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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan









By Greg Ashford

The more that I research the area for paranormal people or ghost hunters having actual sex with real ghosts and of course the more it amazes me the strange stories that everyday people have to tell.

I often get emails from those who seek me out looking for answers on this paranormal sexual phenomena.

With questions concerning ghosts pinching them on the bottom to if it is possible to get pregnant from being raped by a real ghost.

I received an email just last week from the mother of a friend asking for help for her son in the military. She related to me that since her son has returned from Afghanistan he has been plagued with a ghosts that keeps grabbing his penis and manipulating him to an erection. She went on to tell that this ghosts would do this to her 26 year old son at the oddest times. and he was in fear of how much further this phenomena might go.

I also have received emails from young woman asking how to get a real ghost to make love to them.

Many who hunt for ghosts in the field today who have had sexual contact with the dead are afraid to come forward publicly. And certainly understandably we can understand why. Even in the dream sequence from the original Ghostbusters movie the image of the sexual content is relatively mild; however, one character fantasizes briefly about a ghost giving him oral pleasure.

Stories of dead lovers returning from the grave are not new. Neither or tales of people becoming possessed by the dead and having actual intercourse with the living. Many tales are believed to be works of fiction. But when you come face to face with a person that is truly effected by such an encounter then you might just be at wits end in not knowing how to react or handle the case objectively.

But little do we realize that many well respected paranormal investigators will tell you that ghost hunting does attract those to you that have had a actual physical sexual encounter with an invisible unseen force. As well as what many believe to be people that are making this up for attention. Their stories of their personal encounters whether real or contrived almost always will make you wonder about the persons mental stability.

In an April 2008 news article Two Washington State women claim they've been sexually attacked by ghosts. The Federal Way Mirror newspaper reports the two have filed police reports. According to the police report, the women came to the Federal Way Police Department and told officers a paranormal person has been placing sensors on their bodies and having intercourse with them. Police declined comment on the unusual report. It's an odd case for cops and reporters. But it's right up Ross Allison's alley. He's a ghost hunter. He went to the apartment building where the women say a spirit has haunted them for two years. With the sci-fi channel hit 'ghost hunters', paranormal popularity is soaring. And Allison says as the number of ghost shows grows, so do spirit sightings. He says candid questions help ghost hunters sort the eerie from the unstable. The maintenance man in charge of all the units told me the women keep calling him, saying the ghosts are raping them on weekend nights. He says he told them to call police. Police say they don't have any investigative leads. Ross Allison says he'd need a psychic to check. The women were nowhere to be found. And, there was no sign of the ghost, either. http://www.wkrg.com/local/article/ghosts_attack_women/13124/Apr-23-2008_12-32-pm/



As an investigator you get calls from individuals who have had harrowing experience to every level. From ghosts groping them in the night to those novices and well experienced investigators being sexually aroused while actually hunting for the dead in haunted houses and cemeteries. Those that have had it happen to them are of course seeking answers also to why them.

"I have heard tales of normal people just like you and me going and hunting for ghosts. Nothing strange happens other then the usual EVP's, ghost photos, and once and a while people getting touched or physically effected by the dead." "Then one day it happens... A ghost touches you in your private parts."

"From what I have gathered in actual interviews from several individuals who have contacted me personally." And those that hunt for ghosts admit." "They believe that a very real ghost or demonic force have been known to actually touch people and paranormal investigators in very private areas."

" Many male investigators have related to me as well as female that they have have paranormal climax's from unseen hands and invisible sexual organs that they say felt very real and solid but were invisible."

"No matter if you believe that these encounters are real or not these individuals believe it has happened to them." ...Lisa Lee Harp Waugh


Channel Icon

August 18, 2009


Finally, the one you've all been waiting for...Sex With Ghosts. Is sexual interaction with ghosts possible...yes! Is sexual intercourse and sexual relationships with ghosts possible...NO!  


Finally, the one you've all been waiting for...Sex With Ghosts. Is sexual interaction with ghosts possible...yes! Is sexual intercourse and sexual relationships with ghosts possible...NO!

Ghost investigator Gina Lanier in her article "Sex with Ghosts http://www.ginalanier.com/paranormalRelationships state.

