours later Rothschild was seen crossing the bridge back into Jefferson alone.

When questioned about his wife's whereabouts at the Brooks House, Rothschild claimed she had stayed across the Bayou to visit friends. The following morning, he took breakfast alone at the hotel, where he was seen wearing Bessie's rings. On the morning of Tuesday the 23rd, he boarded a train to Cincinnati with Bessie's luggage.

Bessie's body was discovered in the woods along the Marshall road on the afternoon of February 5 by Sarah King, an African-American woman out collecting firewood. The remnants of a picnic lunch were still scattered about. The body was fully clothed, and had no jewelry.

In Cincinnati, Rothschild began drinking more heavily and was reportedly becoming quite paranoid, believing himself to be followed everywhere. He tried to shoot himself outside a saloon in late February, but only succeeded in putting out his right eye. After a few days in the hospital, he was arrested and jailed, awaiting extradition to Texas for the murder of "Diamond Bessie Moore."

With Rothschild's real identity known, the case quickly became a cause celebre. The public fascination with the murder of a beautiful young woman at the hands of a wealthy scion of society held a lurid appeal comparable to the contemporary murder trials of O.J. Simpson or the Menendez Brothers. It was Texas' first big murder case, called by Texas governor Richard B. Hubbard "a crime unparalleled in the record of blood."

Though Rothschild was the black sheep of his family, their fear of devastating scandal evidently prompted them to rally to his side and hire him a formidable defense team. Rothschild had no fewer than ten high-priced attorneys. They immediately secured a change of venue, as feelings toward Rothschild in Jefferson were so hostile that any possible jury pool was hopelessly tainted. The townsfolk were known to have contributed money to reimburse Sheriff John Vines for his trip to Cincinnati to arrest Rothschild.

The case finally went to trial in December 1878 in Marshall. While in jail in Marshall, Rothschild's cell mate was Jim Currie, a railroad employee who had shot two actors, killing one; the wounded victim was actor Maurice Barrymore.

Rothschild was convicted — the jury foreman reportedly drew a noose on the wall during deliberations with the slogan, "That's my verdict!" — but the conviction was overturned on appeal. There was widespread opinion that Rothschild's wealth, and Bessie's being a prostitute, was influencing the appellate court. One newspaper editorial bitterly wrote, "Certainly all that is required to save a red-handed murderer from the gallows are two or three active friends and sufficient money..."

After much legal wrangling, Rothschild went to trial again on December 22, 1880, this time in Jefferson. Rothschild did not testify in his own defense, and his lawyers made mincemeat of prosecution witnesses. Rothschild, to the dismay of many, was acquitted, and rejoined his family in Cincinnati. Editorialists were again bitter, one writing, "...one of the vilest and meanest murders ever perpetrated goes unpunished through the inefficiency of the legal system."

Rothschild quietly faded into obscurity, but Diamond Bessie became a figure of folklore. Every year in Jefferson during its annual Pilgrimage Festival, a play titled The Diamond Bessie Murder Trial, derived from court transcripts, is performed. Diamond Bessie's grave in Jefferson's Oakwood Cemetery is a popular tourist attraction; unmarked for years, it bears a tombstone reputedly installed in the night by an unknown admirer.

Diamond Bessie's Grave: In Oakwood Cemetery

Diamond Bessie's Grave: In Oakwood Cemetery


Diamond Bessie's Ghost and Paranormal Activities

The ghost Of Diamond Bessie is said to do many things to those she dislikes or does not trust. From slapping women across the face to climbing in bed for a ghostly romp with a lone male visiting town. Bessie is said to be most active in December thru January. but many state that she haunts the locale every day of the year except on Halloween and All Saints Day.

Bessie has also been known to steal diamond rings off of the fingers of woman while they sleep. She will also pull the covers off you at night says one time Excelsior Hotel Guest Lisa Lee Harp Waugh. The Excelsior Hotel in downtown Jefferson. Maybe just a coincidence that it is coined as the most haunted hotel in the city of Jefferson.

Jefferson Hotel Real Ghost Photo.

Jack the Ghost at the Jefferson Hotel.

"If you are a woman and sleep alone in your room watch out Bessie will let you get no sleep says." Waugh the Great American Necromancer." Bessie and I had a long conversation one night in late 2002." says Waugh. " "She told me personally that she felt that she deserved more attention and any single woman in a hotel room all alone needs to be out finding a good man to take care of them."

Also the Jefferson Hotel "Once known as the Crystal Palace in the 1920's" being no exception to the many ghosts that haunt the area. People who have been the only guests in the hotel have heard the ghostly sound of footsteps walking the halls in the middle of the night - even though the hall is carpeted! Children have been heard laughing and romping throughout the hotel in the middle of the night. A child calls for mama, a baby cries, And often the sounds of a child singing in whispers. Some tells of an 1890's bride often heard weeping, who hung herself. A psychic years ago said the hotel has over seven nonpaying dead guests! Room 19, where it is reported that a young prostitute was murdered. Although no murders are officially on file, one will never know because the records were destroyed in a fire. The woman was reported to have been killed in the tub, but was left in agony there, not taking her final breath until two days after her mortal wounds were inflicted.

