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Students hear tales Daufuskie Island Lighthouse Spirits 

Article By: Low Country Joe, 6th Sense World

October 22, 1882

"I resolved to compensate myself somewhat for the lonely week that had passed and saddled the old mule and struck out for Haig Point Lighthouse. The day was fine and Ienjoyed the ride very much. Was kindly received by Lighthouse Keeper Mr. Comer and his wife. We sat and talked for some little time and was most pleasantly surprised by the entrance of a lovely young lady wearing sweet perfume, Miss Maggie the daughter of the old folks." ....John Micheal Doyle, Bloody Point Lighthouse Keeper

October 29, 2008

I resolved to compensate myself somewhat for the lonely financial week and unplugged the charger on my golf cart and struck out for Haig Point Lighthouse The day was fine, and I enjoyed the ride very much. Lighthouse Keeper Comer, his wife and daughter Maggie, long deceased, would not be there for socializing but I was about to have the unique pleasure of meeting with the the students of Hilton Head Prep Kindergarden. It was there that I would share with  tales of the spirits of Daufuskie Island Lighthouses.... LowCountry Joe, Bloody Point Lighthouse Keeper


A while back Yasushi Tomita , the Father of one of the students had asked if I would meet with his daughter's classmates and share with them Daufuskie Lighthouse ghost stories. I immediately agreed
and the date was set.

The planned day finally arrived and brought with it the lowest temperatures of the year made colder by brisk Northeast winds. As I approached the front of Haig Point Light waves enhanced by a
higher than normal tide broke against the sandy bank and a chilly mist permeated the air. Ahhh, a perfect morning for a Lighthouse ghost story if I ever saw one.

Soon the assembled students arrived and after a tour of the Lighthouse's marvelous interior we sat
in the confines of the small front living area. My plan was to read the story of the Bloody Point
Lighthouse ghost as written by Nancy Roberts in "The South Carolina Ghost Book". It just so
happens that when my Bride and I first purchased the Bloody Point Light we were met by Sal, now
deceased, and told the exact story before we knew of the existence of the book. That was all well and good but with the chance of scaring the gajebees out of my young audience I found it important to also tell them about the Spirit of Maggie. She was the lovely young Lady noted by Keeper Doyle in his October 1882 note. Her spirit is alive and well at Haig Point and every night shift workerknows of her early demise and continued presence. I made no mention of my early arrival and my "personal chat" with Maggie asking for kindness and was was pleased my discourse seemed to go over ok with the kids. Just when I was about to begin the "reading" a young man speaks up and strongly suggests he doesn't believe in ghosts. I continue on without comment or interruption knowing from past experience that by stories end he too would be abeliever.

All eyes are on me as I start the first line of the story "Daufuskie, the very name is filled with mystery". It's about three young children, Nick Jessica and Rusty that lived with their parents in the Bloody Point Lighthouse. It tells of the days when, like me, they wandered about Daufuskie at night and gazed through holes in above ground mausoleums only to see the dark outlines and strange shaped coffins. It tells of daily occurrences with a friendly spirit and more importantly a specific evening when that spirit made it presence known to all.  

That particular evening they were sitting in front of the fireplace when strange sounds were heard upstairs followed by the sound of footsteps descending down the dark enclosed stairway. The footsteps disappeared but within moments a rocking chair in the corner began rocking back and forth...back and forth...the old pine flooring squeaking with every movement. It was at this point that I peeked over at my doubting friend. Once sitting comfortably back in a comfortable wing backed chair he now was sitting on its edge, eyes glued to the front of my book not knowing if "flight" might not be a better option.

The story telling proceeded and ended without the occurrence of any strange events, thankfully no strange sounds or lights flickering. The small hands of my  captivated audience gave me a gracious round of applause and my doubting friend seemed emboldened by the silence. I received an  appreciative nod from the teachers and as they departed through the Lighthouse foyer a lovely young lady named Laura turns around, looks deeply into my eyes and said "Thank You".

The  Lighthouse room once filled with fascination and youth is empty and waits  again for human spirits to make their presence. I make my way up the narrow stairs to turn off the lights and the musty smell of old timbers mysteriously disappears and the smell of sweet perfume permeates the air.



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