It is also in my current findings that woman are more apt to be involved in ghostly sexual encounters with men though I personally believe men or less likely to come forward fearing ridicule.

Model Anna Nicole Smith admitted that she's had sexual encounters of a ghostly kind: "A ghost would crawl up my leg and have sex with me at an apartment a long time ago in Texas," she said.


The Ghost Sex case that shocked the world!

The Entity is a horror film starring Barbara Hershey as Carla Moran, a California woman who was tormented by an unseen entity. Despite being filmed and planned for a release in 1981, the movie was not released in worldwide theaters until September 1982 followed by the United States in February 1983. The film is allegedly based on the life of Doris Bither (Doris Bither's son interview), who claims to continue being assaulted by an invisible being, though with lesser frequency and intensity (more recently it is claimed she no longer suffers from physical attacks, but still experiences the phenomena). There is also a novel of the same name written by Frank DeFelitta (first published in 1978), which provides a more detailed account of Carla (or Carlotta) Moran's (other possible names Doris Bither or Byther) supposed experiences. The supposed haunting took place in Culver City, California, USA.


The movie begins as Carla Moran (Barbara Hershey) leaves work to attend typing school before going home. She lives with her teenage son and two small daughters in a South California house. The house is a mess and she lectures her son Billy about it. Once she's alone in her bedroom, an unseen powerful force slaps her on the cheek, resulting in a cut lip, and throws her on the bed and rapes her, pressing a pillow onto her face to prevent her from screaming. After the assault ends, Carla screams in terror and tells Billy to search every room of the house. Billy can't find anything and convinces Carla and her daughters, Julie and Kim, that it was just a nightmare. Carla bids everyone goodnight again and stays awake reading. Soon, Carla's entire bedroom begins to shake, closets break and bottles shatter. Panicking, Carla runs out of her bedroom and the entity slams the door behind her. Carla and Billy then grab the girls and run out of the house. When Carla looks over her shoulder, the bedroom door bangs open and shut on its own. Carla, Billy, Julie, and Kim, arrive at the home of Carla's friend Cindy, where they spend the night. The next morning, Carla tells Cindy about the incident in her home. Cindy suggests Carla should talk to a psychiatrist about it. After a day trip to the beach, Carla, Billy, Julie, and Kim return to their house to find Carla's bedroom in shambles. They then hear a scraping noise coming from underneath the house. Despite Carla's pleas, Billy crawls under the house to find the source of the noise. Billy discovers that the noise is triggered by pushing a pipe, leaving Carla to wonder who had triggered the sound the first time. Carla initially plans to spend the night on the living room couch, but changes her mind when Cindy arrives to stay the night. As they go to sleep, Carla's lamp slowly lights up, then slowly fades off again. The next morning Carla drives to work while Cindy baby sits Carla's children. Along the way, Carla's car seems to develop a mind of its own. Out of control, it drives erratically through the street and into oncoming traffic, eventually stopping at the edge of a steep hill. Carla decides to see a psychiatrist, and meets with Dr. Sneiderman (Ron Silver). Dr. Sneiderman and Carla both agree that she might have erotophobia. Carla goes home via taxi, and sends Julie to bed. Carla then goes to the bathroom to have a hot bath after a long stressful day. Suddenly the doors slam shut and the ghost grabs her and pins her everywhere in the bathroom while raping her, seemingly with the help of two smaller beings holding her legs. The next day, Carla shows Dr. Sneiderman the bruises, bites, and scratch marks made by the ghosts. Dr. Sneiderman is convinced that Carla made the marks herself, despite the fact that she could not reach those areas of her body. Dr. Sneiderman takes Carla home, where Carla tells him about her childhood. We learn that Carla ran away from home at age 16 because of her hyper-religious, molesting father before meeting Mario, the spitting image of her son Billy. Soon after she became pregnant, Mario died in a motorcycle accident. Carla then met an older man, who fathered Julie and Kim before leaving her. Dr. Sneiderman leaves and Carla brings some dessert into the living room for Billy, Julie and Kim. Suddenly Carla is raped in front of all the children. Billy tries to save his mother, but is thrown to the ground by bolts of blue lightning. Billy ends up with a broken wrist, the daughters are hysterical. Carla meets with the staff of Dr. Sneiderman's university clinic, where she claims that she's being raped. When asked by the staff why she is the only one experiencing these assaults, she assumes she was chosen. Carla then returns home and reads a book while everyone else sleeps. Hours later, Carla has a sexual dream and orgasms, only to realize the ghost had raped her while she was sleeping. Carla