The Grove, a historic property in Jefferson, Texas. The Grove is featured on the cover of "A Texas Guide To Haunted Restaurants, Taverns, and Inns" by Robert and Anne Wlodarski. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places by the National Parks Service and designated a Recorded Texas Historic Landmark by the Texas Historical Commission, the house is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the entire state. though a local ghost hunter often disputes this publicly. Often sitting that the Jefferson and Excelsior Hotel have more ghosts and paranormal phenomena then openly admitted or reported.

The Grove is a private residence and tour home in the old Stephen Smith Land Grant section of town. The house was built in 1861 by Frank and Minerva Stilley. Here are a few of the ghost stories from The Grove:

* When the Grove family owned the property (the name is just a coincidence), Mrs. Grove reportedly brought a Bible to bed with the intention of praying for her and her husband, but she fell asleep. She awakened to a black swirling mass engulfing the bedroom. There were also unexplained voices, disembodied footsteps, sounds of objects being moved by unseen hands, and apparitions.
* Sudden odors have appeared in rooms: the scent of a woman's perfume, or the smell of body odor, as if someone hasn't bathed for a long time.
* When Patrick Hopkins, the former owner, was getting the restaurant ready to open, a lady dressed in white walked down the hallway, and into the ladies' powder room.
* Heavy mirrors have fallen off the wall without explanation, and have landed without breaking or crushing the objects beneath them.
* During its restaurant years, a waitress walked out of the kitchen into the hallway and was attacked by a black and white dog that knocked her to the ground. After quickly regaining her composure, she ran back into the kitchen, screaming for help. Patrick Hopkins searched the building and yard - there was no dog to be found. It simply had vanished.
* During a Candlelight Tour, a couple visiting from Dallas took a picture of the Christmas lights on the neighbor's house to the east of The Grove. Their photo showed the Christmas lights in the foreground. In the background was a lady in a high-collared, puff sleeved white dressed surrounded by a ring of smoke.
* While rehearsing a dinner theater, a light technician was on the front porch looking through the window. Suddenly she felt someone staring at her so she quickly glanced to the right. Standing on the east side of the house by the porch was a lady in white who began walking behind the east side of the house. Chasing the eerie-looking woman, the girl turned the corner of the house, and the woman had vanished. Ironically, at one time there was a door on that side of the house leading into the Blue Room.
* On that same rehearsal night, the actress portraying the heroine came down the stairs. When she reached the bottom step she glanced to her right and saw a person in costume she was not familiar with, standing in the corner. When she began to ask the lady something, the woman disappeared.
* Wet footprints have appeared in the middle of the hallway, even though it wasn't raining outside and there were no plumbing leaks. Drops of water have been found on the staircase, and on one particular mirror in the house, all when the atmosphere was dry.
* A neighbor lady told a former owner, "Let me tell you what my sister and I have seen recently. My sister was standing on our porch one night around 9 o'clock when she called me out to see a glowing white figure across the street. She looked like she was inspecting the renovation of an old building. The figure came from the east side of The Grove!" She and her sister had witnessed this several nights in a row.
* A renter lived in the garden cottage at one time, and he looked out its window to see a little girl playing out among the flowers. He went outside, and she looked at him, then disappeared.
* A shadow-figure has been seen in the garden many times - striding quickly across it, or simply just hanging around.
* Lights go on and off in the house, and the chandeliers have reported to sway, even with the absence of moving air in the room.

About Tamilla Easter Jackson

A graduate of Wiley College Bates has lived in Marshall, Texas all her life. As the founding member of Marshall, Texas Ghost Finders she and her group of 35 other students have hunted for ghost and paranormal activity through out the City of Marshall, TX. " Growing up haunted inn Marshall is a common thing." says Jackson. Since she was a child she has had over 30 or more encounters with the White Lady of Marshall, Texas.

Tamilla Easter Jackson

Each year during the STAGE COACH DAYS Jackson holds several private ghost tours. Plan to join MTGF for a real ghost hunt of the cities downtown area. Come enjoy the Haunted ghost filled fun!

Marshall, Texas Ghost Finders 15th Paranormal Workshop

Mark your calendar to join us! 2nd Weekend in October each year. Paranormal, Fortean, Crypto zoology, Supernatural, Ghosts , Psychics, Remote viewing, Clairvoyance, Extra-sensory perception, Near-death experience, Precognition · Psychokinesis, Psychometry, Telepathy, Apparitional experience, Parapsychology, Haunted locations UFOs, UFO sightings, Paranormal UFO explanations, Paranormal fiction, Ghost hunting , Folklore, urban legends.



The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.

The American Ghost Hunters Society is currently accepting new members all across the country for our network of ghost hunters, ghost writers and ghost enthusiasts.

We Investigate all types of Paranormal and Unexplained Phenomena through Research and Documentation

LISA LEE HARP WAUGH, Founder Of The Ghost Hunters Of America is a America necromancer in the 21st century. She is by what may call a real conduit to the world of the dead. She dressers in ceremonial white robes, draws magical circle and triangles s on the floor and commands spirits from Heaven, Hell and all places in between to appear before her and communicate with the living. As a teenager growing up in Marshall, Texas she studied heavily The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish and The Grand Grimoire, the Malleus Maleficarum and anything she could get her hands on by the great by Eliphas Levi, John Dee and the great beast, Aleister Crowley.

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