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To Ouija or not to Ouija

To Ouija or not to Ouija



It was 11:59 pm October 31st 2006 when Ann, Michele and Eddie broken into the old Skylark estate to see if it was really possible to use a Ouija board and summon up the ghost of old man Skylark. At the stroke of Midnight, the trio of want to be ghost hunters started using the board. After a few minutes of silence, the planchette began to spin wildly. To the surprise of the three, the board began to spell out the word run!!!

Soon it spelled, to late he’s here!!!! Now, if memory serves me, it was then that the planchette began to move on its own. Ann tried to scream, but it was too late. The planchette had flown off the board and imbedded itself into the wall beside her head.

They tried to run, but there was no place to go. Old man Skylark was home and he had guests to entertain!!!!!!


Hopefully you liked this little story, but on a sad note, its little stories like the one that I made up above, that cause people to become overly scared of the Ouija board. Lets also not forget that Hollywood hasn’t helped very much either. Folks, let me make one thing plain, Ouija boards are not in themselves evil, and they are also not portals to the underworld. The Ouija board is no more than a simple tool. Actually it is one of the first tools that early paranormal adventures used while trying to contact or receive messages from the great beyond. You have to realize that the Ouija board holds an honored place in the hallowed halls of paranormal history, so don’t be afraid of it, learn about its history and realize how it has helped advance paranormal investigation today.

As I sit here and write this, I can already hear the down with the Ouija Board patrol screaming, NO!!! It’s bad!!!! Wow what horrible language I am also hearing, and for the sake of you the reader, I am not going to write down what it sounds like. I will say this, shame on you people with the bad language, you know who you are. J

Now, before you continue to verbally beat me down and chastise me, all you Ouija haters need to throw away your pendulums and dowsing rods. You guys also need to sell your K-2 meters on eBay and make sure that you distance yourselves from all your medium friends. Why you ask? If you look more at the big picture, you will see that in one way or another, these tools and people are doing the exact same thing that the supposed little evil board is doing. Now don’t make a hurried judgment, just sit back and think about it logically for a second or two.

Other than not having letters on them, these items and people answer questions the same as the Ouija board. They may not spell out the answers, but they do provide info and guidance. Actually these tools provide more understandable information. They just direct, flash, or in the case of the medium spell a great deal better.


Ok, here is the deal, after reading this, I don’t want you to be all mad and upset, and I just hope that you won’t run in panic the next time you see an Ouija Board or hear someone mention one. You will hopefully realize that this simple little item that you can find and buy in the children’s section of your favorite stop and shop has had a profound affect on paranormal investigation today. You should also hopefully realize that it’s just a board no more no less, and instead of the board, it is actually the people using the board who are opening themselves up to the paranormal world around them, that relay the messages.

So think about it, read about it, and then decide for yourself about it.

About Scottie Stamper "Orbs-R-Dirt"

Scottie Stamper "Orbs-R-Dirt"

Scottie Stamper's paranormal adventures started out when he was in his mid teens. At age 15 Scottie had his first run in with a full blown apparition. After recovering from this initial scare, he decided to look into those moans and groans that frighten us late at night. After numerous scares he is still trying to figure out just what paranormal activity really boils down to.

Scottie and his Wife Rebecca currently operate the Ghostville Times. Hand in hand they investigate paranormal phenomena and do articles on paranormal topics and other paranormal investigators who spend their weekends and late nights trying to prove or disprove the existence of the paranormal world around us.

“When I can honestly provide you with conclusive paranormal
proof that I myself can’t disprove, I will then tell you yes there
are paranormal forces all around us but for now
I still have to say Orbs-R-Dirt”
(Scottie Stamper).



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Gina Lanier

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