destroys all the mirrors in her room and yells at Billy. Carla explains to Dr. Sneiderman that she is ashamed of what happened. Sneiderman tries to convince Carla to commit herself to a hospital for trying to commit suicide with her car. After the argument, Carla storms out. Later, Carla agrees to house-sit for her friend Cindy while Cindy and her husband go to a wedding reception. Once Carla is alone, the ghost begins to blow the windows in, one by one, tearing up the house. Cindy and her husband hear the windows breaking and return to witness the destruction. The next day, Carla and Cindy go to the library to find books on the supernatural. Carla overhears two scientists discussing paranormal phenomena similar to what she has been experiencing and tells them about her attacks. Later, Carla gives them a tour of her house and shows them where everything took place. At first, the scientists don't fully believe her, until they witness some mirrors shaking. After setting up some machines and waiting up with Carla, the entity appears. However it is weak and only manifests itself as electric bolts before disappearing. The two scientists show a photo of the lightning to the scientist who heads the parapsychology division of the university. The head scientist remains skeptical, but agrees to set up a study in Carla's house. The next day, Dr. Sneiderman arrives to see a large amount of people setting up cameras and other materials around Carla's house and discovers that they are looking for an "entity". Dr. Sneiderman tries to convince Carla the manifestation is only in her mind, but she dismisses him. That night, after almost giving up, the ghost appears by shooting beams of colored light around the room. He finally manifests a giant green orb that seems to have a humanoid figure within. The three scientists conclude that the entity is a being which has crossed over from a different plane of existence. Everyone leaves and Carla's new boyfriend, Jerry, returns from a business trip. Carla tells him about what's been happening, yet Jerry doesn't believe her. He asks her to try on a new dress he got for her, but when he comes in to see it, he finds Carla pinned to her bed, naked. Her breasts are being squeezed by invisible hands and she keeps calling out for Jerry's help. When Jerry tries to save her, he is thrown forcefully to the other side of the room by the entity. He tries to hit the unseen being with a chair, but ends up injuring Carla instead. At this point Billy enters the room, mistakenly believes that Jerry has attacked Carla and so attacks Jerry. At the hospital, Dr. Sneiderman allows Billy, Julie, and Kim to see Carla while he talks to Jerry about what happened. Jerry decides he can't handle the situation and announces he's leaving Carla forever. The three scientists arrive to see Carla and tell Carla that they have an idea, but that it has never been tried before. At this point, Carla is willing to do anything. In a school gym, the scientists tell students that they are going to try to trap the ghost with liquid helium, theorizing that if the ghost can manipulate objects, it must have physical mass, and therefore it can be frozen. Carla arrives and sees that they have built a mock-up of her house inside the gym, with surveillance cameras everywhere, and no ceilings (except for the bathroom), as well as a protected area that Carla can run to when it comes time to release the liquid helium. Dr. Sneiderman enters the gym and takes Carla to the bathroom area, where he tries get Carla to leave with him, but Carla declines. One of the scientists asks the security guard to escort Dr. Sneiderman out. Dr. Sneiderman secretly returns later and again tries to get Carla to leave, but the scientists and security guard remove him. Dr. Sneiderman is allowed him to watch the experiment, together with the head of the psychiatry division at the university. The ghost appears as a cold wind, and Carla tries to move to the protected area, but the ghost is so powerful that it takes control of the helium tanks and attempts to kill Carla. After the protected area is destroyed, Carla faces the ghost, stating it can do whatever it wants to her, but can't take control of her life. In an act of fury, the ghost bursts the helium tanks, and Dr. Sneiderman rushes in to save Carla. As Dr. Sneiderman and Carla look back after escaping, they see the frozen ghost, revealing it was absolutely gigantic in size. The ice suddenly explodes and the ghost seems to disappear. Carla disappears as well. Dr. Sneiderman and the head of psychiatry witness the disappearance, although the head of psychiatry implies that he won't admit what he saw, much to the anger of the parapsychology leader. The next day, Carla returns to her house, and finds the whole place to be empty. Suddenly, the front door slams, and the ghost (in a deep and slow voice) says "Welcome home, cunt!" Carla calmly opens the front door, exits the house, and gets in the car with her family to leave the house forever. The film ends, stating that Carla's attacks have decreased in both frequency and intensity, but that she still experiences paranormal activities. Total box office intake was $13,277,558. The budget is unknown.

One might imagine that sexy ghosts spirits are all that one might encounter. But the presence of Incubus and succubi cannot be discounted.

About Greg Ashford

Greg Ashford is a paranormal investigator who has been researching real ghosts and haunted sexual activity across the united states since 1976. His in depth studies have brought to him many startling revelations about the world of ghosts and things that really do go bump in the night. His personal interest in the subject began when he read Otherworldly Affaires: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual Molesters from the Shadow World BY Brad Steiger.

Otherworldly Affaires: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual Molesters from the Shadow World by Brad Steiger

Otherworldly Affaires: Haunted Lovers, Phantom Spouses, and Sexual Molesters from the Shadow World


THE GREATEST POWER OF ALL Of all the forces that move men and women, none is more powerful than that of love and sexual desire. This primal impulse apparently extends into the other world and is responsible for some of the most astounding chapters in the literature of psychic phenomena. Here are amazing yet absolutely true stories of - apparitions of lovers seen at their moment of death, - jealous lovers who have sought vengeance from beyond the grave, - sexual molesters from the other world, - warnings and advice from lovers who have passed over, - passionate liaisons between psychic mediums and their contacts, - seducers from UFOs, and even more extraordinary tales. Originally published as HAUNTED LOVERS, this book contains a multitude of actual case histories, many of which were recorded here for first time. BRAD STEIGER has been writing about the paranormal for more than four decades, during which he has produced more than 160 books on the subject. He regards this work, which was certainly ahead of its time, as one of his best books on the paranormal.

Customer Reviews

Best Book on the Controversial Subject5
Brad Steiger's OTHERWORLDLY AFFAIRS is a controversial tome, instantly engaging. His seasoned storytelling gripped me from page one. I know how difficult it is to probe this subject, and Steiger has produced another classic. It's truly incomparable, delving into love and sex on all dimensions, including with visitors from space. But be warned: some of the descriptions were graphic, and even disturbing. It's by far the best book on this subject I have ever seen or read. Only Steiger could have kept such a weird topic in the proper parameters.

Joshua P. Warren

Definitely Recommended!5
As someone who is basically agnostic on the issue of life-after-death (but also as a person whose views sometimes veer towards general acceptance of the idea, and sometimes towards the theory that physical death is, quite literally, the end) I'm always cautious about reading books on the afterlife.

And particularly so when it involves the denizens of the spirit world coming back to visit us, and for one prime reason: generally the author (whether they are a firm believer or a hardened skeptic) has a viewpoint that he, she or they are trying to make us accept as the definitive truth.

I have, however, had a couple of genuinely odd experiences myself that may be indicative of an afterlife (one, ironically, involving not a person; but our pet dog who died in 2003). So, for the reason cited above, it's with a slightly wary mind - yet, I must stress, always an interested mind - that I approach such books.

Fortunately, there's no need to have such concerns about Brad Steiger's new title, Otherworldly Affaires - originally published in 1971 as Haunted Lovers, and which is as relevant and as vital today as it was nearly forty years ago.

Steiger's book is, as you might have already deduced from its title, a study of such issues as (A) lovers who returned from the grave; (B) ghostly wives and husbands who came back to warn their loved-ones about their future relationships - sometimes out of concern about the people they were getting involved with, and other times out of near-homicidal jealousy; (C) those whose lives were tragically cut short (such as military men on the battlefield) and who returned to say a final goodbye to their partners; and (D) much more, including stories that range from the uplifting and the thought-provoking, to the downright sinister, malevolent and utterly crazed.

Yes, it seems that if the afterlife is a reality, then at least some of the many and varied character traits and emotions that dominate relationships, marriages and affairs in this world continue on into the next.

Or do they?

To his credit, Steiger does not force any particular scenario upon his readers. For example, he gives much intriguing space to the idea that perhaps many encounters with deceased loved-ones might not actually provide evidence of life-after-death.

Rather, he reveals, there is a possibility that at the moment of death it may be possible for a person to transmit a final, loving message - and one that perhaps even results in a spectral manifestation of the person in question - to their spouse or partner, before death takes them forever.

Steiger also discusses the possibility that perhaps it is within the confines of the mind of the surviving partner that the game really begins. By that, I mean he offers the idea that maybe - overcome by grief and intense emotion - the person left behind is so devastated by the passing of their loved one that they create an image in their mind of their husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend.

He goes a step further, however, and muses upon the idea that perhaps this same image can be unconsciously externalized and seen. Of course, the person has no idea that they are actually viewing something they may have unwittingly created.

The important factor that Steiger notes, however, is that visions such as these (whether created by the human mind or the result of an actual return from the grave) generally provide a great deal of comfort to those left behind to pick up the shattered pieces.

And in a field that often portrays the after-life as one of purely love and light, Steiger does not omit those accounts and reports demonstrating that sometimes deceased lovers might not have our best interests at heart, and that occasionally display symptoms of violent poltergeist-like activity.

So, having now firmly digested Brad Steiger's Otherworldly Affaires, where do I stand?

Well, I'll tell you: as was the case before I read the book, I remain firmly convinced that something significant occurs at the moment of death; and that - at times - that same something of significance can continue to manifest itself in the weeks and months that follow a passing - whether it's a human-being or, in the case of me and my wife, a loving, devoted dog.

But, I'm just not sure whether the experiences are external or internal.

I can, however, say that whatever your views on the idea of an afterlife, Otherworldly Affaires is a book that will provide a great deal of food for thought for anyone who wonders about what, if anything, awaits us when we die; and if we can come back and be with those we love.

And for presenting, without prejudice, a varied and fascinating range of theories to account for the stories that he relates, Steiger is to be applauded. Unbiased, informative, and definitely fascinating!

everything you ever wanted to know about scary things!5
This is a very old and explicit book! It must be true, because nobody could have made this stuff up. It contains a lot of stories that i have never heard before. Amazing things! Completely believable!


Geg Ashford

Ashford has seen things and documented many strange anomalous accuracies that at one time had him thinking he was going mad!

In his pursuit for the paranormal truth he has set his sights on finding out what makes certain ghost do what they do. Ashford and his Paranormal Research Team call themselves "The American Paranormal Search Team" T.A.P.S.T and have called themselves that since 1976.



Gina Lanier

Also read: Is It Really Paranormal? Questioning The Unknown Side Of Ghosts And Demonic Possession - With tales of being raped or beaten by ghosts, to stories of even a ghost giving a person a loan of some cash. I ask myself do these things really happen? -- Ginalanier.com




A lifelong resident of Louisiana, Michael Frederick Korn (MF Korn)writes sort-of-surreal dark fantasy, mostly 'quiet' horror and strange science fiction. He is the author of twelve novels, two screenplays and two hundred and forty five short stories.

Three of Michael Korn's books, CONFESSIONS OF A GHOUL AND OTHER STORIES, and ALIENS, MINIBIKES AND OTHER STAPLES OF SUBURBIA, and SKIMMING THE GUMBO NUCLEAR were mentioned in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror: Fifteenth Annual Edition.

CONFESSIONS OF A GHOUL AND OTHER STORIES and RACHMANINOFF'S GHOST were mentioned in The Mammoth Book of New Horror.

A story "The Strange Case of the Lovecraft Cafe" cowritten with D.F. Lewis and Jeff Vandermeer was mentioned in the Year's Best Fantasy & Horror: Twenty First Annual Edition.

Here is his Myspace page.

Here's his Facebook page.

Here is his Blog.

Korn's twelfth novel, CREATURE FEATURE cowritten with David Mathew of Britain is going through required rewrites by a publisher. The cover has not been chosen yet. Currently they are at work on another novel via correspondence. He just finished writing a screenplay with another writer who just got a movie deal on another project. He turned over the first draft to his coauthor who is to do a second draft.In other news, Korn's four books with Silverlake press are out of print in paperback but available in Kindle or as ebooks at Fictionwise and most ebook outlets.